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I Had A Doctor's Appointment This Morning!

August 28th 2009 5:28 pm
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This morning at 9:25 am, meowmy took me to the vet because I have a meanie raw boo boo underneath my chin area. Mom noticed that there was a raw spot underneath my chin so she took me to see Dr Greco. Dr Wray was not available today so that's why Doc Greco took care of me. He's actually the the same vet who attended to Jaspurr when he had his Urinary Infection some time back... Well, during my travel to the vet, I was so good and didn't make a sound. As soon as I arrived, it was a different story. I wasn't too happy to be there. While in the examining room, I was purrrring a rubbing against meowmy. Doc took a look at me and he explained that I was the one who created the boo boo. I must have scratched my under chin with my back feet to the point that I made it feel uncomfortable and continued scratching until I made myself raw. I'm going to be just fine and Dr Greco put me on Animax Cream every 12 hours fur 3-7 days. He did say that it could take up to 4-6 weeks before it's totally healed. Dr Greco's kitty cat had the same problem and he said that the most important thing is that I don't scratch the area. Unfortunately, mom had to work this afternoon so daddy stayed home while keeping a close eye on me, making sure that I didn't continue scratching the boo boo. Thankfully, there are no signs of infection but Doc did say that it is uncomfortable fur me.

Guess what??? I now weigh in at whopping 6.3 pounds. When I last saw the vet at 8 weeks of age (in May), I weighed in at 2.9. That's a good weight gain within 3 months. Looks like I may be a big boy afterall *giggles*

I would like to thank PorkChop & family fur the Get Well paw and fur thinking of me...



Happy 2nd Birthday To Our Bro Biscotti And To Tiskers &- Mittens!

August 25th 2009 10:20 pm
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On August 26th (Wednesday) we will be celebrating our brother,*BISCOTTI'S* 2nd Birthday along with Biscotti''s litter mates, *TISKERS* & *MITTENS* Can you believe that they're already 2 years old. I was told that they have grown into such handsome boys and we're all so proud of them. Of course, I didn't know Biscotti all that long, but I'm happy that he's my big brother!

Unfortunately, our meowmy has to work on their Birthday but please do feel free to help them celebrate by joining us at their ALL day pawty. Snowmitts has already started everything and would love fur all of you to join us. We'll be stopping back in the morning and then again when mom gets back home from work.

Thanks again fur sharing this special day with 3 special boys... Biscotti, Tiskers & Mittens. Happy Birthday and many more beautiful celebrations to come. Please continue to keep Tiskers in your purrrs and purrayers and may he have many more Birthday's to celebrate...




Our Dear Friend, Sammie Is Now An Angel!

August 22nd 2009 12:45 pm
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We have just received the sad news that our dear and special friend, *SAMMIE* had made his journey into Heaven yesterday afternoon. My meowmy is crying as she's helping us to write our diaries. Sammie was my sibling's purry first friends here on Catsterland and has always been there fur all of us whether is was in celebration or sorrow. Sammie's beautiful family loved him so much just as all of us and he will be sadly missed. It is never easy to say good bye but we believe in our hearts that one day, we'll all meet again. Sammie may not be with us here on Earth but he will live on in our hearts, spirit and memories. We would greatly appreciate it if you would so kindly stop Sammie's page to send his family your love and support during this sad and difficult time. We love you Sammie and you will always and furever be our special furiend *wipes eyes*

UPDATE: 8/23/09-- We have just received the devastating news that our dear furiends, Mercy & Family's doggie, Cosmo made his journey into Heaven yesterday. Mercy and Family were also my family's first furiends on Catster since we joined. Mom is in tears as once again, as a special furiend has made his journey and he too will live in our hearts and memories furever... Our thoughts purrrs & purrayers are with Cosmo's family and Sammie family during this sad time and if they need anything, we're here fur them. Please know that Picasso & Kashmere were there to greet Cosmo and to welcome him into his new and peaceful home. I am so so sorry to have to share this sad news. It would mean a lot to us if you would so kindly stop by to send your love, purrrs & purrayers to Cosmo and his family as well. Thank You!


Sad Purrrrs!


Our Pawrents Spent The Weekend With Auntie Sam, Unkie Dan &- Kitties!

July 26th 2009 2:40 pm
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Yesterday morning at about 8:30 am, meowmy and daddy drove to Virginia to spent Saturday into Sunday morning with auntie Sam & unkie Dan (*BOOGERS' FAMILY*). When they arrived, unkie was waiting outside in the parking lot to put the guest parking ticket in the car. They then proceeded upstairs and as soon as they walked in the door, mom was so excited to see auntie standing there. Mom had a pawkage of goodies as well as homemade lemon iced tea which she made fur auntie & unkie. Mom gave the boys a soft comfy blue kitty bed, pawkage of Pounce treats, play ball, pink/purple speedy toy snail. She also gave auntie a large Cinnamon Yankee Candle and a pink Family Photo Album. Auntie then gave mom some pawsome gifties to take home. She received a pack of nice Fresh Scents (Vanilla) sachets, Flexible Chopping Mats (set of 2), which mom could always use and last but not least, things fur us kitties. We received Friskies Party Mix treats, large Kitty Kaviar, Flex-A-Lids fur our food, large can of Solid Gold kitty food and a pawkage of Pet Greens organic grass to grow inside. We also got a Petmate water dispenser since Mittens is always spilling it over *giggles* We do have one here at home but now we'll have two. Everyone then decided to go to lunch at a pawsome place called San Vitos followed by delicious ice cream at Maggie Moos. Unkie was purrry sweet and treated to lunch and ice cream. They then went back to auntie's to relax and play on the laptops. Mom and dad just adore all of their kitties. The first thing that mom did when she saw Tiskers was give him a big kiss right on the smackers. He is also so good with taking his medication. While meowmy and auntie were playing on the computers, daddy and unkie were watching UFC on TV. Later in the evening, daddy took everyone out to dinner at The Legal Seafood Company fur a delicious dinner. After wards, they went back to aunties, played a little more on the computer which Pet Society was doing maintenance on mom's page and then off to bed. This morning before leaving, unkie made freshly brewed Dunkin' Donuts coffee fur mom and auntie served yummmy morning Danish Twist fur everyone. Mom drove part of the way home but then she got nervous with the Bridge and Tunnel so dad took over. Dad was hoping to relax on the way back home but that wasn't happening. They stopped fur breakfast shortly after arriving in Maryland and then dad took over the wheel *giggles* Mom always seems to get out of driving long distances which was the same case when they drove to Florida. She didn't do any driving up or back. Silly mom.

My pawrents had a wonderful visit with auntie and unkie this past weekend and are looking forward to their visit in the near future. Mom and dad were talking on the way home about the fun time they had and how adorable the kitties are. Thanks again fur making my pawrents visit so pawsome. Mom and auntie got so involved with everything else that they furgot all about taking pictures. Since they weren't fixed up in the morning, they decided to pass on photos and will take them when auntie visits us. Mom did get a quick photo of Tiskers with his daddy. They others wanted nothing to do with the camera. As most of you may know, Tiskers is terminally ill with HCM (heart disease), which is the same disease that took our beloved Picasso from us. Please keep Tiskers in your purrayers. Meowmy and daddy can't get over how much Tiskers looks like our Snowmitts. As a matter of fact, Boogers, Hondo, Fido (from what we had seen of him since he was hiding most of the time), Tiskers, Mittens & PorkChop are all gorgeous and so sweet. By the way, don't tell Boogers this but mom said that he looks and feels like a cow! Oh no, does that mean diet time? Mittens is no light weight either *giggles* Mom will furever cherish her visit with auntie, unkie and kitties. Oh, I furgot to mention that mom also trimmed the fur on Tiskers and PorkChop's bums. This will help keep them neat since they do have long fur and at times could be messy after using the kitty box. Mom is always keeping my Ragdoll sibling's bums trimmed and now auntie knows how to do the trimmings as well. Auntie wasn't sure how far in to trim so mom was happy to show her.



Our Pawrents Will Be Visiting Auntie Sam This Coming- Saturday!

July 19th 2009 10:34 am
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Our pawrents are so excited because this coming Saturday, they will be visiting with auntie Sam, unkie Dan and kitties (Boogers' family). Mom's vacation starts next Sunday but she is taking a purrsonal day on Saturday to head fur the visit. The humans are planning on spending both Saturday and part of Sunday together, which will be so exciting and pawsome, especially since they have never been to aunties home yet. Saturday night they're going out going to dinner and the girls are planning on having Chocolate Martini's. Yummmy, doesn't that sound delicious *giggles* Mom is also making auntie and unkie homemade Sun Tea since auntie has never had that before... As most of you know, Tiskers was diagnosed with HCM not too long ago and this will make their visit even more special. Mom can't wait to give all of those handsome kitties big huggies and kisses. Our pawrents are planning to leave early so that everyone could spend the entire day together.

Other than that, nothing much has been going on. Daddy came home from Norfolk Virginia on Friday (business), which he was originally suppose to come home today. That was a nice surprise fur all of us as we're always happy to see daddy. Guess what??? He even brought us home a cool Tye-Dye shirt and it reads "Virginia Beach" on the front which of course, mom reversed it so that the lettering was on our back when it was time to pose. As fur me... well, I've concluded either the shirt is too big or I'm just too little *giggles* I think that I need to grow into this one!

I hope that every kitty is having a pawsome summer and please stay safe and cool. It has been purrry hot here in Southern NJ so that means no strolling fur us guys until the weather is a bit more comfy.



Holy Kittens... I'm Today's DDP!

July 5th 2009 9:05 am
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*chases tail* wow, this is my purrry first Diary pick and I'm so excited. yesterday, meowmy and daddy went to his sister fur a Holiday pawty but then meowmy left early because she wanted to stay with us, knowing that there would be boom booms caused by the fireworks. Actually, they weren't too bad. Just a few booms here and there and I stayed close to mom while we watched Lifetime together. Daddy arrived home about 2 hours after mom. Other than that excitement, nothing much is going on. Both mom & dad are off today so I think that we may be going strolling, providing the weather is comfortable. Dad has to leave ion a few days fur Virginia (work) and of course, we'll all miss him. Daddy does have a photos of each of us in his wallet, as well as on the cell phone so it's almost like we're going with him, well, not quite. Happy Sunday to everyone...

I would like to meow thanks to Catster fur choosing me to be today's DDP as well as to those who sent me catgrats in p-mails. I;m especially sending the following kitties a warm thanks fur their thoughtful rosettes: My Family (steak), Hondo & Fam (watermelon) Karisma & Fam (flag), Samoa & Fam (beach ball), Chai Latte & Fam (beach ball), Sammie & Fam (flag), Mikey & Fam (beach ball), Pixie & Fam (grape drink), Belle & Fam (beach ball), Sully & Pansy (lemonade), Cleopatra Grace & Fam (grape drink), Cara & Fam (grape drink).



Happy 1st Birthday To Our Bro, Cannoli

July 1st 2009 12:05 am
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It is now July 1st here on the East Coast and our little brother, *CANNOLI* is celebrating his 1st Birthday. He has grown into such a handsome dude and I would like to wish him the bestest Birthday. His daddy, Monte Carlo has already started his Birthday Pawty Thread which the theme is Pooh, of course and Monte did a pawsome job. It seems like we all like like Pooh, although Kashmere liked her Hello Kitty and Picasso loved his mousies. Oh, just in case you haven't yet been to the pawty, Pooh is stopping by and so is Angel Kashmere and Angel Picasso. I think it's wonderful how they help us celebrate from the Bridge whenever there is an occasion. Picasso and Kashmere may not be with us here on earth anymore but they will live on through our hearts and memories *wipes eyes* I didn't know either Kashmere nor Picasso but I do know that they were purrry special to all of us who knew them.

I think that mom is planning on sleeping in a little later than usual tomorrow since she's off. Tonight her allergies are bothering her which is resulting in burning and teary eyes, not to mention a slight headache coming on. Poor meowmy! Please feel free to stop by Cannoli's pawrty which will be ALL day long. there's plenty of food and fun fur every kitty of all ages. On behalf of my family and me, we would like to wish all of you a Happy and Safe 4th of July celebration this coming Saturday.

We would also like to wish Cannoli's sister, Karisma a purrrry Happy Birthday today and many more beautiful Birthday's to come.




Happy 1st Birthday To PorkChop!

June 25th 2009 10:12 pm
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We are so excited to be celebrating *PORKCHOP'S* 1st Birthday on June 26th (Friday). As most of you may know, PorkChop is also the half brother of our brothers, beloved Picasso and Cannoli and the son of their daddy, Monte Carlo who is now our brother.

Please be sure to stop by to wish PorkChop a wonderful 1st Birthday and there will also be an ALL Day pawty which Monte has already started. The theme that PorkChop chose was a Lamb. Happy Birthday sweet PorkChop and many more beautiful celebrations to come...


Please continue to keep PorkChop's brother, Tiskers and his beautiful family in your thoughts and purrayers during his illness with Cardiomyopathy.



Happy Dad's Day To Our Daddy!

June 20th 2009 10:04 am
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Tomorrow is Daddy's Day and it's a special day because it's all about celebrating the wonderful daddy's that we share... We have a pawsome dad who is always there fur us and shows us so much love. Mom is planning on taking daddy out to breakfast and we even saved our mousies up in hopes that we could trade those in fur a breakfast credit *giggles* I don't think that will work but we surely did try. Mom also took tomorrow off so that we can all spend it together to help daddy celebrate HIS special day...

We would also like to wish every daddy a wonderful day tomorrow and don't furget to spoil him like we plan to do with ours... After all, daddy's are a purrry important part of our lives. When dad gets up early in the morning at approx 5:00 am (mom is still asleep), he feeds us our breakfast and makes sure that we're all doing well before leaving fur work, including his off days. When mom isn't feeling well, he'll scoop the kitty boxes and take care of us as well as check on mom to see how she's doing. There are times when she just wants to be left alone if feeling under the weather, especially when she has a bad migraine which is understandable. We always get lots of lovies, treats and attention and that's what makes our daddy so loved and special. As you could see in our photos, daddy is purrry proud of us just as we are of him!

Sending a big catgrats to our brother, Biscotti fur being chosen today's Catster Daily Diary Pick!




Happy 4th Birthday To Our Brother, Monte!

June 15th 2009 1:35 pm
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Today is a purrry important day because it's our brother, *MONTE'S* 4th Birthday. We were blessed with his arrival on December 10th, 2008 after the passing of our brother, Picasso (Monte's son). He is such a pawsome brother and we would like to thank the Ragdolls' breeder, Lisa fur giving him to us. Monte was adopted by our family In Loving Memory of his son, Picasso. I didn't know Picasso but I have heard such wonderful things about him... His daddy looks just like him, too!

Happy 4th Birthday Monte and many more wonderful Birthday's to come. We are so happy that you are a part of our family. Also, we would like to send a warm thank you to our dear auntie Sam (Boogers' & Fam) fur the lovely thank you cards which we received today. We are keeping sweet little Tiskers (Mittens, Snowmitts' & Biscotti's bro) in our thoughts and purrrrrs!

Please feel free to stop Monte's Birthday pawty and enjoy the fun and mousies! Thank you PorkChop fur making Monte's day even more special...

Sending a warm thank you to my furiends, Moses & Family fur the delicious numm nummm giftie *blows kitten kisses*



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