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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

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March 19th 2010 9:15 pm
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That's what happened ta me today! Mommy and I had a kisssplosion! She came home and gave us some yum yums ta eat and then just started kissing me! My head, my face, my bellie, anywhere I let's her, she snuck in some kissies. Being a tuff guy, I wouldn't normally admit ta such a thing, but I liked it mol!


My Baaaawllll!!!

March 18th 2010 8:49 am
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OMC!!! my favfurrrite ball, tha one that's all chewded up that I play wif always and ignore all othfur toys, was lost fur like, furevfur it felt like!!! Mommy couldn't even find it! She kept askin, "Where's yr ball Indy?" and lookin and lookin, all week long! I loves that ball. If I loves anything as much as Mommy and my sisfur (sometimes!) it's that ball. I been not sleeepin, not playin wif my othfur toys, nuffffin!

Well, MOMMY FOUNDED IT!!!!!!!! It was behind tha mini garbage can in the bafffroom! I don't know why she didn't check there befur, a'cause Mommies are s'possed ta know evfurrythin, but she didn't and then it popped inta her head. And it was rescued! Usually I knocks it under tha fridge and sit in front'a it until Mommy saves it, but it wasn't there when she kept checkin.

so nows I is happy!!! Fur tha most part.

In othfur news, Mommy keeps makin me take this medicines in tha morning time and it tastes good afturr I lick my chops a bit, but not durin the anticipation of gettin it. I feel a little diff'rent I thinks, even if no one can notice it so much. I don't wanna get cuddles from Mommy, which is weird since I love cuddles. The last few nights, wif exception to a coupl'a hours, I don't sleeps in tha beddie anymore, so now Mommy can move ovfur a little wifout worrying about bumpin me in tha night. I think it worries Mommy 'cause I been gettin a little snappies wif her too. Like last night befur beddie, she went ta pets my head and give me a chin scratch and I let her, and then hissed and grabbed her hand and nommmed on it and gave her a little scratchie too (Iz sorries Mommy) Maybe it's tha medicines? I still chase Kitty around, but am not so interested in my toys fur furry long. Maybe Mommy should buy me new ones MOL!

SO that's all really. I have some thank yous!!!
Thanks to the pawsome Spawwwwky fur tha Nummy nums!
Thanks to Sweet Chloe, my new furrriend, who is sooo purrrty, fur tha rose!
Thanks to dear Angel Ava and her furmily fur tha hat!

till next time!


the world was shaking again!

March 16th 2010 8:27 am
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OMC! Last night, or rathfur, earrrly this morning, tha earthie was shakin at my house!!! We was all sleeepies, and then Mommy woke up 'cause she thought someone banged on tha window, or gate thing right outside'a it (we'z on tha furrst floor now) and the windows are old and rattle a lot...well, then Mommy decided ta check her facebook, 'cause evfurrything gets posted there, befur tha news sometimes, and sure enuffs, there was an earthquake!!! I jumped outta tha beddie, but my sisfur, as always, just layed on tha window perch, tho her eyes were realllllly big!

Mommy then turned on tha tv and there was an earthquake on tha newsie-I was kinda scared...Mommy had got outta tha bed ta get me 'cause I jumped in tha living room (Mommy's not sure if it was befur tha shakies or afturrr, but I don't wanna tell her) and I was standin on my back feet only reachin up to tha ceiling, which, strangely enuffs, I did last night. I used ta do that stuff and still do when I'm playin, but last night, early akshully, I did it fur no reason known to Mommy. I jumped onto tha table and got on my back feet and played wif the air....she thought maybe there was a spppidaaaah, but none was there...but afturrr tha quakie I was doin tha same thing, so I guess it was just my way of tellin Mommy somethin funky was up.

Aftur she told me to come on back ta beddie, I did go in tha room, but I didn't wants ta sleep on my blankie or get cuddlez, which is weird fur me, but I just felt funny, so I stayed on tha dresser and cuddled in Kitty's donut bed...we gots two of them next to each othfur, but I wanted hers...then Mommy, afturrr a long time, went ta sleepie, only ta wakes up not long afturrr fur work and I was not in the donut beddie or tha beddie beddie, but back in tha living room, just sittin and watchin Mommy's bedroom door...I guess you could say I was waitin fur her 'cause when she looked at me, I mewed and ran ta her fur some pettins.

what a strange night...


Update on my furrriends Buzz n Bucky!!!

March 15th 2010 11:38 am
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They found a furrrevfur home!!!!! Yaaaay!!!!

Purlease, check out their diary from their publicist, which has links to their new pages, and add them as furrriends! latest_mews/660867



Mommy tricked me!

March 15th 2010 9:21 am
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Geeez! Mom's are sneaky sometimes!!! She's been giving me this medicine evfurry morning ta helps wif my aggressshions towards Kitty Pryde and I been fightin!!! Gots ta take care of myselfs, ya know!!! Furrrst we had the pill pockets, which are tasty, but now I know there's somethin insides, so that option is gone. Then Mommy tried ta make me take the pill (it's really small and chewable) but I was onta her then too. Then, she smooooshed it up and tried ta give it to me in liquid, but it tasted bad, even wif tha toooona juice. So Mommy took it back to tha nice vet lady and they moooooshed it up into a liquid that smells much like a meaty treat. (which grossed Mommy out she said!)

So, come yestfurday, Mommy gave me a treat, which I'm not s'possed ta have 'cause of my deafff poopies, but she gave me one, then snuck that needle thing wif tha meaty juice in it inta my moufff and squirted tha juice in! I ran soooo fast. I was lickin my chops soooo much that they had droplets of my spit on them. I swore to myselfs I would nevfur fall fur it again, evfen if it did taste yum yum....but this mornin Mommy got me again!!!!!

Tomorrow will be different. I swears...

Thank you to my furrrriend Charlie, fur tha 4 leaf clovfur, if I didn't post my thank you already. I been a bit scatter brained wif this medicines nonsense.
And thank you to sweet Ava Corrine, the angel, and her furmily fur tha Irish Hat! I don't likes wearin clothes so much, but I'll try this one on fur sure! MOL!


A Day in tha Life!

March 9th 2010 1:22 pm
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I was tagged by my tuff guy furrriend Charlie ta write what my day looks like and ta be honest, it's a lot like his MOL!

Well, furrrst, I likes ta get to tha sleeping part tha night befur. I likes ta kneaaad on my blankie and give it a little sucklin action so Mommy can feel tha wetness and smell my kitty breaffs when she pulls tha blankie up to her ta keeps warm. And last night in particular, I hogged tha beddie, which I do mostly anyways, but I decided that instead of taking tha middle, and stretchin along tha side of Mommy, I would stretch and then cuddle tha spot between her knees, since she sometimes sleeps wif her legs all twisty...which means that whenevfur she moves around, I squeeek in my sleeps ta let her know I'z gettin my beauty rest. my sleeps I squeek and then usually sit up, and then Mommy says, "Indy, sweetie, shhh, come 'ere" and I instead go fur some nibbles of my kibbles and then sometimes I go play wif my turbo track (Mommy wakes up and hears me batting around tha ball) or play wif my jingly ball, and then sometimes I go to see what Kitty is up to, and sometimes I bonk her and she hisses and then Mommy wakes up and says no, so I chirp and then cuddle back on tha bed or sit on tha dresser in my donut bed ta watch my sisfur and Mommy sleeps.

So then it's time fur Mommy ta wakes up, if I didn't already wakes her by tryin ta play wif Kitty. Sometimes tho, I do likes ta sleep in, mostly on tha weekends. but back to tha weekdays, I wakes up and eat some kibbles and have some water, and then I go run and check out tha water in tha baffroom where Mommy is usually gonna get her shower. Then I sit on tha table right outside'a tha door (Mommy leaves it open mostly 'cause it's just us and we likes ta see where she is all tha time!) and wait fur her to get finished. Aftur that I follow her in tha living room and sometimes take a nappy next ta her on tha couch while she check her morning emails or I chase Kitty around, to which Mommy says no again ('cause kitty is hissin at me and sometimes growlin if I tackle her) and so I go in tha othfur room or play wif my ball. I always make Mommy play wif me too befur she goes. The last couple'a days Mommy has been tryin ta gives me medicines in tha morning, to which I run run run!!!

So, it's time fur Mommy ta go so I see her pickin up her bag and then block tha front door. When she tries ta move me I whine, but then she gets me evfurry time by throwin my jingly ball. I usually look at her wif confushions on my face when she says, "bye guys!" and leaves.

all day now I chase Kitty around a bit, and I takes my naps, sometimes my poopies, and sometimes drinkin tha water, unless Mommy hides treats fur us ta find, 'cause she does that sometimes. I sleeps on my donut bed on tha dresser while Kitty takes tha beddie and my blankie fur tha day.

then it's time fur Mommy ta come home and I am always tha furrrst one ta run outta tha bedroom ta say hello, and I really do! I makes chirpy and meowy sounds! Then I let Mommy scratch my forehead and I falls ovfur and stretches so she can rubs my bellie fur a minute, MOL! Then it's food time! She gets that wet stuffs out, to which Kitty hops on tha counter ta get somes, and sometimes I follow just ta watch, but usually I just find my ball. then Mommy calls me to tha food place 'cause Kitty is already there eatin away and I don't likes tha wet stuffs so much so I gotta get Mommy ta points it out fur me. Then I takes a poopies ta be honest wif ya and mommy says, "Indy!!! That's stinky!!!" and then we play, I chase Kitty some mores, I watch Mommy do tha dishes from tha tops of tha kitchen look out window, and then I chase Kitty some mores and then befur I know it, it's beddy time and the whole thing starts agains!

I tag anyone who wants ta shares their day!!!


I'zzz a winna!

March 4th 2010 9:26 am
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Thanks Ollllivfur and Dewey fur tha prize zealies!!! MOL!!! I don't wanna brings up yr diary fur fear of embaarrrassin yr Mommy more than you has alreadys (MOL!) but I'm glads I could participates in tha game! Honestly, my furrrst guess was right I thinks, (heheeheh) but Mommy was soooo 'barrased that she didn't wants ta type it fur me until she saw othurrrrr furrrs writin...My mommy has embarrasin' times fur sure!

I am havin a good day so fur-last night I was a little restless 'cause Mommy is always gone fur furevfur on Wednesdays 'cause she's got class at nighttimes and that jobby thing durin tha days, but hopefully she will be able ta not works durin tha days much longer when she starts gettin more jobbies in what she wants ta do! She told me all about dis guy she auditioned fur who likes her and wants ta helps her make monies fur them boths and he even saw her on that show where she played a chef MOL! I'z hopefuls unless she gets sent somewhere far far away fur a few months where I can't go...then what'll I do?!

Grandpaw is comin today fur tha weekend!!!! Woooooohooooo! I hopes it means I get some more toys! Mommy also talked to tha lady doc doc yestfurday too 'bout my blood test results....the ones that I have ta say agains...were done wif out me havin ta be sedated fur...geeez those othfur doc docs. My results are good-but Mommy stills got ta get a deaf-pooopie sample. I been tricky and doin' my business when she's not noticing 'cause I think a tuff guy should be left alone to his pooopies, no?

I guess that's all fur now anyway. I'm just 'cited ta be my mommy's baby-I even cuddled up right next to her face last night, which I hasn't done fur a little bit, so things are gonna get betters real soon!


me??? stinky poopies???

March 3rd 2010 10:10 am
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Ok, furrrrst of all, I gots ta say something about what's been happenin ta me the last couple'a days. Mommy made me go to the vet doc doc not once, but TWICE!!! Knowin' full well that I despise tha vet doc doc! Sayin that, I akshully met a nice once yestfurday FINALLY! It's a girl too so you know I made sure even in my hissy fit that I looked handsomes MOL!

I had ta get some blood take out and ya know what! They were ables ta do it wifout sedating me! Can you believes it? I think that shows that they might be good because that othfur office always said I needed ta be sedated, which made Mommy nerfvous...but not this place! The doc doc stayed wif Mommy too fur almost an hour just talkin about our sishuashion at home and how I likes ta use Kitty fur my wrestling toy, even when she doesn't wants ta play. Mommy and her even sats on tha floor so they could look at me and see how I was acting and I tried ta like miss doc doc, and she knew it too, even though I did hiss at her a few times. she even kept sayin how handsomes I was and that made me feel good MOL! And the older tech guy was even really nice ta me too so I didn't get all angry at him, not like tha othfur tech guy who poked me like a million times!!!! He should be sued!!!

So, aftur all my stuffs at the lady doc doc, she gave Mommy a special food fur me ta's soooo embarrasin but can you believe Mommy told her my poopies smell like deaf?? She said it's soooo bad that she cannot believes it comes outta little me?! I had ta be extra handsomes to lady doc doc aftur that one...but you know, I am a boy and it's just naturals that I gots a stinky bum, come on Mommy!

the conclushions fur my lady doc doc visit are good so fur. I thinks...she said she wants ta maybe try me on some medicashhhions ta see if my aggressshions calms a little bit. I am good when it comes to that stuffs so hopefully it'll be good. We'll get the answers once my blood works and poopie tests come back...MOL! I played a trick on Mommy tho...don't tell! But I wouldn't let tha tech guy get tha poopies outta me so they gave Mommy a little cuppy fur her ta gets it. I did that on purpose so she can deal wif my stinkies fur taking me to tha vet again. MOL! And I went poopies about 3 times when I got home Meowhowhowhow!

Enuffs talkin about that stuffs tho. I think I'm gonna check out what Kitty's up too.


belated thank yous

March 2nd 2010 8:57 am
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I feel like a chump 'cause I still haven't written all my thank you's fur my DDP! Blame my Mom!
Soooo, I wants ta say thanks to evfurryone who celebrated my DDP!

Thank you Lucy fur the heart!!! (little brofuers can be coool mol!)
Thank you Muppet and furmily fur the Lips! (I loooove kisses!)
Thank you Ava Corrine and yr furmily fur the Blue Ribbon!!! (it's like being in furrrrst place!)
Thank you Olllivfur and Dewey fur tha Brussel Ball! (loooves ta play with them!)
Thank you Enzu and furmily fur tha Shrimpie! (deeeeelishiush!)
Thank you to Bear and furmily fur tha Snowflakes! (grandmaw in NJ said it was soooo much snows!)
Thank you Skippy fur tha Blue Ribbon! (seriously pal! We gots ta sticks togethfur since our fursiblings are cooookoooo!)
Thank you Alfie and furmily fur tha shiny Emerald! (it's magnificent!)
Thank you Samooooa McBooooa (Mol!) fur tha saints rosette! (It's purrrrty kewl!)
Thank you Jack Kayden and furrrmily fur tha Mardi Mask! (now I can go in disguise on Kitty P MOL!)

And thanks fur the pawmails!!!! Hazel Lucy, Buddie and Furmily, Squirrel and Kitcat and Lilianna!!! I heart all you guys!

On anothfur subject....that vet doc doc I like has tha wooooorst technichians, so bad that Mommy wants ta nevfur go there agains! I had ta get my shots Sat. and Mommy was already havin a tuff morning from my uncle Marley's trip to tha Bridge, and then this dummmdummm couldn't even give me a shot! The pills ta calms me down didn't works so good, but I think even if they did, this coookooo bird reversed that pill! He couldn't get a shot in me! Soooo he kept stickin me all ovfur!!!!! Even aftur Mommy said to stop it and tried ta gets me!!!! He stuck me, no lies, like 9 times!!!! SO OF COURSE I WAS MAAAAD! I was hissing, I was tryin ta scratchies at him, and he was a knucklehead! Mommy said stop it and that's when miraculouuuusly he got the shot in....he even dropped tha needlez on tha floor and Mommy had ta tell him he better change it befur he was about ta use that one again!

So...then it was time ta go back into my carrier and that litterbox brain said I would go in myself...well, Mommy said she would put me in and he then took my box and chased me around tha room into tha corner till I would go in it!!! Mommy was somethin reallly mad...I can'tz even says it out loud.

Then tha vet doc doc came in and wanted ta test my blood and asked if I was upset when I got there and she said nooooo way! that tha dummy tech made me so mad!

Mommy likes tha vet doc doc, but had reserfvations because'a the techs from when Kitty was there once, and she shoullllda followed her instincts! Grrrrr!!!



my angel uncle

February 27th 2010 7:00 am
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I am so sad to write that my uncle Marley, Mommy's doggie brofur, had to go to the Bridge this morning. Mommy is sooo sads so I am tryin to give her as much cuddles as possible, since he lives all tha way in the snowy land of New Jersey.

I have so many thank yous fur my DDP celebrashions and I promise to send them out and post sooon.

Mommy posted in the goggie forums fur help getting Marley his wings, but nevfur posts there evfur-does anyone know how Mom can get some help?


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