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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

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Purrrrs fur Calvin

October 26th 2009 2:48 pm
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My sisfur Kitty wrote a diary that made Mom get weepies, so I decided just to put her words in my diary too so I could cuddle her and Mom right now 'cause they be sad...Calvin, you were such a kewl tuff guy and I hope I can be like you when I am older =)

Kitty-"My heart is soooo sad. My furrriend Calvin has went to the bridge. He was such a special friend and so strong these last weeks/months. Please look at his page and send your purrrs out to his furmily. I don't know about othfur mommies and daddies here on Catster, but my Mommy says that no one she knows, 'cept our Catster furrriends, know how truly special we are to each othfur. And even though we didn't evfur meet Calvin or his furmily and brofurs and sisfurs in purrrrson, they are so special to us."

Purrrrs for Calvin.


I'm allllll alonnnnne!!!!!!!!!!

October 22nd 2009 10:30 am
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WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!?!? Mom left Kitty in the sleepy room (where I like to sleep wif Mom) and left me here in the living room.
All I was doing was trying to play wif Kitty!

I am so upset. I was scratchin under the door too but nothin. I just can't believe I am in the living room all by myself. I can't even look at Kitty, so I can't even try to play... Maybe I am tryin too hard? She is such a grummmmmble puss now. I can't help it tho! I am growing! I am just ovfur a year old now and she is just only a few months older so she's toooooo young to be so old and cranky!!!

I hope sooo muchly that I can be in the same room wif her today when Mom gets home. I just wanna cuddle and stuffs...I can't even do that 'cause when I try to even just sit by Kitty, she gets up and walks away!'s tuff being a lil'brofur sometimes.


Kewwwlest cat!

October 20th 2009 10:45 pm
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My furrriends are in the contest so I wanted to put a picture up too! Please vote fur me =)

Vote for Indiana in the World's Coolestcat pictures & breed info


I got love!

October 19th 2009 10:23 am
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I have been thinkin lately how lucky I am to have a Mom who loves me and a sisfur who loves me most of the time.
We went to the vet doc, like I said the othfur day, and the vet doc was laughing at how I was all hissy and still lookin fur some pets and lovins at the same times. Then Mom told me about the baby kit kit that she sawed at the vet doc fur Marley when she picked him up afturrr his surgery when she was still visiting grandmaw...she said this little kit kit was soooo teeeny tinnny and was soooo cute! I just remembered how teeny tiny I was when Mom met me and she said this kitt was even teenier and tinier. And the kitty was lovin all up on the vet workers-Mom didn't get to pet it tho 'cause Marley had to go to the potty outside. Poor Marley-Mom is halping him wif his own diary now so he can get some of his thoughts out.

Anyways, so Mom gave me a treat yestfurday! it was a little tomato made purrrfect size fur me! I couldn't figure out how ta eats it tho, so she cut it in halfs anyways. Deeelishioushh!


Maw is homes! And I went to the vet doc...

October 17th 2009 3:40 pm
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Mom came home last nights and picked me and my sisfur ups at Uncle Ben's house....and he ratted on me! He told Mom that I 'scaped and then got all hissy outsides the door. Well, Mom said he shouldn'tve let me out mol! So I wasn't in troubles. An then I slept wif Mom allllllll the night long!

...then she took me to THE VET DOC!!!! Well, I has to say that it wasn't as bad as befur wif the lady who called me a brat...dis one was really nice to me and was really patient, even tho I got a lil hissy...and grumbly. But she was nice and stuffs and I didn't get no shots or nuffins. But this vet doc said too, like the othfur one, that my legs are crooked but she thought it maybe was somethin that happened when I was still a baby kit kit in mi mommie's belliezz. I guess we'll nevfur knows.

So now I am bein lazy wif Mom. And kitty isn't bein all hissy eithfur. But, poor Mom. She's so sads that I am tryin to be a good boy n give her cuddlez...the doggie, back at Mom's grandmaw's house, is rllly sick. He's got the baaad stuffs, like my furrriend Calvin does...the C word. But he can't get the treatments like Calvin can get, so the vet doc at grandmaw's house said to spoil him rottens while we can...that poor doggie also just got somefing called surgery too...not the "personal" kind, but fur somefing called kidney stones. But he's ok now-it's jus that's how his vet doc found the C stuff in there, in his bladder...Poor Marley. I wouldn't even hiss at allz if I met him. I am gonna help Mom make a diary page fur him too I think.

Back to cuddlezzz now.


Big night!

October 14th 2009 6:06 pm
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Oh man! I wish I was with Mom right now! She is having a big night tonight, we just found out, but she is still far away wif her family. She's gonna be on tv on some guy name Jay Leno's show!!! I told Uncle Ben he has to tape it so we can watch it and see her =) Mom said he is kewl 'cause he had kitty food in the kitchen of his garage, so even tho she didn't meet the kitty, she knows he must have one hiding somewheres!

In othfur news, not much has happened at Uncle Ben's. I can't wait fur Mom to come back and give me the cuddles. My distant furbrofur who's a doggie is sick so Mom is taking to the vet doc tomorrow finally. I hope hee's ok. Mom has been giving him lots of cuddles, I just knows it.

Well, I think next time I paw my diary I'll be home...yaaay!


I'm sneaky like Kitty!

October 11th 2009 6:54 am
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Kitty and I are sneakin to use the 'puter at our uncle's house MOL! I like to sneak, since I love addddvennnshhuuurees! Mew-hew-hew-hew! MOL!

So, Mommy is still far aways and I miss her, like lots. Don't tell anyone, but I have been mewing around the house 'cause Mom isn't here and I am missing her. She got on a plane thing...pooor animals who fly. If Mom evfur takes me on a plane, I hope she takes me inside wif her...She said she would anyways. There was a black kitty she said, that was in a big crate and was gonna go underneaf the plane, away from his Mommy!!! Mom said he looked so scared and she wanted to cuddle him and say it'd be ok, but he was wif the big security guy so Mom couldn't.

Mom is wif her Mommy and there's a doggie there named Marley...Mom said he's an old man dog-14 yrs old next week!!! I don't know, but that sure sounds old to me. Mom showed me his picture once and he looked fuzzzzzzy and cute. Mom said that his hair is changin colors 'cuz he's old. I wonder if that will happen to me too. I guess I gots the time. Well, anyways, speaking of Marley, Mom said he's sick too, so she's gonna try to sneak him to the vet doc if she can. I hates the vet doc with a passshion! And I knows I gotta go when Mom gets back. I heard her telling Uncle Ben on tha phones that her doggie is not good and that her Mommy and step-daddy haven't taken him to the vet doc so she is just gonna do it no matters what....I wonder why they haven't taken him tho-Mom like, wants to take me wif the littlest problems even when I say, "No Ma! I'm ok!" But she said somefing about Marley's peepee and ick icks coming out when he goes....ew. And he doesn't even have a potty like me so I can't imagine the least I got's a box! So, hopefully Mom will takes him. She said she is glad she saw him, since she didn't think she was gonna go to her Mom's at all. I guess her Mommy was all stressed wif grandmaw and so she didn't take the doggie and her stepdad was wif her brofurs so he didn't takes him either. Poor doggie-At Mom's mommy's house the vet docs are not open until tomorrow. I'm gonna purrr fur Marley, even though I might be scared of him in person.

ooooh! I have ta say thanks to my furrriends from the Kittie's Club! I got picked fur Cat of the Week, along wif the other cats that got nominated! It was a tie btwn all of us and I think that's best so we all get to have a celebrassshion! And I got an Ice Cream cone too fur joinin a catster group (geeez Mom! You waited long enuff!) and an acorn frummm my furrriend Oliver and his furmily at the Kittie's Club. It's kewl! Now I just gotta get some loves frummm Mom when she comes home and I'll be happppppyyyyy!!!!

I wonder how my furrriend, beautiful SuzyQ is...she got adopted and I don't think her new furmily made a diary fur her. I'm sure she is ok and even prettier than befur.



going offline fur a few days

October 9th 2009 3:47 pm
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I am soooo PURRRING Upset! Well, ok, I'm exagerrating, but really, I am bummed. Mom is going away fur a few days to see her furmily and we can't come...why? Why can't the kitties come Mom? I wish we could go, but Mom is going on a big loud jet plane. I'm gonna stay with my Uncle Ben. It's all so last minute so I feel a little stressed about it-furst Kitty is hissy with me fur a bit now, and now Mom is going away!!! Fur more than a couple'a'days! I will miss her. And I will miss Catster.
love Indiana


yum yums

October 8th 2009 12:45 pm
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Mom gave me this food the othfur day and I loooved it! I don't like the wet stuffs too much, but this one had pumpkin in it! Deeelishish!
Fur the furst time it was me trying to eat Kitty's wet stuffs and not the othfur way around! I've been playing with the new toy too and it's my favfurite! When I can't find it, I make funny noises Mom says. Mom akshully got two, one fur me and one fur Kitty, and is trying to play wif us both at the same time. It's fun 'cause she doesn't hiss at me.

(dis is a secret, but I think Mom saw it anyway...Kitty tried to give me a bathy bath-and got in a few good licks to my neck and my cheeks-if Kitty knew I told then she wouldn't be the tuff gurrrl she is right now)

It's gettin cooler out and so I've been getting more snuggly wif Mom. Last night I surprised her by layin right next to her cheek! She looked ovfur and tough.

I love the cold time cuddles!


Halloweeeeeen funs!!!!

October 7th 2009 9:55 am
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I been tagged by my buddy Skippy! It makes me soooo happy to play!

I name my five favorite things about Halloween and chose 6 friends to tag:

1. Watchin Mom get all dressed up (last yr I only knowed her fur a week and her costume was scary!)

2. Chasing Kitty around (what's new)

3. Shaking the costume Mom will try to dress me up in off!

4. Playing wif the Spidaaah and pumpkin toys Mom got me

5. Spying on the people outsides and trying to get out to play wif them!

Six furriends I tagged

1. Oliver
2. Leo
3. Charlie
4. Buzz n Bucky (the dynamic duo of my furrriends!)
5. Orange Julius Caesar
6. Allie

I wish I could tag you all! but already I tagged multiple furrriends who probably already have been tagged =)

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