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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

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June 9th 2009 9:05 am
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Sorry I haven't updated my diary in a few days. I have been pretty good though! We got a new big blankie fur the bed and I LOOOVES it sooo much! Akshually, I love it so much that when we all made the bed, I rolled and rolled and rolled on in fur like, 30 minutes and then lay on the top and got some pets from Mom. She took videos too so I was like a movie kitty! I asked her to help me put them up, but fur some reason Mom can't save them on the 'puter, so once she does that, you can see.

Not too much happened ovfur the weekend. We got a new food though so that was pretty neato! Mom went to buy us some more kibbles, but she doesn't really like giving us the stuff we have. The doctor vet said to get us Eukanuba, but my pooopies are stinky all the time and it's not just because I am a boy, thank you furry much! Anyways, so Mom used to give us some natural stuffs when I first came home, but Kitty kept throwing up lots and so she went back to Eukanuba aftur the prescription foods the doctor vet had her eat. Well, Kitty is shedding a whole lot and I am too a little, so Mom decided maybe it was time to try something again and she talked to this nice man at the store who, check this out...has sooo many kitties!!!! And he showed Mom pictures! He told Mom she should try this Blue kind and another one, but Mom decided to go with the Blue one and it is sooo yummy! She mixed it wif our old foods but both me and Kitty keep trying to eat the new kibbles up. So, so far so good.

Last night though, me and Kitty could not sleep. Mom went in the other room again, but we still were jumping around a lot. I hate when she does that because I am so used to sleeping in her bed and even Kitty likes to come give bedtime bonks, but when Mom is on the couch thing, we don't do that so much. Kitty tried, but I don't think it worked.

Well, I hope today is better. Mom is having some of her friends over to practice tonight so I am going to meet some new peeps! I met a bunch of them when I furrst came home with Mom, but they haven't seen me since then-like 7 months ago!!! Oh boy will they be surprised!!!!



slept on the tunnel!

June 4th 2009 11:02 am
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Last night Mom couldn't sleep. I don't even know why 'cause she left us home all day long and only came to give us some o'that wet stuff fur dinner before she left again, and then when she finally came home, she was like, wide awake and not tired at all. That was a cool thing because we got to play fur awhile and I even got some treats out of her 'cause instead of scratching on the floor or the couch, when she came in I went right to the scratchy thing Kitty uses!!! And I played nice. scratching post+play nice=treats! I gotta remember that one fur tonight.

So, back to sleeping-I didn't much feel like sleeping on my blankie in the bed, and Kitty was on one of the tunnels/hidey holes, so I went inside the one Kitty was on and she actually played with me! But, Mom couldn't sleep and it wasn't from us 'cause I swear on Ceiling Cat that we were quiet! She decided to take my other blankie, the big one, and went in the other room with the couches and went to sleep there. Usually I sleep with her on the bed by her toesies lately, but I thought maybe I should sleep like a big boy on my own tonight. When she went in the room she took the hidey holes with her, even though Kitty was still on one so it was like she was flying almost!

Anyways, so that's that. I slept on there and when Mom woke up today I was the first one she saw because when she got up, I popped my head up and guess what! She came and bonked my head with her lips! Then she saw Kitty, who didn't end up sleeping on the other hidey hole like normal, who was on top of the big climbing thing we have, so she had a view of Mom all night from above! And Mom bonked her head too with a kissy kiss and even gave her a headbonk with her head since they were like the same height.

It made me so happy. It was a nice morning fur sure! I hope Mom plays with us tonight some more-she said she has to go out fur a little bit, but promised us some lovins and some playtime. Guess what tho! She is going to her friend's house who has a kitty named James Bond!!! That's almost as neat as my name =) He has a furrsister too named Figdit, so he probably knows what it's like to have a sister who won't play all the time! psht! Girls!



frustrated sometimes!

June 2nd 2009 10:03 am
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I am not sure why, but sometimes I just get so frustrated! I mean, I live in this house wif a sister who plays with me fur like, a minute and then runs away, and Mom won't even let me go outside to see if there are furrriends for me to meet there! I look out the window and there is so much happening that I just want to be a part of it all!

Last night I had fun playin wif Mom's toesies. I saw them moving under the blankie on her bed and Kitty jumped fur them first but only tapped them. Me, I had to conquer them and so I did! Mom was laughin so much and thought it was sooo funny until I tried to do it again this morning before she got awake. I don't get come it's funny before but not later? I was doing my paw shuffle under the covers to find the toesies and Mom kept saying, "Indy no baby" and I'm like, " I ain't no stinkin baby!" and I kept going.

I know Mom gets upset though when she gets up and goes to the other room and that is exactly what she did! First she tried to make me get off the bed, but I whined a little in my kitty speak and duh-she didn't get what I was sayin, that I was sorry, and she got up! I followed her, but then just decided to lay on the floor next to where she was laying to show her I could be a good boy fur a minute.

I guess the one good thing that happened was she got the gravy last night!!! I keep not really wanting to eat that wet crap she gives us unless it's the one kind with the shrimpies in it, but she gave me one that tasted ok yesterday, but got the Vita gravy just in case for my kibbles and oooooh boy! Salmon flavour was just as yummy as the chicken one! Mom put it on my foods today before she left, so at least I got that-though I wish I got to nibble on the toesies fur a second.

Well, I think I am going to get some kibbles now. Just talkin about it makes me hungry!



May 31st 2009 6:39 pm
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I don't know about anyone else, but I just love takin naps with my Mom. Laying in her belly is the best and I love squeezing my paws to get a tighter hold on her in case she is going to get up. Even right at this very moment I decided to lay by Mom, even though she was checking her emails and I meowed to be able to write in my diary because I just had to share this feeling. Mom doesn't mind so much. She got us a donut bed today and it is pretty soft, but I think I am gonna stick to her belly being my bed and her arm nook being my bed at nighttime.


so sorry fur my friends Naythan and Natasha and their Mommy

May 30th 2009 10:30 pm
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Well, today fur me and my sister was a good day and I am furry grateful for all the love we have here from Mom and all of Mom's friends and our grandmofer and grandfafur. Even Aunties Joanna and Cherrae are in Hawaii and sent Mom a message last night saying they miss her "babies" Today was a special day and I am pooped from all the action and playing.

I wanted to see if my furriends Naythan or Natasha wrote in their diaries because they haven't fur a few days, and I was so sad when I saw their pupfur-family got their wings-all of them at once. Mom is sooo sad too, even though she only got to meet them all on Catster because she can't even imagine not being wif us for all day and now poor Naythan and Natasha and their Mommy will be wifout their pups furever. So tonight Mom said that we would say a special prayer fur their family that they will feel better very soon and find out who hurt their family.
I have lots of love and thanks fur finding a home. I am so lucky and hope that all the kitties and puppies and grown cats n dogs find homes like I have and my sister have. And Naythan and Natasha are very lucky fur their family. Please my furriends, say a prayer too fur their family if you can.
Loves and Cuddles,


Diary of the DAY!!!

May 30th 2009 9:36 am
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Oh my ceiling Cat!!!!!I have been praying fur this very special honor and today I haves it!!! I cannot believe I was picked fur Diary of the Day =)
This makes me feel pretty good. Last night was better too because Mom came home right away and then played wif me and Kitty pretty much all night and even Kitty played wif me fur a little bit before she bonked me in the head. And last night I even got a kiss from Kitty right on my furry forehead. I loves her when she is nice.

Well, Mom said I will get a special treat today because she is so proud of me. I am going to write in my diary later too.

I have to say many furry thanks to my furriend Aldo too and his Mom! They gave me a star and Kitty one too and I am so glad he got lucky and got a second chance after his first Mom's passing. Kitties like us are lucky to have Mom's who care so much and all the catster Mom's who care and help out too!

Many furry huggs and smooches!


Having a hard time sometimes

May 29th 2009 10:30 am
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I am not sure what's happening, but lately I feel like I have been not happy or something. I keep doing things I shouldn't, and Mom isnt yelling, but she isn't happy all the time either. And it doesn't help that Kitty doesn't want to play with me!!! I think I need to ask Mom to take me to the doctor soon if I still feel this way, but I think she doesn't want to make something out of normal teen boy kitty stuff.

Last night started off really great! Mom came home and gave me my favorite wet food, which was furry tastey and delicious, considering I don't like the wet food mostly. We played with the birdie toy (me and Kitty!) and Mom started to do some stuff in our house. I didn't climb screens or anything and then when it was time fur sleeping, I got right next to Mom and fell asleep.

Sometime in the middle of the night though I decided I had to try to get behind this dresser thing Mom has-but it has all these annoying wires that Mom put behind it on purpose so I won't touch it, but that didn't stop me. I kept pulling and Mom got up and put something in the way, but nope, I kept tryin and tryin. Even Kitty knew I wasn't s'posed to play there and she watched and meowed me to stop.

Finally, after like so many tries-I almost got back there! Mom made me go in the other room all by myself! Can you believe her? I don't even know why I want to go back behind that dresser anyways-I never wanted to before. I think Mom is wonderin the same thing.

Then this morning Kitty decided she was gonna be mean again. She jumped to me first, so I thought she wanted to play, but then she hissed and bonked me! And when Mom tried to see what was the matter, she tried to bite Mom, but not hard, just a nibble. She never does that ever!

I was sad so when I heard the jiggle of the keys, I knew Mom was going to try to leave me alone. again. I went to the door and blocked it! Mom tried to move me but I just kept meowin to her to stop tryin to move me, since I wasn't goin anywhere.

Now I am alone with Kitty and she is just in the window. I don't know how to feel, but right now I have the kitten blues.


Anofur long night

May 28th 2009 9:59 am
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Last night I just could not get settled in! I wanted to play, fuss, run, pick on Kitty a little and....try to climb the window screen.
Mom is not sure how to help me stop this-I know what no means, because she says it, like, all the time now! Indy no! to this and Indy no! to that!

Why not she understands I need adventure and excitement! I'm still just a young boy fur ceiling cat's sake! I need the windows to stay open 'cause it's going to get pretty hott out soon since it's almost summer, Mom says, but she is afraid to leave them open now more than a few inches when she's not with us in case I try to climb. I hope I stop soon. I hate when Mom says no, even though she is not yelling, I still want to be her little good boy.

Then this morning I decided to pick on Kitty some more. Things have been going sooo well, but then she wouldn't play with me today and it got me furrustrated. I guess she felt furrustrated too because she tried to bonk me on the head, but with her paw, not a nice headbonk and she hissed. Here's what I don't get-them Mom separated us, but who comes looking for me...Kitty! Man, grrrls are confusing!

I want to go look at the kittys on the cheezburger site. I wish my Mom gave me some cheezeburgers, but nope. Not even a treat was gotten today, or last night.

What's a boy to do!


Amor Omnia Vincit

May 27th 2009 5:57 pm
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Love Conquers All! I got a present from Grannmeowmy Today!!!!! It was the new bowls she sent, plus Mom got another thing in the mail from a great place called green hope essences. She got me and Kitty flower remedies to help us stay happy and loved always and got some fur herself too =) See, even from across America I always has the loves from everyone, and Kitty too!

I is a Happy Kitty!
Indiana J.


Oh Boy!

May 26th 2009 8:09 pm
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I got some treats today 'cause I scratched the big post that Kitty always scratches! i know that's where I am s'posed to scratch, but sometimes I like the couch (or screen) better. Mom though saw me about to scratch and said, "indy, no!" and then took me to the right place and guess what!? I did it right! I think I'm going to listen more so I get the treats fo sho!

Mom said she wants to play with Da Birdie now!

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