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9 Best Cat Grass in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Written by: Christian Adams

Last Updated on May 2, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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9 Best Cat Grass in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

cat grass pixabay If you’ve shared your home with cats, you know about those who like to chew your houseplants to smithereens. It’s challenging to deal with, and it can be awful for your kitties, too. However, your cat may avoid your plants if they have cat grass to munch on.

Cat grass is nothing incredibly special as far as care is concerned. Maintenance is a breeze, and it’s a small price to pay for the life of your beloved plants and your cat’s health. Here are reviews of the best cat grass products to keep your kitties occupied.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Pet Greens Self Grow Garden Pet Grass Pet Greens Self Grow Garden Pet Grass
  • Grows quickly
  • Extremely easy to set up
  • Self-grow kit for minimal care
  • Best Value
    Second place
    SmartyKat Sweet Greens Cat Grass SmartyKat Sweet Greens Cat Grass
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Quick growing
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    The Cat Ladies Organic Pet Grass The Cat Ladies Organic Pet Grass
  • Reusable mug
  • Helps with digestion
  • Non-GMO seed medley
  • Petlinks Nibble-Licious Organic Cat Grass Seeds Petlinks Nibble-Licious Organic Cat Grass Seeds
  • Sourced in the USA
  • Control over planting
  • Certified-organic oat seed
  • The Cat Ladies Organic Pet Compostable Grass The Cat Ladies Organic Pet Compostable Grass
  • 3-pack
  • Organic seed medley
  • Great for multi-cat households
  • The 9 Best Cat Grass

    1. Pet Greens Self Grow Garden Pet Grass — Best Overall

    Pet Greens Self Grow Garden Pet Grass has an effortless setup that grows quickly, and it’s our pick as the best overall cat grass. It may not be the fanciest-looking cat grass, but the simplicity is worth it. You open the bag, add a little water, and—voila! Your cat grass will start to grow a few days later.

    This self-grow kit is wheat-free for gluten-sensitive kitties. So, if you’re worried about wheat or other dietary issues, Pet Greens is for you. It’s a great source of fiber that helps your cat’s digestion. Plus, it gets rid of nasty breath.

    You open the bag, put in the recommended water measurements, and wait 5 to 7 days for your little garden to sprout. You don’t have to get your hands dirty at all. So, Pet Greens is a perfectly suitable choice if you don’t have much of a green thumb.

    • Self-grow kit for minimal care
    • Extremely easy to set up
    • Grows quickly
    • It may not work for all cats

    2. SmartyKat Sweet Greens Cat Grass – Best Value

    If you want to save a few pennies, SmartyKat Sweet Greens Cat Grass is the best cat grass for the money. It comes with straightforward growing instructions that are simple to follow and easy to get going. There’s nothing special you need to do—a little water and soil go a long way.

    Within a few days, up sprout the greens. Soon, your cat can enjoy the sweet, succulent taste of grass, and the blades can take the heat instead of your succulents. The grass grows incredibly quickly, which we found fantastic.

    That way, your kitty is munching away in no time. It’s an excellent alternative to houseplant eating and much safer for your cat. Make sure that you follow the instructions thoroughly. If you over-water the soil, it can become moldy with improper care.

    • Affordable
    • Quick growing
    • Easy to use
    • Can get moldy

    3. The Cat Ladies Organic Pet Grass – Premium Choice

    First, you get a fantastic mug with The Cat Ladies Organic Pet Grass—who could ask for more? It’s adorable, with a little kitty face. So, when you’re done, you can use it as a planter or for morning coffee.

    Sure, it may be a hair pricey compared to other selections, but the Cat Ladies kit has everything you need to get started. You make the bulk of your investment in the beginning, and you only have to replace the seeds.

    This blend is unique and mixed with wheat, barley, and oats, which benefit your kitty’s well-being. It helps with digestion and shouldn’t upset your cat’s stomach. It may be a little more expensive, but the mug is worth it.

    • Reusable mug
    • Non-GMO seed medley
    • Helps with digestion
    • Pricey

    4. Petlinks Nibble-Licious Organic Cat Grass Seeds

    Petlinks Nibble-Licious Organic Cat Grass Seeds allow you to control the growing environment you want for your plants. Though you must purchase the potting soil and container separately, the PetLinks seeds may pay off in other ways.

    Cat grass lasts longer when you plant it in a deeper container, and buying the seeds allows you to choose your own. Plus, you can decide how much grass you want to grow at one time.

    The certified organic oat seeds are grown and picked in the United States. Since it isn’t a kit, you must be careful not to over-water or under-water the plants. It can be challenging to get it right if you’re a novice gardener.

    • Control over planting
    • Certified-organic oat seed
    • Sourced in the USA
    • No starting kit

    5. The Cat Ladies Organic Pet Compostable Grass

    If you are looking for a bulk choice so you don’t have to repurchase often, consider The Cat Ladies Organic Pet Compostable Grass Grow Kit. It has 3  grass growing packets, so you won’t have to worry about replenishing your cat’s supply for a while.

    This product is an excellent selection if you want a grass that’s completely natural and free of any chemical compounds. It has 100% organic wheat, oats, barley, and rye. The container is BPA and GMO-free to keep your kitties safe and healthy.

    If you follow the instructions, the grass should sprout within 4 to 6 days. Your cat can enjoy the sprouts of luscious grass for a few weeks, and when it dies, you have a backup ready to go. It keeps things easy, especially for multi-cat households.

    • 3-pack
    • Organic seed medley
    • Great for multi-cat households
    • A waste if your cat doesn’t like the grass

    6. Van Ness Oat Garden Kit

    Van Ness Oat Garden Kit

    If you want a small setup that gets the job done, take a look at the Van Ness Oat Garden Kit. The only grass in this kit is oats, and the soil is peat moss. It’s organic and delicious for your kitty.

    The back of the package has step-by-step instructions, and you should see sprouts within 3–7 days. The container isn’t very deep, so the grass’s roots won’t take a good hold, which could limit the plant’s life.

    This selection is great if you haven’t grown grass before. But, in our experience, the grass didn’t sprout as thick or healthy as shown in the image. However, the company has a “buy 3, get 1 free” deal, and it may be worth it for you.

    • Great for novice growers
    • Sprouts quickly
    • Buy 3, get 1 free deal
    • Not a high-yield product

    7. Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Grass

    Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Grass is an attachment to another component. If you want to get creative, you could buy it with the Bergan Turbo Scratcher or Star Chaser for a unique approach to cat grass enjoyment.

    The other pieces include a scratch ring and a tinkle ball chaser, which creates a circular design. So, not only does your kitty have a lush patch of grass in the center, but they can chase the ball, too.

    USA-sourced vermiculite and wheat seeds take about 3 days to sprout after the initial setup. The lifespan of each grass replacement filler is approximately 3 weeks. Even though you must buy additional products, it may be an exciting toy and treat to make your kitty’s day.

    • USA sourced
    • Lush grass
    • Part of a bigger setup for your cat to enjoy
    • May not want additional products

    8. Catit Cat Grass

    The Catit Cat Grass Kit will save you time when growing cat grass. It’s an all-in-one deal to conquer hairballs and house plant eating once and for all. The product comes in a prepackaged plastic tray with the soil and seed intact.

    You just open it up, add the recommended amount of water, and place it in a humid area. After you see sprouts, you can move them to a well-lit area so they can get appropriate sunlight.

    The packaging and container are recyclable, which is an extra perk. The grass sprouts in between 5 and 10 days but won’t be ready to eat until it reaches 4 inches tall. The container is shallow, so the life expectancy of the grass may not be as long.

    • All-in-one
    • Easy instructions
    • Recyclable
    • Shorter life expectancy
    • Takes a bit longer to grow than other products

    9. Imperial Cat Easy Grow Cat Oat Grass

    Imperial Cat Easy Grow Cat Oat Grass Kit is an excellent choice if you want quick sprouts with minimal work. Everything in the kit is separated into individual packaging, and though it can take some time to organize, after that—it’s a piece of cake.

    It contains a prefilled peat moss bedding that you add the seeds to. The oat seeds are pesticide-free and sourced from the USA. An upside to oats is that the chlorophyll freshens your cat’s breath, which some cats need.

    This cat grass grows mold easily if you don’t properly maintain it. So, make sure that you aren’t overwatering and that you keep it in a well-ventilated area. Sometimes, it grows unimpressively or not at all.

    • Pesticide-free
    • Only oat seed for easy digestion
    • Freshens breath
    • Easily develops mold
    • Not as high of a yield

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    Buyer’s Guide: Selecting the Best Cat Grass

    Let’s face it—no one likes to work so hard getting their houseplants lush and healthy to have their cat gnaw them to the stems. Plus, it isn’t healthy for them. Many plants are toxic and sometimes deadly for our feline friends.

    Cat grass was thought up by a few cat lovers to combat this problem while adding a little fiber to their daily diet. Is cat grass a cure-all solution? You decide.

    What is Cat Grass?

    Cat grass is a combination of different grass seeds that grow indoors in a container. You only need seeds, soil, and sunlight to get the plant to sprout. It’s usually very low maintenance and easy to handle. Many cat grass varieties come prepackaged with a starter kit or as standalone seeds.

    While it may sound like normal outdoor grass, that isn’t the case. Outdoor grass can contain harmful chemicals, bacteria, and other substances your cat is better off without. Cat grass is safe for your feline.

    What Makes Cat Grass Beneficial?

    Cat grass can help your kitties in a few ways.

    Some benefits are:
    • Roughage in the diet
    • Reduction of hairballs
    • Deters houseplant eating
    • Packed with vitamins and minerals
    • A great form of fiber
    • Cats consider it a treat
    • Chlorophyll replenishes blood cells
    • Freshens bad breath

    If you’re offering cat grass for dietary perks alone, it may not be much of a help regarding nutrition. However, it’s much better to have your cat munching on healthy greens rather than toxic ones.

    Cat eating fresh green grass
    Image Credit: AllaSaa, Shutterstock

    Types of Kits

    You can pick from plenty of choices when you decide to try out cat grass.

    • Self-Grow—Self-grow kits come fully set. All you have to do is add water.
    • Planting Kit—These kits require assembly but come with all the necessary components.
    • Kit with Reusable Planter—These kits have everything you need, including a reusable container.
    • Compostable—These kits are biodegradable.
    • Kit + Toy—Some companies offer a slab of cat grass in addition to a scratch post or toy to create a multi-purpose cat station.
    • Bulk Seed—These are just the seeds and nothing else. You can also buy replacement seed packs or just the seeds. Experienced cat grass growers may already have a planter or two with soil ready to go. You can also buy cat grass seeds in bulk.

    Types of Cat Grass

    You can buy individual grasses or a medley combination.

    The most common types of cat grass are:
    • Oat Grass
    • Wheat Grass
    • Rye Grass
    • Barley Grass

    Many cat grass products have medlies of all seed types, while others have one. Be sure to read the label to see what each brand offers.

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    Cats + Houseplants = Bad News

    If your cat has destroyed one of your favorite plants, you know how it feels. But apart from your feisty feline killing off your greens, it can have serious health consequences for them, too.

    Even if the plants aren’t poisonous, they can cause unwanted side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. If your cat suddenly starts eating plants or outdoor grass for no apparent reason, you should always take them to a vet checkup to ensure there’s nothing you’re missing.

    Toxic Houseplants to Remember

    Here are some plants to keep away from your feline:
    • Jade
    • Lilies
    • Azaleas
    • Mistletoe
    • Tomato

    You can see a list of toxic houseplants provided by Hills’ Pet Diet here. If you have plants, you can always research their types to see if they’re dangerous for your pets.

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    Pay Attention to Your Cat’s Behavior

    Trying to chew on plants may be normal behavior for most felines. However, it can sometimes point to an underlying health issue, such as a lack of nutrients in their diet.

    If your cat starts eating plants out of nowhere, or if you see them eating soil, it can happen due to a deficiency of some sort. It might also be because of gastrointestinal upset, which can stem from several issues you won’t want to overlook.

    Cat Grass Growing Tips

    Here are a few tips to get the most out of your cat grass purchase:

    1. Each cat grass kit has different care requirements, so follow the instructions on the package.
    2. Try to plant seeds in a deep container. If the grass’s roots can anchor down further, it can help the longevity of your cat grass.
    3. Be sure not to over or underwater the cat grass. Overwatering can lead to moldy soil and rotten roots, which kills the plant. Underwatering can make a lackluster patch that browns or dies.
    4. Your cat shouldn’t eat grass sprouts. Ensure your grass is 3–4 inches high before encouraging them to chow down. Prematurely eating the grass has no nutritional benefit to your cat, and it causes the plant to die quickly.
    5. Remember to serve the grass as a treat. Keep the grass in a sun-soaked area to promote healthy growth.
    6. When it comes to watering your plant, different kits will call for specific measurements. But a good rule of thumb is to water your plant when the soil is dry to the touch.

    Will All Cats Enjoy Cat Grass? 

    If your cat is a plant-chewer, there’s an excellent chance they will adore having cat grass around. But that doesn’t mean all cats will show an interest. We all know how picky cats can be about what they put in their mouth. If you serve cat grass, they may snub their nose and walk away.

    Cat grass is usually best for cats interested in eating plants. If they haven’t eaten them before, your cat grass purchase may be a bit of a gamble—left to the discretion of your kitty.

    cat grass pixabay5
    Image Credit: Pixabay

    Do Cats Need Plants to Survive?

    Cats don’t need plants to survive. They are strict carnivores, and they only consume animal protein. Because meat and water are your cat’s only dietary needs, they don’t reap a nutritional benefit from eating cat grass.

    Most cats will regurgitate the grass rather than digest it. Their bodies don’t have the enzymes necessary to break down plant-based material. Cat grass helps cats prone to hairball issues by putting fiber in their diet.

    In short, the rewards are less nutritional but are better alternatives to eating other harmful plants.

    Are Cat Grass, Catnip, and Catmint the Same?

    Cat grass is different from catnip and catmint. Cat grass does not produce a stimulating effect when cats consume it. Catnip and catmint are both in the mint herbal family. Catnip has a mental shift effect on cats, and catmint has none.

    cat paw dividerFinal Verdict

    Regarding cat grass, the Pet Greens Self Grow Garden Pet Grass is our favorite because of its simplicity, high yield, and longevity. It has everything your cat could ask for in terms of crunchy greens.

    If you want to get the most value from your cat grass purchase, don’t forget about SmartyKat Sweet Greens Cat Grass. It’s just as nutritious and effective but is affordable. In any case, hopefully, our reviews helped you pinpoint the right batch for your cat. Best of luck saving your innocent plants from your house panther!

    Featured Image Credit: JACLOU-DL, Pixabay

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