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Tis Good to Be a Princess

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your cat eats that?

February 9th 2015 3:47 pm
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well, I really like people food, even though I don't get it much.

My favorites are

Cheeze Nips

I love to lick kalamata olives - it makes me insane

sweets - I hear the work CAKE and I am there! banana bread is the best though


The Queen of All

February 9th 2015 3:20 pm
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Hello to all our pals. Yes it has been a while. Momma has peeked in here & there, but we all know that sometimes things here work, and sometimes they don't. Honestly we got a bit frustrated, and there has been so much work to do, and some health issues & stuff round here, that Catster kinda took a back seat. Imagine how happy we were when popping in, to see that things will soon be revamped. None too soon, as I am sure we did lose many kitties that used to come here. Well, I am sure that we cannot comment on diaries ands such, so I wish to say hello to all, even though we were not here too much, our thoughts were of many of you - really truly they were. I hope the new year is going well for you all. The Kitty Quartet is doing well. Felix had some bad days with the cold and dampness, but he purrs like a freight train most times. He is still nervous around The Dad, but a tiny bit better. Smitty has dropped a few ounces, and looks better. Tigger has declared everything his as usual, and I well I will be approaching my 10th birthday in a few months. I really haven't slowed down either. I play when I choose, I smackety paw when I choose, and hiss easily - when I choose. I am now a chicken addict, and look out if Momma has cooked salmon. I am down to 1/4 of my prednisone every other day. That is about as far down as Momma can get it without me barfing. But that is better than 1/2 daily. The human sister is now in an apartment closer to her work, about 45 minutes away. Momma now has the room back as her office. Good & sad at the same time she says. We had wanted to try & send holiday cards out to our pals, but again, just did not get there. Momma is starting to feel better, and getting her old self back, so hopefully we will be here more, and the to-do list will get shorter. Well, again I wave my tiny paw to all of you, and send hugs to a certain mancat (you know who you are ahem my Zekie-poo) *blush* purrs from Maizy Cat



June 11th 2014 12:44 pm
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Well, another year of celebrations has passed for me. Momma cannot believe that I am 9 years old already. You would never know it, she tells me I am feisty, cranky, snarky & absoloutely adorable all at the same time. I wish to thank everyone for the birthday wishes, and also for the gotcha gifties. Things have been busy - our human girl came back from her temp job in Indiana, and brought a couple friends with, so we hosted a girl from Scotland, and a guy from Philly for almost a wekk, so we have been busy.
I had a great birthday - I got some rotisserie chicken...I LOVE it - my favorite. My gotcha day was good too. Momma can hardly beleive that it has been 9 years already. I pretty much rule the house as I am the princess around here. But that is ok. It is so funny, I know I have spoke of this before - The Dad was not a cat person before me. Not that he hated kitties or anything, just never had them. When I was fostered here, I was so little so it was 3 months before I could even get spayed. Well, Momma was already in love with me - He said "no you cannot keep the cat" well, we all see how that has panned out hmmm? I wore him down, and now each night I sit on the back of the couch behind his head & tap him until I get my ear rubs. He calls me his Chingie Girl....funny how a little kitten can make a big ol dude a mite mushy.... I do thank you all so much.
The end of next week shouls slow down some. Our girl will be leaving next week for a month in Malaysia. Momma also got wedding pics, so she can put one on our page so you can see!

loves from The Princess Miss Maizy-Cat Fuzzybutt Longtail


ahh Mother Nature you are soo naughty

February 19th 2014 9:30 am
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So on Monday, we got 8 inches of snow. Yesterday, it hit in the 40's and things are melting fast. Now by the weekend we will be back in the 20 mark. Yesterday morning, Momma was looking out the garden window over the sink about to take a sip of coffee, when she saw WATER ALL OVER the flat part of the window inside. Then upon looking up, where the window slants, water was pouring in. EEEEEEEK so she had to pull all the plants out, and pull the piece of linoleum up, and underneath it was soaked, and started to mildwey already. So Momma - Miss afraid of heights, did what she had to do, and got the rickety ladder out of the garage, and went up by the window to break all the chunks of ice off the gutter edge & the wondow edges. It seems that some of the icicles formed and ran along the outer edge of the window, then when it got cold again, it separated that part enough to where water came in. By doing that at least the water stopped. Much of the ice has melted, and will today also. Tomorrow we are to get rain - not a welcome thought - no where for the runoff to go. But it sure is nice to see the edges of the grass. Tigger has already started getting worked up about patrolling outside on his leash. He has gone out in the snow a few times, but his paws got cold & started to hurt so he could not play in the snow. The window in the kitchen is open a bit today to air the house out, so we will take turns sitting in it & sniffing for spring in the air. Momma made a grilled cheese & ham sandwich yesterday, so I got a bite of ham, but just a bite. It is the low sodium one too, so Momma said it was ok. I wanted more, but alas, my sad whiney face did not work. So I guess it was a good day for me, and isn't that what is important? me? I should be back this week with the Felix update, as soon as we hear anything. Such a relief that we do not have to say goodbye to everyone...ahhh time for a beauty nap my friends..,



February 17th 2014 2:23 pm
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GAHH! More snow...ENOUGH already- GAHHH! Supposed to get another 6 inches today. Our part of Chicago has gotten 67 inches of snow this winter. We get all the lake effect stuff besides the regular snow, as we are not that far from it. Then we will get some rain and near 40, but then next week back to 18. It is getting OLD. I know those of you on the East Coast are getting slammed as well- some even more than here. We are ready for some green!

We should hear about Felix from the specialist this week.

Mom has been worried so much about The Minions this winter. Even though we have the little houses for them. During these colder days, we even leave the garage door open enough that they can squeeze in there. We have a heated water bowl too. Sadly, it seems we have probably lost 2 of them. Momma has not seen either of them for at least 3 weeks, and mostly they all come once or twice a day. There are a couple that may be a day or so in between, but never this long. Fritz was very friendly and momma was going to try & get him into PAWS for adoption. Bunny is the other one. He was shy but sweet. Momma thought he was a she at first, but the name Bunny just stuck. We hope that if something bad happened, that they went peacefully. That is the thing with caring for a colony. You get attached to them also. But life happens, and you can only do what you can do. Hopefully this is the LAST snow of the season, and it will start to seem like spring round here.


Zekie is my sweet Valentine!

February 16th 2014 12:46 pm
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Ohh my sweet Zekie sent me a beautiful Valentine! I have been floating all day. We missed being here on actual Valentine's Day because Momma & The Dad went to the camping & RV show, and they found a small camper that is perfect! The current pop-up is a 1978 Starcraft. A bit vintage! Yesterday, our human brother came here, and there was a family dinner with both human children, and they sat in "their" seats so Momma felt like it was looking back in time & she was so happy! Then topping it off was my beautiful Valentine! Today it is sunny, and the snow is starting to melt a bit. And the weatherman is saying Thursday will be in the 50s...huh? weird. Momma does not want it that warm, because then it means all the snow melts, and if the ground is still frozen, then the water can go in the basement....not fun. The basement repairs & a new driveway are on the list of must do this spring. Not fun stuff, but has to be done. Even thought they say things are staying open here, Momma copied things, and we are still forgin ahead with this being my week. Momma said she will take a serious look at the groups we are in, and only sty in the ones that are active & that she can spend time with. It looks cool seeing abunch listed, but in the long run, if you cannot participate, it is not fair to anyone. I willcertainly stay in the Snuggles group - we gave a bunch of blankies to the wonderful place that took Pearl in & found her a home. This is something momma wants to do more of. This week will also be some updates on The Minions (momma's feral colony) purrs to all & a special purr & wink for my Valentine!


Fun? facts about Chicago

February 12th 2014 8:02 pm
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ok what with the good news spreading about Catster, I thought you might like some interesting facts that Momma heard on the news channel.

9 out of the last 10 weekends, we have had snow in Chicago
79% of the Great Lakes are covered in ice.
63% of Lake Michigan is iced up - unheard of!

They are using special boats to cut the ice up on Lake Michigan. Momma has lived in Chicago all her life (and she is not a young chick so she says) and has never seen it quite this bad with the cold.

I may be off a few points on those percentages, but well, a kitty girl cannot always be perfect, just most of the time.

Please keep a purr on your whiskers for my little bro Felix. He is facing some pretty hissy stuff and even though I would rather be left alone most of the time, I don't mind him as much as the other two brat-boys that pick on me.


our friend is gone

September 18th 2013 12:33 pm
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Purrs for our friend Avail 1034890. She made the Rainbow Bridge journey yesterday.


Will I never learn?

September 17th 2013 7:28 pm
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Oh boy did I get into MAJOR trouble Sunday. Mom has really put her foot down with my begging antics. I get no taste of ANYTHING anytime other than my food or treats. Well Mom taped the Bears game for The Dad, as he had to work a pancake fundraiser breakfast. He had just sat down on the couch with a nice cold glass of beer & some pizza to enjoy the game, when Mom hears "Maizy NO you cannot have any! Maizy GET DOWN! Maizy I said NO!" then there is the sound of a glass falling & The Dad gettin up, and words that get the idea. She hears "GET OUT NOW!" I come flying into the kitchen & shoot downstairs, and when Mom walked into the living room, there is The Dad's beer all over the floor, his pizza half off the plate, and a pretty upset Dad. I wanted that pizza & would not be deterred. So Mom had to clean the floor, the couch, get The Dad dry socks even, and some fresh pizza. It was a mess. I stayed out of the way all night. Mom was in the living room with The Dad later, and she points "look in the corner" I had creeped down the hall, and was peeping at THe Dad from there, but would not come into the living room. Of course by night-night time, I knew I was forgiven, cuz I got some good ear rubs. But I guess I better really start behaving like a lady... ulp


Let them - wait no! not them! let ME eat cake!

September 13th 2013 2:45 pm
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Well I am wreaking havoc in my middle years. Mom wrote last week in Felix's diary about our Annual End of Summer Shrimp Boil. Since my human brother was coming, and she misses him so much, Momma decided to make a coconut cake for dessert, cause he likes it. Well, the cake was on the counter, with the plastic snap-on lid not totally snapped on since it said to keep loosely covered. Well, when Momma came in from the screened porch to get dessert, guess who was dreamily licking the frosting off the corner? yeah me - that's right. "arrgh MAIZY!" "huh? what? it was cake!" ok so Momma ate that piece - no harm done. Now the lid is snapped on. During the night, she hears some rattling around. And now who has figured out how to UNSNAP the lid? of course my brilliance knows no bounds, and when I want cake, well I WANT CAKE NOW. ok, "eeek MAIZY!" so she put it in the fridge. Except it doesn't taste as good cold. It got moved & sat on top of the fridge a day or so, then Nana put the last couple o pieces in a glass dish with another snap on lid. ok this should be safe on the counter no? NO! This time, I got busted by gulp...THE DAD. Momma does not know what has gotten into me with this behavior. And I gulp down the stuff like I haven't eaten for weeks either. I was like this when I was a kitten - I had a serious food aggression issue, and I would literally jump on a lap to grab a bite of sandwich & run. But I grew out of it, and was fine until now. If someone gets up from their chair to get a drink or napkin or catsup - you get it, I will be on their seat eating their dinner (if it is what I like) faster than you can say catnip! So Mom has made any sweet stuff on the counter forbidden. sigh NOW what am I gonna do?! And Mom knows it is not good for me (even though it is a bit cute), but still NO NO NO MAIZY NO!) No is NOT part of my vocabulary, as a princess, all must bow before me... & offer their cake.

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