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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

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Indiana...this song is my song for you

June 24th 2011 10:46 pm
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Little one, how long I've waited here
Waited for so many lonely years
Nobody ever could make me smile
'Til you came 'round with your pretty style
And I will love you so And I will love you so
'Cause I was made for you
And you were made for me
And that is all I know
You're all that I can see
'Cause I was made for loving you
And all the little things you do
Remind me who I am inside
Happiness is such a fickle thing
Nothing compares to what you can bring
You can bring meaning to what I do
That is why I want to be with you
And I will love you so And I will love you so
'Cause I was made for you
And you were made for me
And that is all I know
You're all that I can see
'Cause I was made for loving you
And all the little things you do
Remind me who I am inside
My darling, I need you I'd give myself to please you
My darling, I need you I want you to be mine
'Cause I was made for you
And you were made for me
And that is all I know
You're all that I can see
'Cause I was made for you
And you were made for me
And that is all I know
You're all that I can see
'Cause I was made for loving you
And all the little things you do
Remind me who I am inside
Remind me who I am inside Remind me who I am inside...


one month Rainbow Bridge annipurrrsary

June 24th 2011 11:53 am
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Dear Indy,
I can't believe that tomorrow will be one whole month that you have been gone. When I go to bed at night and wake up in the morning I still sometimes expect to hear your little chirp and feel you jump into and out of bed with your sleepy eyes and knead the blankie to put you to sleep and to wake up.

Kitty has decided she likes to sleep on your blankie too-not the one you and I cuddled on in the living room (that one is special for you and me only) but the one on the bed with the lambs face. She even started to knead it too and you know she never did that except on my tummy sometimes! She misses you a lot I think, even if she is zip zap zooming all over the apartment! She still mews and looks around and I think it's because she still thinks you might pop out somewhere...she also took over your spot on the one window perch in the bedroom you liked and on the tree in the dining room.

I miss you so much. Even cleaning up your stinky poopies of deaffffths! MOL! I hope you are happy and have made lots of furrriends at the Bridge. I met this nice man too who is going to help me not to be so sad and who will teach me to think only the good thoughts about you, because he said you wouldn't want me to be so sad and lost without you.

Tomorrow I think I am going to watch some Indiana Jones movies for you! I still haven't found the purrrfect place for you to "rest" that's not right beside me, but I pawromise I will find a special place for you.

I Love you and Miss you!


the reason I became an Angel kitty

June 8th 2011 10:09 am
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Mommy got the results from my necropsy this morning. She is too upset to write fur herself, so I wanted ta spread my Angel Wings of Love and write it for her.

From what the doc doc read, I became an Angel because of a bacterial infection in my chest cavity, which was caused by some kinda injury that had to have taken place at most, a week before my trip to Heaven...but Mommy also read that it could be something from a hurt on my chest a long time ago and it takes awhile fur tha clinical signs ta show...she doesn't know what ta thinks...some of tha bacteria was made of normal feline oral bacteria, which means it may have come from a bite, which could have been as teeny tiny as a pin point puncture, and that's why it coulda been missed, since there were no boo-boos on me or anything. Or it could've come from injesting or inhaling a bacteria in the air or something, which creates kinda a block where it can't heal 'cause the bacteria just keeps getting bigger and more, which is what the doc doc said that the lab doc said-that I had bacterial lumps formed all ovfur or something(Mommy won't be certain about the details till she reads it for herselfs)

Because of where it was in my insides, tha infection was kinda stucks and I guess that's why the hospital doc didn't see it? She only knew I was furrrrry sick and had an awful infection I was fighting cause of my WBC count, and that I had fluid in my chest, but tha xrays only showed how big my liver was. It would've been hard ta treat too, she told Mommy. And she told Mommy that it was such a sad and awful accident and tragedy but that she did evfurrything right and I was just too sick.

My liver was a strange color too, but tha lab doc doc, from what the doc told Mommy, didn't find a specific cause for that.

She is gonna get tha paperwork tonight so she can read it fur herself. I just haff ta say again, thank you all fur loving me so much and my mommy too, and Kitty Pryde. I know Mommy is having a tough time right now and is upset that what if Kitty bit me and that caused this, but Kitty is my sisfur and her baby girl and didn't mean anything, if that's what happened. Mommy also was gonna try ta send out thank yous too, but she needs ta wait again now, 'cause from what I can see and feel from the Bridge, it's gonna be hard ta read all your wonderful messages again right now. But THANK YOU!

I love you all so much and so does Mommy and Kitty Pryde.

Love and treats furevfur,

PS: Mommy has been reading now on tha computer about this, and a couple places said if it was a bite, that it would be one from a long time ago...soooo confooooosed!!! And I was indoor only so I don't know if I would'a gotten something from tha outside, but the doc doc mentioned something like that to Mommy too, so maybe bacteria came in from tha windows? age1.aspx _ct_pyothorax


I am home.

June 7th 2011 2:59 pm
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Well guess what! I, well, my ashes were sent to mommy and Kitty Pryde yestfurday. Even though the Bridge is kewl, I am happy that some part of me is back with them. Mommy got a huge shock and surprise 'cause fur some reason my necropsy results are taking furevfur and the lady at the hospital said I wouldn't return ta her until evfurrything was complete, but then she called and they said all this othfur stuff and somehow I was finished way befure she thought or anticipated. Plus, the place made a nice box fur me with my name in gold on tha top too, when the hospital said it wouldn't be fancy at all, so I am golden like a top cat now with my golden crown and my name in gold!

I did watch Mommy though when she and Kitty opened tha package...I felt so sad that I couldn't be with her and give her my paw fur comfurrrts. Kitty sniffed tha box and then Mommy opened it and got so sad and I watched as she sat there fur like furevfur...ok it was just like an hour I thinks...just looking at tha box trying ta figure out what ta do with it and wondering if she should open it. Just ta see and make sure I am alright in there. I usta not like tha dark so much so she always left a light on, I guess 'cause I was always clumsy MOL!

Kitty has been taking such good care of Mommy fur me tho, and mommy is taking good care of her. She had some sleepover advenshuuures this weekend with my buddy and they cuddled, I guess 'cause I wasn't there ta have my dude time. Omc! She even met a HUUUUUGE snakie named Vincenzo! I checked out that dude's cage but I nevfur saw'd him! Kitty akshully watched him and mewed and mewed at Mommy until she woke up and led her ta check him out too! That's my sis! Taking ovfur tha Watchcat duties MOL! I still am the head Watchcat, even tho I'm at the Rainbow Bridge-I even sent myself as a kitten into Mommy's dreams and she saw I was ok.

I guess that all fur now! There's so much ta do! I just got wings you see, and am gettin some flyin lessons!

Indy tha Angel


I Miss You

June 1st 2011 7:54 am
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Dear Indiana,

My sweet little boobalicious, I cannot believe that it has already been a week since you've been gone. I miss you more than words can even comprehend and my heart aches so much. My heart is so heavy because of how much I LOVE AND MISS YOU and it's so full of love at the same time from all of the support I never even knew or expected to have. I am shocked and blown away with the outpouring of love and support from all the people and furrriends who loved you soo much and are missing you too.

Kitty Pryde is heartbroken too. I bet you knew that though-that even when you would chase her and try to play tag, that even when she ran she still loved you. She's been looking for you and has been asking me where you are and why you had to go away. All I can do is love her and comfort her like she is comforting me.

I've been having a fight with myself between my head and my heart. My heart loved you so much and is making me feel that somehow I failed you because you've always been a little more fragile and delicate than Kitty, and how couldn't I have known better and taken you to the doctor sooner, or made stronger choices when taking you to the vet doc doc, but my head keeps telling me that I need to forgive myself because I did the best I could and took care of you better than anyone else would have. I know you knew how much I loved you though and maybe that's why you decided it was time to go while I was in the next room, because you knew how much harder it would've been. You knew me better than I knew myself because even when I fought my feelings when I was sick or sad, you always were right there to comfort me and love me unconditionally, and put your paw on my cheek to let me know everything would be ok.

I understand now that I didn't love you more than Kitty Pryde, you just needed more love because you knew you wouldn't be with us forever.

I could write so much more, but right now I need to stop because it still hurts so much. No one will ever replace you. I love you and miss you. And I am so thankful for all the love everyone has for us. Thank you for giving me and everyone else that gift.

Love forever and ever,


so many thank mews!

May 28th 2011 5:19 pm
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Hi furrrriends,
I can't believe I'm an Angel! This is so kewl! I have met so many furriends here when I got to tha bridge, and made new furriends too! I miss my mommy though and even my sisfur. It's so weird, all I remember is being with my mommy and then the nice vet doc and then I heard lots of saddness and felt lots of love in the air and then I wasn't hurting anymore.

My mommy is so grateful for all your messages and love that you have all sent. I know she wants to say thank you to everyone, and she will try as soon as she can. I want to thank you too because I know I'm not as popular as some kits on here, and yet I feel so loved.

Its such a hard thing. I never thought I wouldn't grow old. I just started ta get my man whiskers too under my chin. But I'm not feeling bad and that's awwwl that matters. I will try ta write more soon. I'm still trying ta get used to this lovely place. I gotta get wings too! Maybe someone can halps me when you has extra time :)

Love always and Bonks,


Indiana made his journey to the bridge

May 25th 2011 10:34 am
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This morning Indiana went to the Bridge. I still can't believe it or understand it, but he started having trouble breathing while I was waiting for him at the vet, then I heart him scream out and then they were doing CPR. He was too far gone though. I'm still processing this...I am getting a necropsy though because I have to know what happened.
Thank you for all the purrrrrs. We love you so much
Love Kitty Pryde and Kristin


Indy is very sick

May 25th 2011 7:15 am
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Hi Furrriends,
This is Indy's mom taking over this morning. I'm at the animal hospital right now to pick Indy up to then take him to another specialty vet where he will be seeing an Internist and get an ultrasound. Everything is kind of a blur right now, but he started acting unlike himself this weekend. I knew something was def wrong by Monday because he hadn't eaten really since Sunday afternoon and he wouldn't go potty and he was hiding from me.

He did seem to be a little better Monday because he was peeing and drinking a little, so I didn't take him to the er yet because I was following advice from the holistic doc I had recently been seeing. Tues he was not better so I took him in. Basically, from what I remember now, his levels on all his bloodwork are way off. His wbc count is higher than they could imagine, and they did the test more than once to make sure. His liver is enlarged(why he's getting an ultrasound) but basically they think he may have leukemia or even worse, maybe FIP.

I know it doesn't help to worry but I just can't stop crying. I thought I was taking good care of him, how could I not know he was so sick??? He has been ok for the most part, and with this holistic vet he seemed to be great. I am sicking with scientific medicine for now-I know at least there is science behind it. Please purrray for indy. Kitty has been mewing around the house since last night, she knows something is not right. I'm not sure what till happen once I go to the new play, but will keep you posted on my boobalicious.

Love Kristin


feeling tha yuckiest evfur

May 24th 2011 9:49 am
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I can't believe I can even paw this 'cause I feel so yucky. I need some purrrs from my furrriends. Things have been going so good at home with my poopies and my outburts onta Kitty Pryde, and I have been eating and sleeping and playing and watching all the stuffs outside happening, but then this weekend I started ta feel a little ick ick. I was still eating though, so Mommy thought maybe I was just tired or something, and I even ate a little on Sunday too, but now I haven't really eaten at all. Not even a treat. I licked it, but didn't even swallows.

Mommy is worried. I know I need ta go to the vet doc doc and that is the plan tonight. Mommy furst called the holistic lady ta ask what she should do since I was on those herbs, and she told Mommy ta stop the herbs and ta get me something called Nox Vomica at the whole foods store and that would make me back ta normals...Mommy wasn't sure, but she decided since evfurrything was working so good already that she would listen ta that lady furrrst.

Well, I took that stuff in some water, and was suprised akshully that it wasn't yucki stuff in tha syringe squirted in my mouth, and I even had some water from my fountain, but now I don't want anything today. I did try ta poopies, and I did try ta tinkles-and I did tha tinkles, but no poopies. So now I am stuck in tha bedroom all day so Mommy can keep track of my food and potty stuff and she is taking me to tha special vet hospital tonight...Is that as scary as the vet doc doc? I am nervfous...

I wish I felt better and could play. Kitty Pryde has been playing so much, but I just wanna watch, even though I did chase a toy yesterday fur a minute.

Pooopies. Indy



May 10th 2011 9:09 am
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I can't believe it! I was a DDP yestfurday! Thank you ta all my furrriends fur helping me ta celebrate! I am still being a good boy, thank you very much MOL! Except fur last night I got a little catrazies, but hey, I'm a cat and I gotta get that out by chasing my sisfur, it's a fact!

So I also got my herbal catcoction ta take from tha special vet. yuuuuuuk! Even Mommy almost had a catniption when she smelled tha stuffs! Now, befur I let her give me some pets, I gotta see if she has something in her hands 'cause mommies can be tricky, don't you agree!?

I did such a good job taking care a'her tho! thanks fur tha comments-maybe I has reached RCN status MOL!

Ok, so thanks to all my furrriends who left comments yestfurday fur my DDP!
and thanks to Angel dude Buddie and all his furmily fur the pmail and to Tabatha too (and fur tha posting in the I knead you group!!!
Thanks to Mia, Milo, Xena and Angel Queen Tallulah fur tha Blue Ribbon and a thanks to Hooch as well fur a Blue Ribbon!
And fur Sharin tha Loves, Thank you to:
Skippy Skipster!
Simone, River, Lili and tha furmily
and Gunnarr T, Miss Muppet and Peekaboo and Moonshadow and tha furmily fur Sharin tha Loves the othfur day!!!

Yukkkkkkk! No matter how many treats I eat, this taste will not go away!

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