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October 11th 2012 5:11 pm
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thanks for all your good thoughts. I will be going for my xray next week. Mom is even more convinced it is an allergy or IBD. Today we got a treat wet food - Friskies tuna with egg. It is not the best, but we all LOVE it & only get it once in a while every few months. Well, I ate mine, came in the kitchen and promptly gave it right back to mom on the floor. Mom also noticed that when the vet had me on the stupid prescription stuff cause my urine was concentrated - I would upchuck it more, and then I didn't want it. So that is why she took me off it & back to Nature's Variety. That could be why I lost cause I wouldn't eat it. I don't seem to get sick as much, but mom has noticed that with some of the wet food sometimes I spit up a little bit. This is gonna be really tough because I am UBER picky & refuse quite alot of foods. Mom says I am only gonna get the Nature's Variety for right now, that's it. We will let you know what the results are from the xray. Mom says she wished she could have just done it when we were there, but she did not have enough funds, and they will not let you pay later. So another trip for me. But thanks for the well wishes, they mean alot.


next step

October 9th 2012 1:43 pm
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well my blood work came out completely normal - no kidney issues, no liver issues, no infection..nuttin. Which are good things. So the vet wants to tke an xray, because she suspects either a food allergy or mild IBD - she also wants to rule out the C word - but mom is pretty positive that it is not that - I am bouncing around even more than usual, and happily smacking the boys whenever possible. For some reason, I do not smack Felix...I kinda seem to like the little fella. So mom is planning to make the appt this week or beginning of next as soon as the $ are there. We will keep you posted.


not sure what is up

October 5th 2012 2:34 pm
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Well, my weight stayed the same for a month - which is good - at least Mom thinks so. I don't act sick at all - I have been playing even more than usual too - bright eyed & bushy tail, so Mom doesn't know what to make of it - but it is best to be sure. The vet did a blood test today to see if it shows anything. Mom says depending on that if we do an xray. Hoping that they find nothing, or something with an easy fix.



August 27th 2012 7:46 am
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Mom saw me playing with the usurper. I was on the rocking chair seat, and he was under neath it. We were playing pawtap. Ok Mom I was attempting to smack the snot out of him...yeah that is it...never mind that I was also playing with him with the milk ring & chirped at him...I WAS NOT playing with the cute little...ahem the usurper. EESH MOM...I am the queen round here, all bow before me, even The Dad ...but Felix is pretty cute, somehow I find I cannot even growl at him...so I save it for Smitty & Tigger instead....but this is NOT admitting weakness whatsoever....for...the...cute...little tyke... ahem HISSS. there see? I hiss therefore I am...sigh


another usurper

August 23rd 2012 3:05 pm
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I truly cannot believe that mom let yet ANOTHER usurper in my house. Although I guess he is not so bad...he dutifully gives me wide berth when he walks by as he should. He does not object when I eat the rest of his kitten food - he had best not...but he did inspire me to play with a milk ring again. The human sister that first brought me home was here from far away. We have special games of I growl at you but still let you pet me that we play & I always am sure to growl at her perfectly so that she knows I remember her. Mom was really happy for the time she was here. I must be sure to sleep by her tonite, cause sister went back to the far away place & mom was so very sad when she came back from the airport. Don't worry momma, I am here for always, and I will let you brush me to help you feel better. ok I will even try to be nice to that scrap of fur you insisted on letting come in here. purrs Her Royal Highness Miss Maizy Cat


cake..I love cake....cakety cakety cake

August 5th 2012 11:29 am
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Thank you all our friends for the yummy cakes. I love cake - I just hear the word and you have my full attention. Did I mention I love cake? Mom tried to give some out to our pals, and the gift store would not load, and then the next day they were no longer free, and we do not have THAT many zealies. So please know we were going to deliver a bunch of catnip n tuna cakes, but could not. HISSHISS thanks so much though. sighhh cake....


Gotcha my sweet girl

June 10th 2012 8:01 am
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While this is a few days past your gotcha day, it still holds lots of love. Several times the beginning of that summer, human sister brought kitties home from work at the shelter to "watch" over the weekends. Of course they were all adorable. Then one day she walked in with this shoebox...that was making this little teeny mewing sound. She said "Mom, this one is only a week old. The guy that found her was trying to feed her, but it was too much for him so he brought her into the shelter, and without us, she won't make it..but it will be a long foster until she gets big enough to spay & go up for adoption." Well, I took 1 look under that blanket, and my heart melted. That little face, so scared & needing love....I was hooked right then. So we took turns every 2 hours, feeding you with an eye dropper. Then you learned to drink from a little bottle. I wiped your hiney to help you go potty, I cleaned your little face. Along the way, I totally fell completely in love with you. As you got bigger, your tough little personality came through. You growled when you ate, you stole a bite from a sandwich, and you definitely did not like very many people. We kept on loving you so you knew you did not have to growl, that food would always be there. Then came time for you to be spayed & to give you up. There was no way I was gonna let you go my sweet girl. When I took you to get spayed, I cried all the way home - I was afraid to leave you, that you would forget me. You were crying in the cage when I had to leave. I had to wait 2 days - what if something went wrong? what if they put you up for adoption instead of holding you for me? They were 2 of the longest days. When they brought you out to me, you mewed to me so loud, and grabbed my neck. Even the lady there got all teary as I cried holding on to you. As the years have gone by, I learned what you like, what you don't, where you like to be scritched the best. You made The Dad into a cat lover, and every night, you sleep right by my legs. I hope to have many many more years with you my sweet kitty-girl. You have brought such joy into my life, and even though I know you would probably be happy to be an only cat, you tolerate the boys just for me. Momma loves you so very much my Maizy-cat!


I forgive you Mom

June 8th 2012 12:29 pm
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Been a week since we were here. I had to celebrate my birthday late, because Mom & The Dad actually had the nerve to go on a short vacation for a few days. THEY LEFT ON MY BIRTHDAY!!! I did get wished a happy day, but comeon what about bowing to me all day? But momma says that things were so crazy at work, and between having 2 sick employees, and one of our trucks needing a major repair - they needed a BREAK. So I guess it was ok, cause Mom is much happier. A big big thank you to all my friends that sent lovely birthday gifts & wishes. Also for my GOTCHA day today! I was such a scared little teeny girl, and mom took such good care of me. I will always be grateful to the young man that found me & brought me to the shelter. I am sure I would not be here without that chain of events.
On other news, we are so upset to see more of our friends leaving in droves. I always thought it was the kitties that made it family, and mom doesn't pay so much attention to some of the garbage that graces the homepage now...but we miss our friends, and it is really hard to always try & visit all their separate pages & stuff. We only hope maybe some will come back. There are new little kitties coming on here that deserve to have a chance to see how great Catster is.....
But everyone has a right to how they feel... So again my friends thank you from the bottom of my furry heart for all your wishes!



May 25th 2012 6:21 am
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It is my turn to be the family spokescat. We wish all a wonderful start to the summer with this holiday weekend. Let us not forget what Memorial Day celebrates. Our men & women that have served and are now serving to help protect us all & keep us safe. Bless all those in any type of service. Mom's 2nd cousin is in the Navy, so we send Nick wishes too.
last but not least WOOHOOOO!!! SUMMER!!! break out the nipade! purrs!



May 11th 2012 11:09 am
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I want to wish every momma well. My momma is really the only momma I know. She took care of me since I was only about a week old, and has always loved me so much. I do my best to never growl at her - only at everyone else, and I sleep on her legs each nite to keep her warm. I help her eat cake or cheese nips when she has them, and always taste her glass of water to make sure it is not too cold. It is so good to have someone that loves you for who you are, and does not want to change you to somekitty you are not. purrs for my momma, and purrs to all of you sweet mommas out there!

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