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Tis Good to Be a Princess

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holding steady

November 2nd 2012 6:07 am
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Mom took me in when she brought Felix in yesterday for a weigh in. My weight is the same. It is good that it did not go down, but Mom had hoped that I might have gained an ounce or two. But steady is good! I do want to thank everyone for their well wishes & gifties. We appreciate your good thoughts so much.



October 31st 2012 10:59 am
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Well, so far so good as far as barfies - NONE in 2 weeks, not even a hairball. Today my pred gets cut down to 1 time a day for another 2 weeks. Mom is running me in to the vet with Felix tomorrow, so I can get weighed ( she gotta get a baby scale) I guess that will tell. I like the food. Even though it is a prescription food, the 1st 2 ingreds are chicken & chicken liver. No corn. I also get some wet food - I will eat Natures Variety rabbit & chicken or Halo chicken. Mom cut me off cold turkey on ANY fish food which is my favorite & I loved it so much. So maybe it is a food allergy to fish??? I wonder if there is a way to know that without the endoscopy?
Anyways, I seem to be doing ok, and I want to truly thank eveyone for their PWTP & wishes & concern. I will be going back to the vet for an exam later next month too. I will post tomorrow how much I weigh. purrs!



October 19th 2012 11:13 am
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Mom thought I did not feel good yesterday - I was more quiet, and mom was so worried, but today is fine. I am myself. She keeps my food dish in her drawer, so that during the night if I am hungry, I can jump on the dresser & have a few bites.. So far I have not vomited or anything for a week. Now that mom has gotten over her initial freak-out, things will get better I am sure. Mom is looking into Care Credit & stuff, otherwise, she will really save & I should be able to get my test in December if things go well. Thanks for the encouraging words about the pred. Mom was worried that it would make me diabetic in a short time, and she has sad memories of a dog she had in high school that got diabetes, and had to be sent to the bridge because the medical advances were not there at that time & he was very sick - so it brought up sad memories. Mom is a "planner" and needs to realize that not everything is controllable right now, and it will be ok. I mean, I am not worried about anything except when to smack my brothers. We thank you for all the thoughts & purrs.
Anyone have any tips that would be great. This weekend my human brother is moving into an apartment, so mom is a little sad, as her baby is leaving the nest. But she says she will be scouring IBD Kitties & will be emailing Alex's momma. so again, I thank you so much.


not sure - is this good news or bad? LONG POST

October 18th 2012 4:42 pm
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Mom will write my diary today cause she has alot to say...

Maizy lost another 2 ounces within 2 weeks. She is down to 7lb 13oz. She had her xray on Tuesday afternoon. I have been trying to read & digest the information before I came on here for advice. Her xray is completely normal. I saw it myself, nothing - no tumors, which is excellent. The vet feels that with all the blood, urine, fecal & xray being completely totally normal - there are 3 possibilities left as to what is causing my weight loss-
1. lymphoma - she does not feel it is this as her weight goes up & down, and with cancer it would be just steadily declining, or staying level. And no blood work showing anything weird.
2. a really bad food allergy
3. the dreaded IBD

Doc says she is leaning towards IBD, because of the test results, and symptoms. Of course the only way to know positively is through an endoscopy - which will be $741.00 - which right now, I really do not have the money for. I hate to put her through it too. Vet says she would use the same treatment for any of the 3, except that if it was cancer, she would add a chemo drug.
Some of the symptoms, that have been ongoing, that I never put together in my head (I blame myself for it going this long) plus, when I mentioned some of them to the prior vet - nothing was EVER said about IBD.
Hariballs - she vomits them at least 1 a week, sometimes more. Gurgly tummy sounds. Vomiting almost whole food back up right after she eats. Weight up & down. Having a bit of blood in her vomit a couple years ago. Another time she got sick & would not eat - I fed her by hand to get her to eat. She does have some stress cause she does not really like the other cats, and most other people really. Lately Smitty has just been tormenting her. Vet says it can be cylical, and her body is not absorbing enough nutrients to keep weight.
So - she wants her to eat canned food with no beef, lamb or fish (fish is her fav too :() as far as any dry - she will eat the Z/D prescription diet. I know it is not popular, but surprisingly, the first 2 ingredients are chicken liver & chicken. No corn, no meals at all. She says it is hydrolized - the molecules are broken smaller so that the body can absorb the food better & easier on the digestive tract, and good for an allergy. It also has omega oils in it, which I have read are good for IBD. It is ridiculously expensive - $51 for an 8lb bag...yeah I almost dropped my jaw right off. I am trying to get her to eat more & more wet, which she is, but she is not an easy sell to go all wet food. Or to eat anything that is best for her.
When I look at these cans - the ones that I know she will eat - there is fish in it. She took a few bites of the NV rabbit the other day, but when I tried it again today - she looked at me like I had 2 heads. This part would not be so bad if she was not so darn picky. I looked at the foods listed on IBD kitties, and I have tried most of them at one point of another through the years with her, and she won't eat them. The vet gave me a list too - and she said Fromm & Evngers is very good. I know one time Maizy had the pheasant & liked it, so I will get some of that. I just want to cry, because I want to help her so much. The thing is that she has been bouncing around like nothing is wrong, so that is a good thing, At least until today, her 2nd day on prednisolone. I am not sure, can it make her not feel good? That is another thing I am freaking out about. I am reading that it can cause diabetes? She is to take 1/2 tab 2 times a day for 2 weeks, then go to 1/2 tab 1 time a day for 2 weeks, then 1/2 every other day. I am going to ask the dr about the other new med I just read about - starts with a b I think. I guess I just want to know if I am doing the right things. I feel guilty about not having the endoscopy - but right now, with Felix needing to be neutered, and then Tig will have his echo in Jan/Feb which is $300, it will take me time to save up - but then I think what if it is cancer, and I am wasting this time that she would be on chemo. I really feel strongly that it is not though. I am just so confused. At least what I have read seems like she should be able to be managed well, and will be ok for a long time. I have had this little girl since she was 1 week old, I am her momma literally. Does anyone have any ideas, or if you are dealing with IBD what has worked for you? vet said that a bad food allergy can be the culprit too..tell me what you think, please I need the input from my friends...a weary & worried momma Renee

ps - I did want to note that her fur is soft, shiny & sleek, her eyes are bright & clear - not sullen or an unkempt coat. She is quite her sassy self & has no problem yelling at me when I have not done her bidding. oh and also no diahhrea either at all - ever


xray scheduled

October 12th 2012 11:43 am
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I go for my xray on Tuesday afternoon. Mom is going to Petco tomorrow to really look at a bunch of food. One that I really seemed to like & stayed down is Halo chicken pate wet food. However it does have spinach in it. What to do... That is the bad thing, I am soooo picky - I know it makes mom crazy. I would love to eat the really cheap food too, but mom says NO! (I always try to tear open the bag of food that the outdoor kitties get)
Then we found out that if I do have IBD, the insurance mom applied for will not even accept me, as they refused Tigger with his heart condition. If it is an allergy, then they will take me. Mom is not sure how to even begin to check if it is an allergy to a food.....but aside from that I really act purrfectly fine, so that is good.



October 11th 2012 5:11 pm
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thanks for all your good thoughts. I will be going for my xray next week. Mom is even more convinced it is an allergy or IBD. Today we got a treat wet food - Friskies tuna with egg. It is not the best, but we all LOVE it & only get it once in a while every few months. Well, I ate mine, came in the kitchen and promptly gave it right back to mom on the floor. Mom also noticed that when the vet had me on the stupid prescription stuff cause my urine was concentrated - I would upchuck it more, and then I didn't want it. So that is why she took me off it & back to Nature's Variety. That could be why I lost cause I wouldn't eat it. I don't seem to get sick as much, but mom has noticed that with some of the wet food sometimes I spit up a little bit. This is gonna be really tough because I am UBER picky & refuse quite alot of foods. Mom says I am only gonna get the Nature's Variety for right now, that's it. We will let you know what the results are from the xray. Mom says she wished she could have just done it when we were there, but she did not have enough funds, and they will not let you pay later. So another trip for me. But thanks for the well wishes, they mean alot.


next step

October 9th 2012 1:43 pm
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well my blood work came out completely normal - no kidney issues, no liver issues, no infection..nuttin. Which are good things. So the vet wants to tke an xray, because she suspects either a food allergy or mild IBD - she also wants to rule out the C word - but mom is pretty positive that it is not that - I am bouncing around even more than usual, and happily smacking the boys whenever possible. For some reason, I do not smack Felix...I kinda seem to like the little fella. So mom is planning to make the appt this week or beginning of next as soon as the $ are there. We will keep you posted.


not sure what is up

October 5th 2012 2:34 pm
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Well, my weight stayed the same for a month - which is good - at least Mom thinks so. I don't act sick at all - I have been playing even more than usual too - bright eyed & bushy tail, so Mom doesn't know what to make of it - but it is best to be sure. The vet did a blood test today to see if it shows anything. Mom says depending on that if we do an xray. Hoping that they find nothing, or something with an easy fix.



August 27th 2012 7:46 am
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Mom saw me playing with the usurper. I was on the rocking chair seat, and he was under neath it. We were playing pawtap. Ok Mom I was attempting to smack the snot out of him...yeah that is it...never mind that I was also playing with him with the milk ring & chirped at him...I WAS NOT playing with the cute little...ahem the usurper. EESH MOM...I am the queen round here, all bow before me, even The Dad ...but Felix is pretty cute, somehow I find I cannot even growl at I save it for Smitty & Tigger instead....but this is NOT admitting weakness whatsoever....for...the...cute...little tyke... ahem HISSS. there see? I hiss therefore I am...sigh


another usurper

August 23rd 2012 3:05 pm
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I truly cannot believe that mom let yet ANOTHER usurper in my house. Although I guess he is not so bad...he dutifully gives me wide berth when he walks by as he should. He does not object when I eat the rest of his kitten food - he had best not...but he did inspire me to play with a milk ring again. The human sister that first brought me home was here from far away. We have special games of I growl at you but still let you pet me that we play & I always am sure to growl at her perfectly so that she knows I remember her. Mom was really happy for the time she was here. I must be sure to sleep by her tonite, cause sister went back to the far away place & mom was so very sad when she came back from the airport. Don't worry momma, I am here for always, and I will let you brush me to help you feel better. ok I will even try to be nice to that scrap of fur you insisted on letting come in here. purrs Her Royal Highness Miss Maizy Cat

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