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Just wondering

November 30th 2012 10:50 am
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Is anyone having problems with the Eukanuba Dog add popping up everytime you go to read a diary or play a game? It is very annoying!!

Thanks Presley~


I'm a DDP!!!

November 13th 2012 4:49 am
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Wow how kool is that...and I got it talking about my oh so pawsome brofur Angel Sonny Bono, he's da best, Paris and I love him so much.

Thank you Diary Gal, this made me a very happy girl, Paris and I are doing the Bono Boogie and I know all of the Angels in Heaven are dancing along with our brofur, ya see he watches us from the earth window, momcat doesn't know it but we wave at him and the Angels at night, sometimes he's cruises by in that big black Hummer of his, I must say he is one kool brofur, well better run Paris and I are gonna pawty all day long and into the night *giggles*.

Congrats on all of the other DDP's too, have a pawsome day!

Love, Presley ♥


Love, Love, Love Catster!

November 10th 2012 10:58 am
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Our super kool brofur Angel Sonny Bono is a DDP today, Yayyyy! We are doing the Bono Boogie, I can just imagine him in Heaven with all of his Angel furiends, that's one thing about Sonny he knows how to pawty, I love you Sonny, have a pawsome day!

Big Hugs From Your Sweet Sisfur
Presley ♥


Happy Halloween

October 27th 2012 6:13 pm
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Tonight was my night, all the little trick O treater's came running up to our door but me I took off under momcat's know why?? Because I have heard the bad stories that happens to black kitties on Halloween so I wasn't taking any chances, when it was almost over Paris and I watched out the window while sitting on our condo, we saw all the little monsters out there ...oh I hope I do not have bad dreams tonight, everyone please have a safe and Happy Halloween....

Hugs, Presley~


Me Is So Mad!

October 16th 2012 3:17 pm
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I was just sitting on one of my condos today looking out the window and for no reason this great big butterfly landed on the window! I tried and tried to get to it but all it did was sit there and move it's wings and tease me *rolls eyes* of course that Paris was asleep so she missed the whole thing, finally I thought maybe I could get it and guess what...
it flew away! Oh I was so mad I stomped off to the bedroom to tell Paris,
she told me to take a nap and stop complaining...well of all the nerve, just who does she think she is??? So I ran out of the bedroom and told momcat, she picked me up and gave me lovins and told me the butterfly had to go home, huh..does she really think I bought that?? I certainly hope not, so I put on my sweet face and she gave me a big treat, then it was all better, ok I do feel better I just had to tell all my furiends about this, now I will take a nap, talk to ya later ~

Hugs Presley ~


I'm a DDP!!!

October 13th 2012 4:21 am
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Yay! Dis is really nice waking up to see I'm a DDP, I fink da Diary Gal is like me she does not like shots... da next time I go to the vet I am taking dat 'nummin creem' dat Platelicker told me about.

While momcat was out on her walk yesterday Paris and I took her car to walmart and got about 10 tubes of it, now we are ready in case dat vet brings dat needle towards us, I told Paris to hide one tube in her carrier and I did da same...if we see we are going to the vet we can rub dat stuff on our behinds in the car *starts laffing* dat will teach dat vet! Maybe I should give him a *smacky paw*. Thanks again for this pawsome honor~

Love, Presley ~


Happy Fall!

October 12th 2012 5:20 am
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Hey Paris and I are watching our furry furiends play but it's kinda cold outside, maybe we could sneak them into the house *falls over laffing* dat would be funny, then we could chase them all day long, oh what a time we would have.

I'm feeling much better this week, last Friday I had to go to the Vet and get a shot...Meowza dat hurt, mean ole vet! But I wasn't feeling well and I will not tell anyone what my problem was so we will just leave it at that, *laffs* so it's time for some Halloween fun! Gotta run here comes Sammy the squirrel *hiss hiss*

Hugs Presley ♥


I'm Really MAD!!!

October 4th 2012 3:36 pm
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Between Sammy the squirrel and that Charley I am fuming!!! Well here goes, when dadcat and momcat came home today dadcat opened the garage door and guess who was staring at him???....You got it, that silly Charley the chipmunk, dadcat told him to leave but all he did was talk back to my dadcat, oh I wanted to go after him so much, when dadcat came in I got in his lap and you know what he told me?? He said Presley I love you and Paris so much, you are Daddy's girls so don't you worry about that silly
Charley and Sammy, they know you girls do not go outside that's why they tease you, but then maybe they really like you girls...oh dadcat come on this is Presley you are talking to *falls over laffing*, but that's ok, you love us and we love you so I guess it's ok if they play in our yard,
geesh what's a girl to do...gotta run Paris is calling me I guess they are back...gonna be a fun night!

Hugs, Presley ♥



September 21st 2012 5:24 am
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After momcat came home yesterday day from Christmas shopping with her friend, her and dadcat went to the grocery, while in there a crew was taping for the show 'Extreme Couponing' and yes they got on camera so they will be on TV, how kool is that! Momcat signed all the forms so they could put them on TV, of course she asked when it would be aired but they said they weren't sure that they had several other cities to cover so not only are we kats 'Stars' now momcat and dadcat will be too! Oh Paris and I ran through the house screaming and doing the 'Bono Boogie', I bet Sonny is so happy he is cruising on his favorite cloud...that would be #9 of course, well gotta run Paris and I are going shopping~

Hugs, Presley~


Hi Everyone!

August 27th 2012 8:02 am
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This morning I was sitting on my condo and I saw none other than Sammy the squirrel in the tree right in front of me...oh was I mad, but than I had to go eat some breakfast then when I came back that rascal was GONE!! Will let you know when he returns..

Love Presley ~

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