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December 17th 2012 7:34 am
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It has been such a sad few days. Mom has just felt so horrible about all those children & adults that tried to protect them losing their lives. Her little niece is 6, and a friends granddaughter is also 6 - so to imagine them gone like that... So much sadness, so much violence. Could that person have been helped at some point, and this horrific tragedy been avoided? We will never know.
What we do know is that we wish everyone peace. Family & friends are the best gifts. Stuff is just stuff. So we say - go & hug someone today. Tell them why they are special to you, that you love them.

Mom took a completely embarrassing photo of me, and I relented and am allowing her to post it. shudder....

you are all special to us, and we send ((hugs))


Litter Genie part deux

December 4th 2012 10:51 am
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got a super bargain thanks to Brownie! Petco has the Genie on alse for $15.99. Per Brownie got a coupon for -$10 off. Then I had 2 -$5 petco dollars, so I got another one free!
Petco refills are $9.99 each, Target has them for $7.99 or a 2 pack for $14. You can get coupons on them too. Took another bag out last night - help up great. So if I can get close to a month with a refill, not so bad. We shall see.
Thanks my friends!



November 30th 2012 1:08 pm
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Vet says I am good. She cannot even hear any heart murmur or anything sounding funny! She says the atenolol is working very well for me. I am a nice slim 12 pounds. She noticed that I am still showing a tender spot on my spine, (I did 6 months ago too) that she says is prob arthritis, but I am on Cosequin, and I certainly bounce around with no problems, so she said unless I seem to be having issues, I don't need any other medicine. I am not showing any crystals in my urine, but the PH is creeping up again- it is at 7.2 already, which proves that just eating grain free wet food is not enough in my case. Some kitties just have the problem with PH - soooo I gotta go back to the rx food. Momma asked her about meds for it, and vet does not like to use anything because it can cause more issues with other organs & kidney issues. Mom is not thrilled with that food, but for now I will have to eat some of that food, cause momma does not want to see me go through all that pain again (not to mention the $1000+ bill that came with it). I got my rabies shot, and mom put the distemper shot on hold, as she want to wait 3 years in between them. So it is all good!

PS still loving the Litter Genie!



November 29th 2012 5:54 pm
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well the theory of a ddp & mentioning poopie is still going strong! Thanks for all the wishes my friends. Thanks to Brownie for the heads up on a $10 off coupon for the Litter Genie & it is on sale & possibly another coupon for $5 off. Gonna get another one this weekend
I gotta go to the vet tomorrow for my 6 month check up & distemper shot. I only get 1 shot at a time because of my heart condition. All I can say is there better be something good to munch when I get home! take care all!


Litter Genie

November 28th 2012 5:43 pm
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Well I cannot thank Lori enough - this thing is pretty great! I posted in the forum too. I have been cramming 4 kitties worth of poopies in there, and have only had to change the bag 1 time. No stinkies! (wish I could say the same for the litter I got this time - no comment on that! Removing the bag was easy too, just flip the lid open & cut. So far so good! loving the Genie!!!



November 21st 2012 3:33 pm
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Mom is running around like one of those headless chickens, but made me the official spokescat for the family...

We want to wish everyone a blessed Thanksgiving - may your day be filled with peace & joy. and turkey...mmmm love that turkey
We are thankful for
all of our friends here on Catster - you all mean so much to us
And for new friends we have yet to meet
For our family - as weird as we may all be
food on the table, food in our bowls & a roof over our head, and a warm bed to snuggle in (along with a Yeoww banana or two)
and even though a few of us are having some health issues - they are not gonna bring us down

and Momma says she is thankful for the bestest 4 kitties in the world
thank you Lord for my
Maizy, Tiggie, Smitty & Felix

We probably will not be on until Monday or Tuesday, as Momma wants to spend every minute with our human sister who came in from far away Seattle.
Purrs to all!


turkey time

November 15th 2012 12:45 pm
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Mom & The Dad are cleaning up in the basement - so that must mean it's geeting to be Turkapalooza time! Since we had that flood from the stupid neighbors & the floor was damaged, The Dad got the tiles up in 1 section so no one would trip on them. It looks awful though. Not everyone will be coming this year, so Mom says there will not be 5 turkeys. Only the big one, a small fried one & The Dad always likes to smoke a small one - he says he will cut it into pieces this year to make it easier. Mom is very excited cuz our human sister will be in from Seattle for 4 whole days! Then Mom will be busy with all the end of the year business stuff along with the holidays.I am gonna have to show Felix the ropes around the CHristmas tree - I am always the first one in it...Mom I wouldn't even bother putting ornaments on this have been warned.....



October 31st 2012 10:53 am
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Haven't been around the past week - wanted to say Happy Halloween to all my pals! I have been extra frisky lately, bouncing & jumping. I guess the cold nip in the air got my blood going!


awesome update!!!

October 4th 2012 9:54 am
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the foster lady is gonna take Jett too! So we have been able to help 3 kittens on the road to new homes!!! And with 2 of them being black kitties, it is even better news!!!


happy dance!!!

October 4th 2012 9:31 am
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As you may know, mom took 7 of the 10 ferals in last week for TNR. Well Monday she got the last 2 kittens, and took them in. Tuesday night, the lady called & said that the little orange boy, Colby had involuntarily bit the vet tech when they removed the breathing tube, and would have to be quarantined for 10 days, even though he is prob fine, it is the law. Sooo they feel that in this time with attention he will be getting he will be socialized & could be put up for adoption! Mom said OF COURSE!! Then, the lady emailed Wednesday morning, (mom was to pick up Taz in the afternoon) that Taz, a total twin of Felix was so talkative & sweet that she wants to find a foster home for him & put him for adoption too! How great is that?! Even though mom will miss them, it is a good thing! Mom sent an email asking her if she would take Colby's little sister, another black kitten named Jett - we will bring her back - so keeping paws crossed for her too! We are so happy that everybody is "fixed" and that 2 maybe 3 will get adopted! The last one is a female that does not come every day - but not giving up on getting her. The shelter is PAWS Chicago - it is a great place & no kill - they do not have cages, but rooms with furniture that the kitties play in.

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