9 Cats Celebrating Boxing Day


Boxing Day is celebrated in some countries on the day after Christmas. Although it’s unclear as to the exact origin of the holiday, cats know exactly how to spend it — even ones who don’t live in countries that celebrate the special day.

Here’s how nine cats celebrate Boxing Day.

1. Monty

The Full Monty.
The Full Monty. Photo via Flickr

Monty’s all in. His friends question his methods, but he thinks it’s none of their business. Plus, when he sits on his bottom, he can keep on eye on humans or other cats who are looking to harsh his box mellow. He likes to call this boxing position “the full Monty.”

2. Bernice

Bernice sinks her teeth into Boxing Day.
Bernice sinks her teeth into Boxing Day. Photo via Flickr

Bernice goes a little wild on Boxing Day. After the season of “stop eating the bows!” and “don’t climb the tree!,” she’s ready to take out a little aggression cardboard-style. Bernice lives for Boxing Day.

3. The Kitten Squad

The Kitten Squad is taking in the wonders of their first Boxing Day.
The Kitten Squad takes in the wonders of a first Boxing Day. Photo via Flickr

The members of the Kitten Squad are experiencing their very first Boxing Day, and they don’t know quite how to handle all the excitement. Everything is new to them, and they’ve only just learned about the glory of the cardboard box. The concept of an entire day dedicated to boxes is about to blow their little minds.

4. Maurice

Maurice is on the rise.
Maurice is on the rise. Photo via Flickr

Maurice has never been one to go along with the crowd, even when it comes to Boxing Day. He’s never been especially fond of the traditional “cat loaf” position, so he has instead opted for what he calls the “rising cat loaf.” For this position to work properly, he must find a box that’s a little too small to hold his whole body. This way, he can proceed into the traditional position, but then stop before full loaf formation. Boxing Day is the perfect opportunity to spend hours on end “rising” above the occasion.

5. Doris

Doris is a shoe-in.
Doris is a shoe-in. Photo via Flickr

Doris is fond of boxes in which her generous body just fits. She’s found men’s shoeboxes the perfect size for her needs. On Boxing Day, she makes sure at least one of these boxes is at the ready. Two or three are ideal (it’s a holiday after all), but one does the trick. The boxes with lids attached are even more precious because they allow her to hide from undesirables … like dogs or cats who are Boxing Day bullies.

6. Patrick

Flat Pat remembers ...
Flat Pat remembers … Photo via Flickr

On Boxing Day, everybody knows what to expect from “Flat Pat.” His box of preference is one inside which he can flatten his entire body — bonus if his head can fit inside. Asked about his preference, he said, with a faraway look in his eyes, “I suppose there’s a bit of nostalgia associated with flat boxes. When I was a kitten, my grandmother and I used to spend Boxing Day flattened in adjoining boxes, and she’d tell me stories of Boxing Days past. Those are some of my favorite memories.”

7. Bob and Frank

Sometimes boxes and families don't mix.
Sometimes boxes and families don’t mix. Photo via Flickr

Bob and Frank spend every Boxing Day at odds. Although there are several types of boxes available to both cats, they insist on spending time in the same one. Holidays can be such a period of drama for families.

8. Lou

Lou a stand-up guy on Boxing Day.
Lou a stand-up guy on Boxing Day. Photo via Flickr

Lou, a local comedian, enjoys working on his standup routine on Boxing Day. Sitting in a box makes him feel like he’s on stage, but it also offers the opportunity to lie down and nap when the urge strikes. When other cats stop by to catch some of his jokes, it’s a crap shoot as to whether he’ll even be awake. I guess the joke’s on them.

9. Beverly

Beverly reflects.
Beverly reflects. Photo via Flickr

Beverly prefers to spend Boxing Day alone. For her, it is a day of reflection. She thinks about all the toys she’d lost underneath the fridge, as well as the wild nights of catnip and decadence. Beverly always has a lot to consider on this retreat. She takes all her meals inside the box.

How would your cats spend Boxing Day? Tell us in the comments!

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