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Some thoughts from a kitty's perspective

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your cat eats that?

February 9th 2015 3:44 pm
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I am playing along with Meeps game

I like a few laps of milk if Momma has cereal, and I like iceberg lettuce. If I could get away with it, I would eat corn husks, but Momma says NO!!! I love cat grass, but that is not really unusual- so I guess the lettuce is the odd one.

Hey buds - I miss you all!


poppin in

December 27th 2014 4:20 pm
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hey thanks from us all for any gifts from our pals. IT is pretty sad that here is Momma on a Saturday night, working. But it is that backed up. Had a good holiday. The human brother was here & they had ribs & shrimp. We got some nice treats to try. Momma says they are grain free & made in US - all I know is that they are YUMMMO. We was fightin over em. Maizy got into trouble today, cause Momma happened to turn in her office chair, which then faces the kitchen, and Maisy was on the counter, with HER HEAD IN THE COOKIE CONTAINER licking powedered sugar off a cookie. So trying hard not to laugh - she was scooted off the counter, cookie removed, and containers checked for seal. A few minutes later, Momma hears a thud, and there is Maiy now trying to bite the lid & pull it off! That girl likes her sweet stuff. So now the containers have a heavy weight on them so they cannot be opened. Man, that makes me look like an angel.....Happy New Year to All!!!


Meowry Catmas

December 16th 2014 2:50 pm
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Hey all - busy, hectic, whirlwind
these words describe things around here lately. Momma has too much list, and not enough time. For some reason too she is waay behind on everything (including purchasing me gifties) so this will be short. (and she is the kind that has shopping done before turkeyday)
We luvs all our pals and our soon to be pals. Hope that the holidays, whichever you may celebrate bring you all peace and joy in your heart. May the new year bring us all a fresh start and some funds would be nice too. Just in case we aren't able to get back on here before the big day. We think of you all the time, and hopefully, soon will be able to get back here more regularly. Things have just gotten too big to deal with, and Momma needs help, but cannot hire another office person. So it will be work all night a few days - THe Dad has hardly even been home due to working so much. Anymeow
We have been having a ton of fun this year - The Dad did not have time to go & get a humungus tree, so Momma & human sister went to Menards and found a nice little balsam for $24 bucks, and decorated it with the "northwoods" ornaments. That stuff usually goes on a tree in the basement, but Momma said let's mix it up & go with what is easeir than all the other individual wrapped ones, etc. So in an hour they were done. Now the tree skirt for this looks like birch bark and has a couple moose on it. IT. SLIDES. ALOT. So I can tear through the kitchen around the corner and hit that thing & whoosh! slide. Every morning, Momma has to un crunkle it & fix it nice. Just for me to crunkle it up again. We don't even have our stocking up, but Momma whispered that we will still get a lil somethin. Wishing everyone the Merriest Greetings a kitty can wish - enjoy the magic of the season. The Tigman



December 3rd 2014 2:20 pm
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Thanks to my friends for all of our gifties. Momma could not sign in the couple times she tried before the holiday, and yesterday too. Turkapalooza went off without a hitch. Tons of turkey as usual, and while I didn't want any - Maizy & Felix snarfed some. Smitty never likes anything but kitty food. The human sister was home, and her pal from Canada came in to celebrate with us. She has not been here for a couple years, and to Momma & The Dad, she is like an adopted daughter, so it was great fun. I like her too, she also has a kitty, and she knows how to give a good chin scratch. There was also another friend that came, who would have spent Thanksgiving completely alone, as he really has no family. So of course - welcome arms! So Momma was happy feeding the kids (even though they are all around 30, they r still kids) They were each here almost a week. So now things have quieted down. Time to take the Christmas things out. I have been pretty good, considering all the hullaballoo around here. We want to say that we are so thankful for all of our friends, and we are so happy to know you. Here's to hoping things steadily improve round here, so we can get back to party fun time!
Stay cozy my friends! (it is COLD here - we had 18 degrees! brrr!)
Luvs, a Tiggie trying very hard to be good for Santa


gobble gobble

November 19th 2014 4:37 pm
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So it seems that the new year may bring a new & improved Catster! Whew, that is really good news, cuz it has been so tuff to stay patient. It has gotten SOOO COOLD round here. It was like 16 the other day! I wanted out real bad, so Momma said ok fine ya chucklehead, and opened the door. I was in & out in probably 2.5 seconds. My toesies was cold! I must have had a can of food or two that did not like my tummy. I ate it, but I was sick several times that same day. The next day I had a different can, and the same thing. It is a good brand, FussieCat. Momma thinks my bladder inflammation was flaring up (I had a couple accidents - sorry Momma) She gave the last 2 of those cans to the minions, and boy did they enjoy that. Perhaps it was the mussels in there. I don't know. Momma has been cleaning in the basement to prepare for turkey day. She cannot figure out where all the junk comes from. We have been thinking much about all of our friends, and we do pop in and out. Human sister will be back from her Michigan job. (she did not like it much) and she got a job with the DuPage Forest Preserve. It is just what she enjoys, and right now it is part time, but since she is still taking some classes online, it works. And she told Momma she will help go through some stuff & put it on ebay or craigslist to sell. Have a blessed holiday, and luv you all.



October 25th 2014 10:02 am
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It's almost that time! Actually, Momma has had the decorations up since OCtober 1st, and she says she is ready to take them down, she is tired of them. LUckily that Turkey day is a month away. Lots to do. This weekend they are getting tile for the backsplash in the kitchen. Somehow it seems like it is always the month before, when stuff gets done.....It is to be a beautiful weekend here in Chi-Town, so MOmma says maybe one last dinner on the screened porch, and bbq chicken. Chicken? Ruffy, I will have a bite for you! Human sister will be home next week to celebrate her birthday. Then Mommas is the week after. Aside from that stuff, just been enjoying watching the leaves fall, and sniffing the fall air. There is a certain smell of the leaves & sunshine in the fall. Those of you that are in the warm climes don't get to sniff this, but it really does have a "fall" smell in the air. Kind of like wet moss and grass, and sweet. There is a Yankee candle that smells much like it. And the crunchy leaves. I love to stomp through them when I go out on my leash. I saw a BIG possum the other night when The Dad had me outside. I kinda followed him as he ambled around the yard. The Dad said it was funny, like I wasn't sure what the heck that thing was. Well Momma is off to do a few errands, then she will be putting some new tiles on the bar counter in the basement & painting. So I will say hello in a few days! Miss you all!


goodbye to an old friend

October 11th 2014 12:43 pm
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Catster has not let us sign in the past couple days, and I tried so hard. I knew I was about to lose my old friend Ruffy. I cannot even send a gift today.

Ruffy, my friend, I will miss you - your words of wisdom have been heard by many, and have been a guide to us. I will look up at the sky and see you, twinkling in the stars, keeping an eye on us all. I am glad you are not in pain, but it does hurt to let you go. We send our hugs to your parents, as much as they knew the time was coming, it is still so hard. We salute you our Wise Poet, and look forward to seeing you still among the pages of Catster. Rest well my friend...your journey begins again.....from your fellow orangey team mate Tigger & family.


hey all- yes it is I

October 2nd 2014 9:24 am
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Yes we are still here...Momma is sad we missed talk like a pirate day...I didn't get to be Capt Crookshanks la Tig arrggg. Honestly, Momma has been so swamped with work, being very, very behind on much of it. Then with our installation vehicle getting stolen we then had to change our home locks, just in case. Trying to remember everything in there for the insurance, figuring out how to get another truck - that part of our business has completely stalled without one. Backing up even more- Well it has been depressing and stressful. Then coming here - trying to either log in, or not being able to comment on other diaries...that is kinda depressing too. Don't get me wrong, I know the folks at I-5 are working on things, and patience is a virtue - Momma just doesn't have the patience lately to relog and relog in. We are all well though, and that is good. Please know our pals, that we do think about all of you ALL THE TIME. We are hoping soon to get back into the swing of things, the constant relogging in is really what is wearing thin. Unless it is just our computer? Anyhows - we will try to be back more once this mess all settles. Purrs to everyone - (and some arrghs and avast ye mateys) from the belated, but still wanna-be pirate Capt Crookshanks La Tig


holy moly

September 11th 2014 7:52 pm
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I have been trying & trying to get on here - just this morning Momma tried and re-entered our log in close to 20 times just to see anything, but got no where. Just thought we would try now. I want to thank everyone for all our gotcha gifties. It is so frustrating still to not be able to comment on a diary or say hello. We are still here waiting in the wings to PARTY!!! Some crummy things have occurred though. 2 weeks ago our installation work truck was stolen at a job site right in the afternoon! AND with an alarm on it! We had so much equipment and parts on that truck - basically most of our livelyhood. So now dealing with insurance trying to remember everything that was on it, and probably won't get very much for the truck. It was a good ol truck - had over 200K miles on it & it was still going. After the house being broken into a couple years ago, this was another blow. But Momma & The Dad keep saying that it is crummy, but there are those that have lost their whole home, so this is just a truck with stuff on it. Some days though, it is still sad..seems like you work so very hard, and this happens. Hoping to get back on to change to our "talk like a pirate" names in a day or two. Purrs to all, and I sure hope everyone is doing ok - we want to talk to everyone so bad, but as many times as we relog in, it won;t let us go to do anything.....keeping the faith though. purrs The Tigman


getting faster!

August 19th 2014 10:29 am
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I know it has been a while, but honestly Momma gets so frustrated when she comes here - it either won't load, or we cannot post in the forums. Sometimes we cannot read our pawmails. Imagine the suprise today, when we could post on the forums! Things seemed to go faster too. Still cannot post on diaries, but I think no one can. It is nice to see things getting resolved. It has sure been a trying time for all of us! I miss my pals! We have goody pictures, and want to post & stuff - but I guess patience is what gets the mouse right? I cannot open my mail today, but will try again later. Meow!

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