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September 30th 2013 6:44 am
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Just wanted to let ya know we will be awol til next Wed. Momma has to give a few things some full attention. See ya next week!


Momma misses Pearl

September 28th 2013 3:55 pm
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So there was a new kitten outside for a few days. Not part of the colony, definitely NOT feral. Momma says she acted just like I did when found home. Sweet little grey girl with green eyes & a huge purr. Why she climbed right up Momma's leg to get snuggles. Now of course Momma wanted to keep her. But honestly as much as the heart wanted this - and Momma wanted it BAD Momma knew that with Felix's issues & I am uptight enough with adding Felix & seeing the ferals outside sometimes, & our Nana not being up to snuff, now was not a good time to have another kitten, nor to really afford one. We get no $ help for the ferals, and them 12 eat ALOT. Momma hated to just TNR Pearl as the other colony kitties were picking on her and she is so sweet - well she deserves a family to love her. After many calls & emails, Momma found a wonderful place that is cageless & no kill - in a big bright beautiful home on the north side of Chicago, that would take her. What a nice place it is - & believe me Momma inspected it. The kitties have a floor of the home for themselves with tons of big windows & perches & beds. They all looked HAPPY. & the place was so clean no smells at all - even in the isolation room. The lady there said "please do not worry - I promise I will find her a good home, and she will be happy here until she finds just the right place" As a matter of fact, after Pearl has a day or two of antibiotics & a bath, she will get to play in the kitten room with other babies for friends! There are 3 kittens just waiting to play with Pearl that someone left on the lady's back step in a bag...can you beleive that? The lady there is also friends with the lady that runs the TNR program Mom is registered with, so for sure we know it is an A-OK place. Momma of course cried the entire time, and is still crying & would go back to get her in a second. Amazing how in 6 days, they are in your heart. It hurts so much Momma says, but it was the right thing to do. Now, go have a wonderful life sweet little Pearly-girl! and more new kitties come in the yard - it is just too hard for Momma.



September 20th 2013 9:38 am
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thanks mateys to all who sent us piratey flags. If'n we missed sending ya one, please accept arrrr apologies. First Mate Momma went about sending them kinda wierd. We really need to corral people so we get gifties to our friends. Sadly some kitties on our pals list have been long gone for years. A couple left right away years ago. I am surrrre this be the same furr allus you scalawags. So I be sending the tankees for allus 4 seafaring catkins. Aye be having a good weekend to ya all arrr



September 18th 2013 12:32 pm
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Our friend Avail 1034890 lost her fight with mammary cancer yesterday. She was a very strong special girl.


it's all good

September 17th 2013 7:37 pm
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Aside from Maizy really causing some trouble, all has been good. I have had no more problems with my eyes or sneezing, and my ears are all clean. Very curious thing indeed. We celebrated Nana's birthday yesterday. Mom found her a CD with pretty music & birds singing & chirping in it. It kinda made me hungry....
Momma took her out for dinner & they got dessert there so that there would be NO CAKE here. HAHA Maizy. I don't get it. I really do not like people food at all, except I will lick butter if I can get my paws on it. I was running & jumping the other day so funny that Momma was really laughing at my antics. Some days you feel like a the candy-bar advert says! I am not sure when I go back to the vet - Mom is in no hurry, just when my regular scheduled visit will be. FINE BY ME! Happy Talk like a pirate day! ARRGH!


gotcha & YAHOOO!!!

September 4th 2013 2:23 pm
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Well I must say a big thank you to all of you for your wishes & gifties for my gotcha day. I had a good day - I dozed on Nana's bed while she played swinging 50s music, I got some Merrick Surf & Turf food for dinner, and I got a few licks of vanilla ice cream, just a few though.

Now for the YAHOO! apparently whatever I had has now run it's course. My eyes are fine, The 3rd eyelid has not shown since Sunday and I am acting my normal self. Several times mom cleaned out my 1 ear - it had a bunch of brown wax ewww. So perhaps it was an infection, perhaps I just had a clogged ear...maybe the litter...the best thing is that I am finally ok - no more sneezles, or red eyes & feeling fine! Thanks you for all the thoughts and purrs & PTOP you sent my way. It was so nice to know everyone cared about me.

well my sweet boy - I can hardly believe that 5 years have gone by since you launched yourself at me that special day. I know that some magical power was in motion to bring you here, so that I could be your Momma. I love all of my kitties with all my heart, but you Tig are my soul-kitty. We have a language you & I that only we know, and you always know when I need you, and every night, I know you are there next to me, keeping watch in case I need a belly to rub. We have been through a lot together, and I almost lost you more than once. You never fail to bring a smile to my face when you look at me with your "love you Momma" face. I look forward to many more years with you my furry little boy, as you are such a part of me forever. Love you my Tiggie-too



August 22nd 2013 3:52 pm
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I dunno anymore. I guess I am doing better - I still have sneezing bouts - this morning I must have sneezed 6 -7 times in a row, and both 3rd eyelids still fluctuate - perhaps a bit less than before. I got sick to my tummy 2 times yesterday, momma thinks it may be from the baytril. I get it at dinner time & I still have 5 more days to take it. She didn't give it to me yet today, and she wasn't home to call the vet - so maybe no pill tonite to let my tummy feel better. My ears look ok now, the one was pretty icky looking, but now looks normal. So really no idea what the heck was/is wrong. I get to try the Dr. Elsey's litter when momma goes to get our noms. The Swheat Scoop is not bad, but meh not so good with 4 kitties. I wish TidyCat came unscented - but we cannot find it if it does - they just add MORE smells to it instead. Momma has run out of ideas what else it could be. The hardwood floors get cleaned with Murphy's soap - no harsh chemicals there. All our beds get washed (momma uses All Free & Clear cus she has allergies too) So I guess we are still thinking it was an inner ear infection. I am supposed to go back to the vet when I finish my I guess I am not worse, but not back to normal either...I will say that the vet office has been calling every few days to check on me, which is nice even though there really is not a huge change. Anyhows I truly thank everyone for the gifties & wishes. Momma is just frustrated is all, and yet there is not much more to do but wait & see.



August 14th 2013 2:22 pm
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I think I am doing better. The last 2 days, I did some major running around the house like a wild man. Momma said it sounded like a herd of horses upstairs. My 3rd eyelids are still visible on & off. No pattern, very random, and it is still anywhere from a little bit to covering half my eyes. I am still sneezing here & there, and over the weekend Momma saw alot of brown dirt/wax in my ear & cleaned it out 2 times. This is leading her to believe that it is an inner ear infection from the start, or from the litter. We have this Swheat scoop stuff - Momma is not sure if she likes it or not... I still have another week of Baytril, so we will just see when it is finished. Oh man & I got to have some Merrick surf & turf! mmmmm meee likee! Hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for the gifties - mom will catch up on the rest of them in a day or so.



August 8th 2013 7:22 pm
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Got some good news - my annual echo on my heart is good news. My cardiologist says that it is unchanged from last year, and that means that it is a bit better now than when I was first diagnosed in 2009! Now, still the puzzlement & momma is kinda ticked. The panel for tick borne diseases came back negative - excellent. So now Dr says that the neurologic exam she gave me today is showing improvement, and my eyes are a teeny bit better. So that is leading her towards an inner ear infection - which to know for sure I would need a skull xray but would need to be anesthetized. What has momma ticked is that when she agreed to have me asleep for a FULL BODY XRAY that it would include my skull right? especially cause the inner ear infection was brought up before. Well momma says no way with the xray - why should she pay for me to be asleep again? and if it is getting better and I am to be on Baytril for another 2 weeks - we will wait & see. The cardiologist mentioned that the other thing it could be is high blood pressure. Dr would not take it today because I was too upset & had too much done & it would be a false high. It does not matter if I go in next week, I will still be upset. Plus they seem to kinda act like there is nothing else but to run there every other day. Momma does have to work & has other appts. So her theory is that if the baytril is supposedly working we will wait & see. On another note, I went downstairs to go potty & 1 box still has the old litter (ran out) and I came up sneezing & watery eyes again. So maybe the infection gets irritated by the litter. Who knows - Momma is exhausted trying to figure this out & I sure am too. After the 2 weeks, then there will be a re-evaluation, maybe try another opinion. We are sure glad that at least I know that aside from this I am a pretty healthy dude, and that my heart disease is well under control. So momma says let's focus on all the positives, and not worry. I am just glad I don't have to go back to the doctor for a little while!


triple scoop!

August 7th 2013 12:25 pm
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Wow a triple Scoop-o-Tig DDP! Thank you for the sweet gifts & thoughts. I haven' found any piddle out of the box today (so far so good) Now his eyes are a little watery, but not to the point of teary. The 3rd eyelid kind of didn't seem as bad last night. I dumped all the boxes & scrubbed them with dish soap & hot water as I usually do, but this time I poured a little vinegar in & rinsed that out. I put them outside to dry in the sun. I had to use some Fresh Step because I was not feeling well yesterday & could not get to the store. I am taking the full container of the TidyCat with the silver lid back to Target. Going to try the Sweet Scoop - it is just hard with 5 boxes/4 kits - lots o litter to buy at a higher price. If it works though, I don't care. Other than that, he has sneezed only once yesterday (3-4 sneezles in a row) & once today. Still haven't heard about the last set of blood tests. He goes for his heart ultrasound in the morning, which I hope will show all is well - I NEED that good news. Maybe this will end up as some fluke reaction to the stupid litter....I was using the walnut litter along with TC, but that just got too expensive. I have used the blue lid TidyCat for years - then they didn't have it at Target, only this stupid silver lid one with Glade fragrance. Funny thing is that it does not have a strong smell to me, but maybe it is something in that fragrance...well - I will post once I have his results tomorrow. hugs from Tiggie's momma

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