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Ripple Rug for Cats Review in 2024: Pros, Cons & Verdict

Written by: Misty Layne

Last Updated on March 14, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Ripple Rug for Cats

Ripple Rug for Cats Review in 2024: Pros, Cons & Verdict

Our Final Verdict

We give Ripple Rug for Cats a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Durability: 3.5/5

Entertainment Value: 4/5

Ease of Cleaning: 3.5/5

Price: 3/5

Those who are cat parents have likely heard of the Ripple Rug activity mat by now, but you may not know exactly how it’s used or what it does. This product is designed to be a simple way to bring tons of fun to your favorite kitties. It’s a bit on the large side, so it might not be the best option for those living in small spaces, such as dorms, but it seems to be a popular toy for many felines.

The Ripple Rug is simple to set up, easy to use, and a breeze to clean—all aspects that have boosted its popularity. However, one of the biggest complaints about this rug is that it can quickly lose shape after just a few months. This doesn’t necessarily seem to stop kitties from having fun with the rug, but it has been a source of frustration for cat parents.

The Ripple Rug is manufactured by SnugglyCat and appears to be their main product. Here’s a closer look at the Ripple Rug and how it works.

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Ripple Rug – A Quick Look

Ripple Rug for Cats - cat playing the ripple rug

  • Provides hours of entertainment for kitty
  • Mold and stain-resistant
  • Easy to clean

  • Loses stiffness, so it can’t hold shape
  • Customer service is lacking at times
  • Contains Velcro that sometimes comes off


Manufacturer Name: Snuggly Cat
Brand Name: Ripple Rug
Model: RRA01
Dimensions: 47 x 35 x 0.5 inches
Weight: 3.8 pounds
Materials: Synthetic fabric, rubber, polyester
Lifestage: Adult
Features: Exercise
Machine Washable: No

Hours of Entertainment

There’s no doubt about it: the Ripple Rug can provide your favorite felines with hours of fun! This rug is multi-functional, working triple duty as a puzzle toy, activity center, and bed. The top part of the rug has holes that your cat can leap through so they can hide underneath (or you can place toys in the holes so your pet can “hunt” them down). Plus, this part has Velcro attachments that connect to the bottom part of the rug; this means that you can change up the shape of the top rug in any number of ways. Ripple it a little or ripple it a lot to keep things exciting for kitty!

That’s not all, though! The Ripple Rug features ribbed carpeting designed to not fray, so your cat can scratch away to their heart’s content. As you can see, there are a lot of ways this toy can be used!

Ripple Rug for Cats - cat playing with the product

Easy to Set Up

You’d think carpets wouldn’t be difficult to set up, and you’d be correct. The Ripple Rug is a breeze to set up. You just have to lay out both pieces flat and vacuum them before putting the bottom part on the floor (the bottom part is the piece with non-slip backing). Then, place the other piece on top and fix it into whatever configuration you want. Attach the Velcro areas, and you’re done!

Portable and Simple to Store

You’ll have no issues storing or transporting the Ripple Rug. Because it’s just two pieces of carpeting that weigh roughly four pounds, you can easily pick these up and place them under the bed or in a closet when you need them out of the way. You can also do the same if you want to move them elsewhere.

Ripple Rug for Cats - product in oatmeal color with cats

Poor Customer Service

One of the major complaints about the Ripple Rug wasn’t about the rug itself but the customer service that came along with it. Many people who had problems figuring out how to set it up contacted customer service and said they had negative experiences. People received very little help and were simply told that they were doing things wrong and should follow the instructions that came with the rug (even if these customers had). A few people were even accused of lying about having trouble with the rug; the company claimed these people were trying to scam them. So, if you have to contact customer service about the Ripple Rug, be prepared for potentially lousy service.

Recall History

We could not locate any recalls of the Ripple Rug.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Curious to learn more? Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about the Ripple Rug.

Can this be machine-washed?

No. It’s rather large, so it probably wouldn’t fit into a washing machine anyway, but the company explains you should use soapy water to get rid of stains. Then, rinse clean with a hose and hang to dry.

Can larger kitties use this?

It depends on just how large they are. The holes on the top part range in size from 2 to 7 inches. However, the larger of these holes have slits where you can cut to expand them an extra couple of inches.

My cat loves to lick and chew on things. Is the Ripple Rug non-toxic?

It is! The carpet used for this is made from post-consumer recycled plastic, so it is free of BPA and phthalates.

Ripple Rug for Cats - cat sitting on the product

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What the Users Say

You don’t have to go and comb through reviews of the Ripple Rug—we’ve taken a look at reviews from pet parents on several different sites to see what they have to say about this product.

The good news is that a whole lot of people are saying wonderful things about the Ripple Rug! Many cat parents were thrilled with how much fun their kitties had with the Ripple Rug. They said it offered their felines hours of entertainment, whether they were playing with their cats or their cats were playing alone. There were, of course, a few cats who had no interest in this product, but most kitties seemed to be fans.

There were a couple of areas where users couldn’t agree on how good or bad the Ripple Rug did. One area where people disagreed was the size of the Ripple Rug. Some felt the size was perfect, while others thought it was too large and took up too much space. People also had highly differing opinions on the value of this product, as some people felt the price was too high for what it was.

Then, there were a few complaints. The most significant thing people complained about was the customer service for Ripple Rug and how much difficulty they had receiving help. SnugglyCat seems to do all it can to discourage returning products, and, in some cases, customer service was allegedly a bit less than polite about this. The other most common complaint was about the top part of the rug losing stiffness after a couple of months.

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If you’ve been searching for a fun toy for your favorite feline, the Ripple Rug might be just the thing. Designed to be multi-functional, it offers your kitty tons of fun and excitement whether they’re playing on their own, with other cats, or with you. Best of all, the Ripple Rug is a breeze to set up and use, so you don’t have to waste hours putting it together.

However, this product has a few downsides, such as the brand’s allegedly poor customer service. You may also find that the Velcro pieces on this rug come off or that the top portion begins to lose shape rather quickly. Still, overall, this is a highly popular cat toy that most cats seem to love!

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