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Can Cats Eat Vegemite? Vet Reviewed Facts & Advice

Written by: Rachael Gerkensmeyer

Last Updated on June 6, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Aussie vegemite, complete with toast crumbs. Isolated on white.

Can Cats Eat Vegemite? Vet Reviewed Facts & Advice


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Some cats are finicky eaters, while others seem to want to try anything that they can get their paws on! Felines like “meaty” and rich flavors, so it makes sense that vegemite would be attractive to a few of them. While vegemite does not contain any meat, it has a deep umami flavor. A cat that likes vegemite doesn’t care what’s in it. They just think that it tastes good. So, can cats eat vegemite? The answer to this is technically yes, but it’s ultimately not that simple. Let’s examine the topic more here.

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Cats Can Consume Vegemite, But Owners Beware

Vegemite is a flavor-enhancing paste that has the same texture as peanut butter. Many people spread it on toast or add it to dishes that they’re creating in the kitchen. If your cat gets a whiff of vegemite, they might want to try it. It’s okay if they have a little lick occasionally, but this product doesn’t offer them any health benefits.

On one hand, the ingredients in vegemite are not considered particularly harmful to cats. On the other hand, vegemite is high in sodium, and consuming too much can produce side effects like dehydration and/or diarrhea1.

Also, cats are carnivores, so they don’t need vegemite to get or remain healthy. The bottom line is that vegemite should be looked at as an occasional “junk food” treat for your cat if you decide to let them have any at all.

Spreading the iconic Australian spread vegemite on to a slice of fresh bread
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Vegemite Can Be Helpful for Medication Administration

If your kitty seems to like the flavor and texture of vegemite, you can use the product to make medication administration easier2. Lightly cover the pill that you must give your cat with vegemite (a light layer is all that’s necessary). Once inside your cat’s mouth, the stickiness of the vegemite will help keep the pill from being spat out. If your cat must take multiple pills a day, check with your vet to make sure it’s okay to coat all the pills with vegemite. The vet may want to check your kitty’s sodium levels throughout the process. 1 tablespoon of vegemite is more than your cat’s daily sodium allowance, so be sure to use as little as possible.

What if Your Cat Eats Vegemite Without Permission?

Don’t panic if you catch your kitty licking an open container of vegemite or eating it off your toast. Just keep an eye on them and make sure they have access to plenty of fresh, clean water. If you’re in doubt, contact your veterinarian. Chances are that everything will be fine. Just be sure to keep the vegemite away from their reach in the future.

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Final Thoughts

Vegemite is a popular food among humans, and some cats like it just as much. However, this product isn’t considered a healthy food and doesn’t offer any extra nutritional value that your cat can’t get from eating their regular food. That said, a little lick or nibble here and there is nothing to worry about.

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