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Aloha from Maui

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Happy St. Patrick's Day

March 17th 2010 1:01 pm
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Wishing a Happy St. Patrick's Day to all my Catster furiends! Hope you are all having a wonderful day.

My brothers, sisters, and I are all napping in the sunshine today. It is a beautiful day here in the desert. The temperature is almost 80 degrees...... I think spring is finally here. Yippee!!!!

Loving Purrs,


A Day in My Life

March 10th 2010 4:49 pm
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My furiend Lucy tagged me to play "A Day in the Life" tag. Here's a day in MY life!

Dad wakes up at 4:00 a.m. to get ready for work. Usually I just sit on the top perch of my scratching post in the master bedroom and watch him get ready in between dozing. Dad leaves the house at 5:30 a.m. and then it is Mom’s turn to get up and get ready for work. Once Mom is ready for work I get up and bring one of my paper balls up onto the bed for Mom to play with me.

After a little while of playing, Mom goes to the kitchen to get all of us our breakfast. All five of us follow and talk to her while she is getting it ready. Once we have finished breakfast, Mom is ready to leave for work. She takes a head count every morning before leaving to make sure none of us ran into a closet while she was getting ready. She pets us all goodbye and leaves for work.

Now it is time for me to go upstairs and curl up on my scratching post in the office and take a nap. After my nap, I go and find my sister Mimu. She and I like to play together. We will chase each other around the house and wrestle until we are all tried out. Then it is back upstairs for another nap. Mimu and I do this all day (nap and play) until Dad gets home.

We all greet Dad at the door. Mimu is usually there first followed by Milo, and then me, Miko and Mikki. We start talking to Dad and following him around until he feeds us dinner. Mom gets home shortly after we finish dinner and we all greet her at the door.

When it is warm outside Mom opens the door to the garage so we can go out in that big room to play. Mimu and I like to run in and out while chasing each other. I like to carry my paper balls out there to bat them around in the big open space. After playing with my sister Mimu and my paper balls for an hour or two it is time to nap again.

This time I usually take my nap beside or above Mom on the sofa. This is the time of day that I will let Mom and Dad pet me but only if I am on the sofa. I nap and play on and off throughout the evening.

Just before bed Mom feeds us all dry treats then it is off to the bedroom. I take my paper ball up onto the bed to let Dad play with me and pet me before we go to bed. Once I am done playing I get off the bed and head up onto the top perch of my scratching post for a really long nap. Sometimes I stay up for a while after Mom and Dad have gone to bed so I can play with my paper balls in the dark. hehehe

Now I want to know what a day in YOUR life looks like! If you want to play, please post in your diary and then tag as many of your friends as you would like or you can leave it as an open tag, whatever you want to do! You can use my daily outline or write you own any way you want--just tell us what you do all day and night!

Loving Purrs,


I Love Sports

February 12th 2010 12:48 pm
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Mom says that I am a sports fanatic just like my Dad! **he he he**

You see I like to jump up on the TV stand and watch television whenever Dad is watching hockey, football or baseball. Hockey is my favorite sport. I sit on the TV stand and just watch the puck on the ice. I just know that I would make a good Hockey player because I love to bat things around. I practice everyday batting around my little paper balls. I try very hard to get that puck so I can bat it into the goal for my favorite team.

Mom and Dad just bought a Wii Sport and the Fitness Plus package. When they use it I jump up on the TV stand and try to help out. I have help them play tennis, baseball and golf. Mom says that I am getting my exercise just like them. I'm not really sure what exercising is but it is fun.

It is a long weekend for Mom and Dad so Mom says I will get to play the Wii. I am going to go and take a nap now so I can rest up and be ready to help Mom and Dad exercise.

Loving Purrs,


Mele Kalikimaka!

December 24th 2009 11:24 am
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Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas) to all my furiends and their families. May you enjoy the holidays surrounded by friends and family.

This is my first Christmas ever and I am so excited. My big sister and brothers have told me all about Santa Claws, and pressies, and being good. I can't wait 'til tonight so I can start celebrating my very first Christmas with my family. I have been a good little kitty so hopefully Santa Claws will bring me a new pad of paper so Dad can roll up paper balls for me to play with.

Mom needs rest so she can get better for Christmas so I am going to go and take a nap with her now. Safe and Happy Holidays to All!!!

Love and Purrs,


Staycation / Vacation

August 29th 2009 3:13 pm
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Aloha --

I went on my very first staycation recently. Mom and Dad took my Mimi to O'ahu, Hawaii for two weeks for her birthday. During that time, all of us cats got to stay at home alone. We had a kittysitter that came in and fed us and change our litterboxes. He even pet and played with us. I would not let him pet me and Miko always hid when the sitter was here.

My brother Milo was not happy that Mom and Dad were gone so he kept opening the kitchen drawer and throwing all of the dish towels on the floor for our sitter to clean up each day.

The staycation was kind of fun but I was so glad to have Mom and Dad back home. Since they have returned I have decided that it is okay for them to pet me but only on my terms. I must be on one of the throws on the couch and they must be sitting beside me. Then they can pet me all they want. I still won't let them pick me up or reach over and pet me while I am anywhere except on the couch.

I now have a favorite toy. It is a 3 x 3 piece of paper rolled in a ball. I play fetch with Mom and Dad. If one of them sit on the couch and throw my paper ball I will go and get it and bring it back for them to throw again.

Well, I will let you go for now so my brothers and sisters can write.



My New Family

July 11th 2009 2:19 pm
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Aloha -- I am getting more and more used to my new family. I even let Mom pet me sometimes. No picking me up though. I draw the line at that. Dad isn't allowed to pet me yet either. He keeps trying but I run when he gets to close. Maybe someday I will breakdown and let him pet me just a little.

I really like my new sisters and brothers. Mikki and I stay out of each others way for the most part. Mom says she is older and doesn't like to play anymore. Miko likes to watch me play but he doesn't join in very often while Milo and Mimu play with me all the time. We hang out together in a group and play on and off all day long and into the night. Mimu and I like to tackle each other and chase each other up and down the stairs. Sometimes Milo will chase us too and sometimes we will tackle him.

Mimu has taught me how to carry around paper balls and straws and how to bat them all over the house. Sometimes we lose them and have to go and ask Mom for more. We can get pretty loud when we want something. We will both cry until she pays attention to us.

I am be the littlest one of the family but I am not afraid of any of my brothers or sisters. Not even that old girl Mikki. She can hiss at me all she wants. I'm not scared. I'm not even as scared of Mom and Dad as I used to be. I no longer hide in the cabinets when just Mom and Dad are in the house. I only go there now if they have company.

I am going to go and play with Mimu now so Mom can have a rest from the computer. Talk to you all soon.



OMC DDP-- Thank you

June 13th 2009 5:22 pm
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Thank you Catster HQ for picking me as a DDP. This is a great honor especially since it was my very first diary entry.

Mom has been very busy today watching over me as she has opened my doors to allow me to get used to my brothers and sisters and them to get used to me. This is the second day that Mom has done this. At night she is still closing my doors to allow me a little quite time of my own and Mom and Dad have been taking turns sleeping in my rooms with me.

Things were pretty hectic on both days when Mom first opened my doors. My sister Mimu would chase me under the bed and then I would come out and chase her. She has finally stopped hissing at me though. Milo sleeps with me on my cat tree when we take naps during the day and Miko comes upstairs once in a while to see me but when he does he hisses and runs. Mikki doesn't come up to see me but when I go downstairs and see her she hisses. Mom said not to worry that it was going to be okay. They would all get used to having me around.

I have only been downstairs a few times as I am a little shy about leaving my rooms. This place is much bigger than were I was before but there are less brothers and sisters. I think I am going to like having all this space to play in. When I do venture downstairs, if I see Mom or Dad moving around I run back up to my rooms.

Mom and Dad say I am going to take a lot of work getting me to trust them but they will be patient with me. Whatever that means.

I am going to go take another nap in my cat tree. Thank you again Catster HQ, and thank you to all my furiends that have written to congratulate me and leave me treats.

Love and Purrs,


My First Diary Entry

June 11th 2009 11:07 am
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I have been in my furever home for almost two weeks now. Mom and Dad adopted me from PetsMart where the rescue people told them that I was found in an apartment with 27 other kitties. Mom and Dad say I am part feral. Whatever that means.

I was a very sick kitty when I first came to live with Mom and Dad. I am now starting to feel better but I am still a little congested and I'm also having a problem with my ears. I am taking antibiotics and ear drops. Boy do I ever hate medicine.

I have two rooms all to myself and a cat tree that Mom and Dad bought for everyone but since it is in my rooms it is Mine, Mine, Mine. I hang out in the condos most of the time as I feel safe there. I am still scared of Mom and Dad but I am getting better with that every day. I will only let Mom and Dad pet me if I am in the condo and definately no being picked up. When they come to my rooms and I am out running around I run for my condo to hide.

I have met my brothers and sisters a couple of times but Mom and Dad don't want to stress me out too much so they are only allowed to stay for a short time. I like my brother Milo. He is so mellow. He taught me how to climb my tree to the very top perch. My sister Mikki doesn't want to have anything to do with me and when I get too close she hisses. Brother Miko hissed at me and batted me with his paw but I think he will come around eventually. My sister Mimu is a little terror. She hisses and growls at me and chases me under the bed when I start to run away from her. Mom keeps a close eye on her when she visits to make sure she doesn't hurt me. I think I can get her to warm up to me and then maybe we can play together but I think it will take a while.

Mom and Dad are hoping that once my sisters, and brothers, and I get used to each other and I join the family on a full-time basis they will help to teach me that it is safe to be around Mom and Dad. We'll see. I still don't trust humans but that could change over time.

I need to go and take a nap in my condo now so I can get healthy. Talk to you all later.

Aloha and Purrs,

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