7 Someecards About the “Joys” of Entertaining With Cats

These cards should be familiar to anyone who's had a party and a cat at the same time.

Michael Leaverton  |  Jun 23rd 2016

When you’re throwing a party, you always have part of your brain on the whereabouts and the emotional status of your cat — even more so when you’re throwing a party for your cat. There’s always the question: Is the cat going to make this all go to hell? Am I? Should I bring out the laser pointer and really get this party started? Here are seven Someecards that deal with entertaining and cats — even if you’re just entertaining the idea of taking your cat out to dinner.

1. Cats: They make celebrations more exciting!


2. And also dangerous!


3. Though sometimes we let things get a little out of hand


4. When they don’t get a lot out of hand


5. Even so, cats have a way of bringing people together


6. When they’re not keeping them apart


7. Or making them completely nuts