12 Awesome Eco-friendly Cat Toys


Cats love to play and their sharp claws and teeth can turn cheaply made toys into trash in just a few minutes. Almost every cat owner has witnessed their kitty tear apart a flimsy cat toy with just a few paw swipes. Low-quality toys need to be thrown out and replaced frequently, which makes them a waste of money and also bad for the environment.

Fortunately, as cat lovers demand eco-conscious alternatives, there are now more choices than ever for awesome cat toys that are durable, eco-friendly and loads of fun. Green cat toys can be found everywhere from major pet supply stores to specialty online boutiques. Here’s a list of a dozen eco-friendly cat toys.

1. Lucky by West Paw Designs – This bright yellow ducky’s soft fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles and it’s filled with organic catnip. Cats love to bat, chase and pounce on Lucky. This eco-friendly toy is available from West Paw Designs.

2. Kitten Mitten – This mini mitten is stuffed with organic catnip and handmade in the USA from dye-free organic cotton. The Kitten Mitten smells fresher than synthetically dyed toys and cats love flipping the mitten in the air. Find it and other natural toys at Purrfectplay’s website.

3. Fuzzy Hedgehog – This cat toy is the eco-friendly alternative to the classic catnip mouse. It’s hand knit from wool and stuffed with organic catnip. Cats love hooking their nails into the Hedgehog’s fuzzy back. The Fuzzy Hedgehog is available at Cattitude Creations’ Etsy Shop.

4. Billy Bob the Cork Ball – Made from untreated natural cork, Billy Bob the Cork Ball is a biodegradable ball of fun. Billy Bob is great for batting and chasing and its soft cork surface is ideal for cats to dig their claws into. The cork ball also comes in a resealable bag of organic catnip. Billy Bob is available at specialty pet stores and online retailers.

5. Atomic Flyers – These colorful flat shapes are cut from thick 100% Merino wool, a natural and sustainable material that cats absolutely love. The Atomic Flyers are designed to whiz across hard floors, making them ideal for a game of chase. Find this and other designer cat toys from the Moderncat Studio.

6. Taco Organic Catnip Cat Toy – Stuffed with organic catnip, this cheeky taco is handcrafted with Eco-Felt, an environmentally friendly fabric made from recycled plastic water bottles. Find this and other whimsical green cat toys at Oh Boy Cat Toy.

7. Great Green Cat Toy – This long tube holds three wooden balls and has a slot that’s just wide enough for a cat’s paw. Because the Great Green Cat Toy rolls around as it’s played with, cats enjoy stalking and wrestling with this tube. It’s made from recycled materials and is 90% biodegradable and 100% recyclable. It’s available online from Brooke and Tim.

8. Kitty Bug – Clean used t-shirts are upcycled into colorful twisty Kitty Bugs. With their dangly legs tightly wound knots, and catnip scent, Kitty Bugs are fun for cats to chase, catch and toss in the air. Request a handmade bug from Tee Tugs.

9. Kitty Hooch Catnip Mouse – This catnip mouse is built to last. It’s made from durable wool that’s lined to keep its shape and stitched to take abuse from playful cats. It’s just the right size for cats to bunny kick and the hand-processed organic catnip filling makes this toy even more intoxicating. Find it on the Kitty Hooch website. e

10. YEOWWW! Big Baby Cigar – This cigar-shaped toy is stuffed full of organic catnip and is made from cotton that has been dyed with soy based inks. The Big Baby Cigar’s fragrant smell and solid shape make it an ideal wrestling toy. YEOWWW! products are sold in pet stores across the U.S.

11. Catit Eco Terra Raffia Mouse Teaser Wand Cat Toy – Here’s an eco-friendly wand toy made from raffia, a natural fiber derived from palm trees. The Catit Eco Terra Raffia Mouse Teaser Wand Cat Toy is designed to engage a cat’s natural instincts to chase and pounce. This eco-friendly wand is widely available from online retailers.

12. Cat Tamboo – This is one of the longest teaser toys available and definitely the greenest. The CatTamboo is made from natural and sustainable tamboo fibers. Cats love this teaser because its movements mimic those of a real bird. Find it online at CatTamboo Toys.

Finding quality cat toys made from organic, natural and recycled materials had never been easier. Even the finickiest feline is sure to find a favorite in this list of a dozen green cat toys.

About the Author: Holly Tse is a green cat expert and also the author of Make Your Own Cat Toys: Saving The Planet One Cat Toy At A Time. Her blog, Green Little Cat, shares eco-friendly tips and ideas for cats and cat lovers.

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