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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

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No tricks allowed!!!

January 14th 2010 12:33 pm
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Mom is tryin ta tricks me! Auntie Cherrae gave us that Pet Camera that goes on the collar, but since I won't wear one, Mom put it on Kitty this mornin...akshully, she put Kitty's Hazel Lucy Collar on MOL, and 'ttached it to there!
I know she's tryin ta see if I bug Kitty durin tha daytime like I do at night, but I'm gonna try ta eithfur help Kitty takes it off, or be quieeeeet!

The guy next door to tha new 'partment keeps his tv reeeeealllly loud so I thinks he is mad that Kitty makes so much noise...not my fault she don't wanna play!

So that's all that's been happenin. just lottsa running rounds. We gots a fake cat at home too MOL! It looks kinda real akshully-Mom's teacher and our furrriend MyKat's mom gave it to us to help keep tha bathroom door open since we got stuck in there that one time in the old place. I gave him a good sniffin and even laid down next ta it fur awhile. Kitty just looks at him.

Ooooh, and anothfur thing we gots in tha house right now are these tawlkin balloons Mom got fur her bday party the othfur day! One is silent akshully, but the othfur one sings a song and me and Kitty took some time ta check them out (time away from chasin her is what Mom called it)

I gots some thank yous ta say here too befur I go.

Thanks to my special Angel furrriend Ivan fur the star. I knows you watchin out fur yr friends. *hugs*
Thanks to the pretty Lucy fur the heart! She's got brofurs too...and they are like me kinda and likes ta run n play n chase MOL!



NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Oh Ivan, My Ivan! My furrriend!

January 8th 2010 12:06 pm
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I don't care if I'z a tuff guy, 'cause right now I am soooo sad.

My furrriend Ivan has left fur tha bridge. Why do cat's gotta go there? Why can't we all just stay wif our pawrents, whether we gots two, or just a mommy who loves us sooo much. Ivan was luckies and got the loves of not only his pawrents, but grandpawrents too!

Ivan always was givin me pawresents, and thank you Ivan, fur the ball ta play wif! I am glad ya liked our card-we speficially thought it was purrrfect fur you MOL!

Ivan, you are sooo missed right now. Mommy said she is sooo sad fur yr furmily and knows how much they loved ya. At least ya gots ta go to tha bridge in yr beddie and got the loves you deserved.

I'll miss you Ivan. I hopes you can visit me from tha Rainbow Bridge and check in on me and gimmie some more tips on how ta be the naughtiest I can be. And I hopes ta got all the fountains that tha Bridge can give you.

My furrriends who reads my diary, purlease go to Ivan's page fur me and see what a pawsome kittt he was.

Love always and tuff guy hugs,

I don't know why, but thinkin of Ivan makes me think a part of a poem Mommy told me once...I'll change some of tha words though ta fit Ivan!

O Ivan! my Ivan! Your fearful trip is done;
The WLC has weather’d every rack, the peace you sought is won;
The Bridge is near, the bells I hear, the kitties all a'purring,
While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring:
But O heart! heart! heart!
O the tearful drops of friends,
Where to tha Bridge my Ivan goes
An Angel to the end.

I'z not a poet, but it made me thinka Ivan.


Happy happy and poor baby

January 5th 2010 10:49 am
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I've been kinda happiezzz lately I thinks....Mom has been home and I'z been cuddlin with her a whole lot at nighttimes-pretty much I decided that the bed is mine and I'm gonna spreads out a whole lot. I feel a little bad though 'cause now my sisfur isn't sleepin on the bed....could this have anythin to do wif her gettin on in tha middlez of the night and me thinkin she wanted ta play when she wanted a bath...hmmm...

But I been sooo happiez that once agains, I been chasing her rounds like a craaaazy kitteh agains. I just wanna play ya know!

So, I was readin my furrriends diaries and my furrriend Milo wrote about a poor little baby, Eve. Her shelter wasn't good ta her and she became an angel on Jan 3rd. Please checks out Milo's diary today and sign tha petishhhion fur her. No baby should be left to starves and not be able to walks. Shame on that shelter. Not all of us are luckies enuff ta have a good shelter/foster furmily/furrevfur home, but we can help those kitts who can't speaks fur themselves. Please check it out. Thanks Milo fur posting Eve's story. ws/646910

PS-thank you Ivan fur the snowballllll! I hope you are feeling muchly better.


the Poopie Olympics! and Happy New Year!

December 31st 2009 12:48 pm
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Whoa! I haven't written in a furrrminute! SOrries about that, I just been gettin my loves on wif Mom fur being gone. So...Mom gots a new camera fur her birthday early, so she promises to help us finally put new pics up that aren't from her phone (and will finally get those pics of out pawresents from Riley and SKippy up and our Hazel Lucy blankie pics)

Well, Mom bought us this toy....OMC! It's cwaaazie! It's an "undercovfur" mouse and I can't stops! Which leads to my poopie incident...I was goin like I should, in my box 'cause I's a good boy, and I heard it turn on and I fleeeewww like an Olympic cat outta the box and into the living room...leaving a trail a'my poopie behind me. I jus couldn't help ma'selfs.

So Mom cleaned it up, and also told me I gots the stinkiest booty she's evfur smelllled....worse than my uncles, the 3 yr old twins.

I can't helps it...

Anyways, Happy New Year to my furrrriends! I hopes ya stays away from that bubbly stuffs that makes the people go nuts and have lottsa kisses at midnight. Mom says I betturr get my face ready MOL!


hanging like a dude should

December 21st 2009 8:22 am
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I've been hangin wif my uncle Ben fur a couple'a days now while Mom is visitin grandmaw. It's kewl to be a dude....don't got Mom callin me boobalicious and cutie, but I do miss the Mom kisses and lovins. Mom told us she got stuck in tha snow and could'a spent anothfur night wif us 'cause her plane was stucks in a snowstorm, but I guess it's ok that I got dude time.

I told ya I got a pawwwwsome pawresent from Riley and Skippy and I took some'a tha toys wif me to uncle's too.

That's all fur now. oooh, 'cept I think I gotta go to that darn vet doc doc when Mom gets back legs kinda hurts a little agains, like they did befur. grrrr! I just get 'cited!

Well, that's all fur now. I'm tryin ta be a good boy so Mom will give me treats and not take me ta tha vet doc doc when she gets homes.



MacGyver cat! And I am famous!

December 10th 2009 9:51 am
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Mom had a new name fur me last night and it was somethin silly like MacGyver....who is dis guy anyways?? Alls I was doin was playin on my new cat tree, tryin ta catch Da Birdie that was flyin! I went ovfur the tunnel, hung on by my claws, looped around a few times, and then caught it! hmmm...Even tho I am tuff, I like it when Mom calls me Boobalicious...

OMCAT!!! I am featured on Calvin's Mommy's store page, The Cat in the Clover today!!!! Like I am famous n stuffs!!! It's all cuz I wanted ta try on Kitty's Calvin Collar (well, Mom wanted ta tries it on me, so I let her this time...but only this time MOL!) I think I look handsomes hehehe.

It's been extra cold in my house lately so Mom has been puttin on the heat monster. He scares me a little when he decides ta roar into action. But he is keepin us warms too so I guess I can't complain.

aaaah. I don't know. I just feel all loud and ancy! I been runnin round like a mad kitty lately. I guess I just got the jitters again!
Indy gots ta loves them, but they are sillies too

December 7th 2009 10:35 am
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Mom was like, a knucklehead MOL! She furgots to remind me to thank my furrriend Charlie (fellow tuff guy) fur the Diamond (wif catnip MOL!) he gave to me. Thanks furry much dude. Sorry the Mom got all knuckle-heady and furgots to remind me...cause that's her job! Ta keeps me in check yo!

There's this stuff happenin outside called rain...if I think backs to when I was just an itty bitteh kitteh, I thinks I remember it and bein scared from it. It's kinda purrrty now. I was a-watchin it all mornings that I didn't gets ta walk Mom to the door when she left fur works today.

And...I wore Kitty's Calvin Collar this weekend MOL! I didn't fight to gets it off fur like, 3 pictures. That's a record fur me! I feel prouds.

We gots a Chrisssmasy tree. Well, it's kinda smaller and more colorfuls that what I heard they supposed to look likes, but Mom said she just wanted tha purrrty lights. I dig it!



gettin my cudddddles back on

December 4th 2009 10:12 am
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Wednesday night was bad. I was grumpy and in tha moods ta play alllll night (Mom's fault not mine! She was gone all day longs!) and so I kept chasing her and flyin thruuuuu the airs and doin' belly flops onta her back. Let's just say that she did NOT wants ta play.

And we even did get a cuddle going the night befur that one and I was givin her a bafffy whiles she was sleepin and she let me! And even when she decided no more, I still was givin her the fur two nights she didn't sleeps on tha bedddy. I sowwweee Kitty-I know you just started sleepin on it again too.

Last night I decided to be good and I slept wif Mom all night and even woke her up fur some cuddles at 230 am and 4 am. Kitty didn't come on the bedddy tho, like I said befur.

I likes gettin my cuddles on. It makes Mom not so MEAN!!! Like when she gives me a time out...that's mean! I think I am gonna try ta turn ovfur a new leaf...if that's how tha sayin goes. Maybe I'm gonna "try ta clean tha litter box a' lifes" or somethin like thats.


December 2nd 2009 4:36 pm
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I have bee tagged by my furrrriend Olivfur!!! I is sooooo 'cited!!!

1.Do you believe in Santa Paws? Why? /Why not?!
Yeah!!!!! I gets tha pawresents all the times. Mom said somefing about gettin a small tree too, like one that I won't get hurts on, and she just hung up the lights so I knows he is comin!!!

2. Have you been naughty or nice? Please explain yourself!
I been nice. heeeheee! Just look at my face! I is sooo key-yute! Don't listens to what Kitty says...I is a good brofur!

3. What would you like Santa Paws to bring you? Why?
I would love to go outsides!!!! I can't unless I gots an enclosshhure, but they be 'spensive. I hope I get one soon

4. What is your favorite Christmas Carol? Why?
I loves the ones that the band Weeeeeeezer sings! My favfurite one they sings is the one about coming yee faithfulsss 'cause it's got all deez kewl sounds in it! I loves that band, 'specially 'cause Mom dances all arounds and I likes ta try an catch her when she does!

5. What is your favorite Christmas movie? Why?
hmmm...well, I likes the cartooooons akshully, like Frosty! I wanna go ta tha north poles and gets a magic wabbit an hat!

I gots ta tag some furriends and some purrrrty ladies MOL!!! Here ya goes!


TAGS!!!! YU IT!!!


extra rambunchious...whatevfur that means

November 30th 2009 10:31 am
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Mom is sayin that I am a troublemaker all weekend. so what. I wanna play. I wanna be in charge! I wanna sit wherevfur Kitty is sitting! I wanna try ta bites her side when she is sitting!

I wanna do what I want, when I want, the way I want!!!!

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