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November 1st 2009 9:05 am
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So we had a big day yesterday -- it was MEOWLOWEEN! Meowm was very proud of me because the screaming animatrons didn't scare me one bit.

Not even the howling toilet paper dispenser!

In fact, I thought it was kinda cool. So after Meowm decorated the bathroom, I jumped up on the toilet and put my little paws on the toilet paper and did some decorating of my own!

Meowm thought that howling toilet paper thingie would terrify me from doing my job. But it just put me in the mood all the more! And if I must say so myself, the bathroom looked lovely...til Moewm cleaned up all the toilet paper that I strung everywhere.

Hope all of my fur-riends had a happy happy Meowloween!




October 30th 2009 7:45 am
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Since Meowm and I have a very big day planned for tomorrow, I'd like to take a minute today to wish all of my Catster buds a very HAPPY and very SAFE MEOWLOWEEN!!!!!

Remember -- stand up for your rights and don't wear a costume. And demand extra treats for the holiday!

Big purrs,


No Treats for National Cat Day

October 29th 2009 6:46 am
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So Meowm tells me that she read that today is National Cat Day.

This should be a day of honor for us feline furkids, right?

Not for Coopurr. Meowm actually said that I've had enough treats this month! She said I'm starting to get a little chubby belly! it was my birfday...and then I got Diary of the Day...and then I got Cat of the Day...and this Saturday is Halloween, and the Great Pumpkin shall visit and bring MORE treats...

Treats and toys. Treats and toys. (And I've not played any further with that silly Turbo Track.) The Meowm's good with that stuff. I ALWAYS get treats and toys for special days.

Soooooo...shouldn't I still get a little something for National Cat Day? Just a little, eensie-teensie present?

Go lookit my picture. Tell me that you could resist that cute little face. No one can! I mean the hardest of hearts couldn't tell me no! You'd give me a treat, right?

I'll work on her when she gets home tonight. She can't resist when I roll on my back and show her my belly for a rub. That should do it.

Right now...I think I need a nap.
Ciao-Meow for Now!


Costume Safety

October 27th 2009 8:08 am
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I kinda have to laugh at all of these warnings out there about "costume safety and your kitten." I've said this before, but really there's only one simple solution: Don't wear it!

You must start right away, and you must show the pawrents that you mean business. Struggle before they can even shove your tail in. Claw if necessary.

If they manage to get you into the clothes, sit for a half of a picture. By this, I mean, as soon as you hear the flash, move and ruin the picture.

Unite, my furry friends! Wiggle and jiggle out of those dopey bunny and duckie and mousie costumes! Shake those hats and wigs off your heads! And show the humans what breakaway collars are all about!

Besides, doncha think it's rather insulting that they want to cover up our beautiful fur with...ew...clothes?

Ciao-Meow for Now,



October 26th 2009 7:09 am
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I cannot believe that I'm actually Cat of the Day!

A year ago, I was a tiny, sick infant struggling to survive on the streets of Brooklyn, and today, I'm bestowed with such an honor. I cannot believe it.

Thank you, everyone. From the bottom of my furry little heart.

Big purrs,


Coop Sez/Meowm Sez: Toilet Paper

October 23rd 2009 7:09 am
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So every now and then, I'm going to do a conversation with Meowmmy. In this episode of Coopurr 360, we explore my latest fascination: toilet paper.

Meowm Sez: Coop, I just don't understand why you have this need to destroy roll after roll of toilet paper.

Coop Sez: Have you ever played with toilet paper? You're really missing out here...

Meowm Sez: Well, you track it through the's messy to clean the shreds off the floor...and quite frankly, it's wasteful. Don't you want to leave the smallest footprint you can on the environment?

Coop Sez: Meowm...have you seen my feets? They're NOT the size tens that you wear!

Meowm Sez: Well, I'm just going to ask you one more time before I have to get the squirt bottle. Will you please stop destroying all of the toilet paper rolls in the house?

Coop Sez: Why?

Meowm Sez: Because...I told're wasting it!

Coop Sez: Why?

Meowm Sez: Because after you sink your little claws into it and shred it up, I can't use it!

Coop Sez: Why?

Meowm Sez: Because it's all torn to pieces and you can't use toilet paper that's all ripped up.

Coop Sez: Why?

Meowm Sez: Because it...Coopurr!!!

Tune in next time for another episode of Coopurr 360.

Ciao-Meow for Now!


Humoring the Human

October 22nd 2009 7:08 am
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So last night, as with every night, the Meowmmy got down on the floor and started playing with my Turbo Track again.

I guess I felt kinda sorry for her. She kinda looks pathetic, sitting there on the floor, spinning the ball along the lime green tube. Night. After night. After night...

She's changed the shape of the track. She's shined my laser light on it and along it. And she even took the time to pepper it with some catnip...

So I threw her a bone -- or should I say a mouse? -- last night. I sat in the center of that ugly green thing, drew in a big nose-ful of nip and batted the ball around a couple of times.

PROGRESS! She thought we made PROGRESS!!! Oh, she was so thrilled!!!!!

Still, I remain uninterested.

Really, if she just leaves it there for a couple of months, I might actually play with it when I get bored with all of my other toys.

That Meowmmy of mine...she tries. Really, she does.

Ciao-Meow for Now,


Crazy Kitten Energy

October 21st 2009 10:07 am
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So I might be a whole year old now, but I've still got some kitten in me.

Last night, for example, Meowmmy was sitting on the couch. She was clearing off some junk mail and stuff from the coffee table, and placed the garbage in a plastic bag.

While Meowm was perusing a catalog, I made my move. And before she knew it, my little head was stuck in the handle!

Before Meowm could reach down to pull the bag off my head, I ran...with the bag around my neck like a plastic cape fluttering in the breeze...scattering the garbage in the bag through the living room...into the dining room...into the kitchen...and back until I made it to safety under the couch.

At that point, Meowm was able to remove the bag from my neck. But I think she had a little heart attack in the thirty seconds that this all happened. She was mumbling something about "smothering" or "hanging" myself. And she was none too happy while picking up the garbage I had strewn upon the floor.

But did I get into trouble? NOPE! Meowm said that my experience in itself was harrowing enough, and that she HOPED I learned something.

I knew I was bad, though, because I stayed under the couch for quite a while, only to come out and jump up beside Meowm for a long thumb suck. That will make her forget anything!

And so goes another day in the life of Coopurr.

Ciao Meow for Now,


Vote for me, Purr-ease?

October 20th 2009 11:32 am
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Hi, Everyfur --

Me again. With an eensie-teensie-tiny request.

Will you pur-rease vote for me? I'm cute, right? At least that's what my Meowmmy tells me.

Thanks everyfur!

Ciao Meow for Now,


Turbo Track: Take Ten

October 20th 2009 9:09 am
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Meowello everyfur!

So the Meowmmy's back at it with that Turbo Track. She's been trying to get me to play with it for almost two weeks now. And I want nothing of it.

This time, she thought she'd bait me by putting some fresh nip all along the track.

Ha-ha on YOU, Meowmmy! I ignored it, only to lick away all of the nip while you were at work!

Mice. I love my mice. I love to lick them and bite them and rip their fur out of them. And I like to play ball, catching them mid-air. Anything with feathers -- it's mine! And even though there's really no reward in it, the laser light amuses me.

But I just don't like that Turbo Track.

Ciao-Meow for Now,
Big Purrs,

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