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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

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my angel uncle

February 27th 2010 6:59 am
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I am so sad to write that my uncle Marley, Mommy's doggie brofur, had to go to the Bridge this morning. Mommy is sooo sads so I am tryin to give her as much cuddles as possible, since he lives all tha way in the snowy land of New Jersey.

I have so many thank yous fur my DDP celebrashions and I promise to send them out and post sooon.

Mommy posted in the goggie forums fur help getting Marley his wings, but nevfur posts there evfur-does anyone know how Mom can get some help?



weeee! I'z sooo happies!

February 25th 2010 9:31 am
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I am a Diary Pick today!!!! Woooopieeeees!!! It's gonna be a good day fur sure, specially since my furrriend Margo got the honor too! Concats!!!

Thanks already fur the pawmails and rosettes I've gotten already! I will thank you all furrry soon! I am just so 'cited that I can't type right nows!




February 23rd 2010 10:00 am
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I loves ta cuddles. Really, I do! Last night I made sure ta get all snugs on my blankie at bedtime right on Mom, 'cause mom cuddles are tha best kind. I tries ta cuddle with Kitty Pryde sometimes and sometimes it works, but not always and in the weee hours of tha morning today I was cuddling next to her on our donut beds until.....

this cwwwazy alarm went off! Mom even jumped up! She gots some new ringy thing and set tha alarm ta wakes up (what am I no good fur that?!!) and it started ta rings all right!!! Just like a birrrrdie that goes Cockadooodle doo!!!! Kitty jumped up and stared at Mom while Mom tried ta figure out how ta turns it off and me....well, I did what anyone wouldddda dones and I ran! Then I gots curious, cuz I is a cat afturrrall, and jumped on Mom's bed ta check that out, but she turned it off and layed down, so I decided I wanted ta cuddles some more befur she got up 'cause when she gets up it means she's gonna probably leave soon.

So, it was quite a mornin today! I's just glad I made it out safe from that cockadoodle doo!

Purrr.S: my furrriend Lucy is Cat of tha Week!!! I is soooooo happiez fur her and her furmily! Her vet doc doc visit results came back too and she is all good...I thinks it must be 'cause she gots brofurs, even tho I know my big sisfur furrriends will disagree....speaking of the vet doc doc...I gots ta go and get my shots Satfurday and she gave Mom some pill ta makes me calm down since I get soooo fussy...let's just try ta give me that pill Mom...


hairballs = yukkkkies

February 11th 2010 3:23 pm
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I haddda hairball last's like, I got seeeew sicka seeing my sisfur actin all "gaga" ofvur Riley. He's just a dude like me ya know? What's tha big deals anyway??? Well, 'parently, Riley's all gooogooo eyed too, accordin' to his brofur Skippy, so Skippy an' I are gonna try ta sticks togethfur and not become all mushhy wimpy like SOME FURS WE KNOWS....

Yah, so that purrretty much made a hairball come outta my belliez...I guess it could be frummm groomin myselfs too, but I'd like ta blame this one on my sisfur....

geeeez.....I'll says it agains....I'll nevfur gets these gurrrrls....



what was....THAT?!!!

February 9th 2010 11:17 am
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What is my Mom up to?! Some fing...some hairy little rat lookin thing that made whiney sounds and wagged it's tail came ovfur tha othfur night ta say hello and ta meets me and Kitty....WHAT!!!

My hair fluffed up sooooooo big and Mom started ta laughs and so did her furrriend that brought ofvur that trouble maker! He has a name,'s Lance, and 'parently he's a doggie. I nevfur had doggie furrriends, but Kitty did when she was furry young. I'm not sure hows I feelz about this. Like I said, I puffed up and that doggie wanted ta comes up ta me and say hi, but his mommy had him on a leash MOL! I was freeee! I wasn't even interested in treats, I just wanted ta looks tuff. But, I decided not ta get all hissy or anything like at tha vet doc doc wif all those othfur animals. I just got puffy and looked at that doggie right in tha eye. He whined but Mom thought it was best ta let me settle down in the othfur room....can ya believes it! She let Kitty P stay out there and I had ta go to tha room.

I'm not gonna lie, I cried a little when she put me in there. And then that doggie Lance got picked up by his mommy and so Mom let me out and I didn't get so puffy this time at alls. I was just sniffin out tha situation....can you believes Mom let that doggie chew on one of my toys?! Well, aftur that though, his mommy and him left. I think he's gonna visit again one day, Mom said-just so we's can get usta him....'parently he's a "cat lovin doggie". Psht!

On anothfur note, I had a DDP this weekend and I gots some gifts and messages!!!
Thanks to Buddie and all tha furrrrrs in his furmily, angels and all fur tha pawmail!
Thanks to Hazel Lucy, the sweet girl fur her pawmail!
Thanks to Kitcat and Squirrel fur their pawmail...also fur the handsome compliments MOL!

Thanks to Olivffffur and Dewey fur tha football!
Thans to Hootch fur tha football and fur tha pawsome pic to remember my special day! I gots ta put it up!
Thanks to Mercy, the sweet girl too, fur tha football!
Thanks to Angel Ava, Andy and all tha furs in tha family fur tha Snowflake! they seem magical, snowflakes.
Thanks to Charlie, my tuff guy furrriend fur the Blue Ribbon! it's hard being a tuff guy and he gets it!

Whew...that Lance doggie better watch it...I'm still bigger than him, even when I'm not all puffy!


Diary Pick! And Angels!

February 7th 2010 3:44 pm
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Wow! I can't believes I got this honor again! I feel so luckies that my diary is interestin enuffs.

My sweet furrriend Rocky Ann went to tha bridge this weekend. She was so sweet and pretty and nice. I hope that she has already met all of the other angel furrrs-I know she will be popular there as much as she is here. I hope you all will check out her page and see what a special girl she was.



Valentine's Day "tag"

February 1st 2010 9:19 am
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My furrrriends Olivfur and Dewey did these tags and said whatevfur fur wants ta do it, can, so I "tagged" myselfs MOL!

1. Do you have a Valentine?... If so... who?
...........I don'ts has a Valentine, cept my Mommy, who gives me all the loves I need. I think now that grrrrls may has the coooties.

2. If not... do you wish you did? ... Is there anyone particular?...
...........Hmmmm, well, I did kinda has a school boy crush on SuzyQ, but she was 'dopted a'whilez ago and her new furmily didn't set ups a catster page that I knows of...I likes all my grrrl furriends on Catster tho!!! They alls are meeeowwzmerizin! And I'd be luckies ta has anyone as my grrrrlfuriend

3. What’s your favorite Love Song?... Who sings it?
...........Hmpht! I don't knows! One that sings 'bout treats? I loves them!

4.What would be a Perfect Valentines Day for you?
...........Me, gettin ta plays alll day long wifout Mom havin ta leaves, plus gettin lottttsa treats and gettin no hissy hiss hiss from Kitty.

If ya wants ta do this one, you are tagged!


more being lazy..!!

January 29th 2010 9:35 am
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I'm really tryin hard ta be lazy! It's tuff since I like ta zip n zoom all ovfur the place and chase my sisfur, but with Mom being lazy, it's a little easier. She's been tryin ta play wif me too, but I think I must be gettin bored wif all my toys (sigh) as if I don't gots enuff of them already, but Kitty has been playin wif them mores.

So, back to laziness...Mom has been sick, like I said, and even tho she wents ta work yestfurday, she still was lazy when she gots home and wanted ta sleep early. So, we changed tha sheets on tha beddie, which she took a video of and hopefully she will help me post sooner than later (lazy Mom!!!) and I halped MOL! It's really my bed afturalls. and then we got in and gots all cozy and tucked in and ya know, until like 4 am when I was getting my stretchies on and accidentally caught my claw on Mom's mouth, I was tucked in under her arm! Fur reals MOL! it was like I was a baby kittt all ovfur agains and she was cuddlin me and carryin me around, cept we was sleepies. 'Cept then when I accidentally scratched her she woke up fur a minute and so I went ta get some kibbles from my sleepy time, so Kitty took ovfur and hopped onta Mom's chest fur some cuddlez herself and I took the spot under tha bed with the fake cat that I dragged there yestfurday.

...speakin of this fake cat, I can't remember if I told ya about it, but Mom's teacher got us a stuffed fake cat that looks sooo real! it is meant ta hold the door in place (since we had the baffroom incident and locked ourselves in all day) but I decided that I like him better under tha bed. So there he is. I must be gettin realllly strong, Mom said, because I dragged it under there and she was lookin fur it fur awhile last night 'cause she nevfur would'a thought I could bring it there MOL!....I guess I wasn't AS lazy as I said I was, but I swears I was tryin!


being a good boy

January 28th 2010 10:52 am
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Mom's been sick the last coupl'a days, so I been being extra good fur her. Akshully, I been actin like she is and just layin around wherevfur she decides ta lay down and snugglin reaaaaallly close ta her since I know she's cold. Who doesn't love anothfur warm cuddly heart beatin nexta yr owns? I 'specially likes it 'cause when Mom breathes I can move up n downs wif her and I feels all specials.

So, that's what I been up to since Tues-just cuddlin Mom and makin sure she's gettin betters. And I though kittts slept a lot! I thinks we could set a new record at my house!


Kinda behavin...

January 26th 2010 9:16 am
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Well, I haven't written in my diary fur awhile. I can't believes how long akshully. I been layin tha way...the camera Mom put on Kitty didn't works! MOL!!! Some pictures kinda came out, but Kitty knocked it off'a her neck befur anything good could be caught MOL!

It was sooo rainy and wet the othfur week. And cold. I beee chillin in my furr! Mom put tha heat up tho and it was cozy, plus I gots her ta cuddlezz up next ta. I have been tryin ta be good tho and not bother Kitty so much. I still give her tha chase daily, but eithfur she is willin ta plays or I give up when Mom distracts me wif somethin else. OOOH! And one'a my toys made an electric shock that scarrrrred me and Mom!! We both jumped up! I was hidin behind tha magic couch and cushions, stawlkin out my toy (it's a cat chaser like tha cat dancer, but it's got this keeewl little guy attached), which is still made wif this little wire, and then POOOF! There a'was a sparkie, I jumped out fast frum behind tha couchie and Mom jumped up and was like...que?! My auntie Cherrae was ovfur too watchin some tv show and she even was like...what?! And when Mom pulled tha toy up, the wire was cut in two! Singed is more likes it! And the bottom part wif tha kewwl little guy was on tha floor and there was some black spots on tha wall and plug place.....'pparently the pluggy fur tha light came a'little loose (not cuz I likes ta hang behinds tha couch! at all!!!) and the wirey thing hit tha plugg and POOOF! Magic! Science happened!

Mom unplugged tha light now and is 'fraids ta use it. I like that light bein' on tho. Hopefully it won't be unplugged fur too longs.

I just made some new furrriends! I have a furrriend called Frankie and he needs a home. He is in a pawsome foster home right now but he needs a furevfur home. I also made furrriends wif a Viking cat named Bear(Mom's part Viking MOL!) and his furmily and all tha kittts at the Calico Junction and Arnold, who's got a sickness and needs purrrs.

Frankie and my othfur furrriends, who I beens furrriends wif fur awhile, really need furevfur homes. If ya finds anyone ya know who needs some love monkies, please let'em know about these guys....Buzz n Bucky. They wrotes a diary that'a made my tuff guy heart kinda melty, about how they know they will be's at their sheltur furevfur. If Mom could only helps all tha kitts wif no Mommy have homes....she will when she's rich n famous MOL!

Check out Frankie and Buzz n Bucky's pages and send them some hugsss. And the sick kittts too. We was watchin Animal Cops Miami last night and these pooooor kitties were sooooo sick AND hurted!!!! We coul'not believes that this old dude who kept 'em all locked up in his hot garage (in MIAMI!) didn't takes them at least to a shelter...and those cops couldn't takes them eithfur fur some silly law reason. ARHG!!! buzz n bucky frankie

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