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Today Is Picasso's 6th Month Bridge Annifursary!

June 8th 2009 11:47 am
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Today is exactly 6 months (12/8/08) that Picasso made is journey into Heaven. Today is Monday and that's also the weekday that Cassi left my family. I didn't know him purrsonally, but I have heard such wonderful things about him... No matter how many annifursaries pass, my family will never furget him and he will furever be close in their hearts. Each night before mom goes to bed, she wishes him a good night, as well as a good morning, along with angel Kashmere. Mom presently has a candle lit next to his urn on the bureau in memory of him and the joy that he has brought to all that knew him during his short stay here on earth. We love and miss you Picasso and one day, we'll all meet again *wipes eyes*

Well, today isn't as warm as it was yesterday. Meowmy and daddy met up with their furiend in Delaware yesterday fur a delicious lunch and conversation. It was on the hot side which left mom with a nasty headache. Overall, they had a wonderful time and it was a nice day out together. Presently, the landscapers are doing the lawns and mulch so that means lots and lots of loud noise which we really don't like too much but unfortunately, we can't go out and yell at them *giggles* It usually takes a good portion of the afternoon before they're finished.

Have you seen??? Meowmy spent last night doing our summer pages and they look really cute. She decided to the seashell theme since she loves seashells. Actually, she likes all things about summer but not the extreme heat. last year in Las Vegas, it was 105 degrees (in September) so that meant not too much time was spent at the pool. Daddy loves to swim but mom is petrified of water since she doesn't know how to swim. Silly meowmy! She would rather soak her tootises in the shallow end or just go into the outside jacuzzi. She'll even go out of her way to walk around the pool area away from the actual pool itself. As fur bridges... she's not happy about those either.

Well, back to loafing in the window and taking it easy fur the afternoon. Hope every kitty has a pawsome and fun week ahead! Sending a warm thank you to sweet furiends, Rizza & Fam fur the fun ladybuggie.



I Received A Baby "Welcome Home" Pawkage!

June 5th 2009 2:50 pm
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Unfortunately, I'm a day late with my Diary entry as mom had some things to do yesterday. Well, yesterday morning, there was a purrty flowered pawkage in the mailbox and it was addressed to me from our dear auntie Joann & Fam (*KARISMA & FAMILY*). The first thing meowmy did was grab the camera so that we could take pictures, which I love! She helped me to open my pressie and enclosed were two gifties, both wrapped in tissue and ribbons. Mom proceeded to put the purple curly ribbon around my neck and then we began opening. The first pressie was a 6 pack of pastel colored catnip Kirby Sticks, which my siblings love and we are to share these. I really don't know much about the true meaning of catnip since I'm still a baby but I will with time. Is that why these sticks smell so funny? Oh by the way, I'm 11 weeks old already and mom says that I'm growing like a wildflower.. The second giftie was all mine and it's a pawsome Kitty Tumbler with a tubular attachment which I have so much fun with these. I'm not too comfortable with the tubular part so mom decided not to attach it until I get a little older. Some things still confuse me at this baby age. Now I have a Kitty Cube upstairs in the Master bedroom one downstairs. Mom also clipped my tiny tiny nails and brushed me yesterday and I was such a good boy. My bestest buddy is still Cannoli although Snowmitts watched over me closely. It is so nice to be loved by such a pawsome and caring family...

Thanks so much Karisma & Family fur the Welcome Home pressies and fur thinking of me. I'm such a lucky kitty to have such special and dear furiends like you in my life *blows kisses*


Kitten Purrrrs!


Today I Had My Purrry First Stroll!

May 31st 2009 11:52 pm
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Today was such a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Early in the morning when meowmy & daddy went grocery shopping, there were rain showers but as soon as the early afternoon arrived, the sun was shining and the windows were opened. Mom decided to introduce me to the AT3 stroller. She slowly placed me in there and I immediately laid down contently. She then put Biscotti in with me to help make me feel more at ease just in case there may be a problem with my feeling scared. All of the others were sleeping... Plus, Biscotti was ready to go strolling as well. Mom zippered up the mesh and we were ready to go. I can't even begin to meow how much I love strolling. Then as mom wheeled the stroller up to the home and there was Jaspurr at the front door. He usually does NOT like any kitty in the stroller with him, but mom figured that maybe he'll be ok with a baby in there with him, which he was. He was a little antsy but not at all nasty so mom decided to take me by myself and than take Jaspurr by himself. Everything worked out purr-fectly. If the weather permits tomorrow, mom will be taking everyone out except fur Cocoa since he doesn't like the stroller.

I just wanted to let every kitty know that I've been taking my meds like a big boy. of course I don't like it but I don't give mom a hard time or anything. I am still sneezing here and there (not as much) and I still have several more days with taking the Clavamox. By the way, I'm staring to get big... well, big fur a baby baby!

Sending a warm thank you to the following kitties fur their thoughtful Get well rosettes: Sampson & Fam (paw power), Boogers & Fam (shrimpie) & Reena & Fam (grape medicine drinkie). Mom can't believe that May is already gone and June is now here... How time flies!

Kitten Purrrrs!


Latest Update On How I'm Feeling!

May 29th 2009 12:21 pm
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Well, it's been several days now since I've been taking Clavamox. I must meow that my hacking has nearly stopped but I'm now sneezing. It surely makes sense now that the hacking must have been the beginning of a kitty cold. I'm to continue taking my antibiotic and in 5 days (since my visit with Dr. Wray), I'm to call the vet and give them an update on my recovery progress. The good thing is that I'm not hacking as much but the bad is that I am sneezing. Geeeezzz... can't a little guy like me get a break *giggles* I know that I'm in great hands with my pawsome meowmy taking care of me and I'm getting extra lovies from daddy. too. My appetite has always been great and my energy level is higher than the sky. You would never know that I'm sick by the way I act but meowmy knew something wasn't right when the hacking came back a few days after it stopped. Mom is purry proud that I've been so good with taking the Clavamox twice daily and guess what... I even enjoy dressing up like my siblings. Mom is starting me early which I don't mind at all. If you take a look at my recent photos, the Build A Bear shirt was a bit large but with time, I will fit into it purr-fectly.

Happy weekend to every kitty and thanks again fur keeping me in your purrrrs. Sending a big catgrats out to Cassidy and to Chelsea Louise fur their Diary honors today.

I would also like to send a warm thank you to the following kitties fur their Get Well rosies, today: Mercy & Family (steak) and Montoya & Fam (tulips). Glad to hear that Montoya's little paw is also doing much better.

Kitten Purrrrs!


I Had A Vet Appointment This Evening!

May 26th 2009 9:33 pm
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Tonight at 6:30, mom brought me in to be examined by Dr. Wray. I was making a weird hacking noise shortly after having my neutering surgery on May 15th. At first, she thought it was from the tube in which they inserted as my surgeon as well as Dr. Wray explained that it could irritate the throat. The hacking was briefly off and on right after my surgery and after my visit with Dr. Wray but this time, it sounded and looked as though I was trying to cough up a hairball since I do have long fur and I'm constantly cleaning. Then it stopped and a returned again this morning. Mom then called the Vet to bring me in fur a check up. The girl was able to squeeze me in with Dr. Wray even though he was booked up fur the evening. I have never once had a decrease in appetite and I swallow food & water normally. My pooo pooo's are also normal and I'm purrry active with my siblings and toys. This isn't to mention how much I purrrr all the time. Well, when arrived, the girls wanted to see me so mom took me out of the carrier and there I was, snuggling in their arms. Then after several minutes of lovies, I was handed back to mom where I was so relaxed and content laying in her arms, purrrring away until my exam. Then came that time fur my and guess what??? I gained another 5 ounces! I was 2 pounds when I was neutered on May 15th and then a week later when examined by Dr. Wray on May 20th, I weighed in at 2.4 and now another week later, I'm whopping 2.9 pounds! It looks like I'm catching up to my siblings... well, not quite yet but it's a start *giggles* Dr. Wray examined me, listen to my lungs, heart, stomach and even checked several times down my throat and felt all around and listened with the stethoscope and there was no indication of having any fluids in my lung area. He did say that I may be on the way to getting an Upper Respiratory Infection or it could just be my new environment and the changes to my system. When I swallow immediately after having the hacking attack, it feels as though there's a lump (like with a sore throat) so he gave me Clavamox (0.3 cc 2x daily fur 10 days) just to be on the safe side. I hate the taste of that horrible antibiotic but mom insists that I must take it in order to feel better. Mom & dad will be keeping an close eye on my hacking and hopefully after a few days of this Clavamox, I'll begin to show improvement. Other than that, Dr. Wray said that I look purrry healthy and he's happy to see that I'm eating well, active and gaining. Mom did explain that I eat all day long and even invade the big boy's food. Hey, I'm what can I say... I'm a growing baby.

Sending a warm thanks to my dear and special furiends, PorkChop & Family fur the power of the paw rosette and fur thinking of me. Now I think I'll try and take a long nap before having to taste that ikkky stuff again, tomorrow morning. Night Nights!



I Received Welcome Home Pressies From My Auntie Sam &- Family!

May 22nd 2009 3:57 pm
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Today, meowmy returned all of the Nutro Max Kitten (dry) and Natural Choice (canned) cat foods in result of the recent recall scare. The Mat Cat kitten (dry) and the Natural Choice (canned) are NOT on the recall list but mom didn't feel comfortable with any of the Nutro products at this point so she decided to replace it with more Proplan kitten (canned) and Iams kitten (dry). Although Nutro has voluntarily recalled some of their food, mom will not be using Nutro again. Purina cat foods have never been recalled, therefore, she will continue using that brand as she has fur years.

This afternoon, I also got a pawsome pawkage from my auntie Sam & Family (*BOOGERS*). Enclosed was a pawkage of Friskies Party Mix crunchies (original crunch flavor), Kitty Hoots "Kitten Little" catnip toy and really neat Petstages Cozy Calming Mat which can also be microwaved fur warmth. This was so sweet and thoughtful of Auntie Sam and I thank her from the bottom of my little heart *blows kisses* Love you auntie & family!

Other than that, I'm having a wonderful time in my ne home and I sleep right between meowmy and daddy every night. the other day when daddy was BBQ'ing Spareribs, I tried to steal a big piece which was bigger than i but mom didn't let me get away with it so she returned the ribs back to daddy. That didn't seem purrry fair, but she explained that I must eat my kitten food instead. Why can't they make kitten food that taste like Spareribs?!?! Actually, daddy is planning on BBQ'ing chicken breast, Hot Dogs and corn so maybe... just maybe I'll get some chicken but first, I think that I'll put on those adorable innocent kitten eyes.

Unfortunately, meowmy has to work Saturday and Sunday but she is off on Monday. Wishing all of you and your families have a happy & safe Memorial Day. Sending a warm thanks to Bonnie & Snickey fur the fun kite and to Isis & Fam fur the little mousie!


Kitten Purrrrs!


My First Vet Visit With Dr Wray!

May 20th 2009 9:09 pm
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Today, mom had to work and when she came home, there was a message from our Vet letting her know that since there was a cancellation, she could bring me in at 6:30 pm instead of 7:30 pm. About about an hour before heading to the Vet's, meowmy fed me the Natural Choice canned kitten food and wow did I love that. I ate almost 1/2 a can in one sitting *giggles* Well, the time arrived when we had to leave, which was about 20 minutes before my scheduled time. Actually, our Vet is only about 7 minutes away. Mom put me in the comfy large Sherpa carrier and off we went to see Dr. Wray. As soon as I arrived, the girls were aaahhhhing over me through the carrier. Unfortunately, there were about 6 dogs barking and carrying on so so mom gave a concerned look while holding my carrier close. The one girl decided to put us into the examining room early since mom was concerned about the barking upsetting me. After all, I'm just a little baby and the last thing we need is fur me to be upset and scared in an unknown environment. My new home is so peaceful, quiet and serene and we're not use to loud barking, screaming or stuff like that. As soon as the dogs were gone (about 5 minutes later), thank the cats, the girl came back into the room and brought me over to be weighed and then to meet the rest of the staff. They feel in love with me and each one held me and was just giving me tons of pets and lovies. I weighed in at 2.4 pounds so that means I've gained 4 ounces since last Friday which I was only 2 pounds then! Then it was time to go back into the room again...

Dr. Wray arrived shortly after and gave a big smile, telling meowmy how cute I was. Mom then handed me to Doc and there I was, purrrrrring up a storm. The Vet Tech was rubbing my belly while Doc was going over my papers from the Shelter and the other Vet Hospital. He then listened to my heart, felt my body, checked my ears and of course examined where I was neutered *blush* Dr. Wray did say that I'm about 8-1/2 weeks of age. I did purrry well and just love Doc and the entire staff. I didn't even cry on the way home, but since I was a little stressed with everything, I kinda made a little poo poo in the carrier but it was no big deal. When we got home, the first thing mom did was to check and make sure that I was clean from paw to paw and you know where else! She then proceeded to clean the carrier and machine wash the blankie and fleece insert.

I'm a bit exhausted now so I think I'll take a long kitty nap fur several hours, if not throughout the entire evening... A baby could only handle so much in one day. By the way, check out my new photos with Dr. Wray! Sending a warm thanks to the following kitties fur their sweet rosettes: Hondo & Fam (shrimpie) & Margo (blue birdie).

Mom does have a bit of a headache right now so she'll be laying down shortly. She thinks that it may be a result of her meanie sinuses acting up again *hisses at sinuses* Night



Tomorrow Is My First Vet Visit With Dr Wray!

May 19th 2009 10:58 am
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Tomorrow evening at 7:12 am, I will be seeing Dr Wray and I can't wait. When i was neutered at the vet Hospital which the Shelter took me to, I was examined before surgery as well as afterwards and they told meowmy that I was doing well. I had my shots as well as being dewormed. Mom just wants to take me to her Vet to have me checked out again, especially after surgery. Any kitty that is adopted from the Shelter or even from a Breeder should always be taken to the family Veterinarian fur an exam and to have a new file written up.

Well, I must meow that I'm doing purrry well and I really enjoy my new and wonderful family. I get good food, lots of brothers to play with and lots and lots of love from my pawrents. I'm using the Scratching Post and I'm super with the kitty box as well. Actually, meowmy has never had kitty box issues with any of the boys. She scoops many times daily and keeps it super clean and sanitized. I do have to say that I've made myself at home immediately after arriving because I knew in my heart that this would be my furever home and I couldn't ask fur a better family. I didn't know angel Kashmere but I was told that she was such a sweet little girl had something to do with sending me to my new family. I just want to thank her fur watching over me and fur making sure that I found a family who will love and care fur me each and everyday *blows kisses*



The First Full Day In My Furever Home!

May 16th 2009 4:22 pm
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Well... this is my first full day home and I can't even begin to meow how much fun I'm having. I slept with meowmy and daddy all night and I was so good with using the kitty box. She is now in the process of showing me how to use the Scratching Posts. No, I have not been scratching the furniture or anything, it's just that mom likes to start us off early with good habits. I even get a small portion of baby food after wards *chases little tail* So far, my favorite toys are the Kitty Triangle and the Track Ball which i could play with all day long...

Well, I did meet my siblings and they were all so gigantic compared to little ole me. Jaspurr and Monte gave me a few hissies and growls but that was it. It will take a few days fur them to become acclimated with a new member of the family and after all, I'm sure they're a little jealous. Believe it or not, I'll hissie right back and then run away *giggles* I am always purrring, giving baby head nudges and of course, snuggling. The other thing I love to do is give as mom calls it "mashed potatoes (kneading)." Last night, I was doing this with the Vet and the staff members and they call it "happy feet" and actually, it is part of being happy!

I have found that Cannoli is becoming my bestest furiend because he takes the time to play the track ball gave with me. Snowmitts follows me around as though he's my bodyguard and wow, what a big bodyguard he is! I have made myself right at home and I feel so content and purry secure. I run up to meowmy and daddy and start purrrrring like a purr machine and then I insist to be picked. I never thought that i could feel so loved like I do with my new family. This was meant to be and mom says over and over that Kashmere sent me to my new home and I believe it. She would also be so happy that I was adopted from the same Shelter that she was. Remember, she's an Angel and angel's have some purrry special powers. Thank you Angel Kashmere fur helping to guide me in the right direction.

Mom stopped by Petsmart today and got so much food. She stocked up on my Proplan kitten (can), Natural Choice kitten (canned/dry), Blue Buffalo (canned) and Max Cat kitten (canned/dry) and she also stocked up on cases and cases of food fur my siblings (canned & dry). We do have four-40 lb tubs of the Fresh Step kitty litter which mom always has extra tubs of that since she scoops many times daily and replace with clean litter as well as sanitizes the litter boxes weekly. It takes a lot of work and time caring fur household like ours but mom enjoys every moment of it because in exchange, we give her so much love and joy . Of course, she also does the same fur us... Oh, the Vet called today to check how I was doing and the girl expressed again how much everyone loved me at the hospital. She called me a "love bug!"

I would like to take this moment to thank the following kitties fur their lovely welcome home gifties & rosies today: Nikko & Scooter (star), Mathis de Meowler & Fam (rainbow star), Boris & Fam (planet), Andre' & Fam (planet), Reena & Fam (diamond), Chloe & Fam (diamond), Toffy & Vanessa (mousie), Wanda & Fam (heart), Emma Kitty & Fam (heart). Also, thanks fur all of your thoughtful and sweet comments. Now I think it's time fur a loooooong kitten nap.



I'm The New Baby Of The Family!

May 15th 2009 7:54 am
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Hello there! My name is Truffles and I'm approximately 8 weeks of age. My new meowmy & daddy officially adopted me on May 14th and I'll be coming home to my furever family at 5:50 this evening (after being neutered). My siblings and I were brought into the Shelter on the morning of May 13th by a girl who couldn't keep us. Mom received a phone call on her cell phone that day while getting ready to leave work and the message said that there were 3 kittens which they wanted her to take a look at. Mom was so excited and couldn't wait to call daddy to tell him about the wonderful news. When my pawrents arrived, there was another girl who took my pawrents to the cat/kitten area in the back and soon as mom saw me, it was love at first sight and that's when she told the adoption lady in the office area that she wanted to adopt me. They were so happy that I was going home to such a wonderful family, finally. Mom had no idea if I was a little boy or girl and it didn't matter because as soon as she met me, she knew that I was the one... Then the same girl took my pawrents into a special private room where we bonded. At first I was purrry nervous and scared but after they held me and showed me what love was all about. I then began to feel better, knowing that I really did have a nice meowmy and daddy. The following day which was also my official Adoption date (yesterday), my pawrents waited in the waiting area while I was being tested fur Feline Leukemia/AIDS and I'm negative. Then they brought me out to spend more time with my new meowmy and daddy so there I went, back into the bonding room. Mom even had this funny looking thingie that she calls a camera. I guess I'm still too little to understand what certain things are and what they do *giggles* After their visit was over, the Shelter then proceeded to set up the neutering appointment with the Vet Hospital (not far from the Shelter) while mom and dad suigned final paper work. Mom filled out the Adoption application on Friday of last week and she got the acceptance call on Monday morning. She was also looking at some of the Shelters on Petfinder but nothing came about, although she knew that when the right kitty did come along and captured her heart, he/she would then become her new baby... That's me!

Today I'm being neutered and my pawrents will be picking me up from the hospital this evening. I will also be meeting my new Vet, Dr Wray early next week fur a checkup and to start a new record on me. I do know that mom wanted a special Birthday pressie which her Birthday is today and she chose me to be her special gift "In Loving Memory Of Kashmere." A few weeks ago, daddy asked mom what she wanted fur her Birthday and her reply was "I would like to adopt a Shelter kitty and give them a loving home." I didn't know Kashmere but I heard that she was a terrific little girl and how much love and joy that she brought to my family. I also came from the same Shelter as Kashmere so therefore, mom believes that Kashy had something to do with my coming into this pawsome and loving family. Meowmy does have to work today while daddy will be home with my soon to be siblings but thankfully, she'll be off fur the entire weekend, celebrating her Birthday, daddy's Birthday and most importantly, my arrival! I have head so much about all of the wonderful kitties on Catster and I can't wait to be furiends with you. Mom has also filled me in about my pawsome auntie Patti and she'll be coming over and meet me sometime soon.

Sending a warm thank you fur all of your kind p-mails and to the following kitties fur their lovely welcome home gifties & rosies and fur thinking of meowmy on her Birthday: My family (emerald), Karisma & Fam (diamond), Chai Latte (gold star), Bubby & Fam (flower bouquet), Margo (b-day balloons), Sampson & Fam (diamond), Hondo & Fam (earth), Murray & Fam (diamond), Fluffy & Alex (emerald), Angel Amelia (diamond), Shadow & Fam (gold star), Newman & Fam (lips), KC & Fam (heart), Murphy & Fam (kite), Sky & Fam (lips), The Manxsters (cross), Morgan The PirateGato (black cat), Sammie & Fam (bluebird), Sully & Pansy (lips).

****UPDATE 8:45 pm**** Truffles arrived to our home at about 6:30 pm and is doing great. His surgery went well and he also got an exam before leaving the office. The entire Staff was fussing over how adorable he is and what a sweet and friendly kitten. The doctor also said that he was doing lots of "happy feet" and purrring which happy feet means "kneading." As I call doing "mashed potatoes." I want to thank everyone for giving Truffles such a warm welcome home and as soon as I get a chance, I'll be sure to have baby & Biscotti thank each and everyone of you, personally. I'm so behind right now between Truffles homecoming and Biscotti's DDP. Thank you again for being such wonderful friends and always know how much you mean to me... Thanks again to all of you for your thoughtful Birthday gifties & rosettes :)


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