An orange tabby cat sleeping with his eyes closed.
An orange tabby cat sleeping with his eyes closed. Photography ©Ryhor Bruyeu | iStock / Getty Images Plus.

The Orange Tabby Cat — 8 Fun Facts

We’ve compiled a few facts about the orange tabby cat that address common questions like, “Are all orange cats tabbies?” and “Are all orange tabby cats male”?
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Morris and Garfield are just a few of the iconic orange tabby cats that are part of our culture’s collective cat consciousness. It’s not hard to know why. Their big, bold and brightly colored coats is one reason. But, as anyone who’s lived with an orange tabby cat can attest, it’s really their personalities that make them stars. They’re infinitely fascinating felines, so here are eight fun facts about the awesome orange tabby cat!

1. Tabby is actually a coat pattern, not a breed.

Specifically, the presence of stripes denotes a “tabby” cat. It’s not specifically an orange cat breed, but the color and pattern of their coat. And there are five different tabby configurations: classic tabby, mackerel tabby, spotted tabby, ticked tabby and patched tabby.

An orange tabby cat with an "M" marking on his forehead.
An orange tabby cat with an “M” marking on his forehead. Photography ©elenaleonova | iStock / Getty Images.

2. All orange cats are tabbies.

Go ahead, Google “orange cats” – they’re all tabbies. Even if their stripes are faint, they’re there. So, while all orange cats are tabbies, not every tabby is orange.

3. Is every orange tabby cat male?

While it’s true that a higher percentage of orange tabbies are male, the ratio is actually about 80 percent male to 20 percent female. And it’s not some sort of magic — it’s genetics. The X chromosome is responsible for the orange coloring. Females possess two Xs and males possess XY. Hence, a female orange tabby cat requires the sire and the dam to pass on the orange genes. But males only need the orange gene from their mothers.

4. What does that orange tabby cat “M” stand for?

One of the most distinctive markings on the orange tabby cat is the “M” above his eyes. This is seen in all types of tabbies, so it’s not just the orange kitties that boast these cool peeper accouterments! Tabby stripes are probably predominant because of their camouflage properties, so it’s most likely that the markings helped them hide in the wild. Depending on the orange tabby’s parental décor choices, this may or may not be the case for the modern tabby.

5. Orange tabbies tend to talk a lot!

National Geographic reports that personality is tied to a cat’s coat color. Guess who won anecdotally “most gregarious?” Of course, every cat’s personality is different, but Amy Wester has lived with many different cats over the years, and “MoMo” short for — you know it! — MotorMouth, is a testament to the findings. “He’s the most affectionate and happiest cat,” says Amy. “When we rescued him 11 years ago, his constant loud purring could be heard throughout the house.” His name is fitting, and even more so today: “MoMo hasn’t stopped purring since we got him!”

6. Orange tabbies are known for being Velcro cats.

Tiger the orange tabby cat.
Tiger is an orange tabby cat who loves to be loved. Photography courtesy Karen Stephenson.

Every cat is an individual, but orange cats have a reputation for being snuggly attention lovers. In addition to being a real purr machine, MoMo the orange tabby cat seeks affection every waking hour from Amy, and then some. His frequent less-than-stealthy move is to climb up onto her pillow and start climbing around her head for attention. It makes no difference whether she’s awake or not!

Karen Stephenson echoes these sentiments. Her house has been filled with all sorts of companion animals for two decades and yet there’s one snuggle monster who is the most in-your-face when seeking some loving. “Since the first day my husband brought home Tiger, he’s been the most loving animal,” says Karen. Even 18 years later, Tiger’s nightly habit of sleeping on her head is only broken when she’s traveling. He also likes to sit and stare at Karen’s husband, Brett. “I don’t know why he does it but it’s part of what makes him so adorable!”

7. Winston Churchill famously owned an orange tabby cat.

Maybe it’s a little too fitting that the man who said, “Never, never, never give up,” owned an orange tabby cat. That’s right, Winston Churchill shared his life with an orange tabby cat called Tango. He was probably just trying to get some sleep in his own bed when he came up with the famous line.

8. Orange tabbies are the color of appetite.

What? The psychology of colors arguably started with Goethe. His writing asserts that red-yellow is associated with “warmth and gladness.” He also claimed that yellow-red possesses the highest energy (apparently causing folks in days of yore to freak out if they saw an orangey cloak on a dreary day).

Contemporary findings include that orange is the color of adventure, social communication and, yes, stimulating the appetite (Howard Johnson was onto something!). While it may be a broad brush to paint all orange tabbies in — we can see that there’s definitely an anecdotal correlation between their coat colors and their personalities. Now we know exactly why Garfield couldn’t resist that lasagna!

So, whether they’re trying to hog the pillow so you’ll wake up and pet them or purring up a storm so you’ll pick them up and pet them — there’s one thing we know for sure: orange tabby cats are as bright, beautiful and varied as their coats!

Tell us: Do you have an orange tabby cat? Did you know these facts about your orange tabby cat? Is your orange tabby cat a snuggler who loves to talk a lot? Do you have an orange tabby girl?

Thumbnail: Photography ©Ryhor Bruyeu | iStock / Getty Images Plus.

This post was originally published in 2018.

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Denise LeBeau is a writer, editor and photographer with almost 20 years of experience of creating content for animal-related issues, endeavors and events. She worked at Best Friends Animal Society for 12 years where she had two columns in the Best Friends Magazine, and held multiple content creation roles including web managing editor and outreach campaign editor. Denise has been an ongoing contributor to Catster since 2014, writing for the magazine and website. The self-professed poet laureate of the pet set is currently the manager of development for an animal welfare agency, where she works with a team to create content across media platforms. She lives in Hampton Bays with her two rescue Siamese mixes – Flipper and Slayer, and her LBD (little brown dog), Zephyrella.

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299 thoughts on “The Orange Tabby Cat — 8 Fun Facts”

  1. My female ginger is not social at all. She misses and growls to whoever comes to my door. I took her to the vet first time she was ok. Second time they took her to another room away from me. I think she was traumatized somehow. She does not pure or more much, but she loves my attention. I love her dearly, but she is not a “lap cat”. I lie alone so not much company to speak of. She is 4yrs old, got her at 10 wks. My nephew calls her “he’ll cat”.

  2. Yes to all! Our orange Tabby, PD, is very verbal, loves to snuggle, thankfully, is female, and is very personable and sweet! Enjoyed the article – thanks!

  3. I have an 8 1/2 year old male tabby, Lucky (he’s down to about 6 lives now!), I rescued from the streets of Muscat in the Arabian Gulf. He used to be a skittish, free-roaming kitten, but over the years, he’s become used to his permanent house arrest and has turned out to be quite the snuggler boy! He has never been talkative though, just tells me when his services need attending, like his litter box needs cleaning or it’s time for bed so he can get his 5-minute shoulder rub. He’s my first cat ever and the easiest first cat.

  4. I received a beautiful orange kitten for Christmas 2019. We named her Erinn. She seems to have taken over the house. I have two older cats that are still trying to get used to her. She keeps going and going and going. Since we have had her she has been in every nook and cranny of house. She has taken over the usual sleeping places of the others cats which has put their noses out of joint. She does purr a lot but has currently started to meow. It just took her some time. I just love her.
    Best to all of you!!

  5. I read this post because I have now had at least 5 orange tabbies, can’t keep track. I started getting them because I have a son with Down Syndrome and I read that they are very gentle and forgiving to children; preferring attention over correct handling. I have found that to be true. That is why we continue to get only orange tabbies. We have land and our cats are inside/outside cats and some have been just barn cats hence the turnover rate. Our current orange tabby, It’s-it (what I have always called pets until they acquired a permanent name and this time it stuck), is the first orange tabby that is not vocal at all. He will purr, and meow but not anymore than any other cat. That was disappointing. My dad also had a tabby and would hold a conversation with him which was adorable and funny. It sounded so legit that others would ask dad if he really understood what his cat was saying. Love the orange tabbies and recommend them to others when I can, especially those with children!

  6. We have a female orange tabby. Her name is Princess. She is 8 months old and has a 3 week old litter of kittens. She is almost constantly purring and seeking attention. Even before she got pregnant, she LOVED to eat but especially now while nursing 6 kittens, she is constantly eating! 2 of her babies are orange tabbies, 2 are white (one solid white, one with gray highlights) and 2 are torties. They are all so adorable! Princess’s mom is Calico, we have her too…she also has a litter of kittens, just 2 weeks older than Princess’s. They are all so adorable!

    1. Oh I have been looking for an orange tabbie for so long. Actually I want two so they have company. I have had three at one time but not for quite a while now. It’s a long story I would be glad to tell . If you have two baby siblings I would be VERY interested.
      Please think of me .

      1. Darmi Nwanedoh

        I dont know where you live but there is a lady in akron Ohio named odessa y she has orange tabbies

  7. I have a female orange tabby. Her name is Nala. She sleeps on my bed most nights, usually right to me. She constantly wants attention and will usually start purring as soon as I give her some. She doesn’t like to be alone, she’s very social. I’ve only had her a little over a year, but can’t imagine life without her now.

  8. I wanna talk about my cat too! He’s an orange boy with a eye catching swirl. He’s 4 now. I adopted him from our local ASPCA. I had an orange guy before him named Ale, but I called him bubba. He was already 12 when I adopted him but I swear to mother earth it was the best thing I ever did. We had the best almost 2 years together. So of course I needed another orange lover in my life. Toby is quite literally Velcro. My Ma thinks it boarders on unhealthy behavior lol He talks all the time. I swear he has a breakdown in the kitchen just to hear himself yell. He loves belly rubs, aggressive back and butt rubs. Greats me everyday when I come home from work, talks to me, runs into the living room, yells at me cause I take to long taking my sneakers and coat off, and he sits on the couch ready for aggressive butt rubs. EVERY.DAY. He’s a freak. He gets mad when I cough. If on the off chance he’s not on my lap and I cough, I’ll hear a meow from somewhere in the house. Thanks bud, I’m fine. He purposely steals my spot just so when I come back we can have an animated conversation about it. He is the most handsomest boy in all the lands. And a very good boy. When I ask him if he’s been a good boy he flings his head back purrs and looks at me, like, always ma, always. Now I’m rambling. Happy Easter! Stay safe! Social distance!

  9. We have a male tabby (Simba) who is 7 years old now. We went to the humane society to pick out a cat to replace one who had to be put down for health reasons. We looked at several in cages before being told to go into a play room when numerous cats were running around. After spending several minutes walking around, we noticed that this one cat was following us everywhere we went in the room as if to say: “please take me”. We were reluctant at first because he reminded us of another cat we had many years ago. Finally, we decided to select him and we could not have been any happier. Simba is a talker, wonderful purrer and very affectionate. Loves to sit and watch tv with us, wakes us up cheerfully every morning and on cold evenings lives to sleep curled up in the crook of my legs. He has traveled to Florida every winter with us and our other cat (Zippy) and loves to sit in the window or out on the lanai watching over the neighborhood. All in all, I believe he rescued us!

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  11. Elizabeth Bradicich

    I have two orange babies, Tom Tom who is almost 6, and Stewie who is almost 2. We also have 3 other cats all with great personalities but my orange boys, oh man, they are so special to me. And are both loud purrers and can be very vocal. They are definitely my favorites and I am their favorite as well, which I love. One’s a head but lover, who will lay right on your chest with his head on my face. His headbutted are long ones, he just stays there and purrs like crazy. And shed a lot. The other follows me everywhere and touches me with his paw or crawls on my lap for his lovies. He doesnt give anyone else the time of day tho. Lol

  12. I have an orange female cat named Sunny. I adopted her when my neighbors abandoned her and she seems kind of traumatized. She was also shot twice with a BB gun. She seems anxious and shy and sometimes runs away when I try to pet her. But other times she quietly purrs while being petted and seems to soak up the love. She is so cute and I really like her. Usually she stays in my living room but last night I was in the bathroom with extreme abdominal pain and I was so surprised when she came to see me in there because she hardly ever does that. It felt like she came to comfort me because she could sense I was in pain.

    1. And Sunny is not talkative at all, I actually don’t think I’ve ever heard her meow or make any noise besides very quietly purring. But I’m okay with that! I have a Calico who can be vocal and meows for love/attention. She’s such a sweet cuddly baby but also can be rather demanding vocally when she wants attention!

  13. I have a ginger boy I named Kiddee Boy. He was 6 months old when I adopted him but he has never been a loving cat he wouldn’t let me pick him up and put him on my lap if I did he would jump down. He has started getting up on my lap and likes me to scratch his chin and his ears and back. He likes to get up on me when I go to bed he lays partially on me and my body pillow. He likes be scratched mostly around his neck, chin and ears. He doesn’t stay long but that’s his thing most nights. In the morning he gets on the bed and wakes me up by using his claws gently scrapping me. He isn’t too verbal but sometimes he will get mad at the dog after they have been playing for a bit and he walks off yalling it’s like he is saying you done pissed me off so I’m leaving. He’s a good kitty and I love him.

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  16. I have two orangemen who are brothers. Scotchie has kept his kitten voice for 7 years now and purrs the loudest of any cat I have ever owned. Orangie likes to sit in the kitchen talking up a storm for no good reason. I joke that I certainly don’t need a weighted blanket with them in bed as one holds the covers down on one side and the other holds down the opposite side. They are both unfortunately quite overweight and love to eat. They generally like each others company, but will argue at times like brothers are known to do.

    1. My favorite cat of all I have had (a lot), was an orange male. He was so loving and I was his favorite person. His name was Julius and he was really in tune to my emotions. At that time I was going through a particularly turbulent time in my life and cried a lot. He used to sit on the wall of our roman tub right night to the sink and when I was putting on my makeup and unhappy, he would take his paw and tap me gently, like he understood what I was going through. I really miss that little boy!!!

  17. Helen Tracey Anderson

    I have three orange tabby cats with one a kitten Leo and tiger are brothers tiger love me to stroke is belly and kiss it to and blow raspderrys on is belly to leo just likes putting is paw out at u and the kitten is name is mickeybobo he is so loveing he will headbutt u and he what’s u to gave him a kiss on is forehead and kiss him on the nose

  18. My Orange Tabby’s are Brother and sister with a marbling design to their bright orange coats. I know for a fact their Mom and Dad both were orange tabby’s. People think they are a special breed when they see them. They are the Most loving cats Ive ever had.

  19. I have a female!! I love her so much. Whenever I am crying she will cuddle right next to me or when I’m upset she can tell and she will lay by me and start purring. Her name is Paris and she Is very cuddly!!

  20. Our tabby boy Leo found his way to us through his vocals, loudly meowing and strutting his huge paws along the pathway below our apartment – we fed him and that was it…..he adopted us & moved in with us and our other 3 female cats! Feline havoc for quite some time but at 4 months of age he had survived and brought himself up as a kitten born to a stray in the community. He has grown into a huge, beautiful, affectionate and talkative boy and two of the original 4 have sadly now gone over the rainbow bridge. We have brought two new sibling tom kittens in & it’s taken an age to get him to accept them – thankfully we’re getting there!

  21. I had my beloved maine coon/ tabby Redford for 17 1/2 years. Till i lost him oct 29 to aggressive cancer. I used to tell him he was the greatest cat in America. He used to lie next in bed spooning with my hand over his belly. Any litter he would go in. He saved my life 2x and my mother’s once. We were best friends..everyone just fell for him and he was one of a kind. How i long fir him, my sweet love boy, an angel sent to me.

    1. Violeta Gutierrez

      I have an adorable female orange tabby named Morky. She always climb up my tummy or chest before bedtime and stayed there for 5 minutes or more. She wants me to pat her head and body which I give in inspite of me being so sleepy. Satisfied, she will lay down on my left side or at the foot of the bed. Before eating, she stares at me wanting me to pat her several times before every meal. She has great appetite so she is the biggest among my 6 cats.

  22. One of my first cats was a little orange girl. I wouldn’t say she was very chatty though. At the moment, I have two orange boys, one long haired and one short. Butters the long haired boy likes to talk loud. I think he is going deaf so he needs to yell. Lincoln doesn’t necessarily talk to me. but he likes to walk around the house talking to himself.

  23. We have an orange tabby male. He was adopted at 4 months. He is cheerful, loves to eat and climb. He has huge feet. Unfortunately for us, he isn’t a lap cat, nor does he purr much. He loves to be with us and curls around my feet at bedtime, but has never voluntarily sat in my lap. He’s a rascal. He wishes he was an outdoor cat and we have to be vigilant. We are in an area where there are a lot of varmits and have had a previous cat badly hurt by a muskrat. We let this tabby be in the yard on a 30 ft. dog lead where he makes friends with the neighbors and the neighborhood squirrels.

    1. Dace Ann Pellettiere

      We have an orange tabby tom cat, who was a rescue my daughter adopted, then her daughter became allergic so we have him. Our other two cats have not been welcoming to him, but at least we have not had any fights. Just a smack here and there, and definite jealously. He’s a big boy with big paws and a clipped ear from being a stray when he was in the rescue. He’s not vocal at all, likes to be petted on his head on his terms and is afraid of load noises. One funny thing about him, when my daughter comes over who was his owner he hides and we won’t see him again until he knows she’s gone. Maybe he’s still mad st her.

  24. I have a 14-year-old female red tabby named Scarlett–she has a sweetness n’ spice personality! She has the softest, most beautiful fur–a friend of mine once asked if she was “part mink.” I picked her up from a shelter in NC while I was in grad school–they told me she was feral, discovered on the highway with her mom. We have now moved to NYC, where we have grown closer every year, and I had to laugh in recognition when the post mentioned tabbies sleeping on or around the pillow. Scarlett is particularly cuddly in the winter months, and just about every morning, I wake up to discover she has hogged the pillow above my head. Unfortunately, we are now managing her issues with diabetes and IBD–but she seems happy and healthy with the combo treatment of insulin and chemo. I hope there will be years to come, because I don’t know what I would do without my kitty!

  25. We have two short haired orange tabbies, twins from a litter of 6 that we adopted along with their feral mother. Found the litter in our front yard and carried them into our house. Luckily Mom found our back door and came in to care for them until they were weaned. They are about 7 years old. We named them Don and Phil after the Everly Brothers. Phil is very close to my husband while Don seems to favor me. The rest of their litter mates are fine as is Mom. We love them all!

  26. I have an orange tabby named Garfield. I rescued him on my patio. He was very little and was so sick he didn’t even try to run away when I went to pick him up. I said something to him and he sneezed in my face. He was wheezing really bad and was so skinny. I rushed him to the animal emergency room and they checked him out and gave him some medicine. He only weighed 9 oz. He’s a little over a year old now and a lot bigger thank goodness (he loves to eat!). He is a very talkative cat but he’s not much on cuddling. I have another cat and two Teddy Bear Yorkies and I have to say Garfield is more mischievous than they are. He’s always getting into something! I love him to pieces though.

  27. I have an orange tabby who is fluffy. I found him at my grandparents’ –he had 2 cream colored siblings, tortie long haired mom, large orange father. They were all feral and the orange was the most scared–he’d always run away as soon as I came up in the haymow trying to catch them. I was there for Christmas and when I went up into the haymow, I saw the fluffy cream kitten had died. Then a few days later we were in the barn and the farrier was trimming the horses’ hooves and I looked over and saw the orange tabby in the window. He didn’t look very well, a bad cold in eyes and nose. I went over to him and he didn’t move. I grabbed him and he just struggled weakly. I brought him in the house and Mom said I could keep him. After vet visit and meds, he was good as new and playful. He was very cuddly from the start. His nickname is Cuddle. His name is Phoenix. He unfortunately got cancer last year, but with chemo he’s healthy again. I love him and don’t know what I’d do without him. He loves me–he always is near me or lying in my lap when I’m at home. He’s in my lap now! He does also like to talk and still playful, and loves his treats.

    1. I have a two orange tabby cat that are girls. Both of the girls are sisters. One cat is named Addison (or Addy) and the other one is named Maddie. They are both kittens. The sisters love to play together, eat lots of cat food, love being pet. They are the best cats I have ever gotten! I used to have a cat named Daisy and she was a mean cat and would always bit me and hiss at me.

      Addy and Maddie are so cute and they are so friendly!!

      If you are thinking about getting a Orange tabby cat, they are the perfect cats for you! They are even friendly with little kids!!!

      1. WOW! Two orange females!! Since approximately 80% of orange tabbies are male, this is remarkable!
        My Orange tabbie male “Tigger “ proves that I didn’t rescue him, he rescued me!!!
        Love Orange Cats!

        1. I have an orange female too called Rosie. She likes to get over my shoulder and loves lots of cuddles. She’s 19 now but is still quite fit.

  28. We have an orange tabby name is Gizmo, but we call him gizzy. He is a big time talker. But not much of a snuggles cat. If I ask gizzy to come see me he will shake his head no. But sometimes he needs some pets then goes on his way. Loves his treats.

  29. I just adopted a stray that started coming around my apt. She’s a medium haired female orange girl. She’s so affectionate and sweet, loves being pat on the head and her belly & chin rubbed! She’ll let you pet her all day. She’s very vocal and will just circle around the house meowing. She’ll speak back to you too. She also has a unique meow ive never heard. Kind of short and raspy. We’ve only had her a few weeks and still let her outside as she pleases. Oh, and her names Charlie because we figured she was a boy!

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  31. My husband and I rescued a 4yo Female Orange Long hair tabby, named Rabbit. She is a little purrbox and is generally shy until she knows you better. We can’t hold her for more than about a minute, but she lets me pet her belly ANYTIME!! Score!
    She will talk back and can be stubborn, but she’s definitely earned her pet deposit.

  32. We have a 15 year old ginger tabby. He’s very vocal and so affectionate to the four of us and the rest of our family (he even loves attention from my 3year old, lively niece)! When the boys go to bed he often stays with them until they’re asleep, then joins us downstairs for cuddles on the sofa! He’s now got to the point where if no-one is stroking him he will pat them lightly with his paw to get their attention. He is a very well loved cat who loves us all just as much. He’s almost ‘human’, the way he behaves and communicates with us! A ginger tabby is a purrrffect family pet!

  33. I have a orange female tabby. Very quite, will wake me up to pet her. She wants to to be petted on her terms.
    Oh I forgot to add she has 6 toes

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  35. Our orange tabby is female. We call her Sheba, and she acts like a queen, always in charge. She was dumped in our yard about 2 months ago. The vet figures she is about 12 weeks old. She really loves my husband and greets him at the door when he comes home from work. She loves to lay between us on the couch and in bed. Like I said she is queen. Very cuddly and attention getting. We love her.

  36. My male ginger tabby is a total snuggle bunny!!! He’s two and a half, and only gets cuddlier as time goes by. He’s my precious sweetheart.

  37. Have 4 Orange Tabbies, Mom, Dad & 1 Kitten I rescued ferrel, from my rural property. Also 1 outdoor OTabby /family member outside I feed daily. Tried to give her a home too. She has just one paw & 1 1/2 paws. Vet saidBut, she won’t use the litter box. They are affectionate, lovable, very vocal & intelligent cats. So glad I have them….they make my life better…

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  39. I have a male orange tabby I rescued. He was named Squeaky by the shelter though I don’t know why. He was 2 and is now .going on 7. He is a scaredy-cat. He likes to hide and not until last year did he even let me pet him. This occurs only when I go to bed and wake up. He definitely had his own agenda. He is front declawed so I figure that is why he is not social. I love him and hope one day he will let me pick him up. He goes like to head butt which was a surprise to me.

  40. I have a female one named Tabatha.Have two other Tabbies that are males and two Tuxedos. Tabatha wasour j I meant our last one we brought in. All were ferals.She has liven this house up since we brought her in 2 years ago.

  41. I have a 2 year old orange tabby and she is bossy, controlling, and needs all the attention from everyone. She gets into everything with a curiosity stronger than I’ve seen before. She shares all her love with everyone. She is my first cat and I couldn’t have asked for a better baby. She is also so polite most of the time, but when she wants to give me a kiss she will wrap all four claws around my hand and hold me prisoner. She is also strong enough to stand her ground with the chihuahua but ok to share a good meal. I am a tabby lover for life.

  42. We have a beautiful female orange tabby. In fact, there were 3 orange females in her litter. She pretty much fits all of your facts to a T. However, although I consider her loving, she is definitely not cuddly (although her name Cuddles was given to her when she WAS a cuddly newborn). She definitely is an attention-seeker- especially around 4 AM! If getting in bed with us gets no response, she turns her motor on & goes under our dresser to scratch & meow. I think her M stands for MESS- she definitely is one!

  43. My orange tabby is a female and out of my five cats (male and female Siamese, female Calico, and male Tiger) she and my male Siamese Sealpoint are the most affectionate. They would gladly let me carry them around anywhere! Hannah is very verbal and purrs constantly! Her mother and all of her five litter mates died when she was ten days old of some sort of feline leukemia. I bottle-fed her into maturity and she suffers from Cerebellar Hypoplasia so walks off balance with slight neurological damage. She has no idea she is “balance challenged” and is a healthy cat at 8 years old!

  44. I have a beautiful female ginger with very faint markings. We rescued her 8 years ago. I’ve had many cats over the years but never an orange one before. This darling cat is by far the most loving, cuddly, kindest, lap-cat that we’ve ever had. I can’t explain how much we love her.

    1. I’ve just recently rescued an orange tabby with his brother (a Russian blue) & sister (a torti) & I understand why they are often said to be like Velcro. As a young girl my very first cat was an orange tabby so yes there’s a special kinda love there. We named our boy Daniel Tiger & he’s truly the most affectionate out of the bunch.
      Even my 5yr old Persian Calico Dilute has noticed it because he really likes to be around her a lot more than she cares for. He’s still a sweetheart & I don’t mind giving him a lot of love & attention.

      1. Have small female tabby. Was Ferrell her head her about 6 weeks. Has been very evasive except for eating. I have other Strays for I live near a wooded area. Another stray has come up and I had to de-flea them with the Adams spray. Noticed other cats were starting to scratch so did my female tabby and others and tonight she finally come to me and got up in my lap. Hopefully this will start her being affectionate towards me, for a long to hold and love her.

    2. My sweet Molly is an orange tabby. She will be 18 in June. She has the attributes mentioned in the article and is quite the talker. She is a true lap kitty I only have to sit down and she’s on my lap, purring away. She has battled liver and kidney issues and now has additional issues which may be cancer or idiopathic hypercalcemia. I adore her.

  45. I actually have 5 orange tabbies, Jinxy, Lentil, Germany, and 2 I have not named as I am fostering with hopes of finding homes 3 of the 5 are girls.
    I’ve heard that male calicos are also rare, and sterile. Does that also apply to female tabbies that are orange? Are they also sterile?

    1. I have one of each beautiful orange tabbies, Ron (full name Ronald Weasley, as he’s ginger :) ) and Jade. Both are real snuggle bunnies, Jade likes nothing better than having her tummy rubbed and she likes to sleep on my head, and Ron just loves to curl up on my lap, where he is now! Oh, and Jade has had several litters before she came to us, so I’m saying female gingers are not sterile :) love all my beautiful babies so much, get so much pleasure and comfort from them <3

    2. I have a female orange tabby, and she is not sterile. She’s been spayed and (as far as I know) hasn’t had any litters (I got her at 3 years old). But she has been spayed to keep the litters from coming in the future.

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