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Monida's musings

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Back for real!

August 2nd 2012 12:37 am
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WHOOHO! Mom finally got our wireless hooked up, which means she can type for me and not have to sit at an awkward angle on the floor, which was killing her back. So we should be back for real now!

Thanks everyone for the delicious cake!! I've been eating it while watching the Oh!Lympics. Have you all been watching? What's your favorite event.

We're so excited to be back! We've missed you all so much!


Back! Sorta ...

July 24th 2012 10:14 pm
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Hi everyone! Well, we finally got Internet at home, so I can come play again! But it might be a little while longer before we are back regularly. Mom's schedule is kinda up in the air for a bit, and we're both still trying to get settled.

But hopefully we'll be back soon. I sure do miss you all! Sorry if we've missed any special days.

Take care all!


Monida moves

July 19th 2012 5:23 am
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Hi everyone - Mo's mom here. This wasn't the first diary entry I was planning on writing after our move, but here it is.

So this morning Mo decided to explore under the bed when I heard a sick thump/cracking noise. I have no idea what it was - but I'm kinda assuming Mo hit her head on the bed frame. She seems ok - but it was a scary noise. Her pupils are the same, and she drank some water and isn't vomiting.

Then the new place smells a little like new paint and varnish, and everything is sticky with I don't know what. So I've been wiping everything down with clorax wipes.

Anyway, I know I'm probably being way paranoid and over worried, but can you all just purr a small purr that Mo will be ok here? I have to leave her for a day and night tomorrow and I'm so worried about her. (I tend to stress - a lot!)

Thanks friends. Sorry to bother you, but you're all so wonderful and helpful. I'll write more of our adventure later!


Some like it hot

July 8th 2012 7:39 pm
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Some like it hot - I am not one of those! It's sooo hot here kitties. :( It's not as hot as other places, but I'm not used to this 90-degree temps. To make things worse, our apartment has only west and east facing windows. Mom says that I might have to go to the kitty spa this week as it's supposed to get into the upper 90s and mom is worried about me being in such heat.

Stay cool kitties!


It's a celebration!

July 7th 2012 6:38 am
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Hi all!

Man, I think I need to get my mom one of those Calming Collars! She is stressing out about the move. So to help her destress, celebrate the move and spend some time with our friends, we're throwing a party!

It's going to be held in my Catster Fun Time group, and there will be plenty of food, music, and fun! We were going to start it tomorrow morning, but let's make it a weekend thing! We probably won't be in much today, but we'll be around on and off tomorrow. Mom's also sitting on dogs until tomorrow, so she's been busy with that.

So please stop by and hang out - I'd love to see you all there!


Moving on!

July 3rd 2012 12:01 pm
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Well, now that my mom has spilled the news to all her friends, I finally get to tell all my friends!

I'm moving!

My mom got a new job and we're moving to Montana. Now, I've only ever lived in Idaho and even though I've visited Montana, I'm still a little nervous. But my pals Gunnie and Peekie say that I'll like being a Big Sky kitty. But they also say there's bears and fires there - that sounds kinda scary! Mom assures me we'll be safe though.

I'm still planning on having a party Sunday - I'll finalize details Thursday or Friday. But after Sunday we probably won't be here too often for a little bit while we pack and move and lose our Internet for awhile. So don't worry if you don't see us around. We'll be back as soon as we can!

That's all for today - talk to you kitties soon!


Stay tuned for big news!

July 2nd 2012 9:26 am
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Guess what friends! I have big news! But I can't tell you right now. :) But soon, very soon!

And to celebrate my news, and the anniversary (a little late) of my group Catster Fun Time, I'm going to be throwing a party! Probably on Sunday. I hope you can all make it! It's going to be a blast!

I'll be back ...


Revenge is a dish best served ... wet

June 30th 2012 11:12 pm
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Hi friends!

First we want to send our purrs to all the kitties affected by fire, flood and storms. I sure hope everyone is ok!!

So, as you all know, it's been HOT. And our apartment doesn't have AC so it gets pretty miserable in our place. So the other night mom decided to try to cool me down by wetting my fur. Umm.. it may be hot mom, but I'm not that desperate! So I showed her! When she went to bed, I laid my wet self right on top of her. HAHAHA! Take that mom!


Back by popular demand

June 10th 2012 12:41 am
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So, awhile ago, there was a time in Catsterland where people were angry about something (I forget what) and many friends were leaving and unhappy. It was very similar to the atmosphere today. To help lighten the mood back then, I created Catster Fun Time.

Well, it is time for me to bring it back! Please go and check it out. It's not active right now, but let's change that! Everyone is invited to come play games and hang out. Have a game idea? Please go right ahead and start it. This group is for everyone!

Mom and I also decided that since there was no World's Coolest Contest this year, that we're going to hold a photo contest. We haven't worked out all the details, but it will be coming soon. In fact, if you have ideas for categories, please leave them in the comments below or Pmail us.

Come on, kitties! Let's play!


A couple things

June 9th 2012 2:13 pm
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I only have a moment, but I just wanted to pass on a few things.

I am loving the letters you guys are writing to HQ. They are well reasoned, articulate and well done. Kudos to you all! I will be writing mine tonight or tomorrow.

Please be sure you are sending them to HQ, and not just publishing them in your diary. I'm afraid they might be missed there.

Also, please be willing to give them time to respond. I know we're all upset now, but it is the weekend and we might not get responses immediately. Just something to keep in mind.

It's nice to see Catsters coming together and working toward a goal. This is the spirit I remember and love!

Love you all!

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