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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

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nappy naps

August 1st 2009 4:03 pm
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Today has been a nice day so fars. I've had loads of nappies so far and think I am due fur another one. Mom got home late last night aftur she first came home to give me my dinner. And so I guess even though I missed her, me and Kitty decided to sleep not in the bed, but on the hideyholes and window sills instead. We even decided to let Mom sleep late too, since it was so late when she got home. Even Mom's need nappy naps from time to time. Then, when she finally got up, I took a mini nappy nap on her belly and then another one in the bafroom while she was in the water thing. Then, she had to leave fur a bit so I thought I might take a nappy nap in front of the front door (MOL) and instead of a nappy nap, I got a catnip treat =)

Then, when Mom came home me and Kitty took turns giving her the cuddles and then I retired to my hidey hole fur another nappy nap.

Boy, writing in my diary makes me sleepy too so I think I shall go have another nappy nap now that I am thinkin about it. =) Wet foods taste so much yummier aftur a nice nap!



July 31st 2009 11:30 am
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Lately, all I want to do is take nappy-naps. Mom comes home and wants to play and so do I, that is fur sure, but I get bored now and then just go sit and watch Mom play with my toys herself. It's pretty funny akshually. I know my mom doesn't think I am sick or anything, maybe I am just getting older and all. Next month I will be a whole year old!!! I cannot believes it. Who would'a thunk it! I am happy in my house, fur sures, though last night I didn't give Mom the cuddles in sleep. Not sure why really. I guess outside was just more interesting or something.

Now even, I don't have anything much interesting to say, so I guess this will be a short one today. I just wanna sit on my dresser and check out the room. I wish we had a bigger place, but Mom says we will sooner than laters! I cannot wait.



the morning Cuddles!

July 30th 2009 9:19 am
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Instead of the morning jitters or the morning grummmmmbles, I had the morning Cuddles! Too bad it was waaay early in the morning, but Mom didn't mind. She knows how to give me cuddles and pets even in her sleep! But it was a good thing too because at 3 am, when I gave her loads of the cuddles, her phone beeped too and it was a message from her brofur, my uncle, who is really furry far away akshually. So she said hi and then went back to the sleepies and so did I-right on her belly! But not before I tried to cuddle in her arms, on her neck, across her check, on the blankie afturr I gave it a little suckle and some biscuits, and again in her arms.

It is so nice having the sleepies with Mom!

And I must say thanks to my furriend Riley fur the nice rosette! I am so happy that my stories helped with yr leg stuff too. =)



July 29th 2009 9:02 am
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Yestfurday was pretty exciting fur me. I was DDP again! Wowzi!
First, I must thank all my furriends fur their well wishes and fur the pawsome rosettes I got!
Thank you Buddie! You are a great furriend, one, fur your messages =) and then fur the Healing Rosette. That one is specials because my paws are crooked and hopefurry I will be all good soon-you can barely even tell 'cause I am jumping all ovfur the place.
Thank you to Leo fur the ice cream cone!!! He is cool too and has a cool brofur named Charlie who kinda looks like me I think. And makes troubles! MOL!
Thanks to purrrty lady Mercy fur the beachball. She is so purrty =)
and Shadow too fur the well wishes. And my furriend Riley and Ivan just fur being cool furriends and reading my diary =)

Well, the most exciting thing that happened yestfurday was that....Mom got grossed out....but....

I ATE A FLY! Well, turns out only his wings, but I saw it flyin around and chased it a whole lot! I did back flips and stuff, which made Mom worried in case I hurt, but I sure didn't seem like it! Then Kitty joined the chase and we just watched Mr. Fly 'cause he was watching us. Mom tried to save him, but I was too clevurrs and I bonked him with my paw and then sniffed him a little and then tasted him., wait, no. Mom said Gross! and then it turns out it was pretty gross akshually and so he just layed there, and I was dones with him and so Kitty came just to make sures and then she was dones too. Mom, once again took a video. One day she'll figure it out.

That was about the most exciting thing that happened! Mom also bought me a new mousie toy to hang on the door to replace the one I DEVOUWERED, but it is not squeekie like it should be, so Mom is gettin a new one.

Wells, I think I see anothfur fly...time to get to work!



July 28th 2009 8:38 am
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Oh my Cat!!!! How can I be so luck as to be diary pick, yet anothfur day??!!! I am so happy and meowless akshually. Thank you to the catster HQ and my furriend Buddie and his furmily-you see! I always know I got picked because Buddie sends me a messages befur anyone =)
This will be a good day, considering the morning was a little loopy. I wanted to play with my fursister, but she just wanted to hissy-hiss-hiss at me, so Mom ended up leaving Kitty in the othfur room and closing me in her room! Well, Kitty and I made up with paws under the door. I know I get the morning jitters sometimes like I mentioned. I just can't helps it. Mom had a sickness yestfurday and went to beddybye waaay early, so I felt cheated of my playtime, even though we played, tis true.

Anyways, thanks again! I am so excited to be diary pick! Mom gave me lots of lipbonks to my face this morning and while I rolled my eyes at her and got whiney, I secretly loves it MOL!


Mondays Fundays

July 27th 2009 10:17 am
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Well, I hope it is a fun day anyways. it is hott again so Mom left the air blower thing on. It was on all weekend too mostly because we get all loopy when it's too hott. And Kitty likes to sit in front of the fan, but I just like to look at it and then get bored akshually.

Thank you to my furriend Charlie fur the tree. It is pawsome!

Mom took me to the bones lady on Sunday and I am proud of myself that I was pretty good. She said I was a very good boy too and so brave so that made me feel special. She took me in and held me on her lap as best as she could, and this lady isn't even a vet doc and she was better with me than that other lady (who, by the way-Mom saw her furriend who has a doggie and had the same bad stuffs happen at the same vet doc too!) and she just touched down my spine and when she touched certain parts that she said felt out, or whatevfur that means, I would hiss at her and look up at Mom, so we knew that was the place-and she took some buttony lookin thing called an activator and made it make the punchy buttony sound on my back. We did it 5 times total and then guess what?! She let me take a walk around the whole place to check it out! Man! I wish we had all those fun places in our house, that's fur sure. So as of today, Mom said it looks like I am sittin straighter in my back feetsies, so that is good! We are still gonna go see anothfur vet doc sooner than later, but are trying to get my insurance papers togethfur-that's what Mom said anyways.

Othfur than that, all is ok. I got some good snackies and saw Auntie Cherrae fur a bit yestfurday. She and Mom went to see Harry Potter finally! I watched a couple of them with Mom this weekend, and guess what Mom said to me when she got home-it's special =) She said that I am like her Fawkes-if you know the books, then that means I am like the profesuuur's Phoenix. She said he was flying in the movie and the furrst thought she had was of me =) Many purrrs were had! I wonder though what that makes Kitty, because she was furrst befur me and I know Mom sings to her lots and cuddles her.

So that's all fur now. my furriend Riley is going to check out the vetdoc fur his limp and was finally a good boy and let his mom take a video of it. I am sendin him manly purrrs fur him to get better, so send him purrrs too purlease =)



July 25th 2009 2:34 pm
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ok, so manana, Mom is taking me to see her doctor, who does holistic stuffs, but also she does stuff wif bones. Mom said she is going to look at my back and legs and see about ajdustin them, whatevfur that means. I hope I don't get nerfous like I do at the vetdoc... i guess I will just keep you posted on what happens.

It's hott by the way. Mom put the blowy thing on, finally!



the morning jittters-again

July 23rd 2009 11:30 am
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This morning I had what Mom calls the morning jitters...again. I went through a time when evfurry morning I had them, but lately they haven't been so furry bad, howevfur, this morning was rough. I was running up into the window, tried to jump and fell (uh oh!) jumped off the window sill to the bed and it wasn't too graceful and then flew off the bed, knocking Kitty's hidey-hole ovfur in the process. Then, I did the paw shuffle under the cover Mom was sleeping with, which was not good cause I need a serious nail trimming (let's see you try that MOM!) and so Mom sat up, and I just looked at her and blinked.

Well, I don't even know what her deal was because she woked up and guess what! Who was lying there right next to her, stretched all out? hmmm? Can you guess? Moi!

Well, that made Mom happy fur a second cause she thought my jitters were ovfur, but naw-she went to give me a petting and I grabbed her hand and got a little nibble nibble, to which she said-Nope! and took it away. Dude, Kitty gives her the nibble nibble sometimes and she lets her, but then again, Kitty is so girly that it probably isn't the way I do it. Akshually, it's not.

Anyways, so aftur that, Mom had to get up, but she didn't want me to think she was mad (I didn't!) so she petted my head and I let her, then she gave me some lip bonks. Well, wouldn't you know, she got up and who came right aftur her? Yep, me AGAIN. She went in that water room and bent down and gave my nosey a little kissy kiss and I liked it, and just layed down on the chair in there, and waited fur Mom to be done. Sometimes she peeks out at me and I loves that too akshually because I never know when or where her eyes will spy from.

So that was pretty much it. I got the jitters. How can I help it? I mean, I just was like waaay excited and Kitty just lays there and looks at me while she slowy waves her tail. whatevfur.

So this morning Mom left us and I am hoping she comes home soon and stays all night so that way I can get some time in. We played with the squeeky mousie last night fur awhile and Da Birdie too! I just wants to play is all. I don't mean to get the jitters. Maybe I'm still waitin fur Grandpaw to come back and make nosey noises-who knows!



July 22nd 2009 4:07 pm
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I don't feel like such a nerd about my kitty crush because my friend Ivan, who is a stud Mom says, said it's ok to think girls are purrty.

Whew! That helps me fur sure not to worry! My furrsister is Diary Pick today and I am happy fur her cause she is becoming a better sister evfurry day.

But, enuff about her! MOL! I am not sure if it is the medicines that I got, but my booty is stinky and ick ick. Well, Mom said that today when she cleaned my box and also 'cause she saw last night some pieces that may have fallen off when I was getting out...eeeew I know. I am embarrased to even talk about it, but at the same time I need to share the TMI MOL! I got that from readin gossip sites online =)

Well, Mom stopped giving me the Metacam because she thinks that is why I got booty troubles ailing me right nows. I don't want to go to the vet doc again but I know it's coming, but my legs have been ok too, but that still doesn't save me. rats...

It's been quiet since Grandpaw loud nosie sounds and now Mom isn't home all day...u-gain. So is the life of a cat I guess-the peoples think we are solitary and all but fur reals-I like the company of othfurs and wait by the door evfurry time I hear Mom's car outside!


Nerd kitty

July 21st 2009 10:23 am
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I feels like a complete nerd! Fur reals! I kind of have a crush on a gurrrl but she is so little and young, but so purrrty too. Evfurry time I come to check my furriends updates and such, I just haf to look fur her picture. She's a little shy though so doesn't have too many, plus has some other fursiblings, so her foster mom has got to take pics of evfurry one-it's only fairs. So yes, I confess, I am officially a nerd!

Grandpaw left today. I am kinda sad. Mom, I know will need some of my cuddles laters because she will be sad too since she said he works real fars away and will be there thru Christmas. I wonder where I'll be fur Christmas-maybe at Uncle Ben's house again so Mom can see her brofurs and her own mom n step dad?

Anyways, so this morning I gave Mom some cuddles before she woke up. I love to do that srsly! I like it when I can stretch out and try to be as long as her and she puts her arm around me. Sooo nice! I know she loves it too cause even if her eyes are still all sleepytime, she tries to give me lip bonks on the top of my furhead! So I get slow blinky to her, even if she can't see.

Not much else to report akshually. My legs seem to be ok, but Mom is still gonna try a new vet doc sometime. The rumor in home(thanks to Grandpaw) is that Mom is gonna move around the couches and stuff but let me tell you-she better keep something by the window so I can get in there! I would not be a furry happy kitteh without it...even tho I am almost a year old!!! By the way...I like treats purlease-if you please?=) Fur my bday celebrashions!

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