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Some thoughts from a kitty's perspective

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June 16th 2016 1:07 pm
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Been a week on the amitriptaline. The first day, I took it at 8am, slept literally until 6pm. Momma was worried & woke me up. I did a huuuuge pee and ate. I am seeimg to adjust more to it. I was kinda out of it for a few days. The pacing is not as frantic. There have still been a few pees, and I am spraying a bit, but it actually seems better. The driveway is not done, too much rain, but Momma said maybe that is good, because I can get my self together before everything is back & I can go out on the porch. So I won't spray out there hopefully. Momma has been stressed about work stuff, so that does not help, but I guess I am plugging along as best as I can. The meds have not affected my heart rate or ekg, so thats good. Thanks for the paws my pals, I luv you all. Keep ya posted!


'Sup wit me?

June 9th 2016 2:28 pm
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Thank you for my birthday wishes. I have been uber stressed out, and my cystitis reared it's ugly head big time. Between peeing where I should not, and then the spraying kicked into high gear. We are getting a new driveway- the old one is literally crumbling terribly unsafe, so The Dad and our Unca Steve had to disasemble the screened porch, cause The Dad said, we might as well have them pour a new floor too. Well when they took the wood down, apparently my spraying damaged alot of wood, even though Momma uses enzymes, so much will be replaced. So I have not been able to go out on the porch since Memorial Day. This has ramped up my pacing, yowling, everything. Momma took me out on my leash, but nothing seems to help. So off to the vet I went. No infections, but Momma had to make the decision to try me on amitryptaline. She loves me, and tried eveything else to help me, but she can't take it anymore. So we all hope this works. The problem is that it can affect the meds I take for my heart, so we gotta watch that. Only took it 3 days. The first day I slept from 10am through to 6pm. Momma woke me up to potty & eat. I went back to pacing again. HOpefully this will work. I will update you later. Thanks again!


still here!

May 18th 2016 8:44 pm
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Been a while again, but Momma has been so disgusted with Catster, that we have been awol. And because of that - gosh we missed being here for Smitty, Feefs and my birthday. Thank you for my gifties. We are going to go and poke around, see what is up, but also to tell you we are well, I am sassy and things are good. THis site loaded real fast...hmm good thing?


I was scareded!

April 1st 2016 5:01 pm
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ok so for the longest time...looongest time - I could not log in. It kept telling me that it didn't recognize my password. Then when I requested help to reset password, I NEVER got an email back from Catster three times I tried. I was ready to give up. Now today I went to reply in the forums, and was able to log in that way. I sure hope this means they are working on things.....I am losing hope though....any of our pals still out there - if things go south with this community, please jot down please please please keep in touch with us if we lose this...


cold & toasty?!?!

March 1st 2016 3:57 pm
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The weather has been WEIRD!!! We have almost zero windchill & like 1 foot of snow on Tuesday, then 60 degrees Saturday, then 30 again and more snow. REPEAT REPEAT
Momma says that her tulips are peeking up and a couple other plants that started greening up. Even though we really had a mile winter, we are ready for some sun. Everything is so brown & yucky. Us 3 boys all went to the vet already & got good reports. Maizy goes in April. Felix is doing as well as he can be. The past couple days he actually has been walking on his bad leg! Slowly, but putting weight on it! I am sassy as usual - I want to sunbathe on my porch! Momma has been taking me out on my leash most nites, so I can prowl the perimiter of my yard, and sniff. BUt I like when she is working out there, and she pins my leash by her so I can lay in the grass or dig next to her. Pretty soon though! Hope everyone is well. We keep on checking in here every week or so, just to chek on our pals and if any progress has been made. HAHAHAHAHAH. Miracles happen! take care my pals & happy almost spring!!


still here schweethartz

February 11th 2016 4:49 pm
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Happy Valentine's to all the kitties out there.....the few that are still out there. Remember when we used to be able to be Valentines and stuff?... I keep checking in, but I truly have a sinking feeling that they are just waiting for us all to get disgusted and give up. I try to keep positive, but 2 years ago was the mass exodus, and it is not any better. I wish they could see how much we all care. I feel bad for someone new stumbling on this and being so excited, to find they cannot do anything. Please know that if things look bleak, I will exchange emails addys with anyone that wants to stay in touch with us. You are all so special to us.
It got flipping cold as an iceberg round here again. It cuts into my nightly patrol around the yard for a quick spray & sniff. I still go, but I don't meander much.
Well Momma has been working so hard, she is actually almost caught up for once! ONe more full Saturday & that should do it. For the first time in MONTHS and MONTHS. SO here's a funny one of those excuses bosses hear- one of our employees did not come in last night for a night job, because "my friend came over & we started drinking, so I don't think I can work cause I'm drunk" Just when you think you have heard it all. Momma & The Dad just looked at each guess who can now stay drunk, cause they don't have a job anymore? Man am I glad it is almost Friday.....
Peace out - The Tigman (love all my buddies)


finally able to get this far

January 18th 2016 8:40 am
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Sorry my pals, but this is the first time in ages that I was able to even get this page to show up! Not sure if it is our computer being crancky, or the site. I hope that all of you had a wonderful holiday. We did- family was all around, that is the bestest gift of all. I go to the vet today for a checkup - really MOm, when it is -4 and the wind chill is like -15? Everything is ok, just frustrated with Catster. All I want is to be able to log on and see our pals. It has been 2 years already! How patient are we to be?????
Anyhow, we surely hope that the new year will bring happiness & peace to all of you. OUr thought are with everyone, and yep, we are STILL here!!!


Time for Quiet

December 21st 2015 3:26 pm
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I know for some of our friends, these last few months have been filled with sorrow. Ending the year seems to allow us to think of a fresh start, new beginnings, and closing a chapter on things that did not go well. We ourselves will celebrate with family, and with no little ones for Santa to visit, it is much calmer, but there is nothing wrong with quiet. Our wish for all of our friends, is a nice quiet holiday season, and a nice quiet new 2016. I hope that everyone stays well & happy, and what a wonderous thing it would be to have Catster working again, hey miracles can happen. Please know that we are here, in our little corner of Chicagoland, thinking of you all, enjoying some warmer than usual weather, and being thankful that we are all healthy, and ready to see what awaits in 2016.

Peace & Love to all
Renee & The Kitty Quartet
Maizy, Tigger, Smitty & Felix


waiting a few days

November 10th 2015 10:49 am
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I wanted to tell you about our shiny new kitty-tree, but we are very sad about our pal Zeke, so I will wait a few days to report on that.
Fly free buddy - fly free.


doing well

September 22nd 2015 2:35 pm
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As of today, I am still peeing freely...that sounds so silly, but it is what it is. We are also highly recommending Zyklene caps. I took them for a few weeks, and have tapered to every couple of days. It has been magic! I am not pacing at night, and I sleep through the night by Momma. No more prowling and yowling at 3am. I still want to spray, so Momma is going back to every other day to see if that helps. Tried to order the new formula of the Feliway - the multicat formula (we participated in a study for that formula!) however, everywhere we look it is out of stock. This new one seemed to work so much better - the older formula did not do a whole lot. But seriously if your kit has anxiety issues, try the Zylkene - it is safe & not terrible expensive. SUmmer is winding down - Momma likes the fall, but not what comes after. Oh I got a funny to tell you
OK so we have a large screened patio attached to our house, so Momma leaves the back door propped open so we can come & go into the screen porch as we like. The bottom third of the porch has wood slats, with a ledge, and the rest is screened with the pet-proof screening (works awesome- thwarted a thief- they couldn't tear the screen) SO Momma is in the kitchen, looks out the back window & says to The Dad "that looks like TIgger in the yard, wait it IS Tigger!" so out she goes to get me. Hmm the screened door exiting the porch was not fully closed, so that must have been it. SHe pulled it closed & LOCKED it. ok a few minutes later, "WHAT? How did he get out AGAIN?" course I am rolling all over the patio in the sun, loving it. She gets me again, looked at the porch - huh...a few more minutes later, yep, AGAIN. Ok now she is ticked and is checking the screen panels, everything to figure out how I got out. There is a small space between 2 of the panels on the bottom, but she pulled and pushed on it, and it did not move, and is logistically impossible for my skull to fit through even though us kits can squish through some tiny spots - NO WAY can Tigger get through that space. So right off our kitchen is the bedroom (used to be our human brother's room) that is now Momma's office. She goes in there & The Dad says - "figured it out!" there has been a nasty squirrel chewing on the neighbors garbage can that is pretty much right outside the bedroom/office window, driving Momma insane. She had a cup of water ready to toss at it, so THe Dad had opened the screen to toss water at the squirrel, and forgot to pull it back down, soooooooo the Tigman went out the window, jumped down, and into the yard. (it is all fenced in) like a revolving door three times. Got busted trying to do it with The Dad sitting right there at the desk next to the window. So my sneaky spy exploration was done.....

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