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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

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I is Thankfuls!

November 26th 2009 10:16 am
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I is thankfuls to have anothfur Thanksgiving wif my furmily...I had only been wif them one month last years, but now it's been a wholllle year! I am thankfuls fur the turkey Mom might let me eats later and I am thankful that I have so many furrriends on Catster and so much love fruuummm Mom's furrriends too and furmily.




November 22nd 2009 9:29 pm
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I only haff like, a minute to writes because the "puter still doesn't works in my new 'Partment, but it will in a couple days, so I snuck upstairs to go on...Thanks fur the comments about my vet doc doc visit...she said I look all good, but might be stressed. She also said she thinks Kitty might be "imbalanced", whatevfur that means...
So, Mom has ta take Kitty backs in a few weeks to see how she is and if we should tries the medicines.

My new 'partment is ok so auntie Cherrae-who is lergics to me so nevfur pets me, aksully let me sit on her lap and gave me some loves 'cause I was a little upset at furrrst when I gots down tehre and I was hissin a lot and growlin...Kitty just hid underneaff the bed fur awhile, but I ate some kibbles finally and even got some treats.

I hope this new place is nice!!!

Anyfur, I gots ta get back down befur Mom sees that I 'scaped...she said she'll halp Kitty tomorrow write a little too. Now tho-I'm not sure what side-a-tha bed ta sleeps on since it's in a new place!!!



the vet doc...AGAIN??!!

November 20th 2009 1:56 pm
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Mom is makin me go to that craaaazy place called the vet doc doc AGAIN!!!! I think this means I gotta make some trouble because I don't think I should go!!! Ok, so I pukey puked the othfur day and I couldn't hide it...and I had a little bit of a "poooopie" butt, but I feel fine now. And I don't gots's Kitty who's hissy at me, but Mom will tell the vet doc doc that...she wanted to bring us bofth but the lady on the phone said to just bring me fur now.

Thank goodness Mom hasn't trimmed my CLAWS cuz I'm gonna use em!!!!

On anothfur note, concatulations to all my furrriends fur their finalist spot in the Keeeewlest Cat Contest! I wish I could vote fur evfurry one!

Till next time...


A fuuun Getting to know you Tag and a long ovfur due thank- you!

November 18th 2009 12:29 pm
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I must must must say thank you to my Angel furrriend Jack K. fur giving me delisssshioush pumpkin pie goodness =) I'm so sorry I am late in thanks, but it's been cwazzzy at home and I haven't been myself. =) *hugs*

Also, my furrriend Olivfur had the best idea fur doing a tag and getting evfurry one involved and leavin no ones outs! Thanks fur that! I feel kewwwl that I can do the tagggie too and hope all my furrriends who wanna participate do it too =)

PS-these questions has beeeen Oli-fied 'cause he talks sooo kewwwl!

1. Watt be da color uv mi collar?
I don't wanna wear stinkin collars but the one Mom got fur me is a kewl green wif tha fishies on it, cuz I loves tuna!

2. What kindah foods do I eats?
I eats the brand kibble called Blue Buffalo and I loves it lots. I prefers it more than the wet stuffs akshully, but my favfurite food is treats treats treats treats and more treats! Followed by my avoderm canned tuna and shrimpies, which are like, naturals n stuffs.

3. What bee mi flaborite tweats?
Alllllll treats!!!! See question 2! (fur treats my Mom likes, I like the multigrain tostito thingies and kwackers if she lets me has some.

4. Duz yu haz a Valentiny or signifurrcant udder?
I don't akshully. there was a preeeeetty puurrrfect lady that I wouldda liked to makes my special gurl when she got old enuffs, her name was SuzyQ, but she got 'dopted and I'm just happy she gots a home of her own.

5. Duz I getts table skwapps?
I likes ta eat tomatoes a Mom will be cuttin one up and when she looks away I go and eats it on her MOL! I liked this vegetarian bacccun stuffs too and my tostitos.

6. What mi flaborites toy?
ooooh! the thing fruuum the same company that makes Da Bird! It's got a mousie at the end and I cry whenevfur Mom takes it out! And I even hides it under her blankies so it's in the bed and we can play when it's sleepy time too

7. Wen be mi birsfsday?
Pat at the shelter thinks my bday is Aug 18 or 19 but my purrrrday when Mom took me home is Oct. 26.

8. How menny times a day duz I eats??
whenevfur I feels like it...I like only to take a couple bites at a time so Mom leaves my food out fur me.

9. What be yer color?
I'm all sortsa colors, like creeeeam and gray and a brownish color and I gots stripeys and spots too.

10. Duz I hopes awl mi pals put dis in dare diarees?
If they want to, sure! I loves learning 'bout my furrriends

Like Oliver did, I want anyone and evfurry who wants to do this to do it too! =)



November 16th 2009 3:13 pm
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It's been a stresssfuuuulllll weekend at my house! I don't like these sishhuashions one bit!
I got stuck wif Kitty in the bedroom part of the house fur like, furevfur this weekend while Mom was in the othfur room makin this loud noise!!! Turns out, on Saturday she had to take our front door down to get out our couchies to make room fur new ones...and then! When they took the door down, her bldg lady decided that they should paint the door fur her since it was off and needed to be painted! So that made us be stucks in the othfur room fur longer!!! And then!!! Mom tried ta get the new couchie in on Sunday and the guy was a jerkface (that's what mom and her furrriends said) and said he wouldn't help fit it in the door, even tho it's his job, so we have the front door open even longers so I was stuck in the othfur room!!!

I cried and cried ta be lets out-I didn't cares about bein a tuff guy anymores. And then when Mom didn't let me out, I decided to leave some throw ups on the floor fur her to show her how mad I was (she did feel bad fur that one)

So now, we only gots a mini couchie and the othfur one is at the guy next to us's 'partment cuz Mom said she's too small ta bring it in it gots stuck in our this means that we might finally find anothfur 'partment to lives in. Mom likes ours and so do I, since the only othfur home I had was at the rescue place, but she's been complainin about the hott in there and how the door isn't in a good place and stuffs fur awhile now. But, the nice lady who runs the building said she could switch to a 'partment downstairs if she wants and then it won't be so hott and we can get our new couchies in and stuffs and I can 'splore more.

The only thing tho is that the lady who owns the 'partment officially, not the nice one who said Mom could switch, doesn't want more pets in the bldg but since Mom already has us the nice lady said it's ok...but she said Mom might have ta block the one window that faces where the people come in and out because the owner lady might get mad if she sees us. Who would get mad at such a handsome kitty? So, Mom is gonna check it out tonite she said and see if it's ok and if it is, then looks like I'm movin downstairs!


Things I be furry Thanksfuls Fur

November 12th 2009 12:06 pm
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I been tagged by my furrriend Riley (ps-and Kitty's catster crush MOL!)

I list five things I'm thankful for and list five furrriends! Thanks to you Riley fur taggin me =)

1. I'm thankful fur having my mommy who loves me and loves me more and loves me mostest.

2. I'm thankful fur tuna fish avoderm canned food wif tha blue label and that soulistic canned food of chikin and pumpkin flavurrrs-they're like, the only ones I yumm yumm.

3.. I'm thankful fur cuddles and fur being able to sleep wif Mom in her bed wif the warm and cuddly blankie I likes to nurse on

4. I'm thankful fur my hooooman furriends that comes ta play wif me when Mommy isn't ables to come home fruuum works right away, 'specially my Auntie Joanna and Uncle Ben

5. I'm thankful that Mommy went to the purrrfect solutions shelter when she did to meet anothfur cat who wanted nothin to do wif her, so I could get the lovins

ok, ps...i'm thankful fur my sisfur too, even if she hisses and grummmmbles at me. and to my furrriends on Catster too! I would be lost wifout yous!

Five furriends I tagged,

1. Oliver
2. Charlie
3. Buddie
4. Ivan WLC (and fellow troublemaker MOL!)
5. Sox! (even tho English kittehs don't celebrates the thanksgivin holiday like we do)



November 9th 2009 9:09 pm
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Fur someone who is all hissy at me sisfur....sure likes to smell my booty!!!! What's that about?! I know I gave her a sniff evfurry once in awhile, but now she's like checkin me out. And then she washes my face and then she hisses again! I'll nevfur's like Mom. Sometimes I just don't get her eithfur!


Uh ohs wif my Fountain and....whattsssa Chippendale?

November 4th 2009 9:09 am
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Well, firstly I gotta send some thanks out to my furrriends who helped celebrate my Diary Pick with me! I feel honored to have such kewl cats in my crew!!!

-Muppet and co! thanks fur the Pumpkin!
-Oliver and Dewey, my funnnny distinguished gentleman furrriends witha kewl sense 'a'huma! Thanks fur the Cupcake!!!
-Sally Angel and Lucy! And Charlie and Leo and their doggggie thanks fur the trophy!!!

Now, I made an uh oh, but it was unintenshioonal, I swears...I've been having more advenshuuures lately and climbed up on this counter spot that I nevfur go on ushually...this is why Mom put this air freshener thingy there that has some smelly stuffs in a jar wif sticks coming out of it...apparently she says it's a smell to make the house "happiez"-I guess I got dizzy frummm tha smell and I knocked it ovfur and the insides oil stuffs spilled onto my Drinkwell fountain below!!!! Horrrrible it was!!!! Mom was like...why's that smell so strong...and then she saw'd it. Well, she started to clean right aways but check it out! The air stuffs akshully like, burned the plastic on toppa the fountain!!! It started eatin aways at it...but Mom thought thank goodness it didn't get insides...wrong. She cleaned it the night befur last and then I seemed kinda funny and so she thought, even though she tasted the waters herselfs, that maybe we could still taste it too and sure enuffs, the air stuffs had a tiny trikkkle that had gotten into the spout part and Mom didn't see it. Well, she cleaned it agains and even used some funky stuffs called vinegar that her friend 'sgesssted and it still smells like the air Mom is afraid to let us use it. Can you believe that?!!! Somethin' that smells so nice is so bad! Mom was gonna try to clean it s'mores but I think she should just get us a new one. Thatta way we are completely safe...

So. I am fountainless. And it makes me furrry sad.

ooooh! PSSSS's: Whattsa Chippendale dancer?! My auntie said that in my Hello Kitty bowtie, I got the looks of a Chippendale and I don't know what that means but Mom keeps lauffffin out loud at it. I thought I was handsome and dapper fur a manly cat, not MOL-able...



November 2nd 2009 9:10 am
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Well, Halloween was a hoot! I didn't see any kiddies coming to our front door and Mom didn't try to make me dress up in anything stoooopid. And guess what! Mom is getting new furniture fur us so I better learn to stop scratchin! Well, I pretty much am good at not scratching the couch anymore since Mom got this kewl floor scratcher and whenevfur she sees me going to scratch the couch she just gives me the look and I go to my post...people say that cats don't know stuff, but I do, even if I don't listen...MOL!

Annnd...OMC! I am a Diary Pick again!!!! It's cwwaaazy! I feel lucky! It's only 9 am here too and already I got some gifties!

Thanks furrrst for my furriends who wished me well on my diary pick the othfur day! I am repeating, but thanks to:
Hootch fur the Pumpkin!
Oliver and Dewey fur the ghost fur Halloween and then the Spidddahhh fur my DDP!!! (I 'specially love to eat those buggers!)
Karma Kitty and the brofurs fur the candy corn! It reminded me of Mssss Hazel Lucy's catcostume!
Riley fur the belated wishes of DDP-dom and stuffs! (and fur likin my sisfur)
And thanks to Buddie and all his furmily fur always writing me to let me know about my DDP!

And today I already got anothfur message from Buddie and the cooool cat crew at their house
Hootch sent me a football!!!! And made me a kewwwl badge!
Pixie and the furmily gave me a shrimpie too! Deeeelishioush!!!

I'm so lucky to have such good furrriends. =)



October 31st 2009 12:14 pm
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Aw mans! I am a DDP! I am sooo exitieddd about dis! "specially on dis scarrrey day! All mornin long Mom, Kitty and I been watchin Ghost Hunters on tha tv and honestly I got all sleepies and stuffs, but Kitty and Mom both got all skeerred! Those scarrreedie cats! I guess this means I gotta let Mom put the Frankenstein costume on me tho. I kinda like the bowtie, even tho it's pink, but because it makes me feelz handsomes.

Thanks fur pickin me fur a Diary Pick againz! I alreaddddy gots pawmail fruuum my Buddie Buddie and his furms and a rosette fruuumm Oliver n Dewey MOL and Hootch!!!! Thanks paws!

I hope you all have a scarrriezzz time t'nite. Maybe I can run out the dooor like I did longs time ago and scaaare that neighbor girl who screeeamed when she saw my cutie face...what a weiirrdo!

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