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Oh Noes, A Heart - Oh My Stars!

March 25th 2011 6:59 pm
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My Dad noticed a month ago the orange heart to the side of my nose!

He has seen this on other Catster kitties, like Francis who has an orange heart on his back. Some kitties have their orange heart on their side. But my Dad never saw mine till a month ago!

It took him almost two years to see it, when I knew it was there all the time - was I not bewitching enough for him to see it?

Well, meow!

Love Tyson xo


Is This a Royal Flush?

January 30th 2011 10:19 pm
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Oh my what did I do?

I was on the chair beside the toilet yesterday and Dad was brushing his teeth.

I was so glad to be watching him like I always do and I was rubbing my face on everything including the plastic handle on the toilet.

By doing that, it flushed the toilet! What was happening? What was that?

I ran away!

What was that noise?

Love Tyson xo


Christmas Comes and Goes So Quickly

January 25th 2011 5:07 pm
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Well, we're all in the spirit of Valentine's Day by now so it was time to take down my Santa Claus Christmas Photo.

Where does the time go?

I'm growing up quickly too; becoming a bigger boy, a bit longer than I used to be! I'll be three years old in a few months! Time is flying.

I love dry Whiskas Seafood and even Science Diet Light dry food. A growing boy has got to eat!

Love Tyson xo


Puff The Purring Kitty

September 25th 2010 9:52 pm
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I would like to talk about a nice kitty I've known for a little while named Puff.

He is 15 years old but is close to renal failure and has a thyroid condition that Puff's Vet is watching and treating.

Puff joined Catster this past July 25 and has only 37 friends.

It's hard to get furriends if you are not Diary Pick, or Cat of the Day or Cat of the Week, but new kitties on Catster like we once were, find it hard to get into the routine at Catster, such as if you comment on a diary or photo, then that kitty will likely come and comment on yours. And kitties can send pawmails to congratulate the Diary Pick of the Day, if they cannot afford zealy gifties.

It takes new kitties awhile to learn all that. The new kitties can send friendship requests to other kitties but maybe they have not found out how to do that yet. Also the pawrents of the kitties might be quite busy, and can only visit Catster rarely.

We were drawn to Puff because he reminds us a bit of our Felix. And we want to be sure Puff is doing well.

We were hoping other Catster kitties might visit his page and see how nice he is being such a new kitty on Catster. And invite him to be friends.

Another Catster kitty, Freckles, and our family are the only ones who have visited Puff's page and left comments. Freckles recently had surgery and is doing very well now, being 17 years old! Very good for Freckles! But Freckles might be still recovering and too busy right now to go visiting kitty's pages.

Is there a Catster Get Well list where we can list kitties like Puff, who are new, but need prayers and purrs from us and by going to this list, the rest of us can send get well wishes to these nice kitties? is the page of purring, magical Puff.

Thanks to all kitties here at Catster!

Love Tyson xo


Catster Plus!

September 18th 2010 7:16 pm
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We received an anonymous gift of a one year subscription to Catster Plus on Aug. 12/10! Isn’t that Meow-velous?

OK which of you kind kitties did this for us??

No one’s meowing anything…..

Alright, is this a publicity stunt by Catster? Nahhhh – it couldn’t be. Could it?

One of you sent it to us. Didn’t you????

Now we have different features to use! It makes me wonder, if I move one of my photos which has a comment on it, to a different spot on my page, does the comment move with the picture?

Thank You… “kitty” ……for this Anonymous Gift!

Tyson, xo


Fishing With Francis!

July 16th 2010 2:59 pm
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My nice new friend, and look-alike, Francis, made me a lovely photo showing me getting ready to go fishing so I posted it on my page! Francis is going fishing too; look and see him here:

Isn't he wonderful to make this photo for me; I never had one made like this before and it's greatly decorated with all kinds of fishing accessories. THANKS Francis!

I also added to my page a photo of how I wait patiently, so I can play the piano. And another picture of me trying to tell my sister Elsa another one of my hilarious jokes. She's quite bored with them now, and she looks like she is too!

Thanks again Francis! I hope you catch a salmon because it will make a delicious cat food flavour!

Love Tyson


Scooping Cat Litter

July 7th 2010 7:04 am
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I did a silly thing. Or my Dad thought so!

He brought in a new large, heavy bag of cat litter. He opened it and left the bag standing upright, and he walked away to check on something else, somewhere.

Soon he heard a strange noise. It was me - scooping out the litter from this big bag of cat litter - all over the floor!!

He had to get the broom and sweep it all up! But, I'm glad he thought it was funny. He has a sense of humor!

He always says I'm a nice little boy.

I'm sure he's now thinking that I'm a nice "litter" boy!

Love, Tyson xo


Oh My Typing!

June 16th 2010 9:36 pm
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I really am 2 years old!
And I'm making too many typing mistakes in my diary, while I'm at Munchkin's birthday party. She is 4 today!

Some day I'll be that young, in the Future!

(why did I put 12 yr. "ago" in my diary? Too much pawtying!).

Love xo


Oh What's the Matter With Me!

June 16th 2010 9:19 pm
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I wrote last in my diary that I was 12!

I'm not 12 - I'm only 2 !

And I don't do cut & paste very well.....

I must be having too much fun at Munchkin's 4th Birthday Paw-ty:

Wish me luck - I'm gonna need it!

x o x o


Munchkin's Day!

June 16th 2010 8:39 pm
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Munchkin is 4 today (June 16)!!! What a sweet age. I remember being that young, 12 yr. ago! - Where has the time gone?

She is new to Catster so I don't think the meow (the word) has spread (cat-called) yet! She's finding it hard to get around in Catster. We can understand THAT!

Maybe kitties can say Hello to Munchkin - she's very pretty! Her poor little page looks so empty without hearts, or flowers. is Munchkin's Forever Home!


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