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Alain the International Cat Has Global Reach on Instagram

The American Shorthair who resides in Japan amuses his fans with his crazy napping poses.

Phillip Mlynar  |  Jul 26th 2016

Let’s talk about Alain for a minute. He’s an American Shorthair cat with a Celtic-derived name (that sounds so very French) and he lives in Tokyo. This international kitty has also become one of the rising stars of the cats of Instagram scene thanks to an account that sparkles with pics showcasing his bright personality and lovably ridiculous sleeping positions.

Here’s a snapshot of Alain’s world.

The origin of Alain

According to Alain’s human mom, she introduced him to her home two years ago when she “decided I wanted to live with a male American Shorthair cat.”

In the end, she found Alain when browsing through a “famous pet shop.” After she and her boyfriend met this kitty in person and checked out his credentials, he ended up finding his way into their home in the form of a birthday present.

“Now I know it is not good to buy a cat in pet shop, but in Japan it’s still the most popular way,” says Alain’s mom now.

Eternal kitten

Despite being two years old, Alain definitely has an enduring sprightliness that he’s carried over from his formal kitten days.

“He’s such a mama’s boy,” says Alain’s mom. “He always wants to attract my attention, and he’s always like a kitten. Sometimes I suspect he may be a dog.”

Professional nap tactics

If you spend even a few seconds looking through Alain’s Instagram account, you’ll notice that he loves to nap — and has mastered a bafflingly brilliant array of official snoozing positions.

When it comes to Alain’s favorites, his mom says, “He often lies face up showing his fluffy tummy, and sometimes he falls asleep in that position.”

Back it up

Paying testament to Alain’s love of napping on his back, one of his faithful followers recently remarked, “It looks like Alain spends more time on his back than on his feet.”

Nothing wrong with that, kids.

The countertop trickster

True to his kittenish nature, Alain has developed a smart tactic to get the attention of his humans. After realizing that he gets yelled at when he jumps on the kitchen counter, he has realized he can get attention (and affection) any time by hopping up on the forbidden surfaces. Smart kitty.

Cover star

Paying testament to his role in the Cats of Instagram community, Alain was recently selected to be one of the cover kitties on the movement’s book. If you look closely, you’ll spot Alain up there in the top row holding down the second from the left spot. And, yes, he’s laying on his back.

Keep rising to the top

There’s a lot of cat-tree love going on in Alain’s photo stream. Naturally, once he has surmounted the structure, he rewards himself with a snooze session. As he recently quipped in the caption to this pic, “I’m sleepy, please leave me alone.”

Pass the tissues

There was an incident with a tissue box that took place back when young Alain was three months old. It’s a situation he doesn’t like to discuss today — although his passion for (somewhat undersized) cardboard boxes still endures.

Head to Alain’s Instagram account to check out more of his personality-packed pictures.