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I kissed a girl...and it wasn't Meowmmy!

January 25th 2010 9:23 am
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OK. So Aunt Bukkit came over yesterday. And I was scared. Not as scared as usual...but kinda freaked. BUT...I did not hide in the bunker the entire time like I usually do. I actually came out, and ran around a little bit. You know...running to get away from Aunt Buk and Meowmmy.

As always, though, Meowmmy wanted me to just sit for a while and get used Aunt Buk. So she held me on the couch in between them.

Aunt Bukkit loves kitties, too! It's starting to seem like ALL of Meowmmies friends really love animals. Or maybe I'm just too irresistable...

Anyway...I was getting the usual chin rubs and ear rubs from Aunt Bukkit...and the next thing you know...I kissed her!

Meowm poured another glass of wine and said we had a major breakthrough on my (anti)socialization! Do you know that I've never -- ever -- ever, ever, ever -- kissed anyone but Meowm???

Meowm's happy because I'm starting to SLOWWWWWLY come out of my shy shell. Aunt Bukkit's happy because she got a kiss.

And I"m happy because maybe everyone will just leave me alone for a couple of days!

CIao-meow for now,


Of wine and cheese...and company...

January 23rd 2010 11:46 am
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Yep. Gettin' more company tomorrow! My Aunt Bukkit is coming for dinner. (Yes, sharp readers, her nickname is "Bukkit" because of that silly Cheezburger site!)

So that at least reassures me that Auntie Buk does like cats. And Meowm reassures me that this is helping with my (anti)social skills. I'm still confused why I can't just hide in the old bunker every time her friends come over and drink wine and eat cheese and giggle.

That's what they do, too!

Someone really needs to clue the Meowm in that I might fare better if I got to partake in this wine and cheese thing.

I like to smell wine. I always go up to Meowm's glass when it's sitting there just to smell it. I always get shooed away...not sure why. But it smells good.

And I'm not allowed cheese either. NO. TABLE. FOOD. FOR. COOPURR. That's the LAW in this house.

If I were permitted to drink wine and eat cheese...well...I might even giggle!

But no. Not. Allowed. Period.

HA! And the Meowm even had the nerve to ask me if I would help her "pick up the house." My toys can sit wherever they are. If you have a kid, you have toys everywhere. Right?

So the toys stay, and I shall bunker. But right now...I need my handsome sleep. Yes, takes a lot of work to look this cute.

Ciao-meow for now,


Switching it up...

January 20th 2010 11:45 am
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So I think I'm kinda bored with being a bad boy.'s not in my nature. I'm too much of a mush for badness. (But it was kinda fun for a few days!)

This morning, just to show Meowm that I'm still the same sweet baby boy she adopted from the shelter, I jumped on top of her tummy while she was still in bed and I sucked my thumb.

We bonded. Meowm can't resist the thumb sucking. And...OK...I'm not ready to give it up yet either. I'm only 15-months old!!!

Anyway...I'm sure I'll have more antics again. Just not right now. I should probably try extra-extra hard to be good.

Ciao-meow for now,



January 19th 2010 1:54 pm
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Yep. The streak continues. The Meowm found her spoonrest on the stove in two this morning.

She thought she could block me with all of those pots and pans...but I wiggled my way up there. Not tellin how. I don't want her to block my route!

And she was pretty cheesed. I guess this spoonrest was part of a set with a bunch of other stuff. And I guess it was kinda expensive.

Oh, well...

This, Meowmmy Dearest, is payback for the nail trimmin' at the vet.

Ciao-meow for now,


The Agony of Defeat

January 17th 2010 11:34 am
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Oh, it is so painful for me to admit this...and I'm actually a little embarassed to even discuss this on my diary...but alas, dear fur-riends, the Coop was defeated...and dragged to the V-E-T for a pawdecure.

Don't hate on me too much, OK? Because I put up a pretty good fight. THREE tries before she could get me into the carrier and zip it. I even hooked my nail into her sweater -- artfully, I must say, weaving my talon into the soft red cashmere. That took up a good two minutes, which is like...days in cat time!

But yes...eventually, the Coop was stuck, stuffed into that little windowed bag she calls a carrier, dragged out into the rain and carried into the vet's office.

All the while, the Meowther cooed -- pardon THAT pun! -- "Oh, sweetie, it's gonna be OK. They're not giong to pick and prod. You're just getting a pawdecure. Mom wishes SHE could get a pawdecure today!"

When we arrived at the vet's office, they swept me and my carrier out of the Meowther's arms and took me into a dungeon in the back. I knew -- I KNEW -- there was no escaping the tortuous duty that was about to befall me...and I knew I had to think can I get back at the Meowther?

And then I realizedwhat I had to do...I'll be GOOD, I thought. I'll be Meowmmy's Bestest Little Angel EVVVV. ERRRR. And she'll be so embarassed that she made such a fuss and told everyone at the V-E-T's office that I fussed and cried when she tried to trim me herself.

Upon my return to the Meowther, I rather enjoyed watching the look on her face as the vet tech told her that I was a SUCH a good little boy, and just laid on my back and let him do his work.

HA! Take THAT, Meowmmy Dearest! Don't you kinda feel like you just wasted money on a taxi and the vet when I didn't even flinch?

I think she's plotting against me again, though. I heard her say something about making an appointment for a "well baby" visit. I also heard the dreaded know...shhhhhots!!!!!! I think she said March 6 was the date scheduled for my next round of torture. But that's like...two years from now in cat time, right?

So alas, good fur-riends...I did try. But sometimes, humans are just too big and strong to fight. And I kinda suspected after the third try that treats would be involved, too. So that made it OK. Right?

Ciao-Meow for now,
No Purrs Again,


An Open Letter to Meowther: I KNOW what you're up to...

January 16th 2010 8:54 am
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Meowther Dearest, do you actually think that I'm stupid?

I *was* under the bed...but I can still **HEAR** you when you're sitting right there on the phone. And don't forget -- what God tooketh away in eyesight, he gaveth me back in HEARING.

I heard you call the V-E-T, oh dear Meowther. And I KNOW what a nail trimmin' is. Sometimes you try to refer to them as "pawdecures" but don't forget, I am a Russian Blue. And while I might be a mix, I still inherited the BIG SMART RUSSIAN BLUE BRAIN GENE.

I also know that next to shots and contact lenses, a "pawdecure" is the worst form of torture for a cat.

And you have the NERVE to call me "Coopie" and try to entice me out from my second bunker? (First bunker is the couch -- and that's reserved for "Company Visiting.")

Well, Meowther...Cooopie-Schmoooooopieeee-Poooooooopie THIS. You just try to catch my furry gray butt this afternoon. You try -- and see where it gets ya.

Ciao-Meow for now...
No purrs today,


Sooo Good to be Bad

January 15th 2010 8:06 am
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So my bad-butted streak continues...

Meowm had a bad day yesterday. REALLY, genuinely, psychotically bad bad day. And she came home to my cute little furry face, just rolling all around the dining room floor...chirpin' away...REMINDING her how cute I am!

And then she turned around...saw garbage all over the floor...a glass broken in the sink...("Coopurr Anderson Hays -- a GLASS IS BROKEN...A GLASS...")

Oh, and somecat's littery paw prints were ALL OVER the kichen table!

Why does she always -- ALWAYS -- blame me? Doesn't she know that my brofur sometimes visits from the bridge? It's Felix, I swear!

She said ghosts don't make pawprints, but I beg to differ! She, too, saw that episode of "Ghost Hunters" where they put flour on the floor to trap the entity's foot prints. Therefore, it's Felix.

Today, I can't do anything. She put stuff all over the place to keep me away. Empty pots on the stove. Boxes on the counter. Junk on the kitchen table.

Humphhh...I'm bored. I think I'll take a nap.
Ciao-Meow for Now,


Say whaaaaaaaat?

January 12th 2010 12:58 pm
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Did I just see something about national "Dress Your Pet Up" day?

Are you KIDDING me? Who made this holiday? President Obama? I don't think so. He doesn't seem like the type of guy to put Bo in a fancy outfit and take picutres of him. He's a little too busy for that.

Now, you guys know me pretty well, so it's really no secret that I believe strongly that CATS SHOULD BE NEKKID. No collars. No clothings. No nothings!

We all know what happened the last time the Meowm tried to dress me up. It did not bode well for her. I hope for her own sake that she does not attempt to stick my paws into anything but my litter box.

Even if she does try to dress me up, it doesn't matter. I've wiggled out of clothes and collars and all kindsa scarey situations. I'm sure I'll find a way to Houdini out of it if she tries to dress me again.

Stand up to your Pawrents -- don't allow them to put you into clothings! Tell them Coopurr said so!!!

Ciao-meow for now,


I Survived Company!

January 10th 2010 7:59 am
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So one of Meowmmy's best friends from college was up visiting last night. And as I mentioned before -- I don't like having company. I'm very shy with people.

But Meowm's friend is a big animal lover like Meowm. (No WONDER they're friends!) Meowm even told me that she had three kitties of her own.

I was still afraid, though, so I immediately took shelter in my bunker under the couch.

But Meowm's friend really wanted to see me, so Meowm dug me out, and put me on the couch between them.

And guess what?

I stayed for a half hour!

Meowm's friend gave the bestest ear rubs. At one point, she stopped the ear rub and was just talking to me. But I looked up at her like, "Hey -- where's my ear rub?" And do you know that she actually understood silent cat-speak? And she gave me another!

I was actually so comfortable that I didn't go under the couch for the rest of the night! And Meowm didn't lie -- her friend does have three cats! I smelled them on her boots!

So, this people thing might not be so awful after all!

I hope everyone else is having a wonderful weekend, too.
Ciao-Meow for now...


Busted Again!

January 7th 2010 7:38 am
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I jumped on the kitchen table this morning. I really thought Meowmmy was still sleeping. But she caught me. Red paw-ded.

I think it's just the thrill, knowing that I"m doing something bad. It's so much fun to do something I'm not supposed to do...and then wait to see if she's going to catch me.

Also, I think I'm feeling beter these days. When I was a tiny baby, and Meowmmy first adopted me, I was sick and I had my icky eyes.

Now I can see better and I'm healthier. So I want to jump and run and explore.

Luckily, Meowm only stays mad for second. I always turn around and show her the big green eyes. Works every time! She's mush in my paws.

OK...I have to go think of some more mischief to make while she's at work!
Cia0-Meow for now,

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