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Simply Mahvelous!

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I have been Assimilated!

June 20th 2009 10:19 am
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Hi, Friends,
Guess what? My parents have decided I don't have to be in the room by myself at night anymore! I get to sleep with my parents on the BIG CATS' BED! This is an exciting milestone in my life. I have been on top of the covers, under the covers, and on various parts of my sleeping parents. Orvis was not happy that I was sleeping on Mom. Taz says I am a BUTT BARNACLE. Whatever could that mean?
Oh well, as you can see by my newest pictures I now go all over the house like the rest of my family. Some of them like me more than others. I do love my very big brother, Boots. He is kind and gentle to me. He came back smelling funny twice last week. Mom says I must be quiet around him and I cannot eat his salmon. Oh, well, there is plenty of other food to eat in this house.
Your friend,
Marvel Ann


Learning to dress up; starting my job.

June 6th 2009 10:07 am
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Hi, friends,
This has been a very eventful week for me. My Daddy was gone for the week so I helped my mom with the chores. Every time she would take the nasty things out of the cat potties, I would be right there by her hand to help!
And, I got to go to the place where she and brother Orvis are at all day. I only go one morning and a few hours some afternoons. I got to meet 2 of mom's clients this week! I was scared the first time I met a new purrson but better the second and played with Orvis while the nice lady watched me.
I hope you like these pictures of me in my dresses Orvis bought me at Teal'c's Auction. They fit me nice and I tried really hard to be still so mom could take my picture. Mom says it is important for me to dress nicely and as I grow up she has lots of things for me to wear.
Have a Mahvelous weekend,
Marvel Ann


An Adventure a Day!

May 28th 2009 4:51 pm
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Hi Everyone!
This is going to be a fun family to live with. Already, I have been taken on field trips to the place where my mom is during the day. And, most exciting, I get to go with my friend, brother Orvis. He has a great toy there that I play with for a long time. He sits there and watches me, he must be really pleased that I am enjoying his toy. I also eat his food, and he eats mine! I love sharing things with my giant brother. I got to use his litter box, too!!
Until my next adventure,
Marvel Ann
P.S. If you look at my page you will see I have a very special Uncle and a most wonderful Auntie!


I Love my New Home!

May 24th 2009 4:31 pm
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Hi Everyone,
Well, the last time I talked to you I was really a scared little girl! Not anymore!!
Since yesterday morning my new mom has been taking me out of my room almost all day. I am running all around my house exploring my surroundings, and especiallly meeting those giants! If I get too close to them, they hiss at me. That doesn't scare me too much, though, I just back up and stare at them until they go away! One doesn't hiss at me, though, Mom says his name is Mr. Boots and he is a very nice fellow who likes all cats.
I don't like to be in my room alone, my friends. When Mom puts me in there, I scream and scream. At first my parents thought there was something wrong with me! Mom came to check me, and I just looked at her and tried to run out. Hmmm.....scream=I get out or get Mom! Lesson learned,
Marvel Ann


I'm Frightened!

May 22nd 2009 2:21 pm
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I just left my loving FurMom and have been brought to a place with giants. I am clinging to the warm purrson for dear life. She is petting me and trying to make me feel better. A big white giant just jumped near me and hissed. This scared me! I am just going to stay with the warm purrson for a while until I get to know this place better.
Scared purrs,
Marvel Ann

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