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oh my brofur

October 6th 2011 10:26 am
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do you know what Harrison did last night?! Well, let me tell ya! Somehow, 3 gates high, he managed ta climb ovfur into the bedroom area of my 'partment! That's right, it's mine, even though Mommy pays tha bills. I am tha princess here! And he tried ta come in and he almost did too, but Mommy jumped up and got him as he was squeezed inta the small space between the tallest baby gate and the doorway! she picked him up and he looked right at me and tried ta jumps in my directions, and Mommy closed tha door, so like a ZOMBIE hungry fur brains(I swears!) he reached under tha doorway, which is already bigger than a normal under tha doorway space, and was pawwwwwing his way ta me, even though the door stopped him! I got up close akshuully, but when his paws started shakin, I hissed and ran onto tha bed to wait fur Mommy to come back to sleep.

What a flooofybutt.

Otherwise, I guess things are ok-I have been hanging out in the tallest cat tree in the living room, where Indy used ta sleeps, and when Mommy comes towards me, unless she's got a smooch ready fur me, I try ta cuddle small and invisible 'cause I think she's gonna give me that medicines stuffs. Which, good fur her, she mixed some catnip treats in it and when she went ta gives it to Harrison, it backfired and got her right in tha eye and tha kisser! So now she knows what sweet livfur medicines tastes like!!!

Harrison did look at me a lot too 'cause Mommy let him in tha room fur, like a minute only, befur he wanted ta run ta me, and I didn't hiss one bit until she picked him up and walked closer in my directions...Ya know, when I used ta see Indy, my favfurite thing ta do was ta sniffs his tail and lick his chin, until he would try ta wrestle, and I started ta do that with Harrison aftur that furst week he was here...I wonder if I will be able ta do that with him evfur again.




October 4th 2011 6:55 pm
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My Mom is getting me so mad! SHe is makin me takes this medicines that she squirts inta my moufth and it's s'posed ta tastes like liver, but it tastes like liver AND sugar!!!! EEEW! Tha Tabbies o'Trout Town was rights!!!! It's always gotta be fishies! I think it's soooo yucky that I droooool like Harrison and then Mommy's feet stick to tha floors 'cause it's sticky MOL!

Also, MOmmy changed tha bed this weekend-what's up with that! It's still kewl 'cause I can still fit underneath it, but it's got nothing at the end fur me ta jumps on like befure, I guess it's tha foot board? I thought it was tha Kitty Pryde launching pad fur me ta jumps from my window seats. Plus, tha other night Mommy let Harrison sleeps with her and kept me in tha sala!!! I am s'posed ta sleeps with her, but I guess it was my faults 'cause when she broughted me inta the beddie room I ran out...

So yah, what a week so far! And it's cold! And Harrison's got new yum yums from tha vet doc doc and Mommy gave me some of those yum yums too, even though I am not a stinky butt.

I miss my sweetheart Riley and his brofur Skippy, I think that's what is wrong!




September 28th 2011 4:02 pm
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My mom is crazies. It's like, if ya does something as a cat once, these pawrents like, expects you ta does it again and again!

Fur examples, fur some reason we has been getting lots a'spidahhhs in our apartment lately. Ew, gross, fur MOM! Fun fur me! And if I see the buggies, I'm gonna chase it, it's like, the natural cat thing ta do (except fur Harrison, but he is weird and doesn't pays attenshions and just wants ta lay with Mommy!!!) But yuk yuk, since I would nevfur eat the rechhhhid thing! I likes my fishies, not creepy crawlies in my tummy tum tum! And everytimes there is a bug, like a spidahhh that was in the laundry basket this morning (GAROSSSSSS) well, Mommy gasped and jumped and danced, but not fur happies I don't think, and then she said, "Kitty! Come here! Kitty" and ta tells you the truths, I was just too comfy cozy in my window seat to even look at what she was talking about. I just made my eyes get all big n stuffs like I was interested, and then I put my head down on my paws and went back ta sleep and let her handle the sishhhuashions.

And anothfur thing too about my mommy that makes her crazies is that even in tha middle of the nights...even then, she is telling me stuffs like ta come here, when I am all's like she wakes up and is dreamies of me or somethings. I hope not all mommies are like that fur my furrriends! 'Cause if that's not bad enuffs, I got Harrison in tha living room meowin ta come in, not as much as before, but still, he does it at tha precisely exactly right time evfurry morning-when Mommy has ta gets up fur work. It akshully helped kinda the other day 'cause she overslept and he got her up fur works, but he still hasn't learned that some days are specials fur sleeping late.

So yah. I think my mommy's lost it fur shure-I mean, ya know, I likes ta be cozy on the perch in tha living room too and she moves me to tha bedroom fur bedtimes! Why can't I just stays where I is! But she says she doesn't want me ta feel upsets if tha routine is different and I don't gets ta sleep by her like difficults!


PS! Tabbies!!! I has a very important question!!!! My mommy is getting my medicines in a flavfur called liver...LIVER!??! No fishies?!?!!! Is Liver flavfurs good? purlease tell me it is!


at the vet doc doc this weekend

September 27th 2011 11:22 am
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Oh yes, I had ta go to tha vet doc doc this weekend-I went to the other one though, the one that Mommy has taken Harrison to and I really liked them and I don't has a bad rap there like I do at my vet from that one time...(you know the one, with the blood vampires poking me bad!) and this doc was so sweet and talked so nice and they even carried me around in my pink blankie instead of making me go in the carrier when they took me all around the doc doc office.

So the word from the doc doc though is that I needs ta has another dental 'cause my gums are a little pinker than normals again. Plus, the doc doc wants ta gives me some medicines to help me with my confidence and something like, ta takes edge off. Alls I can says is that Harrison was a doofus this weekend and was sleeping on one of tha window perches and so I decided ta eat some yum yums, evfur so quietly, and he heard me in my quietness and looked about ready ta make some quick ninja moves, so I hissed likes tha strengths of a thousand nunchucks and then Mommy put him away in the other room.

Last night too, I just didn't wants ta sleeps in the bedroom like usual-in fact, when Mommy brought me in there, I dashed out superfast like, and so I didn't sleep there, I slept on top of the cat tree in the living room-I hope Mommy isn't upsets with me-she said awwww Kitty c'mon! but I just put my head on my paws and closed my eyes.

Being a kitty is hard!


Arrrrr! The peeepeeee dance!

September 20th 2011 3:11 pm
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Yestfurday was Meow like a Pirate Day, and boy, I was just the pretty little lass on tha ship, also known as the tops of the cat tree, lookin out at the horizons of the dangerous seas a'my 'partment!
And! I was a DDP too-so that was swell!

Thanks to all my furriends who helped ta celebrate both occashions! Arrrrrr!
Thanks fur the Jolly Rogers to:
Dagger Toes Simone and furmily
Lucy, Chawwlie and Leo and furmily
Wanda, Norman, Tess and furmily
The Catfather himselfs and furmily
Novi and Ingen
Tink, plus Tink fur the Ribbon
Mercy, Oly and furmily
Da Tabbies o'Trout Town
and Monster fur the Ice Cream cone!

It was a good day fur tha most part-I got lots a loves and stuffs and Harrison tha stinky butt came out into tha living room ta say hi, but I hid by my cat tree...But that cat made me do the peepee dance this morning Arrrrr! I was minding my own business, eating my breakfast yum yums while Mommy was with him in the living room givin him his medicines and then she saw him laying down in the window seat, so when she went ta get the baggie ta clean up the poopies in the box, well, he decided ta sneaks ovfur the gate and say Ahoy, and a'course, I got scurrrred of that blurrr o'floof and peepee danced right there on my spot on tha floor and sounded the meows of alarms fur Mommy and ran, and Harrison ran too, but not too fast-I felt like I was a science pawroject or somethings and I was under his there he went, back in the bedroom and there I went, on top of the cat tree ta keep lookout fur dangers.

Fur reals, I think I might be making more of a fuss fur Mommy's attenshions 'cause aftur she cleaned up my peepee dance stuffs, I rolled around fur her and showed her my tummy and wanted her affections...I got a kiss on the forehead, but no treats! no fairs!

So that's my Pirate day and this morning-I guess Harrison just wanted ta say hi-but I gots a sneakin suspishions that he may has been causing trouble!



I'm a DDP!

September 19th 2011 12:57 pm
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Concats to myselfs and the other kitties chosen fur DDP's today and other honors! We are all so special evfurry day, but it's kewl to get chosen sometimes too!

Thanks Tink fur the Ribbon!(pink's my best color)
Thanks to Tabatha fur making me a pic, which I will post later and Thanks to Buddie and his furmily fur the message!

I had a good weekend, especially aftur I was brave and tuff with the stranger! Mommy moved around the furniture in tha housie too, and I akshully likes it-I've been running around checking out all the new spots ta hide and everything. I did make some pawrogress with Harrison too, fur a little bit anyways-he had to go to the vet doc doc Sat morning and then when he came back, he got put in the beddie room. Since Mommy's furriend, my auntie Raven, was ovfur helping ta organize the furniture, Mommy thought she would try ta let us cats interact...well, Harrison came walking out all kewl in his harness with skulls, and I hissed, but Mommy played with him a little and then I was ok. then later, she left the gates off 'cause we was both sleeping and I got ta wakes up and 'slores the bedroom and he didn't run at me.

I hissed at him and ran though Sunday when he looked at me through the gate-We hasn't gotten a crate, Mom checked some out, but they were so expensive and too small. We know it takes a long time though-and ya knows, Mommy had that Harrison stink on her all weekend, from his droolies and his floof, and I just sniffed her and licked those stink spots on her clothes and skin...i wanted ta knows if he tasted stinky too.

I'm a lady, but it's Meow like a Pirrrrrate day, so I am gonna be a tuff sugarplum today MOL!
Love Kitty


mommy's Divine Pawrotector!

September 15th 2011 7:40 pm
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I just totally pawrotected my mommy from a sishuashion with my tough catness! Does this really mean I am the cat-boss?? I think it proves it! Silly Mommy, well she went into the other room with Harrison fur a min, and alls a sudden she heard me hissing and growling and a'course she had to see what was happenng, because it's not like I was with anyone or another fur! And omc! Boy did she has a scare! Thanks ta me she was alerted! A man, one of tha ones I guess visiting a neighbor with a laundry basket full a'clothes came into my 'partment! Silly mommy, she always locks the door, but didn't click it all the way I guess 'cause the guy was able ta open tha door and put tha clothes by tha door and then Mommy ran ta check on me and saw the dude! And he was so confooooosed! And so was she!and he called his furrriend and was on tha wrong side of the bldg!
Lucky she has me!


Sad today

September 13th 2011 10:59 am
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Oh furs! I am so sad today! My sweet boyfurrriend, Riley, is going to be taking a break from Catster, along with his brofur. Would you please take a moment to check out their pages and send love to them and their Mommy? She's feeling sick and they need to focus more on stuffs there. He has always been such a sweetheart to me, and his brofur too, and his Mommy, so they are extra special. Here's their pages:
http://www.catster.c om/cats/999263

In other stuffs, I guess we is all doing ok fur the most part. I have been spying on Harrison a lot more again-creeping and peeking on him while I nibbles on some treats. I even went up to the gate again but when he moved I got the hissies and ran away back to my safe spot, my window seat. I guess sometimes I just furgets that he is real and not a doll! MOL! I had a good weekend and got to get lovies from Mommy and from visitors, which make me happy, 'specially when they say hi ta me and say how pretty I am! I've been keeping busy chasing this big ol' buggie around the house too! With all the hottness and stuffs, it seems that these big flies likes ta sneaks in, but then they can't figure out how ta get out, which is where I come in with my sneaky and sofisicat-like skills! Mommy has cleaned up a couple'a buggies...I mean, who would akshully eat those things! Grosssies! I just likes ta catch them and bop them a little bit.

Ya know, Mommy said she has ta has an important dicushhhion with me today too-she kinda started it yesternight, but I just wanted to check out the business outside the window! But I know she was saying that I needs to be patient with my new brofur and that even though I was a street cat at one time when I was very young, he has had it rough too-I mean, I guess we nevfur will know his street cat status, but we does know that he was on tha streets at some point as a stray 'cause that's how he was brought to tha shelter tha furst time-and honestly I cannot imagine him being a street cat at awls! He doesn't even really try ta chase the buggies in the 'partment! How did he even eat? So yeah, Mommy is gonna tells me more stuffs about that, and probably how I needs to give him some space ta grow-like in the household and that he needs lots a lovies too-which I knew in tha beginning. I did let him take naps under tha bed with me aftur the first two weeks-so I don't hates him, just he scared me so I gotta make sure he is safes, ya know?

Well, I hear the zzzzzz of the fly...he won't even know what's coming MOL!

Love Kitty


Game I am playin

September 2nd 2011 9:05 am
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There's a new tag game going around, and I wanted to play! It seems like it's a really easy game to play and there are no rules!

You just have to answer a few Questions. So please PLAY ALONG, everyfur!

1. Your Meowmy or Dad is asleep and you are furry hungry; You would.....

Jump on the bed and meow and meow, get an ear pet and jump off thinking I got her, realize she's still not getting me my yum yums, so jump back up on the bed and meow and meow some more and throw in some bonks, get another few pettings, run by the bowl...and she still isn't coming, so I do it again and again!

2. You are furry sleepy and are sleeping on a top ledge; Meowmy or Dad would say..........

well, when I am on my window perch, Mommy goes, "awwwww Pretty Kitty! come here and cuddle!" and I looks at her, give her a slow blink and roll ovfur!

3. You saw a dog who wants to chase something; what's the furry furst thing you would you say or do?

What are ya it a buggie??? if not, you is stoooopids!

4. Your Meowmy or Dad wants you to stop tearing the furniture. You would...

Mommy would say, "NO NO NO! No scratchies!" so I would stop and roll over and show her my bellie fur a distracshion, then go to my scratchy post

5. Your Kitty Kat emergency box, full of fur fashions, is locked. Oh No! You would....

uh....well, I has my Hello Kitty transfurmation kit, but I prefer my natural selfs!

I hope all my friends will play this fun game!



ok, I tried. a little

August 31st 2011 2:52 pm
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I am proud of myself and so is Mommy. Last night I was so curious and lovable and like my normal selfs. And I even ate my yum yums in plain view of the stinker floofypants stinkybutt. He just watched me and all, I guess he decided to eats up him yum yums in a flash...(Tabbies-it was chikin...I gots fishies...ya see! he is a dum-dum!)...

anymeow, So, I was eating and stuff and Mommy was coming in ta cuddles me and play and I really was having a good time hanging out on my window seat and then she took some turns with that cat in the other room-and I can tell he is a sloppy boy 'cause Mommy had drooooool spots all ovfur her shirt and even on her neck! EEW! I NEVER would droooool like that and make a mess! I am just too precious ta do something so domesticat!

Ok, so really, here is what I did though ta try-Mommy brought him into the room on the harness with the leash and I was just laying around all cozies, and he saw me and zoom! up up up ta me he tried ta go, but with that harness he was pawrevented...and I got the hissies at such a drastic and aggressive move! Mommy even tried to distract him with toys, one that he loves akshully, but nope. he wanted me. and I would not be his plaything! I am no toy! But I didn't get too angries, just growly and hissy and so Mommy took him out almost as fast as she brought him in.

So see? I DID TRY! He just tried to get all up in my face! But I did not get the grumbilies until that offensive move by that domesticat! Mommy has been reading up on some cat stuffs again too. I thinks she needs ta let me has the whole house again to myselfs, but since I am so scurrred, some of the info says maybe I should get the smaller space, ta keeps me comfy, but you know what-I went in the living room today when Mommy was gonna go to works and I ran and ran all around and checked out the animals out the window like I usually like to do in the mornings-when the stinker wasn't around.

SO maybe a whole start over fresh introducshion might be what is needed. Since it's still so new. I do kinda feel bad though-what if this dude is not happy in the bathroom? Sure, it's bigger than normal, but it's not like a whole 'partment! And that means that one of the cat trees is gonna has ta go in there too so he can look out the window and has entertainments-that is not kewl!

So that's what is new. Oh, and I has to ask, please send purrrrrs to my good sweet pretty furrriend Monida! She is not feeling so well and her Mommy can't find out a solushion with the vet doc docs. It's such a source a frustrashions fur her Mommy! Here's her page:


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