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Sad today

September 13th 2011 10:59 am
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Oh furs! I am so sad today! My sweet boyfurrriend, Riley, is going to be taking a break from Catster, along with his brofur. Would you please take a moment to check out their pages and send love to them and their Mommy? She's feeling sick and they need to focus more on stuffs there. He has always been such a sweetheart to me, and his brofur too, and his Mommy, so they are extra special. Here's their pages:
http://www.catster.c om/cats/999263

In other stuffs, I guess we is all doing ok fur the most part. I have been spying on Harrison a lot more again-creeping and peeking on him while I nibbles on some treats. I even went up to the gate again but when he moved I got the hissies and ran away back to my safe spot, my window seat. I guess sometimes I just furgets that he is real and not a doll! MOL! I had a good weekend and got to get lovies from Mommy and from visitors, which make me happy, 'specially when they say hi ta me and say how pretty I am! I've been keeping busy chasing this big ol' buggie around the house too! With all the hottness and stuffs, it seems that these big flies likes ta sneaks in, but then they can't figure out how ta get out, which is where I come in with my sneaky and sofisicat-like skills! Mommy has cleaned up a couple'a buggies...I mean, who would akshully eat those things! Grosssies! I just likes ta catch them and bop them a little bit.

Ya know, Mommy said she has ta has an important dicushhhion with me today too-she kinda started it yesternight, but I just wanted to check out the business outside the window! But I know she was saying that I needs to be patient with my new brofur and that even though I was a street cat at one time when I was very young, he has had it rough too-I mean, I guess we nevfur will know his street cat status, but we does know that he was on tha streets at some point as a stray 'cause that's how he was brought to tha shelter tha furst time-and honestly I cannot imagine him being a street cat at awls! He doesn't even really try ta chase the buggies in the 'partment! How did he even eat? So yeah, Mommy is gonna tells me more stuffs about that, and probably how I needs to give him some space ta grow-like in the household and that he needs lots a lovies too-which I knew in tha beginning. I did let him take naps under tha bed with me aftur the first two weeks-so I don't hates him, just he scared me so I gotta make sure he is safes, ya know?

Well, I hear the zzzzzz of the fly...he won't even know what's coming MOL!

Love Kitty


Game I am playin

September 2nd 2011 9:05 am
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There's a new tag game going around, and I wanted to play! It seems like it's a really easy game to play and there are no rules!

You just have to answer a few Questions. So please PLAY ALONG, everyfur!

1. Your Meowmy or Dad is asleep and you are furry hungry; You would.....

Jump on the bed and meow and meow, get an ear pet and jump off thinking I got her, realize she's still not getting me my yum yums, so jump back up on the bed and meow and meow some more and throw in some bonks, get another few pettings, run by the bowl...and she still isn't coming, so I do it again and again!

2. You are furry sleepy and are sleeping on a top ledge; Meowmy or Dad would say..........

well, when I am on my window perch, Mommy goes, "awwwww Pretty Kitty! come here and cuddle!" and I looks at her, give her a slow blink and roll ovfur!

3. You saw a dog who wants to chase something; what's the furry furst thing you would you say or do?

What are ya it a buggie??? if not, you is stoooopids!

4. Your Meowmy or Dad wants you to stop tearing the furniture. You would...

Mommy would say, "NO NO NO! No scratchies!" so I would stop and roll over and show her my bellie fur a distracshion, then go to my scratchy post

5. Your Kitty Kat emergency box, full of fur fashions, is locked. Oh No! You would....

uh....well, I has my Hello Kitty transfurmation kit, but I prefer my natural selfs!

I hope all my friends will play this fun game!



ok, I tried. a little

August 31st 2011 2:52 pm
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I am proud of myself and so is Mommy. Last night I was so curious and lovable and like my normal selfs. And I even ate my yum yums in plain view of the stinker floofypants stinkybutt. He just watched me and all, I guess he decided to eats up him yum yums in a flash...(Tabbies-it was chikin...I gots fishies...ya see! he is a dum-dum!)...

anymeow, So, I was eating and stuff and Mommy was coming in ta cuddles me and play and I really was having a good time hanging out on my window seat and then she took some turns with that cat in the other room-and I can tell he is a sloppy boy 'cause Mommy had drooooool spots all ovfur her shirt and even on her neck! EEW! I NEVER would droooool like that and make a mess! I am just too precious ta do something so domesticat!

Ok, so really, here is what I did though ta try-Mommy brought him into the room on the harness with the leash and I was just laying around all cozies, and he saw me and zoom! up up up ta me he tried ta go, but with that harness he was pawrevented...and I got the hissies at such a drastic and aggressive move! Mommy even tried to distract him with toys, one that he loves akshully, but nope. he wanted me. and I would not be his plaything! I am no toy! But I didn't get too angries, just growly and hissy and so Mommy took him out almost as fast as she brought him in.

So see? I DID TRY! He just tried to get all up in my face! But I did not get the grumbilies until that offensive move by that domesticat! Mommy has been reading up on some cat stuffs again too. I thinks she needs ta let me has the whole house again to myselfs, but since I am so scurrred, some of the info says maybe I should get the smaller space, ta keeps me comfy, but you know what-I went in the living room today when Mommy was gonna go to works and I ran and ran all around and checked out the animals out the window like I usually like to do in the mornings-when the stinker wasn't around.

SO maybe a whole start over fresh introducshion might be what is needed. Since it's still so new. I do kinda feel bad though-what if this dude is not happy in the bathroom? Sure, it's bigger than normal, but it's not like a whole 'partment! And that means that one of the cat trees is gonna has ta go in there too so he can look out the window and has entertainments-that is not kewl!

So that's what is new. Oh, and I has to ask, please send purrrrrs to my good sweet pretty furrriend Monida! She is not feeling so well and her Mommy can't find out a solushion with the vet doc docs. It's such a source a frustrashions fur her Mommy! Here's her page:




August 29th 2011 9:53 pm
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That brofur a'mine has got the stinkiest booty! Sure, Indy's poopies smelled a'deafffs, but Indy didn't pass gas really, that I noticed anyways. Well, Mom was spending some times with the dude fur his cuddle time and guess what! He made a stinky and I could sniffs it on my mom! Peeeeeyews!

He gots his toofies cleaned this weekend too and so was all loopy and when he came home I wanted ta sniffs the carrier and so I did and I just gave him a look and made a hiss and meow combo in one and walked away to my yum yums. It tooks a lot a'energy and I needed to eats aftur that one!

It has been soooo hott too! And it didn't halps that this weekend Mom had houseguests ta works on a film. They didn't really stays in my special space, but it sure made our 'partment hotter even though we had the cold air machine on! I was happy though that they all came ta say hello to me and give me some affections! I love the head scratches and bonks.

Other than that, things are ok. I am trying to be brave with my brofur. He meows a lot and now he wears a bell so I know where he is at most times. Mom likes to cuddle him too like me, which I guess I can understand, so I will try not ta be jealous. Plus I know there's lots of kitties without homes and stuff and I am lucky that we has some roon fur another fur, even if I don't like it too much yet. As long as he keeps those stink bombs to a minimum, I think I might try a little harder ta likes him.



earth shakies

August 24th 2011 11:19 am
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So yesterday there was an explosions inside the earth that made tha plates shift and the earth shakies fur some of my furrriends and fur my furmily that live across the country. I feel sorry fur you guys that you all had such a scare. We has the scare of those here on a daily basis, only 'cause we hasn't had what they call "tha big one' in a long time.
I wasn't born that far ago and Mommy was not living here and was just a youngin herselfs, but she always has tha fear of the earth shakies, mostly that it will happen and she won't be near us ta make sure we are safe. But when we has had them, I swear Indy was a good predictor of them 'cause he would always get extra crazies around that time! And a'course when we has been home with Mommy when little ones came, she would be scurrrred and tell us to come to her and Indy did an army crawl on tha floor MOL! But me, I was hungry and aftur assesssing tha situashhion, I realized that my tuna was safe and waiting ta be eated, and I just went back ta eating. Another time we had a little one and I was sleeping on my window seat and just popped my head up and then cuddled again to myselfs, but Indy a'course had the frights like my mom.
So, I guess I mean ta say, don't worry too much-I understands how tha earth shakies can be. My mom is so scurrrred of them, but I will takes care a'her. And yes, where I lives our buildings are made fur this kinda thing, but our building is old and already has cracks in the ceiling and tha walls. That scurrrrs Mom too. But be braves!

On another note, I am alright I guess. I have just been spying on that stinker thru the gates and Mom put him on this contrapshion so he can walk and be stopped. He seems ta like it. I, meanwhile, like ta lay on my new favfurite spot on the couchie next ta Mom, which Indy finally told me I could officially takes ovfur. I cannot has his blankie, that is special only fur Mommy and him, but I can has his spot and I lay there evfurry time Mommy is on the couch.

Hope all my furrriends has a good day. And concats to my furrriend Finney! It's his Gotcha Day!!! His mom is furry special and loves him in a big way!!!



Still the Boss!

August 16th 2011 10:14 am
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I am still the boss at my house and I rules my mom! So we got these baby gates up at my house so that way I can see my brofur and he can see me, but we can't touch. But he likes ta just sit there at the gate and meow and meow and meow and look at me. I get ta eat and I do right in front'a him, but he's eating too akshully so I guess it's not like I'm showin off or something. But still, I feel kinda strongish. And I still get ta sleeps with Mommy, though the othfur day she took turns with us. The good thing about this dude is that even though he hangs out in the bedroom during tha day, he stays off my window seat! He sits on the other one, and only stands next to the chair that's next to my seat. That's a smart cat...

Things has been ok I guess though. I know some pawrents has been worried and Mommy totally thanks you guys fur thinking of us. I guess it's just gonna take me some extra time, but in the meantimes we are taking turns wearing tha calming collar until Mommy can order another one, we gots that Feliway stuffs, which is stinky and not good if ya asks me, plus we gots tha Rescue Remedy and we gets treats and toys and evfurrything.

Yesterday night, before Mommy had ta works fur class and on Sunday, she let us sit in tha same room and played. I ate my treats and then went to a safe distance away ta watch while that cat chased this toy. Then he started scurring ta me so I hissed and Mommy picked him up and put him in tha room. Then, while she was putting that gate up, he somehow jumped ovfur tha first one and zoomed right up ta my face and so I proceeded ta screeeammmmm and screeeeech as loud as I could!!!! Even though he didn't even touch me!!!! Mommy whisked him away, again, and then I got tha calming collar. I screamed at him too when he decided it would be fun ta dart to tha gate when I was watchin on tha othfur side....what's with this dude? I does have to say though, that I did let him sniff my nose again before I made my decpurrrration a'distress when he jumped ovfur the gate.

I know Mommy tells me I should give him a chance. I swears, I would. I just don't know if it's a good idea. I mean, he made me mad by jumpin on me, so in my calcuashhhhions, one time is too many! That stinker's gonna get his toothies cleaned in a week too...good riddance fur tha afternoon, that's what I says! MOL!



Thanks furrriends

August 11th 2011 9:11 am
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I am so happy fur such good furrriends. Thank you fur all the comments on my diary and how ta deals with my new brofur, tha stinker. Mommy knows how important it is fur me ta get my attenshions and love furst and is workin ta give him some affections, but I get tha most!
Thanks fur tha good idea Tink! Maybe when he is sleepies I can sniff him out! Mommy is gonna get some gates too ta block tha door so we can see, but not touch! We made something like it on our own, but it wasn't too good! I have been making some pawrogress though by eating close ta him by tha door (on tha other side!) and having treats at tha same way too. And I have been playing a lot again 'cause my tail isn't hurting too much anymore. I still get my window perch at night too-he's smart and doesn't sit on my perch during tha daytime when he's in the bedroom by himself. Mommy let me get a glimpse a'him this morning when we gots our breakfast and I just looked at him and he wanted ta come out, but he didn't and just wanted ta eat once tha food got there.

So that's what's happening fur now. I am gonna be patient and good and try ta see what happens!

Thanks to Natasha fur the pretty Rose!

Love Kitty


it seems like diaries are workin again....

August 10th 2011 9:52 am
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I wrote three whole diaries this weekend and not one of them showed up! I knew there was tha maintenance, but thought it was getting better by Caturday! I hope this posts!

A lot happened this weekend, that's fur sure. You all read stinker's diary tha other day, where he wrote about jumping on me!!! Well, he gave me a boo-boo on my tail! Mommy took me to tha vet doc doc Saturday afturrrnoon 'cause I was hurting when she touched a part of my tail, and the doc doc comfurrrted me even though I was hiding under my blankie, and gave me some medicines fur tha pain. She said maybe I just got bruised and that if it doesn't get better aftur a few days ta come back fur xrays. Stinker...

The vet doc doc told Mommy that if I am still stressed out aftur a couple months then maybe my new brofur needs ta go back to tha SPCA. That does make me sad, and it makes Mommy sooo sad, but I came furst and I gotta be ok.

So we are not hanging out at all together, even though we wasn't befur, only fur a few minutes at a time. But I kinda am curious about him again and sniffing around. I get most of Mommy's time though and that's tha way it should be!

Indiana's birthday is on Furrriday so Mommy said we is gonna have lots of love that day to celebrates his life. Our great furrriends Finney, Lacey and their Mommy just had their Angel sweetie Alex's birthday too. She is such a special girl that I am happy Indy can spend time with her since he's not here with us. Even if I do like ta be the only kitty right now, I miss him lots and miss lickin his ears.

Love Kitty



August 3rd 2011 9:41 am
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I am SOOO mad! Ok, I have calmed down a little, but this morning, in tha wee hours of tha morning, I was sooo mad! That brofur Harrison got on my nerves! We did so well yestfurday-so well that we was sitting kinda close and Mommy was petting us both at the same time and I was calm and stuff and sniffin him and all that stuff, so Mommy thought maybe she would try ta see how we would do if tha door wasn't closed all tha way to the sleepies room...all was good akshully until that Harrison decided he wanted ta chase me!!!! And he did and I ran and hissed and screeeammmed sooooo loud and growled and it woke evfurryone up!

I just don't gets how some cats just don't gets that you wants them ta back off when you make those noises! He just didn't get it and chased me through the hall, in tha kitchen, back in tha hall, in the bedroom and under tha bed and then Mommy caught me and he stopped finally, and then she let me go out inta the living room and closed the door so I could has some time ta myselfs. And then he just meowed a lot, like he was confoooooosed at what just happened.

I don't know if I'll evfur like him now! And he better stay away from me, that's fur sure! Let him stay in tha sleepies room all day today 'cause that's where he is!


this weekend at my house

August 1st 2011 1:14 pm
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Well, what an interesting weekend I has had this time! I wrote about my brofur and he went to tha vet doc doc and guess what!!! I was almost right! He has put on some poundage! Not a pound a day like I originally thought, but still, he gained like two whole pounds from eatin! So again, I is proving that I am always right and I am tha boss of him MOL!

Ok, ta be fairs, I did let him go nosies ta me again on more than one occassshhion, but when he got too close I gave him a hiss or a gremlin grumble and he went away. Plus Mommy rescued me too from tha sissshuashhion. This morning though, when Mommy opened tha door ta lets me outta the bedroom, Harrison a'course ran right up to tha door ('cause he always wants ta be by me, I SWEARS!) and I gave him a sniffie with nothing more than that, just a sniffie, and I even sniffed his tail! And then I went ta check out what was happening outside. Mommy was very proud!

Plus, my uncle and auntie are visiting this weekend and so I'm getting some cat-talking too, but they usually talk ta a doggie so it's funny. Even Harrison slept on my uncle's belly MOL! Not me though, I likes my Mommy and me time!

So ya thinks I should give this doooood a chance? I mean, I guess he's ok-although he did chase me around once tha othfur day...and his toofies are not as pretty as mine, I guess it's his old man age MOL!


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