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many thanks

September 5th 2010 7:09 pm
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thanks for all the well wishes & gifties for ddp. I thank you all. Mom has been in & out so much that she almost missed it today. So THE KITTEN is not so bad...I guess..... I even let him walk by me a few times without hissing at him. However, I cannot do that all the time, or he will get too complacent. But for some reason, I have been extra lovey to Mom & The Dad. And you know, they still give me just as much attention as always. I get fed first, and I got lots of brushies the past few days. The one good thing is that maybe Tigger won't jump on my head when I am not expecting it like he has done so many times. (And he wonders why I hiss at him?) One time he did it so hard, that Mom actually heard my head whump on the floor. sigh...boys. I did even sniff THE OUTSIDER after he had a bath, but then I immediately had to hiss at him, just to show him who is boss and all. Well, it is time for my nightly crunchies, so I shall bid you goodnight. Thank you everyone again!



August 27th 2010 10:43 am
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Thank you for the beautiful emerald gift Sarge, Lena & Pepi! I also got a few presents yesterday from Mom. We got a DA Bird toy. It is alot of fun! Mom has to watch & try to keep me & Tig seperate when we played with it, because he just flings himself all over to try & catch this thing, and doesn't care what or WHO he lands on, and I of course daintily tap at it & stretch my paws. I hardly make any noise when I jump at stuff, but Tig makes these huge clumps noises. That is why Mom calls him Tank. We also got new stainless bowls for our wet food and one for another water dish. I think she is buttering me up for the new kitten. Mah I will just pop him a time or two like I did Tig, and he will learn who is the highest ranking cat around here! Mom got some good pics of me lounging on her bed looking cute, and she says she is going to update our pages & stuff early next week. She has been so busy lately. But she still makes time for us cause she says she loves us a bunch. Hmm I wonder she will get us more presents - I can handle that!



August 25th 2010 1:27 pm
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Tigger keeps talking about this new kitten. Really Mom? ANOTHER BOY? Really? Well at least I will still be the Princess around here, and maybe Tigger won't jump on my head so much if he has someone to wrestle with. We keep hoping that our Aunty will feel better. I usually hissed at her when she came over, but I do miss doing that. She did bring treats. I feel bad when Mom is sad, so I laid by her last night to make her feel better. I really can be a nice sweet kitty, but usually only for Mom & The Dad. So I am cautious about this new cat...as long as he remembers that I am truly the high ranking cat here, it should be ok. I just better get some extra brushies for allowing this that is what I say!



August 11th 2010 1:24 pm
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I really am trying to understand why Tigger has this obsession with "The Fish" as he calls it. OK I admit I was a mite curious at first, and watched it for a few minutes, but really all it does is go back and forth. How boring is that? Mom even said she was going to buy another fish to put in there cause she feels sorry for it by itself. Apparently though my human sister says that whatever kind she puts in there, even ones that are supposed to get along with rosy barbs this fish EATS. LIKE OVER 8 OTHER FISH. WOW. Tigger, please do not try & stick your paws in there, you never know, it might have a hankering for catfish! I for one will be glad when she takes it with her, cause now it gives me the creeps - staring at me when I stroll by to get to the food dish with it's fishy eyeballs. I hope it is not thinking I look tasty. I even made sure to play with my little stuffed fish toy RIGHT IN FRONT of it, just to show my stealth & power. I think I scared it, yeah....kitty girl power!


happy 4th

July 4th 2010 11:35 am
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SInce I am a very independent kitty - I was chosen to wish everyone Happy Independence Day!


thank you!

June 20th 2010 9:14 am
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thanks everyone for the well wishes on diary of the day! Wow first cat of the day, now this! I promise I won't let my head get too big! mol! Wanted to say thanks before Mom runs out to get the fixin's to make The Dad pizza on the grill for his special day. Happy Father's Day to all The Dads!

Loki, Pippin Teaka, Belle for the yummy ice cream - I loove ice cream & get a little lick once in a while
Tigger & Cali for the blue ribbon - you always make me & my Tigger feel special
Sugar, Tasha, Callie thanks for the concats purrs.

Hope everyone has a beautiful day meows to you - I am off to allow The Dad to brush me as my father's day gift to him!


I am honored!

June 19th 2010 10:24 am
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oh many purrs for the diary pick today! Mom is going to her niece's 4th bday party & decided to check online really quick. What a suprise! Thank you all! Plus Mom says that we need to update our page with some new pics so she has been snapping away! The we are gonna start to try & fix mine & Tigger's page with cool stuff. We joined Pawesome pages & Hazel Lucy said she can help us too, cuz Mom is not so good with computer stuff. (but she is good with lovies!)
meows, Maizy


sleepy memory day

June 15th 2010 12:19 pm
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Boy for some reason me & Tigger were so sleepy today. Maybe the stress of the evil vet visit - I dunno. My human brother Al had to go to his vet - I mean Dr today. He has had a kidney problem since he was a little boy, and has to go every 6 months for blood tests and stuff. He might have to get a new one eventually but they just keep checking on it right now. He is pretty cool - He pets us sometimes & he takes care of us when Mom & The Dad go camping. He even lets us lay on his bed even though he really wants another dog since we lost Casey a few years ago. I remember Casey a little - I was a kitten and he was 16 years old, but even though he did not want to really play with me he would let me climb all over him. He got very sick & could not use his back legs anymore, so Mom & The Dad got him a ride to the Rainbow Bridge. But Mom says that a dog is just not in the plans right now. Purrsonally I am glad, because I think I would be too afraid. And Tigger is enough to handle for me! Well, time for another nap. Gotta keep the beauty sleep up.


Go Hawks!

June 14th 2010 11:49 am
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Things were really exciting around here last week! The Black Hawks won the Stanley Cup! The Dad is a BIG hockey fan, and my human brother Al is too. So it was crazy around here during the playoffs. Now The Dad can stop yelling at the tv & it will be quiet again. He got to see the parade go by downtown, and
Al actually ventured into the madness down there on his way to work. GO HAWKS!!


tag your it

June 14th 2010 11:45 am
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Cali has tagged me & this is the first time I was tagged, so I am excited & I will play!

1. What time do you go to to bed?
When Mom turns in, unless Tigger has hogged up the bed by her, then I either go in the basket in her room, or on the desk downstairs.

2. What is your favorite gift you have recieved and why?
THe birdie with lots of purple feathers. I dunno what kind of nip is in that thing, but I love to rub it on my face & bunny kick it.

3. Whats your favourite way to wake up and whats the first thing you do?
Well, if Mom won;t get up to feed me quick enough, I quite enjoy taking my paw, and pulling it through her hair ever so gently, or I tap her on the head.

4.What would you call yourself if you could choose your own name?

5. What was the last thing you ate that you really shouldnt of ?
I snagged Tigger's treats when he wasn't looking

6.What are you afraid of?
me? pretty much everything - the broom, the vacuum, people I do not know.

7.Do you have brothers and sisters?
Tigger - he showed up a year & a half ago, and Mom thought he was s cute he stayed.

8.What is your motto in life?
Yes I deserve everything

9. Would you like to be famous? Why or why not?
no because I really do not like people I don't know

10. What cartoon or comic book character best describes you?
Lucy from Peanuts

11. What super-power would you most like to have, and why?
Prob to fly so I could go up high in the house

12. If you could play sports, what you you play and why?
high jump I love to jump

and I will tag my brother Tigger

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