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News About The Eggs

April 2nd 2013 1:07 pm
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Well as all of you know I was throwing a bunch of eggs at Paris yesterday *giggles* but then the thought occured to me that Sonny always drives his oh so clean big black Hummer over our house all the time so I thought, well maybe I will get lucky and he will come by tonight *starts laffing*......
so I saved some eggs just for his Hummer, ya see he is real picky with the Hummer he takes it to have it washed and detailed all the time at the Kitty Karwash and of course they charge him more because it's big so anyway, I stayed up almost all night and then just as I was going to give up and go to bed I saw those big bright headlights in the sky, I knew it was Sonny so I ran and got my eggs ready....I bombarded his Hummer with eggs!!!
I kept the lights off so he wouldn't know it was me *laffing*, I bet he is one mad dude today, please don't tell him it was me, he will get me back I know he will, now if that Paris doesn't tell him I will be safe, well gotta go rest I was up most of the night and I need a big fat kat nap, hehehehehe!!!

Hugs Presley MOL!!!


Thank you

April 1st 2013 5:16 am
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That Sonny is gonna make egg salad samiches????? He always finds ways to use everything...we want to thank everyone too, we have such pawsome furiends and we love catster so much....I think I will throw some of mine at Paris *giggles*, you know me I gotta get into something today *starts laffing*..

Love Presley


Just to let you know

March 30th 2013 3:13 pm
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I'm wishing all of you a very Happy Easter, let's not forget what this special holiday is all about,His name is Jesus!!

Love Presley ♥


Good News

March 25th 2013 8:18 am
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My boyfuriend Ashe is COTW in the Russian Blues Lounge, I am so proud of him, he is the most handsome mankat in the world so if you get a chance go by and congratulate him.

It snowed so much here we got 8 inches and getting more, that Easter bunny is gonna have a time hiding those eggs in the snow *giggles*,

Happy Easter to everyone

Love Presley♥


Please Forgive Me!

March 11th 2013 12:55 pm
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Momcat is really under alot of stress right now, but I finally got to get on here and thank the Diary Guy for this pawsome honor!

Thank all of you for all of your gifts and comments, momcat will be thanking each of you personally, please keep momcat in your prayers, I love all of you and this is such a special day for me~

Love, Presley~


I Have Good Mews Too ~

March 1st 2013 8:25 am
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My oh so handsome boyfuriend Ashe has been crowned Dreamboat#119 D by the super beautiful Samoa!

I always knew he was a Dreamboat but now it's official, well gotta run that Paris needs to use the puter so she can brag, *rolles eyes* silly girl! Here ya go Paris it's all yours!

Love Presley ♥


So Exciting!!

February 28th 2013 7:25 am
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My boyfuriend Ashe has been awarded with the pawsome honor of
being Dreamboat #119, I always knew he was a Dreamboat but now it's official, thank you sweet Samoa.

Does anyone know who selects the Dreamgirls? Does a boy Dreamboat have to
choose one? Please let me know, thanks so much.

It's snowy here and cold but a beautiuful day, the best ever!!!

Love, Presley~


I am KCK's 'Kitty of The Week'

February 17th 2013 10:25 am
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Yay!! Paris and I have been jumpin up and down all morning long, I am KCK's kitty of the week, this is such a pawsome honor, oh it's no wonder we love catster like we do, all of our furtastic furiends are here,well gotta run and get some lunch, thank you KCK!!!

Love, Presley ♥


Way Kool!

February 14th 2013 1:42 pm
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My sisfur Paris and I are Dreamettes and now our brofur Angel Sonny is an
Angel Dreamboat!! What a furtastic day this has turned out to be, we have had so much fun with the box of 'free' candy Catster gave to us to give to our furiends...thank you so much, this was totally pawsome, now Paris and I will have to watch just how much we eat or we will get phatt, no way, I'm not getting phatt *giggles*, this is definitely a day we will always remember, congrats to you Sonny, have fun at the Angel Inn tonight, *blows kisses all the way to Heaven*

Love, Presley ♥


Not Happy~

February 5th 2013 12:35 pm
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Rats I wanted to put the mouse in the litter box, that Paris should be a soccer player, when she throws things they go forever!!

I told momcat I didn't do it and I know she believed me *hides head under covers, starts laffing*, she loves us so much she believes everything we tell her.

I think Paris got that idea from me, awhile back I put the mouse in our kibble that was too funny, momcat even took a picture of it...silly woman,
don't believe Paris when she say's Sonny told her to do that he was too busy with his Angel furiends going to the 3rd hill just past the Catina beside the Cave to pick up his 30 cases of Catweiser from his furiend Smiley Cassanova or as he calls him SC, ya see he sends Sonny Catweiser and Sonny sends him TP (Toilet paper) that's what he decorates his house with but don't tell his momcat, promise???

Thanks Watch Cat, you did a pawsome job fixing the site so we could upload our pictures again, Big hugs and kisses to YOU!!!

Thank ya Thank ya
Thank ya Very Much!

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