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Pawty Time !!!

July 27th 2011 4:13 pm
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Calling ALL girls! There is going to be a rockin pawty this Sunday July 31st 12:00 p.m. est. at Tate's house, his momcat and dadcat are going on vacation,there will be a sitter there but don't worry about her Paris, Tate, Bugsy and I have enough duct tape to keep her quiet for awhile. Presley even suggested we put her in the trunk of the car and drive her out in the country until the pawty is over, *rolls on the floor" laughing, now she can't stop.
The only thing Paris said to tell you is to make sure you bring your top to your bikini ....rats! She is no fun! There is gonna be about twenty boyz there whoo hoo you bet I will be flirting!

Paris and Tate are in Paris France on vacation this week, they will be home Friday, they didn't want to miss Greystone's big birthday pawty this Saturday July 30th, please come to his pawty too!!!

Now come on girls don't be shy get those smokin hot bikini's ready, there will be catweiser, niptini's, hello kitty wine and lots of cuppycakes, Tate's momcat made them before she left for vacation, she 's the best, oh and boyz Sonny is sending plenty of Cubans , he told me the kitty kartel made a drop today, so come on over we are gonna have a blast!!!

Thank Ya Thank Ya Very Much
Presley ~


No Catster Support!

July 19th 2011 10:47 am
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We called 3 catster phone numbers to ask why we were having trouble loading pages and viewing pictures on the profile pages each number said the number you have reached is no longer in service, does anyfur know what is happening at catster, Grrrrrr!

Presley ~


We Were Hacked!

July 15th 2011 5:25 pm
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Momcat took her acc off Facebook, yes we were hacked, so now we will be spending more time on Catster, we love Catster far more than FB any day, plus momcat has so much to do this summer she is trying to paint the inside of the house so it all turned out ok, just wanted you to know so if we were furiends on there we are still furiends, you have done nothing wrong and we love you, have a wonderful week-end!

Hugs Presley ~



July 3rd 2011 8:51 am
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I cannot believe I got DDP today,thank you diary gal but I really can write about better things, I was so mad I just had to vent,I have a request please keep my sisfur Paris in your purrayers, she hurt her leg about a month ago it got better and now she is limping again, I think she jumped off momcat's dresser, I tried to tell her not to do that but no she will not listen, she can walk on it but she limps, and of course momcat is so worried about her. She (Paris) was laughing at my diary entry but I told her ya see the diary gal likes it like I do, she just walked away, I do feel sorry for her though, will keep you posted on her, I love all of you, have a Happy 4th of July,

Hugs, Presley aka PB ~


Guess What !

July 2nd 2011 7:22 pm
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Yesterday I had the poopies, did I say that? Yes I did, momcat picked me up, just about had a heart attack she thought I had a growth on me so she called Dr.B. he told her to use baby shampoo on me if it didn't come off she was to take me to see him, come on momcat how embarrassing is that? So you will never guess who looked at me and got it guessed it my dadcat oh I can never look at him again, I mean come on, so now they call me PB you know what that stands for,no it's not Presley Baby I know I know you are all laughing I can hear you, I just hope I have at least one furiend who will see my point of view on this embarrassing situation, slides under the covers and hides, go away Paris I am never coming out again, oh I hope Ashe doesn't read this!

A very embarrassed Presley


Hi Everyone

July 1st 2011 6:34 am
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Just wanted to take a minute to wish everyone a Happy and safe 4th of July, we love all our furiends here in Catsterland.

Yes I really do love my sisfur Paris but sometimes I just gotta rumble, does that make me a bad girl? I will let you decide ~

Hugs Presley ♥


We Really Scared Momcat!!!

June 29th 2011 9:48 am
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Yesterday momcat was busy cleaning under the frig with the vacuum and all of a sudden she starts screaming,so Paris and I go over to see what the problem is, it was a mouse...but not a real one, it was one of our toyz, she looked at us and said, you girls are gonna make me have a heart attack, ya see momcat is so scared of real mice, Paris and I went slowly into the master bedroom and laffed so hard we nearly fell off da bed, now today she is cleaning under the stove, can't wait to see what she finds there!

Still Laffing
Presley ~


Sad News

June 23rd 2011 1:40 pm
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Just found out a furiend named Ricki passed away a couple of days ago, and so far only two people have written to her momcat with condolences, come on Catster we can do better than that, Catster furiends are here for support and her momcat needs our support right now, she was only 7 years old, let's go and show some Catster love and let her momcat know she was very important to us. This is a very stressful time for her family, please visit her and keep her in your prayers, I know our brofur Angel Sonny welcomed Ricki into Heaven as all the Angels did. Thank you so much, tears fall from Presley's eyes ~

Love Presley ~


I'm a good girl I didn't hiss or growl

June 23rd 2011 8:39 am
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But momcat let us look in the mirror and I swear I saw a black cat looking back at me, hmmp! where did she come from? Momcat kept saying look at the pretty girl Presley, huh, who is she talking to, I mean I know I am pretty but this other kitty come on momcat that's no fair so what did I do? I hissed and slapped the mirror but she wouldn't go away, I am gonna have to figure out a way to get outside and find this cat! Then I can settle this once and for all, walks through the house thinking to herself there has to be a way there just has to, I am really mad,
well at least I didn't hiss or growl at dadcat, not good Paris you silly girl.

A mad Presley ~


From Me To You

June 18th 2011 1:31 pm
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Happy Father's Day to every Father on Catster, we got our Dadcat something special, we love him so much, he is the best!

Love & Purrs Presley ♥

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