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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

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July 20th 2009 10:58 am
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Dis guy is ok. I mean, he seems kinda cool anyways. He still keeps going "meow meow" to me and fur that, I must ignore him, but this mornin when Mom came out to the sittin room where he was and fell asleeps again, I went to see her and he said, "oh Mom is sleepin, and then he started to pet pet my cheekies and I liked it cause he could get it all in one time since his hands are bigger that my Mom's.

He scared me tho the other day! I almost decided I might try to give him some snuggles and cuddles cause he was sleepies on the little couch, but right when I climbed up and was by his cheekie, he made a loud song and I froze!!! It was like a growl from his nose!!! I was like outta there! I like advenshures, surely, but that was some scary stuff. And he kept doin it! Mom called it snorin and said I did it befure when I first got here, but then again Mom says I talks in my sleep too, while Kitty only sleeps wif her mouth open. We are funnies! MOL!

So, Grandpaw is leaving tomorrow and I think I might miss him. I hope he gets Mom that new chair and couch he said he would fur Christmas (i loves that dat fur sure akshually) because Mom told me that I would loves the one cause it's called a cuddler chair and kinda circle so I can curl up purrfect!

ooooh-and we watched a movie of which my name was the inspurashion! It was Indiana Jones and dat guy is coooool! Grandpaw almost looks like him too so I guess I am in the right furmily fur sures.

Meow fur Grandpaws! MOL!



July 17th 2009 10:49 am
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grandpaw...dis man is inturresting.

He keeps saying "meow" to me, but he's not doin it right. I will not respond to such insults! I think he should try to talk to me like Mom does, like a purrson. Ah well! I'm just bein dramatiks... Sometimes we gotta train the hoomans and looks like dis might be the case.

He did give me pets in the right place tho, that's fur sure! I gave him a sniff sniff and he tickled my chin! I loves it!


the mornin' Jitters!

July 16th 2009 9:35 am
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I had a case of the mornin' jitters this morning! Akshually, it's been almost evfurry morning the last week, except fur Monday when Kitty and I let Mom sleep because of the long night we had.

I just like to scurry underneaf the covers and I can't help it that Mom's leg is there. Plus, once again, I am a boy. I play. So what if Kitty is a lady. She should play more too.

Anyway, so Mom akshually got up and I got a little nervous and ran out of the room and so you know what she did?! She went back to bed! I thought she was gonna come play with the toys with me, but nope. no such luck. So I snuck back in the bed and hung out in my window because Kitty decided to move when she saw Mom get up to chase me.

Sometimes I don't know why I get so crazy. I s'pose it's because Mom was gone fur a long time yesterday. I get so bored being inside all the time, but she won't let me out and I get it-I would miss her too if I got lost or someone else found me, but I just wanna see what else there is out there fur me. I hope we move sometime soon to a bigger place, like Uncle Ben has, or even Mom's friend's house where MyKat the cat lives. Maybe grandpaw will have an idea or somethin-I know he said he would help Mom to get a bigger place, but Mom said somethin like it's too 'spensive.

What's 'spensive anyway? I heard Mom say something like that about the vet doc too when I was goin fur my legs-I know we have to go back-geez-but we are waitin till Mom finds a vetdoc she likes mores who can handle my hissy fit. but MEOWWWW-you would have one too if you had to get needles n stuff. Need I say more?

So, my furriend Orange Julius Caesar needs some meows. He got that fixed thing done and can't play wif his fursisters and so, please send some purrs out to him that he can run n play soon! And send purrs to his Meowmy too 'cause she wants to cuddle him a lot, and also has the other kitties to cuddle, so she is stressed to make them all happy. Yes, us Kits are very demanding and want all yr attenshuns allways, so it is hard on Meowmies, we know. But don't you Meowmies feel luvved? =) *kitty wink*



Grandpaw's coming! Grandpaw's coming!

July 15th 2009 10:23 am
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I'm not gonna be the only boy in the house fur a few days!!! I can't wait to be manly! Mom said that grandpaw is coming to visit tomorrow and he'll visit fur a few days. I hope he likes me, but srsly I am so cute so how can he not? I just hope he doesn't mind if I play with his toesies when he is sleeping 'cause if they move, I'm gonna get them.

Mom got me this cooool toy the other day of a mousie. it's funny cause I like to take all my favorite toys to the bed place and then she finds them all in the blankies when she comes home. I do it cause that's our favorite place tho so it's a good thing!

Not much else is happenin. I want to be writing in my diary more, but it's just so hott out that I wanna just sit in my window or sit under the shade.

I'll let you know how it goes with grandpaw tho fur sure!


I was called a brat!

July 7th 2009 11:07 am
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I am not happy wif my Moms-Woman took me to the vet doc AGAIN! I thought when I hissed and scratched and growled that she knew better than to do it again, but nope. I know I wrote about it befores, but she took me to check on my legs and to get the xray the vet doc said I needed.

Well, turns out the vetdoc now says that the risk of makin me all sleepy is not worth it to take the xrays and that I should just take my medicines-all of it-and then see how I am. So, aftur all that, I went fur nothing AND got all mean too 'cause I had to show them who was boss. And can you believe me, who is so nice and cuddly and lovin, got called a brat by the vet doc!!! Mom doesn't even know why I get so upset there, but I do. I was walkin around and hissin at the walls and then though I layed down fur the vet doc to pet under my chin, and then I tried to bonk her. And she almost seems scared of me, so I guess my plan to be boss worked. She said, "Indy-I don't know what you want. One minute you want to be pet and the next you go fur me"

Well, needless to say, I didn't get my xrays. The vet doc said that I would have to be sedated enuff that they could lay me on my back and spread my legs out, and it would take a lot 'cause I was so angry. I was just tough-my ears weren't back and my fur wasn't all puffed out or anything.

I think Mom is going to take me to a new vet doc once I finish my medicines. I hope that they can be better fur me that these ones, that's fur sure!


so far so good

July 4th 2009 11:20 am
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so, my legs are gettin a little better but Mom still wants me to get that xray.
But on othfur news-HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! I wasn't around this time last year, but Kitty said it's fun. Mom is akshually taking me to meet her furriend Lauren's kitty, MyCat. Kitty already knows her, so fur me it will be a new introduction. I hope I impress her and don't get all hissy. Kitty and her just cuddle up, so I am hoping to do the sames!

That's all! I will write about my xrays manana and hopefurry I will be all better.



July 1st 2009 9:41 am
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so, Mom has been trying to give me medicines fur two days now. How do you give a kitty medicines that has to be sprinkled onto food if I don't like the wet stuff much, and won't eat the baby food like the vet doc suggested? Well, it means that I had some and Kitty ended up tasting a little bit. I guess it's ok since it isn't that othfur one that Mom needs to squirt in my mouth, but still.

So I am not sure yet how I am feelin. Mom says my feet one minute look straight and the next are crooked, but I keep trying to play anyway. She cleared off some stuff from this table so I can jump on my dresser easier and it is pretty cool. She showed me the way to do it, like when she showed me how to get in the window sill in the sleey room.

Mom got us a movie fur kitties. It's not really my thing, but Kitty is looving it! She watched it until she saw Mom taking a video. Hopefully Mom can figure out how to get that stuffs on here.

That's all fur now akshually. I am gonna go sit on my dresser fur a while. It's been hot so Mom has that loud machine thing on, even though she isn't home.


PS-guess what?! A girly kitty thinks I'm cute! Her name is SusyQ and she is a member of the itty bitty kitty committee, but if I could hang out with her, we would be furrriends fur sure! Mom would adopt her fur sure if we could have more in our place.


booty aches

June 29th 2009 11:57 am
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My booty hurts!!! Mom made me get the two needles at the vet doc and it stinks! wait'll she tries to give me the medicines that they gave her too-that'll be fun! meow-how-how-how!

I guess I am not so sore though that I can't jump in my window or anything, but then again, Mom has the furniture set up so that way its only a coupl'a hops away. Sometimes I like the hard way though and I try to climb the back of the couch, which makes me struggle like she said to the vet doc.

I barfed too. Well, Mom thinks it was me-even though Kitty was the one with the barfing problem. It was full kibbles and it was on my window sill that Kitty and I take turns on. I guess it must be the shots.

There's one good sign tho! When Mom was gettin ready this morning she looked down and one of my back paws looked kinda straight. So maybe I was all sores and the shots are helpin-BUT DON'T TELL MOM CAUSE THEN SHE'LL GET ME MORES!

I guess I gots to get ready fur the vet doc though next weekend 'cause I am purrrty sure she is gonna want me to get those xrays. That makes me feel like hissing!

Oh, I must say thank you though to my furrriend Allie, Baily, baby Maggie and the rest of them fur the Power of the Paw! I am so lucky to have other furriends to help me get better so thanks furry much! And thanks fur the suggestions from evfurry one else for the stairs and the medicines info too!

Thank you Catster fur helpin a little kit in this big world!


I'm hurting

June 28th 2009 1:44 pm
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So Mom took me to the vet doc today. Mom actually got upset and cried and I felt sooo bad, but I was mad too and I think that is why she was crying, since she doesn't want me to be mad, or hurting.

So, my legs in the back have been looking a little crooked but Mom wasn't sure that that wasn't normal until her furrriend noticed it, so Mom thought finally that she should take me to the doc. Especially since I can't jump so good still and I am almost a year old. Well, I freaked out at the vet doc! I was all hissy and evfurry thing, even though Mom and the doc cuddled me and held me nice.

Well, so the vet doc said that I have a lot of inflammation in my back and that it probably is an old injury from when I was a baby kit. And so then I had to get two needles! And they had to have three people with Mom's help comfort me to get the needles in. Mom was so upset and I felt so bad, but I was so upset to. And even though I was crying and fighting, I wasn't biting and scratching, although I did bonk the one guy with the needle, but like I said, I didn't have my claws out.

So, next week I needs an xray, whatefur that is. But, since I am so feisty, the vet doc said that I need to get sedated or something to do it. In the meantime, I gotta take some medicines and some vitamins to see if the inflammations goes down-that's what Mom told me-I was too upset to listen to the vet doc.

The vet doc also said that it is probably from when I was little, like I said before, just like how all my whiskers were fallin out when I was a baby too. Mom knows the shelter lady took good cares of me, and that most likely it all got started from when I was really little and found on the streets, before I got into my shelter, and that's what vet doc thinks too.

So, hopefully I will be ok! Kitty has been nice akshually to me-no hissing at me when I got back and smelled funny. She akshually tried to give me a bath, which she never does these days, so I guess she is being a good big sister.

Looks like I gotta pick my advenshures a little better! And vet doc told Mom go get some kitty stairs so I don't have to jump so high to my favorite spots.



Not furry happy

June 26th 2009 9:45 am
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Well, I think I am not feeling so good. At least I am not playin like crazy and you wanna know why!? I ovfurheard my Mom saying that I have to go to that vet doc on Sunday! And so now I don't feel like playin 'cause it makes me nervous. Plus I am like, perfect so whys I gotta go to the vet doc?

Well, this is what Mom said, but I think she is a crazy lady sometimes. I guess when I sit on my back paws, they stick out a little and not all straight like Kitty's do, but hey-I'ma boy so I'm not gonna try to be all purretty like Kitty OK!

And I am kinda clumsy, as I have written befur, and keep missing jumps that Kitty can do, and kinda am wobbly when I try to climb the back of the couch-again-I is a boy Mom!!! And I like advenshures, so being wobbly makes it more exciting!

So that is why Mom thinks I should go to the vet doc. She's crazy right? I know once I get there, the doc is gonna cuddle me if I let her, 'cause last time I was trying to climb the stuff, and she is gonna say go home. And last time at the vet doc I got a shot and it hurt soooo bad! So bad that when the nurse lady brought me back to Mom, I flopped down and that leg wouldn't work fur, like a minute. Mom got real scared like, but the vet doc came to check on me and then I started walkin (to get away!) and even tho I was a little wobbly, she told Mom it was probably because I was surprised and like, got lazy or something and just froze. I guess we will finds out soon enuff!

I want to say happy furiday to my kit furriends. And to all the kitties who don't have furrever homes or good mommies and foster furmalies. Don't give up hope!

Love Indy

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