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Sometimes, I'm a bad boy...

January 4th 2010 11:17 am
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I can't help myself, but it's soooo hard to be good ALL the time.

Take this weekend, for example. I was bored. Very bored (because the Meowm decided to clean the house top to bottom, thus IGNORING me...)

And I kinda got busted for jumping on the stove...eeeeeek!

Meowm was not happy. At. All.

I also got busted because I kept going in the bathroom. Meowm is afraid I'm going to get into something I'm not supposed to get into. (I can climb into the sink, and she's certain that with one paw, I could open the medicine cabinet.)

Busted again!

She says she can't understand what my fascination is with the bathroom. I said I don't understand why I'm not allowed in there because it's the most fascinating place on EARTH.

First of all, I want to know how she manages to catch me right in the middle of being bad every single time I'm bad. She says she has eyes in the back of her head and in every room of the house. I'm really starting to believe her.

Second of all...this Crissimiss thing is over. I don't have to be good for another whole year. That Santa Paws dude ain't gonna remember all the way back to now.

And lastly...sometimes, a cat's just gotta be a cat, you know?

Ciao-meow for now.



Crissmiss Day

December 25th 2009 8:53 am
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Wow -- this really IS a magical day!

I woke Meowmmy up early, which is unusual for me. We both like to sleep in. But my big brofur Felix whispered to me from the Bridge that I should wake Meowm, then sit patiently under the Crissmiss tree.

Meowm made me eat breakfast first. She's really crazy about finishing my food. And then...she put my big velvet sock thingie under the tree and it smelled of the nip. Ahhhh...

I was so entranced by the scent, I just didn't know what to do first! But one by one, Meowm pulled out these thingies called presents -- and each one was wrapped in paper and CATNIP!

I was actually allowed to tear into these present thingies, and there were toys and treats wrapped in every single package. (And the nip was all over the carpet!)

Oh, I had so much fun that I didn't even care if Meowm took pictures of me!

Santa Paws brought me catnip fishies...and a cat dancer...and a little ball of yarn. (I'm only allowed to play with the yarn while Meowm is right there -- she thinks I'll eat it, and she said she ain't pullin' it out, if you know what I mean...) And a whole bunch of other stuffs...

Oh, he also got me fishie flakes...yummmm...delish! See, Santa Paws knows what I like to eat! Maybe Meowm should talk to him about nutrition!

AND, my fur-riends...the paw-iece de la resistance: A roll of toilet paper, all wrapped up -- with catnip embedded in the roll. Wow...Santa's elves must have worked really hard on that toy!

And I could not stop rolling around with my big white mouse in one paw and my fishies in the other. So much fun! I even get junk food for dinner tonight!

So I got everything on my list except for one live rat and one dead rat. Maybe next year, when I'm older, Santa Paws will bring me that.

Crissmiss sure is a nice thing. I'm just glad I'm not in that cold cage at the shleter anymore, and that I can see better now! That's the bestest thing about Crissmiss. And I think it makes Meowmmy happy, too.

To all of my fur-riends out there on Catster, I hope you have a wonderful Crissmiss, too.

Purrs...and HO HO HO to all!
PS I might even let her put the picutres up later. Silly Meowm ran the camera battery down, and it's charging! MOL!!!


Crissmiss Eve

December 24th 2009 6:24 pm
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It's almost time for me to go to bed. Santa Paws is coming tonight!

I had a nice Crissmiss Eve. Tonight, Meowmmy let me open the presents that she got me. (She said I have to wait for morning to open my Santa Paws presents because he's busy in Europe right now.)

Meowm got me the coolest toy! It's a flying ladybug. Really -- she flies, and I get to try to catch her. I've been playing with it all night. I even allowed Meowm to take some videos of me under the tree. I might even let her post them!

I also learned all about how Santa Paws breaks into your house. We watched this cartoon that explained how Santas elves drop into your living room through the fireplace. The elves come in first to make sure everything is ready, then set up Santa's landing gear on the roof.

They even have these weird iPods that can tell if you're really asleep or just pretending. (Why anyone would pretend to sleep and not just go for a nap is beyond me...but I guess that happens!)

Now, I understand all about how Santa Paws breaks in. I'm glad we watched it!

Right now, I have to go curl up next to Meowm, suck my thumb, then go to sleep...MEE-YAWWWWN...I wonder...m'yawn...what the Santa Paws dude will...meyawn...bring me...


Dear Santa...

December 22nd 2009 6:57 am
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Dear Santa Paws Dude,

My Meowmmy told me that if I write you a letter and tell you what a good boy I've been all year, you will break into our house and bring me toys this Thursday night.

I really have been a good boy all year. maybe I did destroy a few rolls of toilet paper, pull down the Roman shades three times and drink "dirty filthy water" out of one of Meowmmy's Halloween fog machines...but a kitten's just gotta be a kitten, you know?

I never fussed when Meowm gave me my eye drops. I was soooooo good at all of my vet appointments -- and there were many. I give my Meowmmy kisses EVERY time she comes home from work and just about EVERY night before we got to sleeps. (I always give kisses!) I don't claw the furniture. I didn't touch the Crissmiss Tree thingie. I come when I'm called. (OK -- maybe that's more of a skill than being good...) And I look like a little angel when I'm napping, which is most of the time.

And...OK, OK...sometimes I don't always finish my dinner. But Meowmmy and I had a conversation about that this morning. I think I kinda get what she's been saying about the starving deli cats around the corner. She said that I'm more fortunate than they are, so I should be thankful for that and eat everything in my bowl.

So...with all that said, can you please bring me:

*Whiskas junk food
*A pack of toilet paper
*Toy fishes -- they're fun to carry in my mouth
*Stuff with nip inside but none of those stupid pawbreakers
*Oh, and one dead rat and one live one. Purrrease.

Thanks, Santa! I hope I'm not sleeping when you break in on Thursday. I'll leave you a tuna sandwich and some catnip to hold you over until you get to the next house. (That would be my three Evil Cousins who live two doors down! They're MEAN!)

PS I really want that toilet paper, OK?


Too much to learn...

December 18th 2009 7:56 am
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My head is spinning with all the new stuff that Meowmmy's been teaching me about lately.

I thought that Crissmiss tree thingie would be a much bigger deal than it was. Eh -- it's a tree with Halloween lights on it. It's pretty. Sometimes I like to look at it. Now, let's play laser light!

This Santa Paws dude, though...I'm STILL confused! And the more I think about it, the more confused I get. If you leave tuna out for him, won't it spoil? And I still want to know why he has to break into your house? Can't Meowmmy just make him a key? And why does he leave your toys in a velvet sock? Can't he just wake you up and play?


And now...Meowmmy's talking about something called...snow? She said I'm really gonna enjoy watching it from my perch in the window. And she said we're getting this snow stuff this weekend.

I hope this snow stuff isn't as boring as the Crissmiss tree or as confusing as the Santa Paws dude. Gosh, this month is just full of surprises.

I'm tired of learning. I think it's time for a nap.




December 17th 2009 7:34 am
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Wow...I'm a little speechless right now. I'm a DDP today!

I just want to take this opportunity to ask everyone who might read this entry today to take the time and the effort to support your local shelters this pawliday season.

I know first-hand how expensive it is for shelters to care for not just healthy kitties, but also those of us who have health issues. I was very lucky to have a wonderful team of vets at my shelter looking out for me before Meowmmy adopted me.

So even if it's only a bag of food or five dollars, please give back.



This Crissmiss Thingie is a Wash

December 14th 2009 8:19 am
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Soooo...guess who did NOT have to go see the Santa Paws dude this weekend because Meowmmy thought it was too cold outside? Yep. The Coop.

I was pretty happy about that. I much preferred being inside and napping my Saturday away. Wow...that was nice.

And now Meowm's on to something else. She's trying to get pictures of me under the tree.

Guess what Meowm? I don't go UNDER the tree because SOME-MEOWM told me that I am NOT ALLOWED to go under the tree. Now you want pictures of me under the thing?

Anyone see a conspiracy here? Like she's out to get me somehow?

Meowm says she kinda trusts me now that I haven't destroyed either the Halloween or Christmas decorations. But I'm a Russian Blue. We're smart cats. And we obey. You can't just teach us, and then decide that we've been good, so you'll just un-teach us.

Besides, isn't this whole Santa Paws thing about being good?

I'm being quite philosophical for a Monday morning, aren't I?

Ciao-Meow for now,


Naughty AND Nice

December 9th 2009 8:35 am
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So Meowmmy said I picked a really good time to do the worstest thing I've ever done in my whole 14-month life so far...

Yep...she caught me on the toilet seat with my paws in the blue water last night!

I thought, "Oh, she'll never find out. This blue water will match my blue fur..." WRONG, Coopurr!

She caught me -- literally -- with my paws in the fishbowl.

Hey, it was HER fault because SHE forgot to put the seat down and fasten the toddler lock. Right?

Man, she scooped me up off that seat so fast that I didn't know what happened until she sat me down on the couch to clean off my paws.

Meowmmy also said that Santa Paws dude watches really closely this time of the year...and she said she's gonna have to tell him what I did when we go see him on Saturday!

I guess the mouser around the corner at the deli is gonna have a really nice Crissmiss with all of MY new toys...

*Paw suck*

I ain't gettin' nuthin' for Crissmiss...stupid toilet!

*Sniff, Sniff*


Meeting Santa Paws

December 8th 2009 1:21 pm
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I heard a rumor that the Meowm is taking me to meet this Santa Paws dude this weekend. She wants me to sit on his lap so that she can get a picture!!!!!!!!!!

I'm afraid of people I don't know! I'm scared! And what if I claw him accidentally? Does that mean he won't bring me my toys?

This sounds worse than the Halloween costume thing. This is just downright terrifying. And I have to leave the house to meet him!

Should I call the animal abuse hotline?

*Popping paw in mouth*
Ciao-Meow for Now...
*Sucks thumb*


Crissmiss Tag!

December 4th 2009 10:24 am
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Hi, Everyfur!!!

My buddy Michis tagged me in a game of Crissmiss tag! Oh, what fun!

Now, this is only my furst Crissmiss, so some of these traditions are new to me. So please forgive me if I'm a bit naive...

1. Do you believe in Santa Paws? Why? /Why not?!
Of course I believe in Santa Paws! We're going to leave Tuna and Nip for him on Crissmass Eve. That's when he breaks into your house and leaves you presents in a sock!

BTW, Meowmmy hung up my sock. It's pretty big! And it's got a gray kitty on it. And it smells vaguely of...catnip...?

2. Have you been naughty or nice? Please explain yourself!
Well, I guess I've been nice since Meowm always calls me her "good little boy." Meowmmy likes to joke that I've been bad, but she really knows that I'm just being a kitten still!

Sometimes I like to make Toilet Paper Art. And lately, I really love to chew on things...including Meowm's favorite red shoes...but really...I don't doing anything bad. Usually, Meowm only has to tell me "No" once, and we're good to go.

3. What would you like Santa Paws to bring you? Why?
I'm actually a pretty fortunate kitty to have been rescued from the shelter with all of my medical problems. I have lots of toys, a loving Meowm (even when she drives me crazy!) and a warm bed.

What I want for Christmas is that all of my friends from the shelter find furever homes just like I did.

4. What is your favorite Christmas Carol? Why?
Meowmmy and I like to listen to the Muppetts Christmas album

5. What is your favorite Christmas movie? Why?
I haven't seen many yet -- but Meowm tells me "A Christmas Story" is very good!

Post your answers and tag five other FUR-RIENDS!

I'm tagging:
Kally Kat
The Pharoah Loki

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