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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

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guess what!

October 3rd 2009 5:07 pm
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Kitty played with me today!!! And she only got hissy hissy this morning, but Mom got that Composure stuffs and she's been all nice! Me too! I did play fur awhile, but when I chased her, she didn't hiss at me! EUREKA! Mol! Dat's a funny word!

So, hopefully dis means that she's on the road to no hissy fits anymores and I won't try to get her to play all the times.

Mom got us a new littler box-I likes it. I thought it would be a lot bigger, but it's not, but I like it enuffs.

It's nice and keeeewl here-Mom didn't haff ta put the loud air machine on today!

Dat's all I guess. It's been pretty mellow, thank you furry much!



October 2nd 2009 9:03 am
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Last night was good!!! Oh my gooooodness!!!! Mom got the BEST TOY EVFUR! It's kinda like my old favfurite, Da Bird, but this is a little buggie looking thing and OMCC!!!! SOooo much fun! I played and played so much that Mom was tired! And guess what!!!.......Kitty played with me too and didn't get all HissyPissy!!!! She did later, but we won't talk about that now. And, she did eat the tail right off the buggy thing, but that's ok with me. Mom said she's gonna get anothfur one so we can play with both together instead of taking turns. She did get us to take turns by playin with the Cat Dancer at the same time, but we both really liked the buggy. And I got so tired fur a few minutes so Mom got to take Kitty into the othfur room fur some solo play time too fur a few min...I understood why she had to close the door and keep me out, so I didn't scratch to be let in or meow until like 10 min. and by then Kitty wanted to see where I was.

And!!! We were nose to nose fur a second and when I walked by she gave me a licky lick on my side! I thought all was better, but then by night night time she did hiss at me fur trying to share the window like we used to do. Mom said she's gonna go to the vet doc tnight or tomorrow morning to get some stuffs called Composure to calm her hissies down and I said I would try some too so Kitty didn't feel all alones. Mom was gonna go yestfurday but get this! She got stuck at works because the lights all went out! and she's in a biiiiig place she when she did leave, the traffics was so bad she didn't make the vets. Well, that's better fur me to have one day off the composure stuffs.

So, Mom said she's gonna get us a new litter box too. I like the ones we have, but since I'm gettin so big, she said it's time. I guess she's right. I made a bigggg stinky in the box today (which is weird! sorry to talk about my poopies) and she laughed because she said she couldn't believe something sooo stinky could come from me. And I had to tiptoe to bury it, so she said it's time.

Ooooh, MOL! And Mom thought she would be cute and get me a Frankenstein hat yestfurday...WRONG! I shook it off sooo fast and then gave him a good kick n paw throw. The neck part was ok though-I wore that one. That's what she gets though fur trying to dress me up. Psht!


Not up fur advenshhhures

September 30th 2009 3:27 pm
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I am in hiding...
Mom had to search fur me this morning because she called and called and I wouldn't come, wouldn't purrr, peep, nothing...and she knew I didn't go out cause she hadn't even opened the door yet.

Well, Kitty has been so mean to me. I guess it's partly my fault anyway since I always wanna play, but she is hissy like no othfur. Last night I looked at her and then Mom like, What do I do?! 'Cause I wanted to sit up with Mom on the bed, but Kitty ran and jumped up right before so I was stunned fur a moment at what to do. This is no way fur a kittt named Indiana Jones to live. I wanna be like the legend on the tv, not a scardy cat...but that's what I was today. I hid.

Mom thought she knew where I was and her only thing about that spot is since I am so big now, she was afraid I would get stuck and usually it's blocked off, but Mom moved a box and furgot to put it there I went...and get this! It's a big ol dresser that Mom doesn't want, but I like to nap on top of it mostly, so she opened the bottom drawer and found me underneath and who do you think popped right in the hole in the bottom of the dresser to where I was? Miss Hissy pants herself! AND!!! Mom had put a treat fur me there to get me to come out and who do you think went ahead and ate it???? Miss Hisssssssy!

I don't plan on being mad though-Mom only heard me hiss at the vet doc...but I guess it's time fur Kitty and I to decide who rules the apt...and I don't mean Mom.


fireworks in my house

September 29th 2009 9:12 am
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There have been explosions, and then there are EXPLOSIONS. At my house, the big ones happened yestfurday.

I always write about playing and stuffs and that's all I really wanna do. Well, my sisfur likes to play, but nevfur when I do I guess, and that happened. Right now she's a little better, but it's like I even look in her direction and she gets the hissyfits.

But yestfurday there was a lot of explosions-mostly from her mouth in the form of screams. I was tryin to play and chase and she didn't wanna, and then I tried to just put my paw on her to make peace and boy did she let me have it! Mom has been trying to let us have our ways with each other-like me trying to play and her hissing, because the vet doc said that's what has to happen unless it's baaaad, also like what most of my catster furriends told Mom. Well, Mom has been trying and only stopped when it got the explosion way. She didn't even want to leave us alone togethfur and I akshully don't blame her 'cause when I get the juice to play, there's no stopping me! But, we did ok.

Mom came home last night and Kitty and I both came to the front door to say hi-and that's when Kitty got a hiss or too in-is it 'cause Mom came home and she had to prove she's a tuff girl? Who knows. But I do know that she decided to lay in front of the litter box, and she never does that and I heard Mom say to her "You think you look all innocent and cutie there, but I know you are being territorial" Me, I just walked right by her like she wasn't even there.

So, that's what's happening now. Thanks to my furrriends who have been reading my diary though and yr comments-I nevfur know if I should comment back on my same diary because unless you check it again, you won't see! But I am seeing them =)

PS! My furriend Leo is doing a lot better! And my furrriend Harry was lost but got found! And my furrriend Calvin still rocks as one of the kewlest Catster cats around, even though he's still sick. Please make sure to eat Calvin! And furrriends who read this-make sure to send your purrrrs to Calvin to eat and to Leo to keep up the healing!



September 26th 2009 10:28 am
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So, this morning Mom and Kitty snuck off early and left me behind. And left me fur a whole hour all to my ickily naughty boy self! Mom said I better behave and not try to paw the screens while I was on my own. I feel like a big boy 'cause I was allowed to be all on my own too!!! SO proud of myself akshully because I was on my best behavior! And even when Mom and Kitty came home...I behaved. I just sniff sniff sniffed away 'cause my sisfur had a funky smell and it turns out...SHE WENT TO THE VET DOC!!!$%^&*!&^ That is not my favorite place, if you remember. But, she went to a different one and the doc doc was soooooo nice. She and Mom even talked about me, Mom said, and told Mom that when Kitty gets her hiss fits, that she needs to let us esssstablish our selves and not intervene as much as she does-so hahahaha! So Kitty is gonna get the grumblies and I hopefully will learn to be nicer.

She told Mom to keep trying the Feliway too and that most likely that is why I got all looopy and sleepy the othfur night and she told Mom to stick to it to see what happens.

OOOOOH! and SO, speaking of Hissies-Kitty was hissy at me aftur the vet and not me hissy at her! And then we both tried to catch a spiddaaaah togethfur until Mom caught it herself and got all scardy! MOL!

Ok, kewl! I am gonna just go hang out fur the day! My furrriend Calvin is a DDP today! And Leo is getting better even more today!!!

PS-Kitty likes a boy MOL! hahaha!


Am I on the feli-way highway?

September 25th 2009 9:03 am
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So, last night, Mom bought a refill fur the Feli-way plug in thing she has at our house-see, she bought it a long time ago, almost a year, when she furrrst got me and Kitty couldn't make up her mind if she liked me one day and didn't the next....well She wasn't sure if it worked all the way 'cause around that same time, Kitty got what my furrriend Marvel Ann calls "personal surgery" (PS-I like that better than saying fixed 'cause she wasn't brokded) and then got the yuck yuck sickies, so Mom thought that's why Kitty calmed a little too.
ANYWAY, befur I get off track and write about my sisfur in MY diary, Mom finally got a refill fur it since we have been havin good days n bad do all my multiple kitty furmily furriends do it and get along? PURLEASE give me the secret and I swears I will only tell Mom...So, last night I was soooo calm. And Kitty was too-well, she was Kitty-hissy-hiss-pot fur one moment, but she stopped. And maybe it was just the heat, which is weird, but I was ULTRA cuddley man last night. Like, almost lethargic, so of course Mom got worried because when Kitty got the hiss-fit last night and I ran aftur her, I actually tripped on Mom's foot in the beddy bed and didn't land so gracefully...Mom make sure you put those things down! Mom was afraid I got hurt and she had her hand on my heart and it got all slowwww, so she sat up and was like, INDY?! and I just looked up and mewed and rolled back ovfur and went back to sleepies.

Could it be that the Feliway is working already? I still got my zip zap zooming this morning-and akshully got a bag stuck on my as I did so and dragged it across the living room where I almost knocked the lamp shade off (that is the extent of my zippies-they are big) but even Kitty isn't hissing at me, or at least didn't this morning. We have a small little 1 bedroom apartment, but Mom might get one fur the bedroom too.

So, yah, am I feelin the Feli-way? Hmmm...

By the way, my furrriend Leo is home AND he took some steps last night and had some treats-I read in his diary comments. This makes me purrrleased!


My furrriend!

September 24th 2009 2:55 pm
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So, Leo's meowmy took him to even more vet docs and guess what?! They think they might know what's the matter! This makes me soooo happy that I just did a zip zap zoom around my living room! I really hope that the docs found a way to keep him healthy cause I don't wanna hear about any more of my furrriends being sick...well ok, that's not how I mean it exactly, but if they are sick, of course I wanna hear so I can purrrr madly fur them, but I just hope that we are all healthy fur as long as pawsible.

On anothfur note, trouble is a'brewin at home again. Kitty has been gettin all hissy on me. We had a hissy free few days and Mom was so happy, but the last couple of days have been no bueno. Fur example, Kitty was in the window early this morning and already the grumbles started, even befur I got there, then I just popped up to check out the situation and to peek out the other side of the window and I barely got my nose thru the blinds when she started. I know I ask fur it sometimes, but this time, not at all.

But then check this out-Mom came with me into the othfur room and not a minute later, miss Kitty hissypants was mewing to come out too. I can't win with her!




September 23rd 2009 2:45 pm
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My furrriend Leo is furry sickly. Please send all your purrrs and thoughts to him and his furmily. He is a pawsome furrriend and has such a good Meowmie and brofur and sisfur that he just has to get better. I feel sad because I was having a problem with my legs too and I never got as sick as he is and his vet doc can't find out what's wrong. Please purrr for him. He needs your help!



Zipppping, Zappppping and Zooooooming

September 21st 2009 10:10 am
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Yes, Zip Zap Zoom is what I do now. This morning and the othfur morning I ran laps all around the apartment-It was more than just the morning jitters, it's as if something took ovfur me and made me all zippy zappy and zoomy. Even Kitty had to move outta my way so I could zoom on by. Mom is not sure why I do this. I mean, she tried to tire me ough at nighttimes with toys and I do get bored or tired and stop playing, and in the mornings she plays with me befur she leaves fur the work day, but it's literally right when she gets up that I do the zooming. I wonder what that is.

Nothing on the homefront. I got to meet a new furrriend of Mom's that I hadn't met befur. She was nice and I was nice enuff to let her take one of my squishy balls fur a doggie she has at home. Apparently I am bigger than that dumb dog! MoL! All dogs are dumb in my book 'cause cats are just way cooler.

Anyways, that's all really. I got to try some new wet stuff and it was quite tastey, but when Mom gave me more the next day I turned my nose up and walked away!



arrrggghhhh matey!

September 19th 2009 9:41 am
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I beeeez a Pirate Kitttt today! Argh!! I'm gonna pillage the cabinet with the treats today and already took my sisfur hostage so Mom would have to gimmie some yum yummmms. I'm a Piiirrraattteeee!

Yo ho Yo ho a box of treats for me!

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