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I lost my dining room!

May 25th 2013 4:59 pm
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Well, I aolways ALWAYS eat on Momma's dresser. I like it up high so I can glare at the boys while I eat. I could not go in there this afternoon. Momma says Felix needs quiet so he can rest. What? I am quiet..sometimes. I only screech at Smitty & Tig once in a while. I better be able to sleep on the bed, or else!


feelin fine!

May 23rd 2013 7:32 am
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I just had a blood test & things look just great! My potassium had been a bit low, the vet said it was from my IBD & the prednisolone. So I have had to take a supplement. Mom says it is an easy one, it gets crushed into my wet food, and has no taste so I eat it up. Too bad all the meds are not like that!
I was even nice & played with Felix a little bit. He likes to play with me because I don't pounce on him like the other two beasts. Although, he did get a smackety paw when I was done. We are all trying to be good for Momma.
and I send special mews & pawtaps to my sweet handsome Zekie. *blush*


yes it is I

April 20th 2013 3:23 pm
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I am doing great! The vet says that all my bloodwork is perfect, although I do have a low potassium level - vet says with IBD it is not uncommon. So I am taking a potassium supplement in my food. My teeth are great too! (that is why mom is so worried about Smitty) I haven't thrown up hardly at all. My weight has been holding good & I have more energy & playing like a kitten! I hope everyone is doing well - we missed everyone. Mom gots lots of pics, but with the basement, won't get to put them on our pages til next week.


quiet reflections

December 17th 2012 7:49 am
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I seem to be doing pretty good. I only vomited 1 time, and that is cause I snuck a few bites of someone else's food - whoops. I have been really good eating much more canned foods, and more variety of them. Mom is trying to give me more of that. I only have to take the prednisolone every other day, which is much better than every day. I have no desire to go on the new cat tree AT ALL. I like the little table by the window instead. Mom finally is putting up a few more pics. Hope that everyone is enjoying this beautiful but hectic time of year. Our prayers go out to all the families, and well, to all of us as surely everyone has been touched by the tragedy this weekend. Purrs to all


no pred

November 15th 2012 12:56 pm
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Yesterday I did not have the prednisolone, and after I ate dinner, I came into the kitchen and vomited it right back up. Today I take the pill. Mom says she is watching to see if I barf on the off-pill days. I must say that our new vet office has called several times to check on me & Felix too. Here's hoping it was a one time deal...


thank mews

November 13th 2012 2:49 pm
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MOm tried to thank everyone - but lost track of where she started, so I thank each & everyone for my gifties & well wishes. We are happy to say that all the fish foods are gone. Mom only had a couple cans left & did not want to waste them. Tomorrow I go to every other day with the prednisolone, so I guess that will tell. I hope I don;t have any barfies. Keeping good thoughts..... Oh mom did have a sample, and I loved this so much, she bought a bag. It is by Whole Pet, freeze dried chicken breast. Nothing else. Made in the USA. You can eat it crunchy or even rehydrate it. She did not think I would like it, but I adore it! So this way I can still get a treat. Me & Felix are the only ones that seem to like it, but hey more for me! And I guess I will share with the usurper. He is kinda growing on me - I only hiss at him halfheartedly now, and not always. Well, that i all for now!


I am all a flutter!

November 8th 2012 3:50 pm
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Boy another diary pick! Boy first on mommas birthday, then again today! I think things are leaning towards a food allergy - I got hold of a few bites of fish flavor food last weekend, and promptly yakked it up. This morning I snagged a bit of Felix's food, and it has some fish in it too, and well, same thing. Mom said that this new food I am eating seems to be making my coat so extra soft & silky. I am playful, and happy! So far so good! I will be weaning down the pred next week to 1/2 every other day, so we'll see how it goes. thanks again!!


holding steady

November 2nd 2012 6:07 am
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Mom took me in when she brought Felix in yesterday for a weigh in. My weight is the same. It is good that it did not go down, but Mom had hoped that I might have gained an ounce or two. But steady is good! I do want to thank everyone for their well wishes & gifties. We appreciate your good thoughts so much.



October 31st 2012 10:59 am
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Well, so far so good as far as barfies - NONE in 2 weeks, not even a hairball. Today my pred gets cut down to 1 time a day for another 2 weeks. Mom is running me in to the vet with Felix tomorrow, so I can get weighed ( she gotta get a baby scale) I guess that will tell. I like the food. Even though it is a prescription food, the 1st 2 ingreds are chicken & chicken liver. No corn. I also get some wet food - I will eat Natures Variety rabbit & chicken or Halo chicken. Mom cut me off cold turkey on ANY fish food which is my favorite & I loved it so much. So maybe it is a food allergy to fish??? I wonder if there is a way to know that without the endoscopy?
Anyways, I seem to be doing ok, and I want to truly thank eveyone for their PWTP & wishes & concern. I will be going back to the vet for an exam later next month too. I will post tomorrow how much I weigh. purrs!



October 19th 2012 11:13 am
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Mom thought I did not feel good yesterday - I was more quiet, and mom was so worried, but today is fine. I am myself. She keeps my food dish in her drawer, so that during the night if I am hungry, I can jump on the dresser & have a few bites.. So far I have not vomited or anything for a week. Now that mom has gotten over her initial freak-out, things will get better I am sure. Mom is looking into Care Credit & stuff, otherwise, she will really save & I should be able to get my test in December if things go well. Thanks for the encouraging words about the pred. Mom was worried that it would make me diabetic in a short time, and she has sad memories of a dog she had in high school that got diabetes, and had to be sent to the bridge because the medical advances were not there at that time & he was very sick - so it brought up sad memories. Mom is a "planner" and needs to realize that not everything is controllable right now, and it will be ok. I mean, I am not worried about anything except when to smack my brothers. We thank you for all the thoughts & purrs.
Anyone have any tips that would be great. This weekend my human brother is moving into an apartment, so mom is a little sad, as her baby is leaving the nest. But she says she will be scouring IBD Kitties & will be emailing Alex's momma. so again, I thank you so much.

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