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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

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pooor Calvin

September 17th 2009 2:51 pm
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My pirate tuff guy furrrriend Calvin has something bad called cancer. Since Kitty read his diary she's been all weepies and sad and Mom is sad too. I know it must be a bad thing and I hope that he gets to go home and be with his furmily and go to the Bridge when he's ready. Please, my furrriends, pray fur his family and PUURRRR for Calvin!!!



I'm here yo!

September 17th 2009 9:28 am
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Ah missed a whole day on Catster yestfurday because Mom was pretty much gone fur hours and hours. I did see Titi Joanna though, 'cause she came and gave me and Kitty some tuna tuna tuna! I guess Mom knew if she was gonna be gone, she had to leave the good stuffs fur us to yum yum on. And Titi Joanna even told her we were good kits, but we only ate the liquids of the tuna, but Mom said we would nibbles on the rests and boy was she right! She got home soooo late!!! (3 am MOM!?! Not kewl!) and the bowls were empties. Then, if you can believes it, she left again today fur work at 7 am! I tried to be quiet when she slept, since it would only be fur a couple hours, and I am proud of myselfs 'cause I didn't make much noise at all, 'cept fur a secret thing I was doing...But I can't tell you what, but Mom heard the noise and said, "Indy baby, please?" and I was good and stopped.

Ooooh, You know, I feel bad 'cause I accidentally gave her a scratch scratch the night befur this last one! I was on the beddy-by with her, just checking out the situation to see if I could get some cuddles, and Kitty decided to hop up too and check things out mores! Well, I was cleanin my paw at that moment, so was catshocked out of my fur and jumped...but unfurtunatly I also gave Mom the scratchy scratch when I did it. But she knows it was an accident. I just feel bad.

Not much else to report! Mom in convinced I am furrrrballin it up in the 'partment, but I'll nevfur tell. Kitty had the pukey puke problem a long time ago, but this isn't the same. And whoever is doin it (I won't tell!) does it befur she comes home and it's like a little present fur her to clean. Well, she put a drop of food coloring in my food to see if it was me, but since I am slick...or one was left a fursprise so her plan didn't work. meh-heh-heh-heh.

Well, that's all I guess. Since Mom is away AGAIN at works, I gotta go find some stuffs to do. it weird that I only like to give myself baffs when I am laying by Mom or in her lap? I like to do it so I can clean her a lil bit too...just meowin...=)


No nuuuuws is guuud nuuuuwss?

September 15th 2009 10:17 am
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I've got nothin to report on lately I feel like. It's beeb pretty mellow, as they says. Last night Mom came home and gave us some yum yums (it was the naughty bad food that tastes sooo good, even tho it's not the good healthy brand!) and Kitty gobbled it down sooo fast. me, on the othfur hand, took my time 'cause I really gotta be in the moods fur the wet stuff to eat a lot of it, unless it's my Avoderm tuna and shrimpie cans. Anyways, so Mom gave us some Fancy Feast brand, and not the appetizer one neither, which is natural so she gave it to us sometime befur. Fur me to eats (except the avoderms) she got to put it on the dresser that I like to chill out on, because I guess either Kitty will eats all the wet stuff, and plus I likes to be separate when I eats the wetties, cept, again, fur the avoderm 'cause I gobble that up.

Then Mom made some yum yums called brownies, but she didn't even let me have any! Akshully, I smelled it and didn't want some aftur that, but I won't tell her that! Though, I do likes it when she makes the cookies-chocolate chip, and she lets me taste the part with no chip in it.

Mom said tomorrow's gonna be a long day fur me and Kitty 'cause she has to go fars away fur the day, all day. I hope that one of her furrriends can stop by and say hellos. It's supposed to be hott but I know Mom won't wanna leave the air blower thing on all day and drown out our street soundtrack. hmmm. Maybe I'll tell her tonight she needs to have a furriend say hi-ho to us.

Anyways, I guess that's all fur now. I had mush poopies, which I shouldn't really discuss in my diary since it's personal, but I was curious abouts it since it was befur the fancy feast. I know Mom is gonna be lookin at my tushie laters in case I got a poopie butt. YUCK!



Evfurry thing's diffrent!!!

September 12th 2009 8:46 pm
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Mom changed around the whole place today!!! I helped akshully, by showin her I could still sneak in the little places, like where the tv is now and stuffs. I likes the way it looks, though I firstly had to figure out a new way to get into my window sill since the couch isn't there anymores. Plus, now my scratcher post is by where the couch used to be, so I can climb on that to get to the window too. I think Mom was worried to change the stuffs since somehwere it said moving stuff makes kitties frustrated, but we both likes it a lot now!

I hear kitty so am gonna do a sneak attack! MOL!


It's FUUUURiday!

September 11th 2009 9:20 am
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Firstly, I have to send purrrrs around the worlds today because Mom told me today is a special day. And she gave me a big fat wet kissy kiss rights on my moufie and nosie toos. She said she is grateful she is here, now in California, and misses her home city, NY, and she said she is sending her kinda purrrs over the world too and is sooo lucky to be here and to have me to love.
It was so nice! I loves it when Mom tells me those things, even though she tells me all the times. The one thing I wish she did tho, was sing to me like she does to Kitty, but I know that that's something specials btwn them. And she does sing to me, but not the same songs =)

Anypurrrs, I got a Heart from my furrriend Cheese! LOL! I love that name and it's purrrfect fur my furriend too! We are naughty kits togethfur and like to steal tha foods and that's exactly what he did!

I've been pretty calm the last few days. Jitter free as Mom calls it. I think it's cause she leaves the music on fur us mostly and that makes me feel nice! I'm gonna go listen to it nows!


Meeep Meeeep Meeeeep

September 9th 2009 9:10 am
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Mommy thinks that's what my meowsies sound like...I'm not sures if I should be proud or insulted.


calmy calm calm

September 7th 2009 11:46 am
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I feel like a changed boy cause this weekend I barely got the jitters at alls. Mom even got me and Kitty a new toy!!! Its called a Fling ama string and it is a string that moves all on it's own! And Mom was sooo proud because I took turns with Kitty and evfurrything.

MOm even got me a new cushy beddy bed and a new nametag, even thoughs I don't keep the collar on long.

Mom isn't workin today so I hopes we get to play furr all afternoons!


cannonball kitty

September 4th 2009 10:40 am
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That's what Mommy called me today afturr I woke her up this morning. I got shot out of a canon and zipped from wall to wall to window to room so fast like a flash and I was loud like a cannonball! And then I was tryin to bite Kitty's neck, and she hid my Mom's feet. I just want to play play play!!!!

I feel so misunderstood fur a boy.


up all night

September 4th 2009 5:36 am
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I've purrty much been up all night long. Usually I relax a little bit when Mom does, but today I have been feelin all energetic. So energetic akshually that Mom had to separate me from Kitty because I just would not leave her alone one bit at all.

I just got sleepy though and now Mom has to get up fur work so it bumms me out because I like to get ready with her.

Ah well!



September 2nd 2009 11:19 am
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I got some 'Nip and I went crrazzzies! MOL! Not as bad as last time, but I got wooozy fur sure! And, Kitty had some 'nip she was sniffin, and I went right ovfur to her and sniffed it too! Akshually I think she thought I was kicking her off it, but no, I just wanted to share =) But then, she did move so I got to roll around on her cardboard scratcher all by myselfs and enjoy the nip!

Well, aftur all the 'nip though I got super sleepy, so I went on top of one of the hidey holes (the best one in fruunt of the fan that Kitty likes) and took a little nappy nap to get the crazzies from spinning around in my brains! I swears I saw little tweeties buzzing around! And then, Mom had akshually put some 'nip on the hidey holes too, but at that point, enuff was enuff, so she picked me up 'cause she wanted the cuddles, not me, and guess what! 'Nip got all ovfur the beddy bed and Mom! meah-hahaha! At that point though, I was in 'nip overdrive so it didn't really phase me at that moment 'cause I was in a haze.

Soooo, on anothfur note, I got the jitters again befure beddytime (not the same night as the 'Nipsposhion!) and kept chasin Kitty. I even tried to catch her on the back of her neck and boy did she not like that, not one bit. I asked Mom why I do that stuffs sometimes and she asked my furrriend Izzie, who has a super smart Mom himself and she said it could be a few things and I think she is right! I will just have to wait and see and hopefully Mom won't squirt me with a water gun!!! I sprinkle myself, thank you furry much, when I play with the water in the fountain. I even come to Mom with wet paws to show her, so she can't get me. no way!!!

My sisfur is Cat of the Day! I feel happy fur her so I might leave her alones today. I did try to clean her ears fur her the other day, but she just up and walked away. some sisfur huh?


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