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April 2nd 2010 7:04 am
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I'm DIARY OF THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!

I do have to thank Meowm for taking my dictation. I'd be nowhere without her. Wow. WOW. What a SURPRISE for this wonderful spring weekend!

And since I have your attention today...I"m going to encourage everyone to ADOPT A SHELTER PET!

We can do all the same sorts of wonderful things that those cats from the pet store can do...even things like winning DIARY OF THE DAY!

Purrs, and thanks to everyone!


Thank Mew, Anonymous...

April 1st 2010 4:37 pm
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...for the lovely Easter egg!

You have a nice nap in your basket, too!

Happy Easter!


A tribute...

March 30th 2010 3:22 pm
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Meowmmy has a big sad today...and I'm just being Coop and trying to cheer her up as best as I can.

A year ago today, my big brofur, Felix, went to the Bridge.

Meowm doesn't really realize that he talks to me, and tries to lead me...well...sometimes he leads me in the right direction. And other times, he's the Big Brofur that I never had, teasing me into what Meowm calls trouble.

Meowm says Felix was a strong, sturdy cat. He was A BIG KITTY -- fourteen pounds for most of his life!

And he wasn't afraid to ask for fine dining. Unlike me, he LOVED food. Meowm -- and my granner when she was alive -- always said that he'd eat anything as long as it was chicken flavored or had sauce on it!

ANd Meowm said he knew exactly which humans to work...particularly my Auntie Joyce. He'd put his paws on her leg and beg for whatever she was eating. He didn't care -- whatever it was must have been good because he trusted Aut Joyce and whatever treats she was giving it to him.

He was also one smart dude. Once, when Auntie Joyce was at Meowmmy's house, he was crying for his food. Aunt Joyce told him, "Mommy will be home in ONE. HOUR. You'll get your dinner as soon as she's home!" And Felix looked up at the clock. Then back at my Aunt Joyce. And she said the look on his face was like, "That's SOOOOO LOOOONG!"

And once when my Meowm went away on business, my Auntie Heather was watching him. As she was feeding him, she was yakkin' with Meowm. She looked down and said, "Mommy's on the phone..."

And he headbutted her. Meowm told her to put the phone by his ear and he LISTENED to every SINGLE WORD. Apparently, Aunt Heather freaked that time...but she never freaked again when he bestwoed his intellect upon her.

And Felix does speak to me. He tells me the best nap spots and the best places to explore. Sometimes, when Meowm catches me doing something that Felix did...she gets all freaked...and then she looks up and says, "WHAT are you TELLING him to do NOW?"

Meowm said she sees a lot of Felix in me -- the smarts, the affection...oh...and the CUTES...!!!

She says there's some differences, too. She said I'm more of a rough and tumble little boy, while Felix always just loved to sit and listen to Patti Lupone CDs. And I defeinitely don't like food the way Felix did. But she said we both "suck up" to her when she plays Duran Duran or Eddy Mitchell. (Hey -- Felix taught me THAT!)

But today...let's just give it up for my big brofur. Mewom said he was rescued from the Rainbow Bridge right away because my granny just took him into her arms. Moewm thinks they're both sitting up there on that cloud...laughing at both of us down here...

For you, my Big Brofur...I take my paw and salute you. I'm glad I have you to guide me, and I'm glad that Meowm is so happy that I've come into my own.

You are are missed...but you are LOVED. And just knowing that, I'm so happy that I came to Meowmmy to help her with her give her NEW GRIEF!

Paws up to you, Big Bro. You were a freakin' PAWESOME Russian Blue.



A DDP? Really?

March 29th 2010 8:41 am
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Wow, we just found out that I'm a diary pick today! Woo-hooo! Can't wait til Meowm gets home because that always means extra-special treats!

While you're here, let me direct your eyes below. Play along with us -- What do Mew Want the Easter Bunny to put in your Easter Basket?

Thanks, Catster dudes! And more importantly -- thanks to everyone who reads my diary!!!!



What do MEW want from the Easter Bunny?

March 28th 2010 1:55 pm
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So last year on this Easter thing, apparently the Meowm was pretty upset.

She had met me a couple of weeks before the holiday. Meowm had signed, sealed and delivered all the documentation and adoption papers. Bought all kindsa stuff for me. Kitten-proofed the house . BUT...she couldn't bring me home because of those stupid eye ulcers.

Meowm swears that this Easter is gonna be better for both of us.

Now, I'm still new at this holiday thing...but I do know that special holidays bring lots of gifts. And apparently, this has some kind of basket thing involved.

I think I know what the basket is. It's this round thingie with a handle. Kinda looks like a bowl, but a LOT bigger. I caught a quick peak at it when she brought it home hte other night.

Now, supposedly, there's a bunny that comes to your house to fill up the basket. I think he might be in cahoots with that Santa-Paws dude who visited a few months back.

She's even been asking me what I want this bunny dude to bring me for Easter...heck, I don't know. SHRIMPIE treats! Love thems! And a hundred million Ro's to fill up the whole house.

I'll become a Ro Hoarder!

So tell me, my fine furry fur-riends...What do MEW want in YOUR Easter basket? Be gluttons here. Tell me your ultimate Easter basket Fantasy. (Why not? Meowm and her girlfriends talk about what they're gonna do when they win the lottery! And for the record, she promised me my OWN bedroom! I heard her!)



The Baffroom

March 26th 2010 7:39 pm
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Meowm wanted to do a Coop Sez/Meowm Sez on this one, but alas...I had to tell her NOOOOO.

I may have blogged about this before, but I just LOVE the bathroom. It's just...the *quintissential* spot to spark a kitten's curiosity. There are just so many mesmorizing things in there! The toilet paper...running water...the shower thingie...THE TOILET...

OMC, OMC, OMC....I just get so excited thinking about all of it.

First, there's the toilet paper. Now, I used to really dig creating toilet paper art. I even got a roll all for myself for Christmas! It had little tiny leaves of catnip embedded into it...and that took some time on Meowm's part, which was greatly appreciated. But I got bored, and one day while the Meowm was at that work place....I discovered PAPER TOWELS.

And that was all fine and dandy, but then tonight....the calling came back. And I had to back into the bathroom I went and tore up the toilet paper. Meowm says that I can get big bucks on e-bay for my work. I think tomorrow, I'm going to try to design a portrait of Anna Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson. That will be cool.

But getting back...the bathroom is filled with so much more than just an inspiration for the next Claude Meownet. There's that shower thingie. Every single morning, I have-have-HAVE to go in when she turns on those spray thingies, put my paws up on the tub and just watch...and watch...and watch...until Meowm shoos me away so that she can get into that tub thingie. Then I just wait in the corner and listen...and listen...and listen...

Meowm said that if she put me in there, my fascination would end. I'm not sure why. But I'd like to try it. At least once.

There's also that sink thingie. Oh, it's SO comfortable and coooooool against the fine Blue fur. I just LOVE lounging in there...til Meowm ges out the camera. HELLO, MOTHER. I'm half-blind in my one eye. How would YOU like it if I flashed that thing in your face when you're relaxing? Meowms...I SWEAR!

And then...then....we have the toilet. Where do I even BEGIN?

Dudes, and dudettes....have you ever watched that thing? Oh, that blue water is just soooo much fun to watch. It's BLUE. Like ME. Once I had to have my hands washed with special kitty shampoo because I stuck my paws in there and swished that blue wet stuff around.

It was her fault for leaving that lid thingie open! Unfortunately, I have not found it open since. In fact, there's a lock on it. I couldn't lift it if my twelve pounds really tried! But I am Coop, and I shall find a way.

Now, though, Meowm allows me to watch the paper swirl and swirl and swim down into the hole. It makes a loud noise, but it doesn't scare me. And she does permit me to watch, so I can't complain too much.

Sometimes, she even lets me put my paws down on the lid. But the best view is from the sink. Meowm calls that the "penthouse view." I can lounge in the sink, and just's SOOOOO much fun!

But again...the Meowm doesn't understand what the fascination is. It's about the movements and the sounds....the hunt and the chase.

I just wish she'd let me do a little more hunting and chasing.

Anyone else love the bathroom?

Purrs, and have a PAWESOME WEEKEND!


Old Pictures

March 24th 2010 7:24 am
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So my Gotcha Day is coming up in a little more than a month, and I have a feeling that it's going to be a big celebration.

Right now, Meowm is kinda thinking back to last year at this time, when my older brofur was sick and passed away. I never met him, but I wish I had. He seemed like one cool cat.

But Meowm says that I've been such a good thing for her grief. And now, she's getting a little melancholy with the two anniversaries so close together.

My shelter sent Meowm a couple of old pics of me, back when I was but a wee baby with eye ulcers. Meowm says she hardly recognizes that kitty now, having gotten used to seeing me all healed and grown up.

She posted them in my photo album because she said she never wants to forget that sick kitty she met a year ago. That sick kitty who kissed her and fell asleep on her ankle and wrapped his paw -- literally -- around her finger through the kennel door.



Coop Sez/Meowm Sez: Just look into my eyes...

March 19th 2010 9:19 am
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That time again! In this episode, Meowm and I shall discuss COMMUNICATION and the Question of the Week:
How does your cat best communicate with you?
*Those expressive eyes!
*Ears and tail!
*Head-bonks galore.
*My cat is very vocal.
*Other (leave a comment

Coop Sez: It's the eyes, isn't it???

Meowm Sez: Well, partly...but it's a little more than that...

Coop Sez: What do you mean?

Meowm Sez: Well, for instance...this MORNING...on Mommy's VACATION jumped on the bed with Ro -- three times -- and what did you do?

Coop Sez: Ohhhh, yeah...the headbonks! I just wanted you to toss her to me...a few hundred times...

Meowm Sez: Well, it's a little difficult to toss Ro when Meowmmy is SLEEPING, Coop.

Coop Sez: But you had no business sleeping when I wanted to play! And doncha love it when I dump a slobbery, chewed up Ro on your face at seven in the morning?

Meowm Sez: Oh YEAH...Love it. Little boys...Little Boys...

Coop Sez: Getting's my soulful gaze...I know it is...

Meowm Sez: That's your guilt plea.

Coop Sez: Well, you know, you spent a lot of money on these sparkling emerald winkers...I might as well USE them to my advantage, right?

Meowm Sez: Coopie, you use EVERYTHING to your advantage. Except your voice. And that's what REALLY gets Meowm.

Coop Sez: Because I churp?

Meowm Sez: And because you use that only in the most dire situations -- like going to the vet and getting your nails trimmed...or getting your Advantage treatment. Kinda makes me cry...

Coop Sez: GOOD -- I've played my cards correctly. See all of the wonderful things I've learned from Loki?

Meowm Sez: I see, I see...

Coop Sez: Loki also told me to...(*covers mouth with paw*) Moerowroroweowsahrowrah...but I'll save that one for LATER when I really need it!

Meowm Sez: I have no doubt that you will! But you do have one mode of communication that's not even mentioned there...those sweet little sandpapery kisses...

Coop Sez: Oh, the sweet little licks that provoke you to say, "My Grandmother the germaphobe is rolling in her grave, screaming, 'Don't let that herpes cat lick you!'"

Meowm Sez: Now, Coopie!

Coop Sez: You do say that...

Meowm Sez: Because she was a crazy germaphobe and...nevermind. Moving on.

Coop Sez: Ears and tail...

Meowm Sez: You really only have two modes of ears and tail communication -- that would be the "Happy/Content" mode and the "Hunter" mode. You're just not a moody kitty.

Coop Sez: No, I'm really not. I've never even HISSED! But did you have to go and tell Dr. B that I'm the happiest cat you've ever seen? Totally blew my Ferocious Beast cover! And they said I meow like a girl!!!! Now they're really going to think I'm a wuss at the vet!

Meowm Sez: Coopie, wouldn't you rather be the one kitty that all vets remember as sitting patiently while your contact lens is being changed...or be forgotten amongst all of the others who claw and fight?

Coop Sez: Awww, that was all cool when I was a baby kitten with a skinny tail. But now, I'm twelve poundages of BIG BOY, and I'm not even done growing yet! Now I want to be a ManCat. See my ManCat tail? Hmmm...maybe I should learn to thump it.

Meowm Sez: Well, no matter how much bigger you get...or how much you weigh...or how much your tail fills'll always be my precious baby boy...

Coop Sez: Aw, Meowm! My friends read this! I don't want to be putting that out there! And is now the appropriate time for me to ask if I can start dating?

Meowm Sez: Coopurr Anderson Hays Vanderbilt...we'll discuss that offline.

Coop Sez: Yeah, yeah, yeah...can we play with Ro now? I'm bored.

Meowm Sez: Gooooo FETCH!

Have a PAWESOME weekend, everyfur!



March 17th 2010 8:03 am
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So we had another disappearance in the life of Ro. Yeah...she's gone again...Meowm thinks behind the bookshelf in the bedroom or just lodged somewhere under the bed.

Meowm says I need to remember where I drop her, but that's not the case at all.

You see...Ro is so afraid of my ferocious beast persona that she sneaks away and goes into hiding...then comes out to tease and toy with me...and that's when I bite into her head and walk around the house like Studly Man of the Lion King Tribe with her dangling from my mandibles.

Well, Ro has been hiding in a pretty good place this time. And Meowm got so frustrated that she stopped at PetCo last night on the way home from work and bought me THREE MORE! (Oooopsie...I think I was only supposed to know about the one that she pulled outta the bag and gave to me last night. But I saw two more in there when I snooped!)

Meown has also discussed putting an alarm on Ro the II. She said this is getting a little bit crazy, all the time we spend looking for Ro. Actually, I kinda think it's fun. The hunt is, after all, part of the game...

I betcha I'm gonna lose all three of my new Ro's. I betcha we're gonna end up with HUNDREDS of Ro's by the time I'm done. Or maybe I'll just move on to something else...



Coopurr and the Ten O'clock Crazies

March 16th 2010 7:26 am
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Meowm says I'm not adusting well to this time change thing. I, however, think it must be SHE who's having trouble.

Every night at nine, I suck my thumb and take a nap. At ten, I get up, and run around the house like a crazy man.

Sooooo...when Meowmmy went to bed last night at eleven (read: ten), I had a little fit of the crazies...

Well...actually...that fit kinda went on for an hour and a half. I'd jump on the bed. Then off the bed. Then on Meowm. Then OVER Meowm. Burrow in the corner under the covers. Burrow under the pillow beneath Meowm's head.

And then...I had to bring Ro to bed with us!

Yeah, Meowm said she loves having a soggy, wet rat-like creature dropped by her head at midnight. Don't all Meowms love that?

Meowm said that I had ezxhausted her so well that by the time she feel asleep...she REALLY fell asleep.

I think Meowm really needs to adjust to this time thing -- for her sake and for MINE.


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