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February 12th 2014 7:48 pm
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Well - what a Valentine gift did we all get? It does a whisker good to know that even though we are tiny, that our purrs were heard. Things may be a bit different, but that is ok, we will still have our core. Which is what Catster was/is all about OUR CORE. But let us not forget the folks that worked very hard to try & make a new place for us to go. We do not want to abandon them either, their work was not for nothing. Now we need to remember not to take things for granted - we kind of did. Not that y'all must be here everyday, but if everyone tries a bit, it will all be good. The funny thing is that originally Momma was going to delete us kits one at a time after our spotlite week, but something inside said wait, just in case. I am so glad for her to be right/wrong? whatever YAHOO CATSTER!!! and thank you Say Media for FINALLY responding to some very determined kits & pups!!! (yahoo for you pupkins too!) I know we can sleep a tiny bit better tonite.....MEOWSKA!!!


and also

January 31st 2014 1:37 pm
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true to my bouncy trouncy loudmouth self, I will be back with the last word before they flip the switch on our community.....
next week is Feefer's turn, then Smitty, then Maizy & last but not least, my last meows & then I will be like Jay Leno, and walk away gracefully


switching ranks

January 30th 2014 3:14 pm
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Well, next week will be Felix's turn to write. He hasn't had much opportunities to do so, as I am pretty much the loudmouth around here - but Mom wanted us each to have one last chance on Catster. Ulp, I almost couldn't even type that - the inevitable seems to be looming closer. I wish we would have had more time to visit our groups - there were just so many & with 4 of us, that part was hard to keep up on. I know that with many of you, our paths will not cross again, and my family wishes you all the best of happiness. Some of you, we will see in other locations, and a few more we will stay in close touch with. But before it gets too close to deleting our pages, and Momma gets more emotional, we really wanted to say thank you. Thank you for being our friends, and for the support, comments and care that you have shown us these past years. Momma learned so much from this site, and from many of you. It is sad that that wisdom will be silenced, and I am sad for the kitties that will not get the help they need, because we will not be here to help them. Please, if you have not given me your email, and wish to, send me a pawmail or email so I can have yours too. Momma set up that email just for Catster pals & for kitty sites. I almost forgot, I haven't sent any thankees for all the gifties, so thankee! nor have we sent any. Next week, Felix will be doling some out, our goal is to have zero balance. Don't forget to say hey to Felix now - ok?


what the heck

January 27th 2014 8:45 pm
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I do not know if it is Momma's internet, or this site, but pages are loading so hissing back tomorrow to try again. We will be signing in on petster & furry families along with here kitty. The bad thing, and I don;t want it so sound mean, is that now there are so many sites that everyone is spreading to, we won't be able to sign on all of them. Mom is not going to delete our pages until March 2. in the slight chance that the calvary comes in to save the day. back later when these stupid pages load better hiss again!


quick hey

January 22nd 2014 1:52 pm
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just popped in for a minute. Today is the human brother's 26th birthday, so Mom is celebrating. Starting to plan the wedding shower. Mom says how in the heck did my little boy grow up so fast?
Momma needed to take a couple days to calm down about this site closure business, She was so stressed & upset, that I could tell & started spraying again. So she had to chill out big time so that I would calm down. We will be here tomorrow & over the weekend to say hey & stuff, and to start copying our pages. I hate the thought of not seeing "you have a comment" or stuff in my email inbox...
Who knows, maybe this will be saved at the last minute. Enough people are surely upset about it. Does anyone know if the "powers that be" are aware of us? I know the mods are, but they can only do what they can do. Just curious if anyone has heard us Hortons "YOP!"


it worked to save my page!

January 18th 2014 1:27 pm
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I tried Samoa's link

I then opened Tig's page, and saved it. I have Adobe already, so I saved as a PDF & was able to open it boom full color. At least it is something!


back to business

January 18th 2014 12:48 pm
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ok - after a HUGE major freakout yesterday, as I am sure many of us did - I decided that all I can do is what I can do. I signed the petition, I will email Say, but forward, I will do this:

I am posting as usual, and will post the sites I joined everywhere so anyone that wants to still hang out with us knows where we iz. I thought hard about this part, and for the four weeks of February, I am letting each kitty have a week for them. At the end of that week, I will delete their page. Moving backwards, so Felix will be first. Tigger, being the Quartet's loudest & bounciest will stay til the end as he was the first to sign up. It will break my heart to delete those pages, but it will be on MY TERMS, not some corporate wipeoff. I still do not understand why this happened, but in life I guess we always do not understand why. I didn't even get a chance to send thanks to all for the Christmas trees, and cakes, and hugs. I would maybe try to start a blog, but I have no idea even how to do it. Maybe someone can give me a few directions. In the meantime, I joined Macy's site, and will join cathugger. I still am on the fence about FB - but always please email me & I will keep in touch with you! The sad thing is that I am sure many have already left without knowing where we are all trying to gather. I know there are some of you that I may lose touch with, maybe you are done with all this & just want to move on...that is ok, you will always be in my heart. Those that will be a part of our new starts, well yahoo pals! I want to share a poem that I have posted on my fridge that has gotten me through many a ssad day

Though no one can go back in time and make a brand-new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand-new ending. Anonymous

So my friends let's go make that brand new ending...ok? We are united, we are strong we are awesome...why? because we are owned by a cat...or two..or three..or four... or...well you get it! Paws Up! The Tigman & momma Renee


hey pals - join here!

January 17th 2014 9:07 pm
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hangin out at the late show, & saw that Macy started an awesome site for us, and we joined already COME ON!

I think we will join also and there is another one I wrote down & will post later


ok here goes

January 17th 2014 8:01 pm
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After spending most of my day not even being able to work, I thought about what I wanted to say here. I will be here until March 1, and then, like Xena's mom, I will delete my pages. Not any one else. ME. Funny, I joined about a week ago, just to check it out. Pretty ironic now. The bad thing is that there are soooo many sites. We need to kinda find one that alot of us can join so we can see each other. Forgive my rambling, but I have so much to say. Firstly, Catster saved Tigger's life - literally. I had just gotten the diagnosis of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and was so scared, so worried. I did a search on it, and posts from our pal Bumpurr came up. I joined Catster on the spot. Then between reading & learning, I knew when Tig had blocked, what it was & what I had to do, and my baby made it. The past few months have been crazy, so I have not been here as much, and I do admit I did not get to visit our groups much - so many & with 4 kits - whew! Some people may think me silly, but I have grown so close to many of you. I went to bed with a prayer for your sick kitties, I cried with those of you that lost your baby, and was joyful when a sick little one recovered. I laughed at so many of your stories & jokes, and high fived you when you brought a new kit into your hearts. You have shared so much with me, and were there for us so many times, whether you knew it or not. I will update one last time at least on the rest of the quartet, but I will be trying to figure out how to save my stuff. While it will be great to visit everyone's blogs - I am not sure about FB - the thing I will miss is being able to comment in your diaries or on the forums. I tried to give a little advice here & there to help someone just as I was helped. Or to give encouragement on the get well forum. We won't have that anymore. I also feel bad for the article writers. They do their best, and while I did not read them all - once we are all off the site, what will really happen here? I will not return, for the principle of it - there is no point as it will not be Catster anymore. I just wish that the "powers that be" would have listened to us & gave us a chance - but money rules over heart so many times. Working from home, I am alone alot, (although many a times I have a cat-butt in my face while they dance across my keyboard!)and many gloomy days, I would log on to be cheered up. Now I feel like I have just lost so much.
Also I think I saw in Samoa's diary how to save your whole page. I was never savvy enough to make ours pretty, but I always liked to see how you all did yours. That too I will miss. I am off to hit The Late Show & see what is up there.

To my friends that maybe I did not see too much, I wish you all well, and you will always have a place in my heart. To the friends that I talk with a bit more, and really anyone that wants to stay in touch with us, here is our email again. PLEASE send us a line, and where you may be going or if & when you have a blog or if you are only on FB. We all need a chance to try & connect. You are too important to me to let go. I will end this diary with this; I was and still am PROUD to be a Catster Member & part of our little family. Loves to you all. Gentle pawtaps from Renee, Tigger, Maizy, Smitty & Felix.



January 17th 2014 8:06 am
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I will be back later today with more thoughts on this, because I am just too upset right now. But PLEASE if you want to keep in touch with me & the kitty quartet, here is our email. Also want to find out where everyone might be going?! PLEASE we do not want to lose our friends! I will be back to update on the kits and to try & save our stuff .

Momma Renee's email

put catster in the subject in case it goes to spam, as I check my spam for valid emails


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