5 Ways My Cat Reacted to Receiving His New Cat Bed


I recently moved into a new place and thought my Cosmo needed a bed of his own in the fresh digs. Like any person who shares their home with a cat, I fully realize kitties prefer empty boxes and piles of dirty clothes to store-bought cat beds; however, I thought he should have one. Yeah, I guess the cat bed was really more for me than him. I wanted him to like it. Plus, I adored the color and pattern. Reason enough!

Here’s how my tuxie boy reacted when I presented him with the fancy new bed.

1. Only sleeps in it if I’m connected to it

Don't be blinded by all the patterns.
Don’t be blinded by all the patterns.

In general, Cosmo attaches himself to me at any given opportunity. When I first brought the bed home, I placed it on the floor in what looked to me like a cozy spot. He wanted nothing to do with it. I even sprinkled some catnip on the cushy part, but no luck. I decided I’d place the bed beside me on the sofa, and what do you think happened? He was all over it because I was connected to it. So now the bed is mobile and travels around the house with me.

2. Co-sleeps with me in it

Sleepyhead in his bed.
Sleepyhead in his bed.

Cosmo insists on being near me while I’m sleeping. I’m a restless sleeper, and his warm little body makes me uncomfortable at times. Placing the bed beside my pillow has worked like a charm! He gets to be close to me at night, and I get to look at the cute design and even cuter kitty while I’m falling asleep. Double score!

3. Has personal “relations” with it

"Let's get it on ..."
“Let’s get it on …”

My guy’s no stranger to “gettin’ it on” with inanimate objects. He typically does the whole “making-biscuits twitching-hips” thing with fuzzy blankets and stuffed animals, but he’s found similar satisfaction with the pillowy inside of the cat bed. Hey, everybody’s gotta have a little somethin’ somethin’.

4. Plays “tent” with it

Tent time!
Tent time!

Any time a cat can explore something dark and cave-like, they’re gonna go for it. It stands to reason that when I flipped his bed upside down, Cosmo decided he wanted to explore the mysterious “tent.” Tents can be dangerous, you know, so he moved inside at a snail’s pace. When he finally stuffed himself completely underneath the bed, he looked like a kitty pot-pie. He gets mad when I lift it, but I don’t care. Kitty pot-pies are adorable and should expect lots of attention. Tasty!

5. Goes after an invisible object in the corner of it

You're welcome for replacing his brown star with a purple one.
You’re welcome for replacing his brown star with a purple one.

You know how cats sometimes become obsessed with spots that are invisible to the human eye? There’s such a spot in the corner of the cat bed. I’ve looked several times and cannot see anything that would make Cosmo go completely nuts. He acts like he’s hunting something that’s moving quickly. I freaked out the first time he did this, because we were in bed and I thought for sure there was a bug or something equally creepy-crawly inside his bed. I jumped up and fully examined every inch of the thing. Nothing. He, however, is convinced there’s some kind of prey hanging out in that corner. Ghost bugs.

How does your cat react to traditional cat beds? Tell us in the comments!

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