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Some thoughts from a kitty's perspective

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happy dance!!!

October 4th 2012 9:31 am
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As you may know, mom took 7 of the 10 ferals in last week for TNR. Well Monday she got the last 2 kittens, and took them in. Tuesday night, the lady called & said that the little orange boy, Colby had involuntarily bit the vet tech when they removed the breathing tube, and would have to be quarantined for 10 days, even though he is prob fine, it is the law. Sooo they feel that in this time with attention he will be getting he will be socialized & could be put up for adoption! Mom said OF COURSE!! Then, the lady emailed Wednesday morning, (mom was to pick up Taz in the afternoon) that Taz, a total twin of Felix was so talkative & sweet that she wants to find a foster home for him & put him for adoption too! How great is that?! Even though mom will miss them, it is a good thing! Mom sent an email asking her if she would take Colby's little sister, another black kitten named Jett - we will bring her back - so keeping paws crossed for her too! We are so happy that everybody is "fixed" and that 2 maybe 3 will get adopted! The last one is a female that does not come every day - but not giving up on getting her. The shelter is PAWS Chicago - it is a great place & no kill - they do not have cages, but rooms with furniture that the kitties play in.


MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! (well almost completely)

September 26th 2012 7:01 am
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Excellent news...Monday, Mom caught 7 of our feral colony & yesterday they were all neutered/spayed, got dewormed, antibiotics, checkup & shots. All that is left are 2 kittens, and one female that is not here every day - she will be a toughie. Out of the 7 that were brought in FIVE OF THEM were females. Mom almost fainted when thinking of the kittens that would have been tromping through MY YARD....good grief! They spent the night last night in our garage in their cages with some baby food to rest & this morning they all ran right to the food bowls, except for 1 that was pretty ticked off. Could have gotten the other 2, maybe 3 yesterday but had no more gonna try again next week. She is doing the happy dance round here..such a relief!!! She started at 9am & had 5 by 11am! So now we have a registered colony and mom is the caretaker, so NOONE can do anything about it. And the sponsor even gave us 4 bags of food too that they had gotten donated! Woohoo!!! If anyone needs any help with TNR info, mom would be glad to help you!!



September 21st 2012 7:29 am
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thanks to our friends that sent us pirate wishes and for the diary gifties. I know for sure not all of our friends got one from us because not everyone showed up when mom went to send them.
OUT narsty fleez be gone wit ye!

anywsy, mom will probably not be on much this weekend - we are putting up new security doors, and she is putting the gardne to bed, and putting away all the stuff on the screened porch. So it will be a busy weekend. Purrs to all!


speciasl gifts

September 20th 2012 7:38 am
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For some reason yesterday when we went to send the pirate flags to our friends, not everyone showed up on the screen. I went to gift shop & then show friends, but for sure not everyone was there, and I don't get it. So if we missed you it was not intentional...arrr


some people are really horrible

September 15th 2012 8:04 pm
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This afternoon, momma took Nana to a Fall Festival. Beautiful sunny day right? Having a nice time with more fun planned to follow, mom got a call on her cell from the alarm company saying they had a hit on the back door, should they have the police come? Mom says of course, I am on the way. Well my friends, they tried to open the 2 kitchen screens & 1 in brothers room, but mom always locks the windows when she leaves. So they cut the screen on the door of my beloved screen porch, then the back screen door & used one of momma's own heavy candle holders to bust in the window of the back door, and...they took The Dad's new tv that he just got a few months ago. They threw it so hard into the window that there was glass all over the whole kitchen, and the holder landed on our stoneware water bowl & broke that so there was shards & water all over. The police were there & the officer was so nice & felt so bad for momma. Luckily they did not get anything else, which makes mom feel like they waited for the house to be empty & they must have been watching thru the window & saw the tv. Dad worked so hard to save up for that tv. So of course after the initial beeps, that alarm goes off & it is VERY VERY LOUD. Then having glass shattering & strange men run into the house. Momma had to talk to the police right away, but then she ran downstairs to find us. I was under the pool table & came out. She found poor Smitty in the laundry room huddling behind the large pipe. Maizy finally came out from under the couch after more than an hour. Felix who is a scared baby to begin with is still so frightened he came out from under the very cabinet that the bad men took the tv from, and went downstairs somewhere. Momma keeps going down there, but he is still so scared. Hopefully he will get hungry & come out, cause mom does not know what else to do. She is not sure where he went. I even helped to look for him. He is so tiny & dark, he could be hiding in a corner anywhere. There is no place that he could get stuck & not be able to get out, but we are all so scared yet. Maizy keeps looking at the back door & staring - mom thinks she must have seen them come in -as she always runs to the door for The Dad. Luckily they did not get anything else, but it was bad enough. If the alarm had not gone off, they probably would have. We had to screw boards over the window on the door until the insurance man comes out. It is just so crummy that people can just do stuff like that - we are always nice to everyone, and some people are just are so horrible. Mom has a really bad headache, so I am gonna go & sit by her. Take care my friends.
thanks for the ddp wishes...I'm kinda famous lately!



September 12th 2012 2:23 pm
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Thank you my friends for the ddp wishes. Mom is behind with work, so she is making this quick today. I have really calmed down towards Felix. I sniff him & I have washed his face & we have played together, so that makes Mom happy. Right now, Mom has to find out why Maizy has been losing weight, so the vet is working on that, along with a consultation to Finney & Lacey's mom if she is not too busy.
I am so sad to hear about my friend Gump leaving for the bridge. It is such a helpless feeling to lose those you care about, and you cannot do a thing to stop it.
Well, we all have our pirate names in preparation of Talk Like a Pirate Day coming soon! and gotta brush up on them pirate skills.
purrs for healing, and to tell all our friends how special they are PURR


thank you my boy

September 3rd 2012 7:56 am
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Tigger, my sweet goofy kitty - I am so very glad that you came charging out from under the truck that day. You were all legs & tail and purred so hard when you were weaving around my legs you kept falling over! I wish I knew your story. You were so friendly - did someone dump you? They lost out on a wonderful kitty. You have the knowledge of when I feel sad, or when I just need to pet a soft kitty. One of these days I really need to record you saying mama. I worry so much about your heart - I do not want to lose you because of it, so you can bet I will do whatever it takes to keep you healthy & happy. So today I thank the heavens above for sending me my bouncy trouncy fun fun fun fun cuz you're the only one... my Tiggie


tearin it up

August 30th 2012 1:43 pm
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How was I supposed to know that the large bag in the kitchen was some new kitty litter mom got to try for us? Looked like a possible bag o food to 4am, I tore it up & got litter on the floor. But I am so darn cute, I didn't even get hollered at! All she said was "Tig do you really want to eat this for breakfast? then have at it." Well, course not mom ya poop in that...oh I know what else I wanted to tell you..The Dad uses this stuff called oil dry for when he does live fire trainings. It is pretty much like sand. So about a week or so ago he had left a 20lb bag on the screened porch, as he used some to soak up some vegetable oil that Nana accidentally spilled out there. The bag was kinda on it's side, so I did what anycat that had to go potty would do...I climbed into the bag & pooped! - mom saw me coming out of the bag with a smug look. I got my feet wiped off, just in case, but she was laughing so hard, and told The Dad "see that's what you get for leaving stuff around.." mrowr! go Tig go! literally!...


mom is registered!

August 27th 2012 8:17 am
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Mom went to a TNR workshop Saturday. She is now a registered caretaker & our colony will be started with TNR as soon as she can borrow a few more traps. She bought 2 on sale real cheap at Harbor Freight, and then she can set 5 out to try & get the 5 that come by the most to start. The place they are taken to will spay/neuter, deworm, antibiotics, pain med, clean & treat any wounds, microship & 3 yr rabies. They ask for a donation of $30 per cat, but the lady said that with the # of kitties we have, she does not expect that much - anything we can do. mom will donate 1 trap back & keep 1 for any odd kitties that might come into the colony. For once, she said she feels in control of the situation. There is even a place that 2x a month will give some food to registered colony caretakers! So right now, we have 1 trap out there unset so they can get used to it, and then as soon as we get the other ones, it is trap day! Will keep you posted.


Feliway is my friend

August 23rd 2012 2:56 pm
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Mom says the Feliway worked wonders! or I just got used to Felix. I seemed more relaxed all around, which is good for my heart. I even let the rascal eat out of my bowl again. I have not decided to play with him yet, but mom is not worried any more. She said i seemed so frustrated & wound up, but I am chilling now. Thanks to all my friends for the DDp gifties & wishes. Mom had not checked on here for a few days because our human sister came in from Seattle, and well, mom wanted to spend every second with her. She went back today, so mom is sad. All in all, things are going ok. Take care my friends!

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