8 Cool Things About Meeting Lil BUB


Trust us when we say that there are few things as cool as meeting Lil BUB in person. She really is a one-of-a-kind, spectacular creature. The little cat from outer space reminds us all how completely acceptable it is to be unique.

Last weekend we flew to the beautiful Windy City to attend the Chicago Internet Cat Video Festival, where Lil BUB and her Dude, Mike Bridavsky, were hosting the event. Prior to each of the three screenings shown at the historic Athenaeum Theatre, BUB and her Dude held meet-and-greet sessions for lucky limited ticket holders, with all proceeds from the sales benefiting the Tree House Humane Society and Chicago Cat Rescue.

While we waited our turn to say hello to our favorite feline, we came up with these eight amazingly cool things about seeing Lil BUB

1. Watching grown men (who claim not to be “cat people”) break down in cathartic crying when they meet Lil BUB.

Mike & Bub 3

We didn’t capture any crying men, but here’s Mike on stage, serving as an example of a real man who’s nonetheless sensitive and good.

2. You get to meet other awesome cat people. (Some of them make cat videos!)

Alana and Michael Grelyak

Here we are with Alana Grelyak and Michael Gabriele, whose video, Cat Behavior Finally Explained, won the festival’s Golden Kitty Award. Here’s the video:

3. It’s fun to say all the permutations of her name: Bub. Bubby. Lillian Bubbles. Bub-Bub-Bub.

Bub close up 1

4. Ticket proceeds to her meet-and-greet sessions always benefit an animal charity.

Mike & Bub 1

The Tree House Humane Society, a beneficiary, had its logo prominent on stage.

5. She loves her food, and getting to watch her eat is an extra bonus.

Here’s an intimate look at BUB’s eating and cleaning methods shot by Mike.

6. You can get your book signed and your picture taken with her.

Us & Bub (2)

Meeting Bub

Signed Books

7. She is a reminder that there is inherent good on this Earth, and that being different is okay.

Bub close up on table 2

BUB awaits her public with her message of love.

8. Seeing and petting Lil Bub is the ultimate party!

Us, Bub & Mike

If you get a chance to meet Lil BUB, don’t pass it up. It’s an experience to remember.

Read more about Lil BUB on Catster:

About Dee and Nik: When these two aren’t traveling the globe in search of cat-themed fun, they’re ‘telling it straight up’ so that fellow feline fans can live vicariously through their exploits! They work hard, and they play harder, immersing themselves in the cat-world for the sense of community and the thrill of the surreal. Both are admittedly foster-failures, and combined, offer loving forever homes to eleven rescue kitties! Cheers!

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