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I Gots Into Trouble Again *Sighs*

February 2nd 2013 12:42 pm
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My dadcat was working on crafts and putting the green twine in the carrots that momcat had I really have to finish?? Ok I will, I jumped on the bar and knocked one in the floor then I 'stole' some green twine, I was just gonna play wiff it but oh no dadcat caught me and told me to give the twine back so what did I do, I ran really fast, *giggles* he had to catch me to get it and then momcat told me I was being 'ugly' because I wasn't leaving the carrots alone...*stomps off into the bedroom, slams door* I'm not talking to them the rest of the evening....oh wait I have to eat my dinner so after that I will just go to bed, they are pawty poopers to me, *starts laffing runs to tell Paris* I did have fun though, well if he leaves those carrots out tonight I am gonna hide all of them so there!



Another Cleaning Day

January 21st 2013 4:36 am
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This past Saturday momcat cleaned out dresser drawers with 'MY' help of course as you can see in the picture on my page and I must say I did a pretty good job *giggles* so today the closets are next oh boy I can't wait to help with those, I'm sure there are lots of things I can get into and play with .....oh I mean there are lots of things I can help momcat with, what was I thinking silly me, will let you know how it turns out.

A Very Helpful
Presley ♥


Today is OUR Gotcha Day!

January 15th 2013 5:52 am
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Four years ago today Paris and I came to our forever home, we had different names but you know momcat, she said no way I don't like those names so I will rename them and here we are, Paris and I never dreamed we would have such a pawsome and loving home....I really shouldn't tell you this but I cry everytime momcat goes anywhere, dadcat keeps saying Presley she will be back but really she never needs to leave the house, that's my opinion!

Now I have Paris where she cries too, momcat goes to church and we cry, maybe we should go with her..we are just two silly girls, she's not gone very long only a couple of hours but it seems like forever, oh well she does come back, then we snuggle, oh how I love my momcat, I love dadcat too but momcat is the 'cat's meow' to me, oh I hope dadcat doesn't read this, but you know us 'girls' always stick together.

We were 8 months old when we came home with momcat and dadcat, that seems like it was yesterday, now we are going on 5 years old, time waits on no one, gotta run momcat is in her closet and we love to go in with her, ya see we are so nosy *giggles*

Love, Presley♥


Just Wondering

January 4th 2013 3:47 am
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Are we ever gonna get a new COTW, or are they going for COTM!


I'm a DDP on the first day of 2013!

January 1st 2013 4:14 am
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Yay!! Thank you Diary gal, this is such a pawsome honor to be a DDP but especially on the very first day of a brand new year *starts doing the Bono Boogie*, come on Paris we are gonna have some fun today, maybe we can steal momcat's car and go shopping...I'll get the keys and you get the credit card, oh what fun we are gonna have, I know I know let's go to the spa and have our special treatment...they will have our special 'Hello Kitty Wine' just for us, what a furtastic day this is gonna be!

Thank ya, Thank ya very much!
Presley ♥


Special Message

December 31st 2012 3:05 pm
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Happy New Year to all my wonderful furiends here on Catster!

Love, Presley ♥


Hi Everyone!!

December 24th 2012 2:53 pm
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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

Hugs, Presley ♥


Hey Paris!

December 23rd 2012 12:28 pm
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You told me you weren't going to write a fair!! For that the scratching post is mine all day long..oh but Angel Sonny will be watching and he wouldn't like that, he is such a kind and caring Angel, he looks out for us all the time. We wish he were here to celebrate Christmas with us but he is in Heaven and he will be celebrating Christmas with Jesus, Oh Sonny how we love you, you are such a special brofur, *runs to window looks up and waves to Angel Sonny standing at the earth window, blows kisses to him*, we got 'Hello Kitty' warming blankets too, gotta run Paris is trying to play with the scratching post AND MY TOYZ!!!

Merry Christmas
Love, Presley ♥


Christmas is Almost Here!

December 21st 2012 12:15 pm
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Oh Paris and I are so excited we can hardly stand it, we have been getting so many presents in the mail and momcat has alot in the closet too, she thinks we don't know but we peeked *giggles*, ok before you say I'm a bad girl I just couldn't help myself and it's Christmas so please give me a break ok??? Please do not tell momcat, *runs to tell Paris not to let momcat on the computer* keep her busy Paris!

Ok now that I have told you my secret, I think I will go take a nap while Paris guards the computer then it will be her turn to nap, *snuggles under the warm covers dreams of all the presents and treats we are gonna get*

Love, Presley ♥


I am so Mad!!

December 8th 2012 2:35 pm
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My momcat is wrapping presents but has the door closed so we cannot come in, that really makes me mad so I am gonna stand at the door and meow as long as it takes. Ya see I love my momcat so much I even go to the bathroom with her and when she leaves I cry until she comes back, yes I know she has spoiled me but that's ok, I like things just the way they are, now if they both go away I tear up the house *giggles* our toyz are
all over the house so when she comes home she has nice mess, hey I know how to pay her back!Gotta run I hear the door opening!

Hugs Presley~

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