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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

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Garrrreat Meowmie Pawrotector!

May 4th 2011 3:37 pm
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Hi furrrrs,
SOrry I has been Missing in Actions lately, but I has been furry busy with tha important job of taking care of my meowmy. She has been sick in tha bed fur like, days now it seems-like since last week akshully, right aftur she got home from grandmaw's house! So she came home and got sick on me! No fun! But she did bring me a toy back MOL!

But back ta my important job! I has been laying with her and keeping my paws on her cheek ta makes sure she doesn't has a fever, and I has been extra well behaved ta Kitty Pryde...I know...crazy! But I knew Meomy wouldn't be ables ta chase me around with her being awlll sicks. Oh man, and tha noise that comes outta her's awfuls! I thought it was a monster at furrrst, but it was just her nose.

I had lots a fun when she was away too at grandmaw's but I was sure happy she came home. And my dude furrriend came ovfur to when Meowmy came home and since she has been so sick, he's been stayin ovfur ta helps make sure she is ok and ta give me cuddles when I need them (from helping out so much!)...I felt bad, but akshully one night when Meowmy was sick, but not as awfuls yet, my dude furrriend slept on tha couch so he didn't get sick germies and I slept with him instead of Meowmy. But she didn't mind 'cause Kitty Pryde and her gots ta has their girl time (and Kitty Pryde stretched awwwwwl out on tha bed! MOL!)

I still is taking (not very happily) my concatshion of slippery elm and ginger stuffs fur my tummy aches-we haven't gotten tha "remedy" that the natural doc doc ordered fur me yet, but I will keep you posted!

I also gotta send Thank Mews to Ozzy and Harriet fur Sharing tha loves and to tha whole kitty and angel kitty crew at Collete-Sidonie-Samantha, Marrakech and Samsara's house fur tha tulips!
Also, soooo sorry fur tha belated thank mews-I just hasn't been on Catster (blame sick meowmy!) to Skippy Skipster fur tha Mousie on Easter! Patrick fur tha Egg! and Sparky fur tha Flower ta chews on!

I love you furs, and am gonna update more often!


i gots liver qi whaaaats???

April 19th 2011 12:22 pm
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Duuuude, Meowmy went cawwwrazy and broughts me to ta vet doc Agains, like I said, and this lady was so weird! She kept tawkin ta me likes I was a hoooman too (ok I is one in cat furmation) and it was likes I was possessed ta listens or something. I also did another naughty and made mommy has like 3 booboos but at least now she can use tha Hello Kitty bandaids she just bought MOL!

So this chicky doc didn?t really gets ta touch me cause I had ta show her I was boss, but she asked lots a questions and she took stuff by me and I hissed and growled. It was kewl. But then she told mommy all this stuffs about me that made so mush senses ta her, she kept sayin, like about my poopies of deaffffths and pukies and aggresssshions at tha vet doc doc aftur shots and all this othfur stuff and her conclushion was that I is not aggressives on purpose (that musta been why that ear cream prozac stuffs didn't halps me much) but I is hurting cause my tummy is enflamed cause a'toxic stuffs that's making me mad. And sickly, so I takes it out on the household a,cause I can't talks it out.

Mommy got some stuff that smelled interesting that she let me sniffs out, but then she squirted it in my moufffs, yuk. Its aposed ta help with my bellie aches and I think it must be 'cause I has been a little calmer, and not as angry. This chicky doc also is gonna get some othfur stuffs fur me ta cleanse my toxic stuff, then we will see if I am nicer.

Is this crazy or what??? I gots liver qi stagnationsss or somethin and spleen qi defishhiencies with my stomach qi rebelling least she lknows i 's a rebel tuff guy and at least its got somethin ta do with tha fishies, since I likes ta eat them.



A step in the right direction?

April 19th 2011 12:01 pm
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Indy's mommy here...I took over the diary today because I just had to tell you what happened yesterday at this holistic/acupunturist new vet from my perspective, and not from Mr. Angry Cat's!
The vet visit went GREAT! This woman is a holistic doctor who does acupuncture and stuff for people and animals. Indiana actually attacked me this Sun night when I was walking by him to get Kitty Pryde after he had just chased her out of bed and he's been nutty all weekend-one thing he has been doing is literally being normal and calm, then doing this deperate mew and trying to attack me and hold on why he he biting me...almost like he is trying to nurse from me but it hurts-and I put his blankie between my skin and his mouth and he chews that for a bit to calm down...anyways...
I got to the vet and she let him just chill out in his carrier while she asked me questions (it was an hour long consult) and whenever she would go by him or talk to him he would hiss right back at her!
After giving her all his medical history, she wanted me to take him out and sit with him and he was good at first, just wanting to be pet but very vocal about his unhappiness, but then he went and attacked me again on my arm and I was actually bleeding a lot-she told him no and to go back in his carrier and he did, though he sulked in a kitty way while he did it!!! And whenever she told him to stop making noise and to behave he listened too, which was kind of funny. He does listen to me for the most part except when he is upset...

She thinks, and I completely agree because I thought this before, that he has had some kind of toxicity to the vaccinations he had when he was a kitten. When I got him at the shelter they said he was done for the year, but this one vet after that insisted he needed another booster, even though I had all the paperwork saying he was all set, but I gave in and after that was when his legs started getting weird (he used to not be able to jump well and was clumsy)...and he does have a "crooked" pelvis they said, but it never was xrayed.

Plus, when he was neutered, the vet and lady at his shelter said he had a really hard time waking up from the anestesia and was aggressive all day until I came and got him, so I never wanted to put him under for stuff again after that, even though vets (like the one who insisted he get more shots) told me he would need to be sedated to even just do routine blood work since he would get so aggressive...yet the regular vet I go to now has had no trouble with him with that stuff.

I thought he might have a chicken allergy because he was getting sick with food, and most food has chicken meal in it, even if it's not the main protein, and the only one he didn't really get sick on was Royal Canin prescription Rabbit meal food, but she thinks that his system is out of balance not from the food, but he may have environmental allergies.

She is going to have him detox with some herbal liquid she is preparing and then try to treat him with acupuncture, since last night he wouldn't let her touch him at all, but she also gave me this organic slippery elm and ginger powder to mix with water and give to him twice a day to help soothe his tummy, since he's been throwing up a lot again and has his awful poopy issues. But she really believes that the vaccines were too much and his system is out of whack and that he should not be vaccinated again because with the stomach and aggression issues, it's causing a neurological imbalance.

I know this all sounds so crazy, but it totally made sense to me while I was there and while I was putting the pieces together looking at all his medical records this morning. And actually, I've already given him a couple doses of the slippery elm and ginger mixture and he has been waaaay calmer and not provoking Kitty Pryde as much-he did last night, but not in the same way-he was just trying to sit with her but she is so used to him pouncing on her that her first reaction is to hiss and flee!

But...I think his stomach might be a little bit calmer right now since he is calmer and hungrier. I am hoping this is the step in the right direction! She also gave me some raw food samples to try, but they both were not interested in it at all this morning!

Please purrr that this is going to help! I can't give up on him. And they love each other, just he must be angry because he doesn't feel well! And thank you Alex's mommy!!! You actually said the same thing before when we were emailing before-that something is making him sick and act out again.

I will keep you posted on what happens, and of course Indy will have his opinions too MOL!

Meowmy Kristin



April 18th 2011 12:56 pm
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Uh oh..I gots a vet doc doc appt today wiith a new doc who does holistic medicines and acupunctures or somethin like that fur animals...*groan*hiss* I don't wanna go to no vet doc doc! I been throwin up again tho, got poopies of deaffffs and I have been so fussy (yeah I know...I'm trying ta be good I just can't halps it) so mommy gots infurmashions about some doc doc that's really nice and good and might has a solushions.
Wish me lucks...


i did a naughty...again...

April 13th 2011 11:53 am
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It's so tuff ta be a cat sometimes. I just wanna play and eat treats and play, and sometimes sleeps too and cuddles, but fur tha most part I likes ta play tha most. But even tho I gots tons a'toys, I don't likes ta play with thems. I likes tha real live acshions, like chasing and flyin thru tha air ta catch my prey (aka KittyPryde) even if my "prey" don't wants ta be caughted.
So here is tha sissshuashion-Mommy slept a little late today on accident and I tried ta wakes her by laying on her and touchin her face and rolling arounds on tha bed, cause I really am a good boy! She got up finally, and rushed to tha potty room ta takes a shower and stuff, where I usually join her by chillaxin on tha toilet seat. This day though was diff'rnt 'cause she was running late so tha whole routine was not good! I guess Kitty was a gumblepuss 'cause she didn't get her wet stuffs fur breakfast yet, and I had awwwwl this morning energy, so I thought it would be fun ta chase I did. A lot. and she wasn't too happy and so that gave me tha crazies akshully and I chased her more and she screammmmmmeeeeed! And we knocked stuffs ovfur. And mommy, with tha wetness and shampoos in her hair hear tha cries from in tha shower!
It was likes I was blinded or something, and deafffs to her cries...and then I saw Mommy out from tha shower, water awwwwls ovfur tha floor, and I still did tha naughty and tried ta catch Kitty Pryde-I couldn't even nibbles on her ear tho 'cause it was flat against her head! The very same head that I washed last night. See! I does loves her...I just was in tha heats of passsshions.
So now I is stuck, ALONE, in the beddie room and mommy is workin and Kitty is getting awwwl tha 'partment to herselfs. Mommy is visiting grandmaw too next week and our auntie was s'posed ta sleep ovfur with us but now fur some reason can't, so I'm a little worried that I'm gonna get stucks in tha beddie room while Mommy is gone too!

Is it normal ta be this naughties. I don't think so, and Mommy says its normal ta wants ta play, but not ta attack Kitty Pryde. I thought I was growing past this phase, but I guess I still gotta be a tuff guy.

Stuck in tha beddie room,


this calming colla'contrapshhhion agains

April 7th 2011 9:06 am
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Well there you has it. Mommy gots me anothfur Calming Colla to calms me down 'cause I gots tha springtime fevers. I been on tha prowl fur Kitty Pryde fur on a daily basis, when I isn't gettin my cuddle time or my man time. I swears I has tha surgery that helps tha fevers ta calms down-least that's what my meowmie says. There is just so much ta jumps around fur! I gots tha birdies chirp chirp chirpin and that flowers is blooooomin. They always bloom fur tha most part in California, but still, it's not tha sames when it's springtimes. I even caughted a fly tha othfur day and it was deeeelishioush!

I hope all my furrriends are starting ta has warmer weather and their spring fevers isn't tooo toooo bad! MOL!



the most saddest day

March 16th 2011 9:29 am
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My sisfur wrote such a good diary, and in this sissshuashion, I just has ta say the same thing...I am so sad to say this, but our dear furrriend, the famous and lovely and amazing Hazel Lucy is making her Bridge Journey today. She has been sick and her Mommy just knows it's time fur her. I know Catster will nevfur be the same without her.

Hazel Lucy was nevfur afraid to speak her mind and stand up fur kits and pawrents evfurrywhere and always cared and loved us all. She was the Kitty Godmother to all us other furs on Catster.

We will nevfur furget Hazel Lucy and today a piece of our hearts has broken.

Purrrlease, if you aren't already furrriends with Hazel Lucy, even though she is furrriends with evfurryfur, purrrlease stop by her page and send love and POTP that her bridge journey is swift and her Mommy is ok:

I love you Hazel Lucy and Meowmy Julie.
You have been such a pawsitive light and inspurrration fur me and my furmily.

Love Always,
Indiana who Loves Hazel Lucy


lazy sundays and tha springtimes

March 13th 2011 12:21 pm
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today is Sunday and these are like, my favfurrite days 'cause Mommy stays home all day and we play and stuffs! Plus now I hears all tha birdies outside so I guess I gots what Mommy calls spring fevers-I'm all crazy and rambunctious MOL!

Thanks fur all tha purrrs fur us and my grandmaw. Mommy finally spoke ta grandmaw today and she is homes and s'posed ta rest fur two whole weeks or else she's gotta go back to tha hoooman doc doc hospital. I usually can hears people on tha phone but grandmaw was only ables ta whisper on tha phone. We are still gonna give cuddles to Mommy and hopefully grandmaw will keep resting.
Hope all my furrriends have a good lazy Sunday!


cuddle duties

March 11th 2011 3:39 pm
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I is on tha cuddles duty today. Mommy came home from works early and let me out of tha beddie room (okm I was a bad boy and was bothurin kitty since yestfurday so we was separated fur mommys work time) and mommy was awls upset! Our grandmaw is sick and had ta go to tha emergency doc doc fur tha hooomans! Since she lives so fars away, mommy was just sad cause she can't drives right ovfur.
Sooooo I gots ta be reallllllly good about giving extra cuddlez! I always know when my mommy is 'uhsets cause I gots that intuissshions.
I guess I can be a little nice ta kitty too fur a little bit.
Will you guys purrrr fur my grandmaw inbetween tha purrrrs fur our japanese furrriends? They has such devestashions, I can't even imagines



March 10th 2011 7:38 pm
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I've been so busy today being a dude! I walked around tha 'partment like tha mancat of tha house and evfurrything! Mommy's hair looked yummy so I nibbled on it a little bit akshully, and she laughed 'cause it tickled MOL! But then I stopped!

I'm tryin ta learns how ta stands on this mat on tha floor fur treats...I likes touchin my nosie to tha eraser tha best!

Kitty is being fussy wif me but she cleaned my ears...I really is tha mancat MOL!

Thanks furs, fur askin all about Kit outside-we has been secret like furrriends fur awhile. We just thinks he is so usta bein outsides that the thoughts is furrightening! I cannot imagines not havin laps ta cuddle on or a sisfur ta bonk.

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