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Some thoughts from a kitty's perspective

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here is what I am doing - any thoughts?

July 28th 2013 4:00 pm
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here is the list of symptoms in case anyone has any ideas..Tig has been sneezing here & there. This morning he kind of was snorting like trying to clear his nose.Friday he seemed like he was trying to get up a hariball, but nothing came. I did find one a few days ago - the first he has NEVER had a hairball & he is 5. He rubs his nose with his paw but not constantly. He has shaken his head sometimes too. His eyes are not runny or red, just the 3rd eyelid. His nose is not wet either. I looked at his teeth, but I do not see anything. Vet looked at them Friday & did not say anything. If it was something bad like a nasal tumor or something wouldn;t it show in his blood test? I keep telling myself that so I don's start worrying even more. I really don't know whether to get him back in tomorrow or wait til Friday. Vet said it was ok to wait. I was hoping the toxoplasmosis test result would be in by then so he doesn't have to have a bunch of xrays - but maybe he should anyway..I am so very confused & worried about him I don't know what to do =-what the right thing is. When vet did the neuro check his left side was a little slower to respond, but how do I know it wasn't always like that? I just keep wondering if it is an ear or sinus thing, that would explain alot, but he has no discharge anywhere or fever. I will look up Horner's Syndrome. I don't know what else it could be...When he looks at me I am heartbroken for him. He seems miserable but yet he is acting pretty normal. aargh I just want all 4 of them healthy all at the same time!


the mystery continues...

July 26th 2013 12:37 pm
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well - all my blood work & urine tests are fine. Vet says nothing is sticking out signaling anything off. I already had a recheck appt for Friday next week, so she wants to do a whole body xray to check for anything showing in my spinal area...she is very thorough and starts at the top to be able to check off all the possibilities (= even more $). Hopefully by then the toxo results will be back too. Vet even said it could be a weird manifest of an inner ear infection. So momma has to monitor my temp cause if I spike a fever, they want me on antibiotics right way. So it is good news, and yet still a puzzle. I am eating & all just fine...but the 3rd eyelids are still showing. of course momma will do whatever is needed - I just don't want it to be anything really really bad. But thinking positively if it was, it would have shown something in my lab tests. So see Jasper? your angel powers are working already! Thanks my friends.


seriously...does it ever end?

July 25th 2013 7:40 pm
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I went to the vet today. Over the weekend my third eyelid started showing & by Monday it was over half my eye. The vet had no open appts until today. Mom started me Monday on some lysine - figuring it might be allergies. It is better than it was & is real good in the mornings, but seems to worsen by night time. Doc thinks it might be neurological, as I am showing some weakness on one side - not alot, but something. My eyes are not inflamed or irritated so she does not think it is allergies. So my blood was stolen along with stuff I leave in the litterbox to check for any kinds of virus or parasite that could be causing this. Even though I go outside on a harness, vet said it is possible to pick something up. I don't wanna give up my walkies! I stand nice & still to get my harness on & I love to roll on the patio & doze on the warm concrete in the sun after I patrol. So far at least the poopie came out negative - blood work results tomorrow. I even got tested for toxoplasmosis which takes 7 days. Mom is upset that it is her fault for letting me go out on my walkies if I caught something. But part of the reason she does is that I love it so much & it keeps me calm - which is a good thing for a heart kitty. Plus - with heart disease, well - without saying it, momma wants me to have a happy life for as many years as I will be here - which I plan to be alot! Vet said my heart sounds good & my echo test for that is in 2 weeks. So at this point doc didn't want to give me any meds until she knows what is going on. Here's hoping that everything is negative & it just goes away....we all just need a break round here from bad crummy news. purrs please? they always help just in case! Jasper - get ready for guardian duty my friend!


right quick

July 18th 2013 3:20 pm
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Firstly thank yous from us all for the pretty fireworks! Of course we missed them totally. People around here had so many boomers, it really sounded like a war zone all night. Sorry we have not been around lately - so much has been happening. Mom is trying to move her office upstairs into human brother's old room. She has been sad & yet happy to get the room. The Dad resanded the hardwood floor & mom has been trying to decide on paint color. Feeling sad that repainting it was letting go of the boy..even though he is 25...he is still her baby.. Then some big upsets at work. Her & The Dad had to fire an employee that was trusted and it was found out did ALOT of bad stuff behind their backs, and called mom some not so nice stuff - so it was very hurtful & stressful. We will be back, but taking a bit more time to get things together. Purrs for all we miss you.


A week from H@LL

June 18th 2013 8:47 am
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I am going to let Momma tell you bout this stuff. It is long, but she gots alot to say. All I know is that she had been majorly upset & not herself all week, but now she is ok.

Hello All - I wanted to tell you what happened the past week, as I know anyone here will totally "get it" & to share the tail (lol). I did not say anything about this earlier, because I was so freakin' upset & at the point of not being able to function, & I could not face the way I thought things would end.

As you may know, I am a caretaker for a little colony of 9. I know my outside kitties well - their particular "meows" (the ones that do speak to me),their markings, who comes for breakfast, dinner or both. They are all neutered/spayed except 1 which will be remedied as soon as I can catch Bunny - the little stinker. When I bring their food out, they see me & gather, but I always call "kiiitty kiitty kitty" in the same sing-song - different than the way I call my own kits.
Last Sunday, I did not see either Fluff or Peanut. Then again Monday. With Fluff, I wasn't too concerned, because she roams alot & doesn't show up every day. Peanut sometimes will miss a day, but she is a breakfast girl. Tuesday evening, I gave the crew their dinner, still no Peanut. I walked over by my fence as I have a HUGE mini rose bush that has blessed me with a full blown bloom that smells beyond belief. I was sniffing & I heard it...mew meow mew. I used the call, mew mew mew. THERE.IS.A.CAT.IN.THE.NEIGHBOR'S.GARAGE. It was late - nothing I could do. These neighbors are not exactly from Mr. Roger's need I say more...So Wed am - heard it again. I see the guy a few hours later & tell him "Sorry to bother you, but I am pretty sure one of my stray (can't use the word feral - they wouldn't know what it meant) cats is in your garage. He says "ok I will leave the big door open" GREAT! but then he lets his little yappy dog out, goes back & forth - no cat is gonna come out. I am praying - he closes the door after about an hour. High hopes, next morning I did not hear anything - that night "meowmeow" ARGGH! They are gone next day - nothing I can do. I am now freaking as in "I KNOW it is Peanut - no food no water she is going to die" All I can think about constantly is her & I do not even have to tell you the pictures in my head. Friday they are gone. I now cannot eat, my stomach is in ulcer mode. I hear this little cry "she is calling me to help her & I can't do anything, how is she still alive?" I call The Dad outside - "tell me you hear the cat that I am not insane" yep he hears it. He flips the fence & looks in all the garbage cans just in case. All I can do is wait for them to come back home & get myself even sicker. No food No water now for 6 days...she can't be alive anymore. The Dad & my Mom say "you have done all you could - maybe she caught a mouse in there. You can't break in their garage & they have an alarm." They get it, and it is the truth. Saturday morning, I bring out breakfast & go by the fence..."meow meow" A few hours later, I see them come home. I am out the door faster than you can imagine. "Please the cat is still in the garage, can I set a trap?" She opens the side door "I don't see anything are you sure?" I say "Yes I heard it about an hour ago, and she would be too scared to come out" She relents & says I can set the trap. Ok in my haste & hysteria I set the trap with food, but did not cover it with a towel & set it hair trigger. (this thought comes to me at about 2am as I lay awake for ANOTHER night) I think she must have caught a mouse cause with the amount of CRAP (insert other word) that is in here, there must be mice. She says "don't put a bunch of food in there, don't waste it on that thing" I hold my tounge...truly- I needed to keep the bread buttered. I offer to give her some extra hostas, I comment on how pretty the LILIES she has planted in her pot. She says that Sunday they are having a party. I figure for sure I will have a cat in the trap. I am up with the chickens Sunday morning watching out my kitchen window until I see them open the garage & they are looking at the trap. I basically went out the window "any luck?" "No but something ate that food - and it wasn't me!" seriously? "ok so we know she is still there - can I reset the trap?" Well we are gonna be bbq all day" "can I set it after your party? let me know" Then they leave for most of the morning & early afternoon. ARRGH I could have set it!! Then their party starts. They are not quiet people. The big door is open, but I know she is not gonna come out. By night time, they are a little quieter, door is open but they have a radio on in the garage. I am praying again..please slink out. Their party is going late. I cannot stay outside any more, and I risk pissing her off if I interrupt. I cannot even eat the Father's Day special dinner I made The Dad. He is upset that I am making myself sick "you cannot do anything more" Monday morning I see no Peanut, so I KNOW she is still in there. I go by the fence figuring I would not hear anything - she is dead. I stare at the garage that will become her tomb - dramatic I know. meow meow. OK if I do not get her out TODAY she will die. I know it - I am at psycho point. I am trying to work (ha) and watching to see someone come home. The Dad & I are in the yard working, I am looking at that door every 5 minutes. I turn for 1 second, and someone opens the door & lets the stupid dog out (I like dogs - this one is a pain in the A**) ok I am standing sentinel by the fence - OPEN THE DOOR OPEN THE DOOR. boom I see the door open, and I am waving. He comes out, and I say "please let me reset the trap - the cat is still in there I heard it I am not crazy & I KNOW you do not want a rotting dead cat carcass in your garage" (I said what I had to) He says "o gosh no come over" I almost vault over the fence - I am armed with a towel, paper, and a can of stinky ocean fish food. I say "just open the side door, then it will be quiet:" I briefly mention that I have caught them all & had them fixed so we won't have kittens running all over - to which he says that is good. He seems to care more than his wife. There is crap stacked on top of my trap already in 1 day. I put paper down, open the can, readying the trap, and I see out pf the corner of my eye, Peanut poke her head out. She looks scared & filthy & hungry. I try to keep calm, she starts to go into the trap while I am holding the door. I get too excited & drop the door too fast - she back out. DAMMIT. I tell him "see - now you know I am not crazy" I figure I will set the trap. he says "hey there she is by that chair, I am gonna open the big door half way, maybe it will run out" ok I take the can & go stand between the 2 cars about 6 feet from the door. Here she is..come on Peanut come on. I set the can down & back up. She comes out & starts eating out of the can. "ok close the door" the door noise scared her & she shoots down their drive - but SHE IS OUT!!! I thank him I clean my mess & I am shaking. He says "I am glad it is out I thought I smelled something in here" (Really what with all the mildew smell & piles of crap?) I go flying down the drive over to my yard, fly in the door & take the rest of the food & mix a bunch of water in, go outside & wait. There she comes into my yard & meowing at me. She is filthy, but not as thin as I would have thought - musta found mice in there. She eats, she looks at me & goes under the bush to nap & start cleaning her pretty white feet. I giver her some more food - the kind I give mine - she deserves it! I am so overwhelmed at this point I start sobbing. Hubby says 'good now you can smile again,HEY PEANUT STAY IN THE YARD WILL YA!" This morning, happy to report she was waiting under the rose bush for breakfast & I slept last night for the first time in a week. It is something how even if you cannot touch them, they still become a part of you. oh and who else showed up for breakfast? you guessed it, Fluff. Thank you for reading my novel.
All is well with the world.


bye to our friend

June 5th 2013 3:32 pm
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We lost one of our goody friends, Charlie. He got sick very fast, and he tried real hard to stay with his family, but he just got so very tired. We know he did not want to leave, but sometimes as much as we want to stay, we cannot. He only got to be in his very own home for a year after being on the mean streets for so long - it sure is not fair. Fly free and get them birdies dear Charlie. You will be missed so very much.


why thanks!

June 2nd 2013 6:22 pm
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thanks for the DDP! Momma & The Dad went camping this weekend, and Nana watched over us. Sad to say that we take complete advantage of her when Momma is gone. But I don't think she minds that Nana spoils us when she is gone. Felix gets his stitches out tomorrow. Apparently he jumped off the lower level of the cat tree while Nana was on the phone & she could not get to him fast enough to help him down first. She is so very upset that happened. But Momma had a thick blanket on the floor right there just in case,so that is actually what he jumped on & it was not that far. Mom is worried though because his leg looks a little swollen - it could be how it heals though too. But the vet will see it & take an xray. She gave him 1/2 doase of the tramadol on his ear, but he was licking his lips alot. He did eat some, and stopped doing it. Not sure whether to continue giving it to him or not...
Anyways it is getting to ne snack time around here, so meow at ya laterz!


my brudder

May 25th 2013 4:56 pm
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Momma brought Felix home today. He smells funny, and looks strange - he gots a naked leg! And he has the cone of shame...I had one when I had a catheter in my boy part...eeehhhh don't wanna think bout that any more. I wanna go in the bedroom but Momma says "no Tig, you watch the door" maybe I can see him tomorrow...


Felix vet

May 21st 2013 11:29 am
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For those that are my pals, but not Felix's yet, there is an update on his diary - dr is Fri


my little brudder

May 18th 2013 12:58 pm
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Please keep my little brudder Felix in your purrs. He is facing some major surgeries, you can read all about it in his diary. We all have our paws crossed for him.

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