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I did a Naughty!

June 23rd 2009 4:24 pm
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Ok, so I am a cat. i like to run, play and explore. right? Well, that is exactly what I did last night! Mom opened the front door and I ran! Not fury far, I always look back to make sure she's there, but I'm not supposed to be out at all and I know that. So that was my naughty. But check this out! There was a door open right down from ours, and I ran inside to say hi to all the people MOL! And dis silly gurrrl screamed like I was an alligator or something. And then her furriends that were there all thought I was cute, and Mom then came and caught me. And she said sorrries a lot to them, but the furriends of that silly girl didn't mind. What kinda person is scared of a little ol' cutey cat like me? I didn't hiss, growl, nufing.

So, that was my naughty. Can you blame me? I just wanna see the world! I am microchipped Mom says, whatefur that is, so if I is lost, I can get back to home, but Mom says since I am so nice and furiendly, that maybe if I run away and get found, the people who find me will keeps me fur good and not even check if I am microchipped or have a Mommy of my own.

I hope that nevfur happens. I am gonna try to be good! I swears, but it is hard being a little kit stuck in the house all day long.



June 21st 2009 11:58 am
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Mom gave me some of her fake bacccuuun stuff fur food today! it's was yummy yummy yummy! Don't get me wrong because Mom doesn't give me her foods a lot, but I loves this stuff so she made me a piece too!

AND!!! She gots me a new cool toy!!!! its a little goggie and he is dressed like a mermaid and I love to chew on him. SHe got me and kitty two little yarny ball things too but I chewed mine all up by this morning and I akshually brought Mom all the pieces to bed.

I loves Sundays!


Danger Kitty

June 19th 2009 10:13 am
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My life iz fulls of adventures and excitement. NOT! Ok, akshually that is not all true. I do have excitements fur sure, but not so much adventures. Mom won't let me be a man and go outside and it's like, I need that! I am almost one ya know! Mom won't let Kitty out eithfur, so I guess it's not just me.

So last night I decided to do anofuer daring act to try to be like my hero, Indiana Jones de man, and I tried to swing from de vines! Well, ok, it was the curtains (remeber I is a housekit) OK, not even the curtains, but the strings that tie them up akshually. See the walls in our house are like super strong, so Mom can't akshually make holes to hang the curtains, so he puts them ovfur the blinds already there. And that means they are loose and hangy! Yay fur Adventure! Well, it didn't work so goods and then so I went on the window sill to check out the nightsky fur adventures and jumped down and slid down the wall like a spiderman! Mom thought I got hurts, but naw, I was just layin there on the floor all excited fur my new moves. So then, to make up fur it, I tried to jump up again on the wood thing that the bed is in, and I guess I didn't check my jump (kitty does-she sits and shakes her booty and then jumps, me-I just jump) and I only got my claws on it and hung fur a while.

So much fur that adventure. I finally got on the windowsill and Kitty was there, so she left and I chased her fur a while and then finally we settled, which Mom loved 'cause she said she was sleepies and I cuddled with her n stuff! And then the woman kicked me out of the room at 5 am 'cause I was playin again! She gets up not too much aftur that and so I was just makin sure she didn't oversleep. So overlooked is the adventure cat, such that I am.




June 17th 2009 9:13 am
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A'Hoy!!! I was like C'pnt Jack Sparrow there fur a second! MOL! So, it was an interesting night yesterday. And day too. I loves how Mom can't always know what it is that I do when she's not home. Yesterday I got her drawer open and took out all the socks! MOL! I think she thinks it was my furrsister because she was trying to open the drawer last night, but naw! It was me! I thought there was some treasures in there and since I can't really jump up to the top like my sister, I have to settle fur the drawers. I don't know why I can't jump up there akshually. I don't climb too good either, but I am not even 1 yrs old yet, so it can't be that I am too old. I am just clumsy Mom says.

She caught me again in the screen...she didn't yell, but she clapped her hands to get my attenshiuns 'cause I wasn't listening when she said my name. Well, that didn't get me to stop either, but when I heard her sit up (it was akshually still sleepy time-ooops) I moved quick, but tried to jump from the window sill so fast I fell! Then Mom was like, " oh Indy are you ok baby?" and I was like-psht. Then I went in fur some cuddles =)




June 16th 2009 6:54 am
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Headbonks and thanks fur all my furriends who wished me a good Diary of the Day day and to Mercy and her furamily fur the yummy rosette! It was a pretty uneventful day akshually, and of course, Mom did come home late like she said she might, so we didn't have too much of a celebration, but I know she loves me. It's just a lazy morning today so I am gonna be lazy!


Diary of the Day!

June 15th 2009 8:57 am
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Oh man! I cannot believe I am a diary pick once again! I am furrry happy today! Thanks to my furriend Hazel fur the congratulations.
I am so happy! It's funny 'cause last night I was what Mom calls restless again, and I think I was the last time I got picked, so I guess I knew it was coming and couldn't hold my excitement in!!!

It's so weird how sometimes I can be up all night making mischief but then some nights all I wanna do it lay with Mom and sleep. The last couple nights have def. been the mischief kinda ones.

Not much happened at all this weekend. Mom was pretty much home a whole lot, except fur a few hours here and there when she had to meet to rehearse with all those cool people who came ovfur last week. I don't think they are gonna do it again at our house, but of course it's not because of me and Kitty! One of the other peoples just has a lot more room, but Mom did say that evfurry rehearsal they ask how I am. =)

Not to be all down today, because I am diary pick (yay again!), but Mom told us that she might not be home fur a long while tonight because she has to stay at the working place late and then meet those people again. I get so sad when that happens because by the time she comes home, she is sleepy but I wanna play! And can you believe that one of Mom's furiends said that she gives us too much lovins and attenshions! I say not enough, thank you furry much! Just because some people leave their kitties alone all day (and we all know sometimes you cannot help it) but when you are home there is no excuse I think to not play with yr kitty. One of Mom's furiends does just that, and so whenevfur Mom goes there, she makes sure the kitty has fresh water and foods and the other day Mom even took one of mine and Kitty's toys and some nip with her to give to that kitty. We didn't mind so much akshually. Mom told us when she got home that the other kitty loved the furry ball and nip sooo much! So, at least I helped another kit have some funs even if I wasn't there either.

Oh yeah, I'm still whining by the way. Mom picked me up and tried to give me lip bonks, which I usually like, but this morning I had some more important things to attend to, like looking out my window.

Well, anyways, thanks Catster furriends who helped me get diary pick again! It means a whole lot to me fur sure! I will try to get back on later fur sure and write in my diary some more 'cause I got lots on my mind!


I'm a whiner

June 12th 2009 9:26 am
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Mom says I keep whining. I don't know what that means exactly, but I know I keep wanting to do things my way, and when I can't I tell her I'm not happy about it! Like this morning, early, 4 am I would say because I'm a cat so I'm gonna be up probably, I was trying to get under the covers and tickle Mom's legs and she moved me. So I mewed. Then, I thought the blankie would be really cool to scratch, even though I have been soooo good with the tall scratcher thing that Kitty uses, I was trying to dig into the blankie, so Mom said no. Then, when she tried to move me, I tried to nibble on her hands and I bonked her!!! And I made some noises to let her know that this was not cool! I think it has Mom worried though in case I am stressed about something... I hope she doesn't make me go to the vet lady. Kitty is good there and checks out all the animals, but I throw a hissy fit!

Diary, do you think something is wrong? How come I keep whining when Mom tries to move me or something? I even do it now when she tries to go out the door-I throw myself down in front of it and block her way out and when she tries to move me I bonk her, kick her, nibble her and whine!

(secretly I know she will give me treats to get me away from the door)


Hoppin night!

June 10th 2009 9:34 am
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Wowweeee! Last night was so much fun! Mom had some furriends ovfur to work on this show they are doing and that meant I got lots of attention! Evfurry one thought I was the coolest cat! I just kept running and jumping and showing off my climbing skills and stuff. even Kitty had fun too! I was pretty tired by the end of it, which was good fur Mom because that meant no running around at nighttime again. I am not sure why though, but Kitty once again has stopped sleeping in the bed. She didn't even sleep on the hideyhole the last couple nights and at least she would do that and be in the room with us all. I know on the new blankie I rubbed all ovfur it, but we share evfurrything else so I don't think that would be the problem.

Anyway, it is kind of blah out Mom says, but she likes it cause then the house isn't too hot fur us when she isn't at home. I still can sit in one of the windows and catch the breezes!



June 9th 2009 9:05 am
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Sorry I haven't updated my diary in a few days. I have been pretty good though! We got a new big blankie fur the bed and I LOOOVES it sooo much! Akshually, I love it so much that when we all made the bed, I rolled and rolled and rolled on in fur like, 30 minutes and then lay on the top and got some pets from Mom. She took videos too so I was like a movie kitty! I asked her to help me put them up, but fur some reason Mom can't save them on the 'puter, so once she does that, you can see.

Not too much happened ovfur the weekend. We got a new food though so that was pretty neato! Mom went to buy us some more kibbles, but she doesn't really like giving us the stuff we have. The doctor vet said to get us Eukanuba, but my pooopies are stinky all the time and it's not just because I am a boy, thank you furry much! Anyways, so Mom used to give us some natural stuffs when I first came home, but Kitty kept throwing up lots and so she went back to Eukanuba aftur the prescription foods the doctor vet had her eat. Well, Kitty is shedding a whole lot and I am too a little, so Mom decided maybe it was time to try something again and she talked to this nice man at the store who, check this out...has sooo many kitties!!!! And he showed Mom pictures! He told Mom she should try this Blue kind and another one, but Mom decided to go with the Blue one and it is sooo yummy! She mixed it wif our old foods but both me and Kitty keep trying to eat the new kibbles up. So, so far so good.

Last night though, me and Kitty could not sleep. Mom went in the other room again, but we still were jumping around a lot. I hate when she does that because I am so used to sleeping in her bed and even Kitty likes to come give bedtime bonks, but when Mom is on the couch thing, we don't do that so much. Kitty tried, but I don't think it worked.

Well, I hope today is better. Mom is having some of her friends over to practice tonight so I am going to meet some new peeps! I met a bunch of them when I furrst came home with Mom, but they haven't seen me since then-like 7 months ago!!! Oh boy will they be surprised!!!!



slept on the tunnel!

June 4th 2009 11:02 am
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Last night Mom couldn't sleep. I don't even know why 'cause she left us home all day long and only came to give us some o'that wet stuff fur dinner before she left again, and then when she finally came home, she was like, wide awake and not tired at all. That was a cool thing because we got to play fur awhile and I even got some treats out of her 'cause instead of scratching on the floor or the couch, when she came in I went right to the scratchy thing Kitty uses!!! And I played nice. scratching post+play nice=treats! I gotta remember that one fur tonight.

So, back to sleeping-I didn't much feel like sleeping on my blankie in the bed, and Kitty was on one of the tunnels/hidey holes, so I went inside the one Kitty was on and she actually played with me! But, Mom couldn't sleep and it wasn't from us 'cause I swear on Ceiling Cat that we were quiet! She decided to take my other blankie, the big one, and went in the other room with the couches and went to sleep there. Usually I sleep with her on the bed by her toesies lately, but I thought maybe I should sleep like a big boy on my own tonight. When she went in the room she took the hidey holes with her, even though Kitty was still on one so it was like she was flying almost!

Anyways, so that's that. I slept on there and when Mom woke up today I was the first one she saw because when she got up, I popped my head up and guess what! She came and bonked my head with her lips! Then she saw Kitty, who didn't end up sleeping on the other hidey hole like normal, who was on top of the big climbing thing we have, so she had a view of Mom all night from above! And Mom bonked her head too with a kissy kiss and even gave her a headbonk with her head since they were like the same height.

It made me so happy. It was a nice morning fur sure! I hope Mom plays with us tonight some more-she said she has to go out fur a little bit, but promised us some lovins and some playtime. Guess what tho! She is going to her friend's house who has a kitty named James Bond!!! That's almost as neat as my name =) He has a furrsister too named Figdit, so he probably knows what it's like to have a sister who won't play all the time! psht! Girls!


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