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I gots Tagged!!!

June 14th 2010 10:39 am
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My Skiptacular furrriend Skippy tagged me! Yay!!! Let's play!

1. What time do you go to bed?
I sleeps all tha times, whenevfur I is tired, but akshully my bed time is when Mommy goes ta bed 'cause I likes ta make sure she gets to sleep wif my warm fur keeping her cozy...then once she's asleep I can go play MOL! Or I cuddles all the night long.

2. What is your favorite gift you have received and why?
That I gots adopted by my Mommy....sounds cheesy, but it's true.

3. What’s your favorite way to wake up and what’s the first thing you do?
Tha furrrst thing I do when I wakes up is ta yawn and meow and then stand up and stretch realllly big, then sometimes I go flop by Mommy's face or go and get some kibbles.

4. What would you call yourself if you could choose your own name?
I likes Indiana 'cause it's like an adventurers name! When Mommy calls me I come to her ta show her that I likes it. Otherwise I might likes ta be called Tuff guy! MOL! Or snuggles 'cause I likes ta get all cuddley

5. What was the last thing you ate that you really shouldn’t have?
Um, I can't remember akshully. I tried ta nibbles on tha corner of tha dresser, so I guess that!

6. What are you afraid of?
oooh...well I wouldn't be a tuff guy if I was scared, but I am afraid of loud noises and of tha contraption that has medicines in it that Mommy gives me.

7. Do you have brothers and sisters?
Kitty Pryde is my sisfur

8. What is your motto in life?
Love all and has fun too!

9. Would you like to be famous? Why or why not?
Well, yes and no. Yes 'cause I love attenshions and treats and I'm sure you get plenty of those when you is famous, but no 'cause I likes tha quiet too.

10. What cartoon or comic book character best describes you?
hmmm...Wolverine 'cause I gots claws of steel!

11. What super-power would you most like to have, and why?
I would like ta teleport so that way I can always be wif Mommy when she is away.

12. If you could play sports, what would you play and why?
Probably baseball 'cause I likes ta catch tha toys when they is flying!

For this tag game I Tag:
Sparky! (we miss you buddy!)
Daisy Mae!


bummed out

June 3rd 2010 8:31 am
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I hate ta says it, but I really feel bummed. Honest ta goodness, I just haven't wanted ta paw a diary entry because it's just not the same going on Catster right now. Our Plus account was just automatically renewed too and Mommy def. wants us ta has Plus, but at tha same time we don't feel motivated right now ta go onta Catster. I hope this funk changes 'cause I think about all my furrriends a lot, but it seems like not a lot has been updating eithfur...maybe it's just 'cause of tha long weekend that passed.

I just kinda hung around tha house playin and relaxing and loving on Mommy and bugging and loving Kitty Pwwwide. We did has a baffth session togethfur, which was a good change, evfen if it wasn't long. Last night Mommy cleaned our ears too wif tha warm washcloth so it felt like a furrr-mommy. They (our ears) is a little irritated from tha fluoxitine cream that Mommy gives us in tha mornings. She evfen washed our faces wif that washy cloth and I gots ta admit that I kinda liked it akshully MOL! I hate baffths, but this was nice 'cause...and don't make fun a me!!! I is still a tuff guy...but it was kinda tender MOL! like loving when Mommy did it MOL!

that's all to report fur now. Mommy has an appt wiff this lady doc doc who specializes in cat behavior fur us next week, but we is most likely gonna post-pone it. It's sooooo much monies and Mommy keeps saying that she will do anything fur us, but she is not sure what that lady will say that we hasn't tried from all tha advice and all tha books we has read.

Ah well!



May 26th 2010 9:33 am
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What happened last night!!! I will tell ya what happened last night!!!!

A HUGE BIG UGLY SPIDAH was in tha beddie room when it was time fur sleepies...let me just say that Mommies are great, but they are such scardy cats MOL!!!

We was being all tucked in nice and warm and comfy and I was sleepy and Mommy knew it was gonna be a calm night and I wasn't gonna bothfur Kitty at 4 am like I usually do, until she turned off tha lights...ooooh woohoooo! Scaries!!!

Well, I got right under tha covers 'cause I do that from time ta time, and cuddled in tha nookie where Mommy had bent her knee, and alls of a sudden she made a sound that was soooo scary!!! And then tha blankies were off of my head and tha light was on again (whooo my eyes fur a second hadded ta blinks ta get used to it) and I looked up and BOLTED fur tha wall!!! Mommy sawed a spidah that, ta tell you tha truth was pretty big. I a'course wasn't scared and Kitty could care less 'cause she was watchin tha cars outside drive on by, but Mommy...geeez! So I did what any mancat of tha jungle (thanks Skippy MOL!) would do ta pawrotect his ladies and I jumped and bopped that spidah wif my fell...and we lost it.

Mommy ran inta the othfur room and looked fur tha bug spray, but couldn't find it, and she was scared ta use a towel ta smooshie it 'cause it was sooo big and maybe had that venom stuffs, so she got tha windex and came back to tha beddie room. Kitty's attenshhhions was sparked by then and we bofth were lookin fur that spidah monster...I wonder if it was akshully Spidah Man in his black costume as tha bad guy, that's how big he was....maybe I should'a tooked a picture ta mail to tha newspaper...hmmm.

Well, let's just say that I was sleeeepies no more. Kitty just went right back to tha window MOL!. Mommy on tha othfur hand was all eeeking and aaaacking and yucking all ovfur tha place...she evfen put on tha shoes like she was gonna smoooosh it if she saw it, and was looking all around like Spidah Man was gonna swings from tha ceiling. She evfen told me that we was gonna sleeps on the couchie just in case Spidah Man came out and climbed on tha beddie while we was sleeepies.

Turns out, he was just scared...Mommy turned off tha big light and he came out. Then she got that spray stuffs and gave him a bafth wif it...better him than me! Well, he fell off tha ceiling and landed wif a thud...srsly! Mommy got all scared again and by that point Kitty and I were all up and not sleepy. I akshully found anothfur buggie ta munch on, but it was sooo teeny tiny that Mommy didn't care. But then she got out that sucking machine!!! It's not as loud as our old one, but it's more scary ta me!!! Kitty akshully is brave wif this one which is funny...anyways, so Mommy couldn't reach Spidah Man where he fell and ta be honest, he didn't seem all dead from that bafth Mommy got worried maybe his brofur came ovfur too, but she tried ta sucks him up in tha machine and I think she did 'cause he disappeared...or his brofur...I guess we won't know fur sure.

But by that time I was sooo sleepies again so I decided I would get back inta bed. Kitty got back on tha window, but Mommy was still all scared...I tried ta calm her down and she did fall asleep, but she woke me up a lot, moving around and such. I mewed ta her ta pawlease stop movin, so she tried.

So now she's at work and I'm pawrotecting tha beddie room. Spidah Man better stay away! MOL! Or this time I'll eat him fur sure!!!



May 25th 2010 3:02 pm
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I was just on catster not 15 minutes earlier than now and when we went back to tha site, it was all difffffferent! I is soooo ovferwhelmed right now 'cause I just got used ta tha diff'rences befur!!! It looks kewl tho!

Not much to report 'cept that Mommy let me has a break from that stoooopid jingly-jangly collar that she makes me wear now...I akshully stopped taking it off MOL! I like having a break from it 'cause then I can scratchie the spots it covfurs and when Mommy gives me a chin scratchin, it doesn't jingle-jangle.

woooo....I'm gonna check out this new page MOL!


sooooo scaaaarrry!!!

May 20th 2010 9:26 am
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OMC! Yesterday I had such a scare that my ferocious kittyness came out!!!! My furrriend Skippy likened me to a "Mancat of tha jungle" (thanks fur that keeeewl nickname!) and yes, I was yesterday, that is fur sure!!!

It awwwl started when Mommy came home from works and was giving us yum yums and playing fur a little bit befur she had ta leave again fur class. I know I wrote about my favfuuurite jingly ball, and as a matter of fact, that was exactly tha ball I was playin wif when tha scarrrrre happened!

Mommy got us this new cube thingy-some of my furrriends have it I've seen, and it's made of pawlastic/nylon stuff and crinkles in the inside. well, Mommy threw my ball and I pawwed it and it went in tha cube, and so I went in too....and then I got scared by tha cube thing 'cause it moved when I went inside, like ta close 'cause the sides went up, and I got sooooo scared that I clawwwwwwwed my way out, and I bounced back, and it bounced too! And then I bumped my head on something else and bounced back more and got all fluffed up!!!! Mommy got scared too 'cause she didn't want me to be hurt or scared, and plus I ripppppped that cube ta shreddds wif my Jungle Mancatness!!!! (no, mommy didn't take pictures!)

I've been scared evfur since!!! Mommy had ta take that out of tha house when she left fur class. My sisfur was a purrrfect sisfur and came right ovfur to check and make sure I was ok and ta be honest, I was in a state a'shock that when she started ta licky on my neck, I just stood there and didn't try ta play with her. And when she went ta lay down on tha bathroom floor, I did too and she didn't try ta hide 'cause she knew I needed her. And I knew I needed her too so I didn't try ta bug her. But my tail was twitchy twitchy all about, and Mommy was kinda nervfous that I might get scared again and get Kitty when she left fur class, since she was sitting right there next ta me, so she brought Kitty into tha living room but left the door not closed all tha way in case Kitty wanted ta check on me, and guess what!!! She did!

Mommy came home from class and we was all good and calm. I is still a little weary, but Mommy gave me some treats in tha living room so I'm not too scared.

It's hard ta be tuff and then show my momma's kit side, but she understands MOL! Kitty does too, so that makes her a good sisfur. heheheh


no tv time i'm purrrty sure

May 11th 2010 2:55 pm
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so guess what...I know Kitty Pryde wrote all about this commercial thing that she was gonna do and tha peoples gave us two window seats ta tries out! And they are pawsome! I likes sitting in it, that's fur sure, but only when it's in the box or on tha floor MOL! I don't likes ta sit on it when it's in tha window a'cause it slips down and that means I slips down wif it!!! Piccccshure me sittin and 'splorin, then my paws on tha window as I is going dowwwwwn...ok, that's dramatics MOL! But ya knows what I mean! Mommy sure wanted ta loves this pawroduct, but it's a little faulty fur us.. Maybe it is our ratttttling old windows, but maybe it just needs ta be refined too and be purrrrfect.

So, Mommy tawlked to tha guy who's in charge'a tha commercial and he just kept saying ta tries it when she is home and to take pictures and how it works in his office windows, even tho he don't gots no cats there, but he put books on it, but Mommy isn't so shurrre how that's pawsible unless it is 'cause our windows are big and old when we has the earth shakies, tha windows are tha furrrst thing we notice and when that little boy upstairs runs on tha stairs, our windows rattle too.

So then aftur Mommy told tha guy last night that she would keep trying ta makes pawrogress, she gots anothfur call today from tha lady that cast us in tha furrrst place and she said, aftur a long conversation about the pawroduct, that she is in tha biiiznizzz of tellin tha truths! and Mommy agrees! And she doesn't want Mommy ta has ta fakes a testimonial and them people think that it's not real. Mommy said too that acting is telling tha truth and that's why some are just sooo good, a'cause they are telling tha troooofths, so tha lady said she is gonna be in touch wif tha company and recommend that they improve tha pawroduct furrrst....'parently the othfurs who are tryin it too aren't having much luck eithfurs...

So, we will keep you posted on our tv debut! We is still tryin tha pheremone stuffs and honestly, It might be helping! the plug in at least! Fur examples, Mommy has it plugged in by the beddy time window seat that we already has and I hasn't been bugging Kitty on it and she hasn't been hissing too much, but I also hasn't been then wanting ta sleeps in there...and tha spray one, well I stays away from that smell! So It's workin a'cause I is not buggin' Kitty, but I is staying aways too, so I guess we just gots ta try fur longer!

Indy's Kitty's second purrrrday on Thursday! Can you believes it! She is like an old lady now MOL!!! then again, I will be two in August, so does that makes me an old furrrt???


My Mommy

May 9th 2010 10:37 am
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I love my mommy. I know my mommy loves me too. Even though sometimes I is naughties, I hope my mommy knows that I loves her so mush and that I tries ta be a good boy most of tha's hard when she's not home a lot during tha day when alls I wanna do is cuddlez wif her (that's what I do all weekend long, honest!!!)

So, this morning fur mother's day I made sure ta knead Mommy and suckle the blankie right by her face and I hasn't bothered Kitty once!

ooooh! and someone evfen knows we has a nice Mommy 'cause we gots an anonymous rosette!

Thank you anonymous!

Happy Mothfur's day to all my furrrriends Mommies!


pawrotecting Mommy!

May 4th 2010 6:09 pm
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Duuuuude! So, the othfur day Kitty and I got locked up in tha beddie room fur nothhhin 'cause those workers nevfur came ta paints tha wall!!!
Well, a'course Mommy was kinda mad when she walked in and saw this dude just sittin' behind tha couch when she got home! But, she was also furry proud a'me and Kitty 'cause where was I???? I was right on tha counter that looks ovfur to tha couch just layin there and watching this dude likes a Hawk she said!!! MOL! More likes a VULCHER akshully!!!

I is tha mans of tha house and I gots ta pawrotect Mommy and Kitty Pryde! Kitty was just checkin out tha guy from tha othfur side from where I was, and was just assessin tha sisshhhuashion. But evfen tho I is younger by a few months, it's my duty as mancat ta keep tha people in line!

You seen my ferrrroshious picture right??? *grummmmmbles* MOL!


it's a specccialz day

April 30th 2010 9:52 am
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In case ya didn't know this, Mommy found out it's National Hairball Awareness Day MOL!!!! Imagine that!!! A specccialz day just fur our hairball yuckies MOL!!! So, in honor of this speccialz day, I is gonna try ta hack up tha bigggest, stinkiessst, nastieeest hairball while Mommy is at work. If I don't then I guess I will celebrates by akshully eating tha hairball stuffs....I used ta loves it but as I've gotten more tuff guy like, I likes it less and less 'cause tuff guys don't neeeeeed hairball foods!!!!

Yak! I feel one coming up sooooon! MOL!


Suprised yestfurday

April 29th 2010 9:19 am
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Yestfurday I gots a happy surprise!!! Mommy came home in tha middle of tha day, and on Wednesdays she usually isn't home till late, and then has ta go right out agains once she gives us our yum yums, but she got home earrrrly!!! She still had ta go out right away aftur, but then she came home again fur a little but befur leaving fur her Wednesday night class. We also gots a visit from tha building manager lady and anothfur visit from her husband and tha othfur guy who works wif him.... we had this stuffs on our wall and Mommy was wooorrrrried fur our healths 'cause a neighbor had somefing called mold in their wall, and Mommy was worried we did too. And she's got allergies and Kitty's been sniffling kinda, so she thought maybe we was being effected, but it turns out there was an olllld random pipe on tha othfur side'a tha wall and that's why the paint got all ick ick.
So tha manager duuude and his assistant came ta fix tha wall, but his wife furgots ta tell Mommy, so Mommy got a suprise and so did we! Just in case you didn't know by now, I likes ta be where all tha action is, which means that when they put plastic on tha flooor by tha wall, I had ta just steps on it, and plus I gots ta protect my Mommy too. But she had ta go and made us go in tha beddie room and she akshully closed tha door so we couldn't see tha dudes anymore!!! But they let us out'a tha room when they were finished, but Mommy wasn't home again. That made me sad akshully, but she came home soon and it was pawsome!!!

Well, anothfur suprise today....she closed us in tha beddie room today befur leaving fur works...'parently they is gonna paint tha wall where they fixed yestfurday!!! I just wanna watch tha guys!!! They bettur let me out when they is done like they did yestfurday...I got Kitty a little upset last night so Mommy doesn't want us ta be locked up all day, even tho we spends tha afternoons when she is working in tha beddie room anyway, but that's our choice and a'course when we don't get ta do it on our own we don't wanna do it!

OMC! Olivffffur and Dewey's Mommy got a hampster named Ernie!!!! I wish we had a pet! I think I would wanna lick him and see if he tastes like chicken or tuna, but I think that's not allowed. hmmph.

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